Automotive Sales Tips 3.0 – What You Do at the Dealership Once You Bring The Customer Inside

Okay, so you’ve greeted the customer.

Now here’s where a lot of sales consultants at dealerships really drop the ball they going to the gate.
They greet this individual, they bring them inside and they take them straight to the table and they want to sit down and get down to business and I’ve heard salespeople, say huh.
I didn’t want to waste any of my time again being inwardly, focused it’s not about you.

It’s about them and in my professional experience I work with dealerships all around the country have literally helped thousands of sales consultants increase their gross profit margin their units per month.
There are the dealerships overall ROI on their investment in each individual.
They have longer-lasting careers.

Why? Because they understand this business is fun when it’s done the right way when you understand it’s about being outwardly focused rather than inwardly, focused and today’s consumers are more educated.
If you go online and you look up how to live a longer life, you may have 25 million or so hits, but if you look up how to avoid being ripped off buying a vehicle about a car, so 400 million people are more concerned about being ripped Off at your dealership than they are on living a longer life, which means they’re, analyzing everything and they’re.
Looking for one chink in your armor to discredit you, okay, so you want to do everything you can to be so different than everybody else does they went through and I’m not talking about price experience too many people focus on product, knowledge and price and they miss Out on the most important component, which is the people so when you greet this person and they’ve agreed to come into your establishment, the very first thing you should do when you get them in the door is to offer them what they like coffee water.

If you offer any refreshments whatever it is that you all offer your guests that are coming into your store, ask them as opposed.
Do you want something to drink again as they yes or no question, closed-ended 50 %, chance of them saying no and themselves you want to get a person saying yes as much as possible.
Nome has never been associated with anything positive.

So you, if you don’t know the logical response to your close into question, is yes, don’t ask it, but we pulled it out to over 900 guests that dealership, when you guys hey, would you like any coffee or water? Would you like any coffee, water or one of these danishes, the most typical responses, or I’m okay, as opposed to? No so when you get them in offer them a refreshment? Would you like any coffee water and if you don’t offer any those things better, take that dollar 50 sitting out of your pocket and you go and you put it into that vending machine now you may look at it as you spend their money, but really you’re.
Investing in your clients in your business, because, under that law of reciprocity, the fact that you are willing to go in your pocket to give them something to give them a pleasant experience, guess what the likelihood of them being willing to go in their pocket.

When it’s time for them to to make a decision on doing business with, you also goes up.

So remember that sort about reciprocating.
So when you bring a person into your store, don’t be so quick to rush them to the table.
Make sure that you ask them questions to put them in the most comfortable relaxed State and take that opportunity to be a giver rather than a taker.

I assure you it’ll.
Take you a long way if you’re looking for productive sales, consultants, contact sales professionals of America recruiting and let us go to work for you, i’m brian maxwell and i look forward to seeing you at the dealership.

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