Automotive Sales Training 3.0 – 7 Ways to Sell More Cars, Hold Gross, and Overcome Objections Pt. 1

Hi, I’m Brian Maxwell, the owner and founder of sales professionals of America recruiting and right now, today’s automotive industry dealerships have become extremely competitive when it comes to earning the business of today’s customers.

So what I want to do, I want to share 7 tips, 7 things that you can do, or your sales team to do at the dealership right now to be able to close, more sales, hold more growth and significantly improve, enhance your CSI scores with those surveys And valuations that are being given out to guests after they leave the dealership number one, whether you’re new to this business or you’ve, been doing it for a long time.
The number one thing that I suggest is that you be 100 % committed for at least 90 days if you’re new to this business, I’ll watch new people coming to it and before they even get their feet, wet they’re, already submitting resumes looking for the next opportunity.
For the next job, when, in truth, those that really stick with this business and do it the right way they made more money than 95 % of the people out there working your typical nine-to-five jobs, but most you never ever give it a chance.

At the end of the day, very few people that are selling in this business in the automotive industry ever like dreamed of doing it when they were kids.
It was just one of those things that, through different decisions and life’s up pitfalls, are successes.
What have you we end up here and then there are those who really see opportunity and take it serious, because you get out of this, what you put into it.

So I challenge you to commit yourself in 90 days when you do everything you can, if there’s any sales training material laying around the dealership, you grab it, you read it you watching, you listen to it.
If there’s any information or ways for you to enhance your product knowledge, you take advantage of it.
You can do that by going online.

You can do that by grabbing a team member and just going through the vehicle asking them if they have product knowledge.
Talking to mechanics or whenever you have time, not with a guess or with a customer, go sit in the vehicle.
Familiar celebrate it but commit yourself to it.

Give yourself 90 days, going to 90 day challenge to just see just how good you can be before you call it quits and jump ship or go do something else.
Could I assure you, you may regret it number two know this – that 88 % of people that are looking about vehicles go online before they go to a dealership, which means that when they start their physical buying process, whether you’re going out stopping at stores, they know Where it’s located, you know what the features are.
They even know what colors may be available? Okay, so when they come into your dealership, they have a good idea of what it is that they’re looking for, and today’s consumers, according to the consumer Journal, stop it 1.

5 dealership before they make a buying decision Dexter, whether you’re, the first elysium or the second dealership, Is totally irrelevant because both of those with the averages, the average is less than two before they make a decision, which means they spend half the time at one that they spend to the other one for the bigger behind decision, which means that we have a very Small margin for error when we get that opportunity to get that guest in in our dealership, and it’s all about the experience it is all about how they feel about that sales consultant, it’s all about.
How do they feel like we genuinely want to help them make a buying decision? Are we just trying to sell them something and take their money? Okay, at the end of the day, people hate to be sold, but they love to buy.
Now, when people come into the dealership, nine out of ten of them believe that the days of having to sit there and go back and forth and negotiate and watch the sales consulting running back and forth with the management office.

They believe that that’s the way business is still conducted, and in reality it’s just not so as the sales consultant, you have to do what you can to educate this person on the way that the businesses change.

But how do you do that? You have to earn their trust first and Trust begins right from the greedy.
When they look at you today, you have a small window where they’re.

Judging you, the expression on your face when you’re purchasing might agree to mine you’re smiling.
Are you looking Pleasant or you look nice history in serial that morning, when you approach them, are you welcoming them to your dealership, extending your hand, boy handshake, giving them your name to get there and then thanking them for coming to your dealership because they couldn’t went To any dealership in the city, but they came to yours, see these are little things that are lost upon a lot of sales consultants.
Today I watched Elston something go out and ask customers to the stupidest question.

Can I help you and how you doing number one? You were hired to help this person, so I asked them.
Can I knew what I was hired to do is silly and then number two sales is all about keeping this person as positive minded as possible, feeling and being in a pretty good in a really good space.
So when you ask somebody how you’re doing you’re forcing them to take a mental trip backwards and go to experiences that you have no idea what they were, they might have got into an argument with their spouse that morning they might have gotten a ticket that morning.

It might evoke a blatant dubbed in tow might have been a number of different things, just welcomed them greet them with a smile, welcomed them giving them your name getting their name and then thanking them for coming in now.
Your primary objective, if you greet them on the lot, is to get them inside to the showroom to Center.
I’m speak with them and, if you greet them on, the showroom is to get them to sit down to speak with you.

Now this is done again by all in the way we approach now, once you get them to sit and speak.
This is your opportunity to educate them on the way business is done differently, and you can do that a number of ways, depending on how your dealership, trains you and wants you to interact with people, but some great questions to ask a person.

Will you set on this? Hey, listen, Rick, Jane! Let me ask you: when was the last time your bar vehicle, they may say one year, two years, three years and intervention when you went to that experience, how did you feel about having to negotiate back and forth with their sales, get sold then come out with A high number, you body back the lower number, you know they don’t make another number and you again in the meantime, they’re running back and forth into the sales managers office to come back at new numbers and their neck about.
How does that experience make you feel? Did you enjoy that nine out of ten people are gon na say no? As a matter of fact, the car 2016 german edition of the car journal said that over fifty percent over fifty six percent over half of customers that were in dealership said the part that they hated was the negotiation and the length of time that it took for Them to be here, okay, so you want to educate them that the game has changed.
Well: listen how beautiful to be happy to know that since the last time you bought real got, a lot has changed and it was forced to change by people like you.

The automotive industry has been able to upset millions of consumers and we rectified that now.

So what we’ve done is that no longer you have become in worry about having to negotiate back and forth with the sales consultant and watch me running back and forth to the management office, because what we’ve done, we’ve discounted all the prices for you.
That way, you can focus more on choosing the right vehicle as opposed to negotiating back and forth.

Now understand this: remember they found you online and the fact that they’re Sydney, your dealership, means that your price was either competitive or better than everyone else online, so inform them that just that alone, in order to get them to come in, we have to discount the Vehicle just to be competitive to get them into the store, because if we were the highest they wouldn’t to come in and just you know, buy point these things are because most consumers don’t know they have no idea that this is what’s going on now.
There’s a reason why you’re planting this seed and I’ll show you where you, where there is fruit a little bit later on number three once you’ve educated them, and there was time to start asking questions and doing some fact finding the building rapport makes you stay on Task too many sales consultants start talking about things that have no.
That made no difference to what’s going on here when you’re asking questions.

The goal is to be moving the guests down the process to get them closer to making that smart, safe, buying decision anything and discussion or conversation that you create that you bring up that takes them away from that.
Does you no good when sales consultant and want to talk religion with customers? That is a horrible, because people go to replace the worship of salvation but sales consultants? Today I want to talk politics with a guest, no good because they go to the ballot box or why CNN and Fox for their political opinions.
They come to your dealership because they’re looking for vehicle, they looking for vehicle and they want to make a smart, safe, buying decision on one – and you are the expert – and that is our only responsibility, so stay on task, ask relevant questions and listen with the intent To understand versus listening with the intent to reply, so when you ask you a question, listen to what they say and then confirm that what you believe their intentions are or the problem is or what they’re looking for once.

You believe you have an idea, confirm it with them by asking them just to make sure you understand.
Well, listen, uh, your honor Donna! If I understand you correctly, and I believe that I do since you only have the baby and based on what you told me, you’re looking for something has more space and it’s more fuel-efficient.
Is that right right confirm it with them, because I’ll tell you you just fit a whole other time, I’m talking to somebody about the wrong vehicle and that’s a waste, and let’s face it, no matter what the features are, no matter how much it cost.

Such thing as a good deal on the wrong vehicle so stay on test number.

Now that we’ve identified a vehicle, I made sweet priority looking for we have a vehicle in mind now the time was to take them out and show it to him.

Now this is your opportunity to really earn your money.
This is what you’re doing your walk-around.
Now, while you do your walk around this, your opportunity to really present the features, the benefits, the advantages of having and a very high level way.

This is where the value is built and it can be something as simple as the dipstick on the vehicle being elevator to move posts to the front of the vehicle, no matter what it is.
When you talk about it, you talk about it in an exciting and very beneficial way in a way that benefits them, based on scenario that they told you.
You may have seen this and done this a thousand times, maybe in 2000, but for this person this is the very first time that they get an opportunity to do this with you, okay, so this is where your money is really made, because price will always be On the table with people, okay, but the greater the value that you build, price can become a little bit less significant.

But if the entire sales process sucks and every place they visit all the cell’s Consol’s and all the service sucks.
Now it comes down to price, and you know who loses you as a sales consult and your dealership and many times a consumer, because in order to get that discount price that low price, they want they’re losing out and misses out on ton of the things that Will help them maintain the value of that vehicle? Okay, so make sure that you really take the opportunity when you’re doing that walk around to really do it.

Don’t get a preview of these designers, this drop side door and that’s that no take the time to really educate the money.

Well, these are the turning signal lights right here on the side.
Here’s what these do is.
They are just an additional precautionary tool.

So if you’re gon na switch lanes from the right to the left, they notify the drivers to run it to the left.
You go be merging to avoid any accidents in that way, you’re making an investment in a vehicle.
This nice, you want to keep it looking good as long as you can.

Don’t you just things like that, talking tome about it.
Okay, now number five learn to educate, rather than negotiate price.

Now, when I say, educate rather than negotiate.

Okay, when, when you remember, you spoke to the person about how the price of discounted out the gate and all of this stuff, but when you come, and you present the numbers, no matter how friendly you all work, their defenses are going to go up and they’re Gon na revert back to what it is, they’ve already been they’ve always been taught.
They believe that now it’s time to negotiate, they don’t know that it’s already been discounted, but this is where you get an opportunity to educate them or when you drop that down and say when you’re going through the numbers, but listen, I want a better price.
Listen! You know what that means to me, John.

It makes you a normal person.
Okay, I remember anything when we spoke and I share with you that we discounted prices already just to get you in here even to be competitive.
That way, he wouldn’t have to worry about going through that with me.

That’s we’ve done for you now.
If you want to sit here and talk to me, we can because I think, you’re really awesome God, but as far as the need for us to negotiate back and forth, we’ve already discounted this as best as we possibly could to make sure I’ll get the best Option Ali Baba educating him and going through rather than what most sales consultants do when person says, I want a better price.
Okay, wait! A second I’ll go talk to my manager.

Now you put the manager in a position to where he’s got.
Ta work miracles.
Just to try to get a deal done and many times, sometimes it can be an impossibility.

Okay, so learn to educate when you’re going through the price, the monthly payment options.
If you get a person, none of the 10 sales consultants are scared to put 36 months on the table because they believe the person’s gon na lead.
But if you’re really focused on helping this person out giving them the best option, 36 months is always the best.

Why? Because it’s a shorter turn, they avoid finance charges, they can pay it up quicker.
They build equity in the vehicle, much faster, which means they have a free and clear, clear title that they can sell.
They can trade or they can they can.

You know do whatever you want to do with it, that is the most beneficial .

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