Here we are chris youngren with kaizen automotive.

Consulting another day of training.
We’ve got as you can see.
There are five new hires we’re doing initial new hire training here this week and we’re waiting on them here, they’re going to come in this morning and we’re going to start doing some practice, drill rehearsing we’re going to practice.

The word tracks they’ve learned so far, and we’re going to just review the material to make sure they’re retaining it.
So we’ll take a look and see how they’re doing here in a little bit.

Now i mean if you could get the payment at say 250.

I think i’d take it today: okay, great good job, all right so shane.
Let’s have you do that.
I want to think about it and we’re trying to get them to work figures so prior to working figures, uh, so chris, of course you need to think about it.

Uh this is an important purchase and if you’re anything like me, you want to be sure that you made a good choice.
What i’ll do for you is get a quick proposal put together, so you can have all of the figures.
While you guys talk it over tonight, would you like a coffee, water or soda while you, while you wait i’ll, have a coffee like something that would be smaller, something i can use to travel when i want to travel and have my family here also, when i’m Running to work, let’s get out the feature advantage benefits that you guys just did and we’ll start here with uh shane believe um, so shane.

What would you have for nab? Obviously, what it is for feature navigation is a built-in system of directions in your vehicle.
Okay, uh, you only read all three of them yeah.
What was your advantage? My advantage, it provides step-by-step step-by-step instruction to guide you to your pre-selected destination points of interest or any other place.

You take your new vehicle and the benefit.
This ability for hands-free directions will keep your hands and your focus on driving, keeping you safe and less stress to reaching your destination.
Okay, good what’d! You guys think pretty good yeah pretty good.

Well, there you have it! That’s how we start off our sales training day at kaizen, automotive, consulting and because kaizen means continuous improvement.
That’s our company goal and our goal for your sales department and dealership.

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