Kaizen, automotive, consulting offers, automotive dealerships, a package called the rtc which stands for recruiting training and coaching.

We want to know what do actual salespeople work with christian say about his training and their experience with the one-on-one coaching, so um.
It got me in the mindset to be ready to do this professionally, beginning training that we did got me pretty much introduced to what this lifestyle looks like, because this is i don’t.
This isn’t really a job to me now.

This is what i go home and think about it too, as well made me almost more like excited to get out there than scared.
By the time i was towards the end.
Um, the one-on-ones really helped kind of like drive it back in things.

I might have forgotten or overlooked or didn’t think of or the time being um, so it really helped reiterate that chris youngren he’s my word track: sensei um, real good guy, he’s really shown me that you know with objections.

You know you can have the ability to overcome those.

I just don’t like have things to say out there when we’re getting stuck.

Otherwise, i would have really had no idea.
I would have been running for a manager like every time.
One-On-One training was my favorite, because i got to ask questions that we wouldn’t normally talk about in training.

So i got to get the little tricks and recommendations that that could set me apart from just the regular training that we’re getting the one on one’s help too, because you can like ask personal questions for you without everybody else kind of knowing.
If i didn’t know these word tracks, or at least have something to reference, i wouldn’t really have the right words to say to overcome that objection, be a mentor.
Someone to talk to um, give let them know what my issues are and help me work through.

Good, you know time more to focus on me and what maybe skills that he sees that i don’t quite having a croc come across in the word tracks, and then it gives him the ability to be able to coach me doing these one-on-ones has actually given me More confidence in talking to the customer.

Do you get some word tracks that you can actually use and that help you with customers? I am using some more trucks.

I use the market based pricing when you did the market based pricing and showed me the three cards uh main one um is marketplace pricing.
The just looking one is is a big one um just because that’s that’s, probably what i get the most is: hey, i’m just looking really what it comes down to is practice.

You know spaced repetition and it’s something he bred into me and now i’m doing it.

Every day i do the same thing when i get here in the mornings.
I go walk.
My lot.

Look at my trade-ins.
If there’s anything new that i didn’t catch the other night, you know start up a few things put my hands on vehicles.

You know and then repeat my work tracks.

I started as a salesman in the car business right after graduating from college in 1991.

I work my way up through the ranks like many of you, finance major sales manager, then general sales manager all at the same dealership.

After 20 years there i made the decision to follow my true calling and help train others become world-class automotive car sales people in the end, all i want to do is be a solution to help improve the industry’s image by helping sales departments develop their sales, people And develop their processes, call me and let’s see if we can figure this out and help each other , you .

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