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Have you ever been working with your guests and moving through the automotive sales process and you’re at the write-up step now, you’re reviewing the figures together and the guest looks at you and says you know what i can buy the same card, another dealership for less money Or they may say you know what i’ve got you beat on the price.

Do you guys price match at all? Well, in this four part, video series, i’m going to give you six different word tracks on how to overcome this common carbine objection.

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All right, then, let’s get to work, i can buy the same car at another dealership for less money is a very tricky automotive buying objection.
I mean, on the one hand, you could try to challenge your guests on this.
You could challenge them on the same car concept at another store.

However, there’s a good chance, you could damage the rapport that you’ve built or you could go the other way and you could get into a price matching or even trying to beat the other dealer’s price either way.
It’s not really a good option, so i think you’ll want something a little bit better.
So here’s an answer to i can buy the same card.

Another dealership for less so joe might say something like you know what i can buy the exact same car at younger and honda for less money.

So i think we’re just going to take off and go ahead and go there well you’re going to go ahead and agree and isolate by saying hey.
I totally understand.

Let me ask you, though, other than younger and honda having a little bit better price.
Is there anything else stand the way you taking this car home here today, joe says i’d like to buy it, but i’m just not going to pay and buy it at a higher price, and i can get it someplace else and then you’re going to go ahead And say you know what i hear you and i got to tell you joe i’m not even surprised that you could maybe find it a little bit lower.
I mean heck due to modern technology.

I mean you can shop the entire world for almost anything and find something for a little bit less can’t you joe remember.
We were discussing market-based pricing and i mentioned that.
Sometimes our price might be a little bit higher than the the other guys, but there’d be other times.

We’d have the lowest price in town, but the thing i guarantee you is we’d always be competitive and after all i mean no business can stay around if they’re, always the lowest price or if they’re always the highest price, i mean, isn’t being competitive on price.
Just the key to a healthy business, joe says yes, and you say you know what i believe – that this price is fair and competitive, and you know what i can offer you something else.

No other dealership in the entire planet can offer you that’s my pledge for service excellence joe.

What do you say? We put this shopping behind you.
I mean.
I know you like the car.

Let’s go ahead and do the paperwork we’re going to title in one name or two.

Now, since we asked the closing question at the right moment, we gave ourselves a chance to to hear a yes, however, for training purposes, let’s pretend that joe went ahead and continued to object, and he says you know what i’m just not buying the car here.
If i can get it cheaper, someplace else and you’d say hey.

I appreciate your due diligence.

You know what it sounds like you just want to make sure you’re getting a good deal.
Am i wrong joe says? Well, yeah.

Yes, of course – and you say you know what joe isn’t getting a good deal getting a car – you like at a price you can afford from people in a place they’ll take care after the sale as well.
You know what it really does seem like.
We found the perfect car.

What do you say we put all this shout behind you get this thing wrapped up.
I mean.
How did you guys want to go ahead and title this thing? You got a title in both names.

Are you just going to put your name on it, joe if joe says just my name or whatever they say, you’ve got a car deal and you’ve overcome the objection now once again for training purposes.

Let’s say he continues to object and he says yeah.
You know what i hear all this good stuff you’re telling me about service, but i’m just not going to buy it for more.

You say: hey.
I appreciate your position and before you guys take off indulge me one more moment.
Let me let me just ask this quick question: let’s pretend for a moment that you guys did end up buying this car and, as part of your celebration, you decided to take your family out to a nice dinner to your favorite restaurant.

Now you were really looking forward to this because you love this place and as part of the experience your table got stuck with this waiter, who was while he was nice and he was trying he just he wasn’t very good.
He didn’t check in at the right times.
He forgot one of the orders.

He didn’t bring the food out when it was piping hot.

He just was ignorant to the whole process, now you’re an understanding person, but let’s face it overall, he made your celebration dinner a bad experience.
However, you love the chef at this restaurant so, a week later, you decide to give it another shot, and this time your table gets a waitress who’s indifferent.

I mean her tone of voice her body language.
It all screamed.
I just don’t care about my job or doing anything.

Above and beyond i mean she seemed more interested in getting back to flirting with the bartender and checking her cell phone that she did on waiting tables so once again, very disappointing dip.
Now, with your confidence a bit shaken in this place, you decide to give it one last shot now, this time your waiter is an all-star, he seems to sense.
Your table’s needs he’s never too obtrusive, but he’s always attentive.

Always there, when you need him, simply put he just made it an exceptional, dining experience.
So the question is: who are you going to give the bigger tip to server one two or three joe says, of course, number three and you say joe.
I just want to be like that.

Third waiter, i want to give you a dealership, experience and aftercare that it’s remarkable and exceptional.

It’s an exceptional event.
Why don’t we put all the shopping behind you and get you out here, so you can start enjoying the truck.

Did you want to title it in joe or joseph and if he says joseph start writing it up? Well, there you have it more ways to overcome the common automotive buying objection.
I can buy the same car to another dealership for less this way.
You can close more car deals and have a better year now, please, let me know if you think these word tracks will work.

Let me know what you think give me some feedback in the comment section below i’d really like to know now, if you want to learn more ways to overcome objections, like i want more for my trade, the payments too high or we’re just looking, please check out The videos that are going to be coming up next , you .

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