Automotive Sales Tips #4: How to Make a Powerful First Impression

Now enthusiasm: okay, remember, we spoke about it.

Enthusiasm is contagious.
Okay and in order to be enthusiastic, you have to act enthusiastic and in order to actively ask things you have to think it through sziasztok all right now you might say enthusiastic.
That’s a word that I don’t going to use.

What is that beatnik, energetic whatever you have to do, to be able to get yourself going? Because when a person comes into your store into your business, their energy levels will always match or be less than yours.
They will never be more excited than you are remember.
Human beings are human antennas and let me give you an example of that.

Have you ever met somebody and when you got around on you know somebody running around your humanity like man, something about that person man.
I just get a bad vibe off them.
You know I just you know.

I don’t really trust them.
I um feel right when I’m rapping, you have a win through that before you know.
I have a win today.

You messed mine, you just had a bad.
My phone okay, then have you ever met somebody who’s, like you know what I don’t know this.
I didn’t know this person very long, but something about a man.

I just feel like I clicked with them.
You know like we just knew each other, our whole lives and we just met.
We just hit it off.

You ever been that one now.
What is it that vibe is the abbreviation of? If you said man, I get a bad vibe off that person.
What is by the abbreviation of vibration right now? We all use it now.

How is it that grown men who come from different parts of the country and even different parts of the world? All use the same exact verbiage to describe a same situation? Y’all never met each other.
Y’all didn’t grow up together.
How is it that all of you, whenever you meet someone who you get a bad energy off of you say I got a bad vibe off this person.

That feeling all of you said the same thing.
It is programmed is conditioned that when we experience certain situations, this is how we focalize it, and this is how we feel now by the abbreviation of vibration.
Like I stated earlier, human beings are human antennas.

Okay, your hands, somebody in the room that you knew where that you’re really close to and all they did was walk in the room.
They didn’t even say anything.
You just look at them.

You like what’s wrong.
What’s up and they’re like nothing, you like sums up something wrong.
You know I get you up, you mind up being right.

So what’s wrong now, do you, but they didn’t come in and say anything to you.
Sometimes they don’t even come in and rarely face, but you just get this feeling right now, understanding that we can pick up on these feelings when you’re approaching a guest that has just showed up at the dealership that same exact energy, that same exact weight that you Can get that bad vibe off somebody or you can get that feeling about? Somebody is the same way they can pick up on yours when you’re approaching them.

So if you’re walking up to them and what’s going through your mind, it’s like damn.

I got a jerk-off brother guess what you’ll wonder: why is this person so standoffish to me? Why is this person unwilling to really open up and talk to me? Why? Because, when you came over there, your mind state was that of a negative experience.
It’s sort of energy you came out was negative and they picked up on same thing.
Is that when you’re going out to help them and on this one feel man, I am so happy to get the opportunity to help this person.

They could have been in great.
In the world over than here at my establishment, giving me an opportunity to earn their business, I am so grateful to them.
They’ll pick up on that so understand.

Whatever energy you don’t give out.
Whatever thoughts you give up, it will be reflected to you many times and how you and that customer interact.

I’ve seen people who don’t know crap about cars, help 20 30 people a month about what and, like I said, I’ve seen people that know everything about this.

Make your mother or these cars and not be able to help anybody? Why? Because they feel like they’re technical knowledge, it’s so superior to everyone else that forget all that they’re trying to make sure I have the right mind, frame and making sure that I get my right energy to help this person.
I know everything about this cup, which means that they should listen to me.
Well, why should they listen to you see? Our responsibility is not just giving the guests to like us.

It is also understanding that we have to learn how to like the guests.
Also, it’s a two-way street as much as you want them to like you.
You have to like them twice as much, and the goal is to be friendly, but understand that you are not their friend, don’t even try to play it off like you are.

When I hear people say who you know they listen, we can do this and if you decide not to we can just parties friends well, seeing as we mutton friends when I got here, that’s gon na be extremely difficult to do.
We weren’t even friends when I got here, so how are we gon na leave this brand? I don’t even know you.
It’s very awkward be friendly, but you’re, not their friend, you’re gon na help them do business, be polite, but be energetic, be enthusiastic and all the times at all the times.

Now, when somebody pulls up, you want to make sure you give them at least 2 to 3 minutes, let impart their view.
Let them open the door and step out of the car even take a step or two away from it before you go approaching them.
There is nothing more rude or evasive on a person as the vim parking and barely having their door.

If somebody got their arm in there like had their arm in the door jamb trying to shake it, they haven’t even got out.
Okay, remember: they don’t want to be treated like a piece of meat.

You ever see those older cartoons they’ve got a whole school where the two cards to him.
People be stranded like on the island and here starving and he’s like, let’s over it, his buddy and he looks like a chicken they’re like the Guru, takes the formation of a chicken, or I mean look at her, I’m drooling over.
You don’t want to do that when people pull up you’ll make them feel uneasy understand their defenses are on 20 when they get here their defenses are here and before you can even consider talking about any money and price and all this crap.

The goal is to get them to lower their defenses, to be willing to open up to you and tell you what’s really going on.
Okay, what’s really going on, so let apart get me two to three minutes.
Let them get out now for two to three minutes.

Let me go take a walk or to allow them to get out stretch their legs, and it also doesn’t make it so invasive.

Okay, nothing! You want to be as invasive invasive now, as you approach these people, your body length, which is critical.
Okay, every person that you approach, you should have a smile or a positive look on your face now understand what I mean when I say smile okay.

That does not mean that you need to approach these people with a smile on your face so wide and they look like you can swallow a banana sideways.
Okay, you also make sure the smile is genuine, not some fake, crab leg.
They know.

What’s going on with that, this should be a genuine life.
Oh man, all right! Well, you know it’s just genuine you like, because you should genuinely be happy that this person showed up at your place.
Remember they could have went to any store any store when people get so conceited and arrogant to the other huh.

Yes, we’re the only place in here.
We do XYZ deals a month and then in a band that person couldn’t care less.

They couldn’t win anywhere near here with you just for that alone.

That person deserves to be greeted with the utmost respect and have it being sincere, okay, keeping.
It sincerely also make sure when you engage someone you give them a firm handshake.

Okay, if you’re gon na shake hands with somebody, give a firm handshake all right, no Queen Elizabeth.

This is a Queen Elizabeth yeah, that’s the Queen Elizabeth! Now as men, we have this testosterone problem.
Well, will we lock hands with somebody? It’s like wow veins sticking out of our Nick.
We try to squeeze they arm off.

We don’t need to do this.
It’s not a competition at that one, okay, yeah! This is a nice firm shake and if you shake the ladies in remember, you want to give her the respect.
Don’t give her some soft Sally, handshake and disrespective, because by doing so someone will be very offended by that and that alone will put you on their bad side.

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