Automotive Sales Training 3.0 – 7 Ways to Sell More Cars, Hold Gross, and Overcome Objection Pt. 2

It started 36 months when you show them the 60 month option next to comes more comfortable payment.

Next guess: what 36 months I mean 60 months, don’t look that bad compared to 36 months, but if you started 60 months you have nowhere to go, they said 72 and 84 months.
I guess what now you’ve just made it that much more difficult for them to potentially get their long ball, because those are much longer turns far longer turns that a lot of lenders even feel comfortable.
Dealing with it’s a lot easier to go down than it is to go up so when you start over 36 months going through the benefits of that or how they save money, how do you reduce to turn kind of your pet on quickly another 60 month west? Will become comfortable significantly less than 36, but we also call it flexible, because you can take the benefits over 36 months.

You can pay it off early.
You can build equity quicker.
You go through this benefit.

Now we also have before the eighth month, which is what our customer is called the best of both worlds.
It’s significantly less than 36, that’s a little bit higher than 60, but you get the same benefits of 36, but Pandora never know learning how to do those things and educate this person to justify your price.
Rather than negotiating your price.

Number six understand: you will almost definitely get potentially get a objection when it comes to down payment.
If you’re getting this person on how the more you put down the lower the balance, the lower the balance, the lower the payments, the lower the payments, you save money on finance charges, you pay it all quicker, but you get you get a chance to enjoy clear Title same exact process, but many very few think this way and I want to understand some too – you can decrease the amount somebody may be putting on a down payment without discounting the vehicle, which means that the dealership and you still make your money, you can adjust Monthly payments, without discounting the view, which means that you still maintain your profit margin whenever the the price, the overall price, the big-picture view of the vehicle, begins to be reduced.

Now these money is being cooked.
Here, cells go so say, honey.
I wish I made more money.

Well, you gave away everything under the Sun, learn how to just apply rather than just people talk about manager and giving up, educate these people because many times they just don’t know and number seven is.
How do you overcome and come back the trade? Some people go to heavens very few, but most go to Kelly Blue Book and Kelly Blue Book is notorious for telling a person when you go to the dealership.
You should request this price for your vehicles and you know what people come in and you didn’t take the vehicle.

Your operative, eight ten, a Blue Book says they should get a letter and they said you know, I don’t want eleven or I’m walking.
You know what remember, sir, what that mean that makes you just like everybody else matter of fact: if it was my vehicle and three thousand dollar difference, I didn’t get eleven, but I’ve been operate.
You know what I want to do.

I want to a fitted into it, but why don’t we do this? And then you told me, you went to Kelly Blue Book, so I want to pull up Kelly Blue Book with you all right, because I’m sure you already know this, but Kelly Blue Book is owned by Auto Trader, auto trigger buys vehicles.
The way Kelly Blue Book makes their money is, do advertising and things like that, but they also have an option on the site where you can push a button and it will show you what they’ll be willing to buy your vehicle for so, let’s agree on three Things number one is: if we go to Kelly Blue Book, okay and what they’re willing to offer you is much higher than what it is that I’m offering.
I will take you down there and help you sell it myself, because they’re no better than us, because the quicker that you can get rid of it.

You can sell your vehicle.
Do you come back to you buy this one number two is: if we look at it and we’re only off by maybe 100 200 bucks, either direction I’ll make it right and number three.
Is that what they’re all friend of offer you for your vehicle? Is? It’s less than what it is that we’re offering we’ll just agree that this is a good opportunity, fair enough, fair enough, and then you go with the Kelley Blue Book on your computer.

Let them see it now.
What happened when you got a Kelly Blue Book? Is this it’s gon na ask you questions it’s gon na say: has a vehicle been an accident? How many miles is on it? Any insurance claims on it.
How many key fobs are with it of all the types of quest about cosmetics, about the workers opinion all things that most consumers don’t think about, and what happens? I’ve done this out of the time nine out of ten times it’s going to spit out a number of much less than what your dealership was offering.

Okay but again, the most people have an emotional connection to their trade as opposed to a logical way of looking at it all the things that factor in the value of a vehicle.
Okay, but as opposed to being condescending or saying what are you crazy? No compliment.
The individual, whether they object the price to down payment to MSRP, to trade, whatever always compliment right, never fight.

It does not benefit you at all to fight or insult these people, but educate them and by educating them when you had to kick them the right way.
Many times it’s not easy, gon na make that smart, safe behind decision to do business with you and I’m gon na throw one extra one in here, and that is when they want to shop around they’ll, say well, you know I wan na I wan na make The first decision I wan na shop around on the Baker, I’m getting the best price and just how I do things the way I do business.
You have to be aware see what I’ve done for sales.

Consumers that I trained at dealerships all around the country is, let’s take the top six or so publicly traded automotive groups in the country.
You got Penske, you got sonic, you got British out the way you have automation.
You have a group wined.

You have the deal over, let’s use it all of these are publicly traded companies and they list all their quarterly filings on the internet.
So what I’ve done is I printed out the finally two quarterly report for all of these stores and I keep it right with.
Okay, so when a credit says they want to shop around another thing I suggested you do is you should keep a map of other, whether you’re, a Ford dealership, other Ford dealerships here, you’re a Honda dealership, the Toyota dealership.

You should keep a map of that print.
It out and then in your work area, so when they say I’m gon na shop around, you know what I totally understand that it makes you you know makes you typical.
You want to make sure you get the best bang for your buck and at the end of the day, you know I’m right there with you.

So why don’t we do this? Here’s the map I have I’m gon na show you all the dealer dealerships that we have here in the surrounding area.

Anyone else up.
Member sir here is the fact all their findings only reporting they all this.

What the gross profit margin is.
Okay for each dealer group, the margin from the highest-earning gross profit margins or new vehicles to the lowest ranges from six point: five percent to five point: seven percent – that is eight tenths of a percent of difference.
And if you multiply eight tenths of a percent times – 30 40, 50, 60.

70 thousand.
It still comes out to a fairly insignificant number now here to show this person with this map that what they would have to do is leave your dealership.
Go to this to the show is maybe five miles away.

This was maybe 10.
This one was maybe 15, maybe 20.
What happened spend two three four hours in each one just to find out who is the lowest priced one in an effort to save four five? Six, let’s say seven hundred dollars: how much is their time worth or are they willing to do that, or would it make more sense for them to just authorize right there, so I can go ahead and get our dip top detail Department to get your new vehicle.

Prime clean to shine, so you can take it out and ride out of here with each day.
You have to begin to don’t find any key in order for this person to go out and find out who has the lowest price they got.
Ta put all these dealerships it through all these different sales sessions or processes to say three, four: five hundred dollars that doesn’t even make sense, but most sales go mom’s gon na shower.

Oh okay! Well, here’s my card! No! Let me explain to you what’s gon na happen, because I know when they leave them, they may not come back strong chance, they’re not coming back, so you do everything you can to educate them on Pig.
Listen, you know.
Let me give you everything.

You need right here we go make this decision.
Okay and some people said it’s being pushed not being push.
It has been efficient all right now.

I hope that these tips helped you oughta have a lot more coming, just pay attention.
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I’m brian maxwell, the owner of self professed himself american recruiting and i look forward to seeing you and .

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