Automotive Sales Tips #3: How to Build Trust with Prospects

Why should I do business with you? This is what they’re asking this is what they would like to know.

This is what’s going through your mind when they get here.

Why should I do business with you? Why are you? What is it? What is it about your place? What is it about you, it’s gon na give me to come out of them with my hard-earned money.
Honesty, trust enthusiasm.

But this is the question.
Okay, now who’s on your team, you have the customer, you have the dealership, you have you, you notice what I don’t have on there.
You notice that the vehicle is not up there right.

The vehicle is what it is.
It is a prop okay.
That vehicle is made exactly the same in every other dealerships of the same brand in the area.

So again, there’s nothing you’re gon na point out, as far as in a feature on yours that this one doesn’t have okay, so it boils down to you and them.
Okay, you and them, and the dealership the dealership is an excellent asset to your ability to build trust with your people and I’ll show you how okay now, when you go meet with somebody, you have to face the face.
You have the telephone.

You have the email.
Okay as a ways to communicate with them now the purpose of an interview or meeting with somebody or sitting down talking with them is to build rapport to establish a relationship of some kind, a connection or a common ground.
Should I say between you them and you, okay and and almost time, fellas, no matter what level of business you’re in even in your personal lives, you should always be looking for ways to be a solution provider, a solution provider when you can solve problems that other People are having you will be affected and you will be profitable when you propose.

Definitely why, because you’re making people’s lives better, it is there anybody in this room that will cuss somebody out to try to make their life better that’d, be ridiculous.
Witness so think about it.
If none of you would do that, Matt’s out of 10, the general public or the other people feel the exact same way.

We all are looking for ways to be better, and the end of the day would have boils down to guys.
We all want to feel important period.
Why does the person want a nice house in a nice car, be able to pay your bills? Property family makes them feel good.

It makes them feel important.
Why are you gon na be able to take your your wife or your girlfriend, your partner out to do nice things because it makes you feel important? You know why don’t we dress a certain way? It makes us feel important.
That is what all of us want.

This to feel important, but it is the thing that so many people forget about when they’re dealing with other people, they’re so focused on making themselves the important part of the situation that they missed out on the opportunity to make.
Someone else feel important and that has that pays far more dividends than any piece of technical knowledge that you will ever share with them.
So you have to understand that human beings – we are not logical creatures, we’re not we’re not at all, think about it.

If we were logical creatures, none of us would eat meat.
We wouldn’t drink pop.
We wouldn’t want to spend a hundred and fifty thousand two hundred thousand dollars on on a car.

We will spend a thousand dollars on suits.
We wouldn’t need to have five houses all over the country or spread out over the world or a house with 30 bedrooms, and our family only has two kids we’re not logical thinkers, we’re emotional thinkers.
Oh man, I want to go get that suit yes thousand dollars, but man, everybody that wears this something about.

Oh I’m, gon na go get that Mercedes.
Why cuz? It says something about Who I am makes me.
Look like a big shot.

Okay, you have to understand that if you talk to somebody and tell them to do things logically, it’ll go in one ear and out the other and they’ll know what they should do, but will they do with probably not think about us in our own lives? How many things do you do on a daily basis that you know? Logically, there is no way you should do it, but you do it every day.
Why? Because I wan na go eat that big fat greasy burger with bacon on it.
Now you know, logically, you should be some healthier with Darla groaning man.

It looks so good.
I want it now.
You know that’s the way we operate now.

We believe based off 90 % emotion, we back it up with logic and I’ll break that down a little bit as we go through now.
Okay, now of the scale number one you got you you sell yourself and you’re selling yourself from the moment you wake up.
It’s not about when you get to the dealership.

It’s when you wake up you’re, setting the stage you’re, getting it ready when you get in your car in the morning and it’s cold outside.
What do you typically do put the heat on? Do you see the mid-foot? You sit in the car for a while time.
You turn it on before you pull up with the skull, or do you just jump in it hit it in here and drive you sit in it.

Why do you sit minute to let it do what warm-up right now think about it? If we will sit in a vehicle to give it time to warm up, because we know if we get in it right when it’s cold and try to operate it, it may not work at its best.
Why is it that us the human beings? We don’t do the same thing for ourselves.
We decide that we can’t get in go mode and mode to start performing at work when we get to work as opposed to when we wake up start condition.

So, by the time we get there, we already locked and loaded and ready to go.

Think about it now on your phones, how many of you have done updates on your phone cuz you’re gon na do updation to technology, everybody right everybody! Now.
Why is this? Why is it that a person will focus more on updating the technology on their phone? Why do we update the technology on the phone when it asked us to supposed to make it better right? Now we will update the technology on our phone to make it perform better, but we’re gon na upgrade the technology in our brain to make us perform better.

Well, look great technology on my cell phone to do all of those updates, but we won’t update our mind if your phone will needs to be updated to perform, and it’s a small piece of mr.
smart computer.
Your mind is the supercomputer, which it truly is human mind, that’s far more capacity in that doggone phone and yet we’ll do the updates.

The system updates way to perform better, but we won’t do updates on our own mind on our own way of thinking to help us perform better right.

So you have to think about it like this.
Next time you do an update on your phone.

You need to really kid on my man if I’m not home, what have I done to update my own thing? My OMA and I tell people when the new year comes around everybody’s, got all these resolutions, and I say then you can bring the old mind into a new year.
You gon na get the same result.
You got last year, you bring the old mind into a new year, you’re, no different matter of fact: you’re older okay, so you sell you yourself.

Next, you tell yourself store, then product.
Your goal is to present the product in the best light price.
Now let me ask you on this question: how many of you and be honest if money’s, a little tight, you got to get some things from the grocery store.

You stop at Walmart or rouses y’all.
Eyebrows is in you start a Walmart arouses okay and when you’re going there, how many of you money’s a little tight biggest thing will typically look cheapest things.
You can get oh yeah all right now.

Let me ask you a question because I believe, if I understand you correctly, and I believe that I do, is it that when you go to the store you get the cheapest thing or is it? What you really go get is the least expensive best option.
All of you are highly intelligent man, but yet even you in a situation, the way that you would describe or articulate what you’re doing is you want to get the cheapest thing, but in truth, you’re not in truth, what we go to get is the least expensive Best option, so what that shows you is that, when you’re engaging in communication with people that have come up, they may say one thing to you but understand there is a meaning within a meaning of what they say.

Just like with you all.

When we talk about shopping, you understand, I get the cheapest thing as soon as I said, what you really mean is the least expensive best option ever I said: oh yeah yeah, that’s it, but you meant this.
But what you said was this okay, and this is the way many people communicate not intentionally.
They just aren’t skilled or equipped to be able to articulate themselves or present their words in a way that truly describes.

What’s really going on.

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