Automotive Sales Tips 3.0 – Two Questions Sales People Should NEVER Ask Customers

Two of the dumbest questions that can be asked by sales consultant that is approaching a guest at a dealership.

Are these number one is? Can I help you number two is how you doing let’s go over.
Can I help you now? Can I help you? Is such a silly question and here’s why your employer hired you to work at that dealership to help the guests that call or they come in so to ask this guest? Is it okay? If I do for you with my employer, hired me to do is ludicrous and when they say no or I’m just looking, is that defense mechanism come up, guess what you’re done, because anything else you attempt to do beyond that now: sins like you’re, infringing on their Privacy, you didn’t listen and you’re aggravating them, but really you set yourself up by asking them a close any question.
The closing the question is just has two responses, yes or no, which means that when you ask, can I help you? You run a fifty percent chance of hearing no, not very strong odds.

The second silly question is how you doing here’s.
Why idea you may say? Well, Brian, that’s just a greeting: is it really when two people walk past each other on the street or in the grocery store anywhere? One person simply says how you doing, nor the other person says how you doing I’m fine, how you doing so.
You’ve got two people who have just asked each other a question.

Neither one cared about the response.
As a matter of fact, if you ask somebody walking on the street how you doing today and they stopped and said you know what I’m glad that you asked you know I’m looking to lose a little weight.
I want my marriage to last longer and you know I want to raise my kids the right way.

Most people would call that individual insane, but are they insane or is the person that asked them a question and didn’t really want the response to expect to result? The response insane seeing cells every time you ask a question: it has got to be to gain information or acknowledgment or confirmation anytime.
You ask a question.
That is a closing the question where the logical response isn’t.

Yes, you just put yourself at a 50 % chance of poisonous person to take a mental trip back to a negative experience.
How you doing today, Oh welcome this morning, had a nail in the tire, stop my toe and all it is so now the papers taking three steps back, as they read all the negative experiences they went through before they came into your your dealership when they’re true To be successful in sales, you want to keep these people as positive as possible as you progress them down the process.
So the way you agree can I help you, how you doing is to silly things think about it like this, when you visit someone’s home on the floor man, whether they have right, welcome wise welcome on the front map, because they want to make the guests feel Comfortable know that when people come to your dealership, no matter how nice you are no matter how state-of-the-art your store is no matter what their apprehension level is on 12 they’re excited about the potential purchase of that new vehicle, but they dread having to deal with that.

Sleazy slimy lyin snake in the grass salesperson, so it is our responsibility to change the paradigm of the general public by giving them a process where it is all about them.
It is all about the experience.
It is all about making sure that we understand what their problems are and we focused on providing them with a solution.

That’s it it’s not about being the cheapest.
If you’re, the cheapest nine times out of ten, you won’t have that job blog or your dealership won’t be in business long because your property line goes to go down.
You can’t afford to pay the bills.

You can’t be the highest all the time, because again you’ll lose customers to competition.
You won’t be in business long, you go out.
So all our dealerships operate within a similar window, which is very, very small and what determines whether they do business with you or what? Your profit margins are on each particular deal is solely based on your experience that you provide them with, and, yes, money will always be important, but when value supersedes price you know people will be willing to spend a little bit more to buy from.

You then go on someplace else.
They can get a cheaper strictly because they like and they trust you and they felt good about giving you their business.
It’s all about reciprocity, reciprocation, okay, so your greetings.

Welcome them to your life, with the firm handshake, give them your name.
Ask them their name really act like you give a damn, because you should all right so work on those greetings as people come to yell out.
Remember, can I help you? How you’re doing will lead your nowhere? Welcome them greet them.

Introduce yourself get their name before you even consider moving anywhere down the process, I’m Brian Maxwell and I’ll be coming at you with some more tips.
If you’re, looking for productive sales, consultants, contact sales professionals of America recruiting and let us go to work for you, I’m Brian Maxwell and I look forward to seeing you at the dealership.

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