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Have you ever been working with your guests and moving through the automotive sales process and you’re at the write-up step now, you’re reviewing the figures together and the guest looks at you and says you know what i can buy the same card, another dealership for less money Or they may say you know what i’ve got you beat on the price.

Do you guys price match at all? Well, in this four part, video series, i’m going to give you six different word tracks on how to overcome this common carbine objection.

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All right, then, let’s get to work, i can buy the same car at another dealership for less money is a very tricky automotive buying objection.
I mean, on the one hand, you could try to challenge your guests on this.
You could challenge them on the same car concept at another store.

However, there’s a good chance, you could damage the rapport that you’ve built or you could go the other way and you could get into a price matching or even trying to beat the other dealer’s price either way.
It’s not really a good option, so i think you’ll want something a little bit better.
So here’s an answer to i can buy the same card another dealership for less now.

This last one is a pretty aggressive close and it should only be used in extreme situations.

One of the keys to it is setting it up properly by asking for permission to ask them some questions, because it’s going to come off as an interrogation.
If you don’t and then also it’s important that you write everything out now again, it should be used.

If you say you’re thousands of dollars off on price or if they’re pushing you, maybe on a heavily discounted vehicle that you know all the margin has been taken out of it.

I call this one, the same car close, so i’m going to go ahead and play both sides of it.
So joe might say: hey you know what you take an additional 2000 off and i’ll take this car tonight.

You’d say: hey great, i mean it sounds like we found the perfect car.

Let me ask you, though, how did you arrive at this additional two thousand dollars off figure joe says? Well, i can buy the same car at another dealership across the river for the same price or two thousand off, so you match it all by yours and you’d say gosh.
You know what that really concerns me, because, with our market-based pricing, software we’re typically priced very competitive against the competition i’d like to know, and i’m sure you would too why we’re priced so differently in this situation.

Can i ask them some questions, so we can figure this out together: okay, good.
What was the year of that one in the make and then the model, and did you remember the trim package and then how many exactly how many miles did it happen and what other equipment did it have and the color? Now you said you were able to get a price quote: was that all done remotely, meaning like you, did it online via email, phone or text? Are we actually able to go to the dealership and see the car in person and get the price quote? Well now? Typically, you’re going to find some different things out, so you can go to the guest and you could say hey you know what now i see, what we’re priced a little differently, we’re probably differently.
Here i mean you were looking at the xlt at their store and you’re looking at the platinum here, and then ours has got the sunroof and theirs didn’t have the sunroof.

So i get why it’s priced a little differently and you know what i know where you’re coming from you’re just trying to make sure you get as much as you can and you’re just trying to make sure you’re getting a good deal right.

You know what what do you say? We put all the shop behind you and get you out of here, so you can start enjoying the new truck.
Did you want to pop water or coffee? While we finish up all the paperwork and if he says coffee you’ve closed the deal well, there you have it more ways to overcome the common automotive buying objection.

I can buy the same car to another dealership for less this way.
You can close more car deals and have a better year now, please, let me know if you think these word tracks will work.
Let me know what you think give me some feedback in the comment section below i’d really like to know now, if you want to learn more ways to overcome objections, like i want more for my trade, the payments too high or we’re just looking, please check out The videos that are going to be coming up next , you .

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