Automotive Sales Tips 3.0 – How Listening Will Help You Close More Sales

Now many sales Consol’s when they send a person down at the table, they want to rush right into the numbers, let’s get straight to it, let’s get straight to it and at the end of the day, if this individual has been to three different dealerships, nine times Out of ten every other sales, consulting they dealt with was gon na get straight to it, get straight to it, and they miss out on the opportunity to actually one get a chance to know who it is you’re talking to in the to help them to understand What it is that they’re dealing with, because up to this point, no matter how nice you are no matter how good you are to your mother, you take care of your kids you’re, a stranger to them.

They don’t know you, so they don’t trust you.
So when you start giving them any piece of information, no matter how valid it may be, it’s like Charlie Brown, Oh wah, wah, wah, wah, wah, wah, wah and with the internet.
Now these guests are far more informed.

Many sales consults waiting about things that either they already knew are totally irrelevant to helping this person make that smarts a buying decision and do business with you at your dealership.

So you want to sit down.
You want to begin to build with these people, but you want to increase and enhance your skills to be able to be establishing rapport and, at the same time, building a profile or get an understanding of who it is you’re talking to okay.

So when you’re sitting down and you bring them in whenever the last time that they bought a vehicle was the fill is one year two years three years five years or ten, this business is constantly changing and we engage in this work.
Every day, most people buy a vehicle once every one three to five years or so so they’re novices at this they’re inexperienced, even though most believe that they’re so talented and they know so much because they bought five or six cars and they’re.
Like you know here those people, like you know, I bought about 15 15 vehicles, 15 cards in my life and you’re like great I’m.

You know I’ve sold over ten thousand.
So you appreciate that.
But so I don’t know so what you want to do is take the time to find out.

When was the last time they purchased a vehicle from a dealership.

You know um um did they have to negotiate? Did they enjoy those things and you want to really put them at ease, which is that? What you’re here to do is you’re not here to sell them anything.

I’ve never sold a car.

In my life, I’ve helped people by vehicles, people hate to be sold, but they love to buy.
If you have to sell somebody a ram this thing down, they throw nine times out of ten.
They didn’t see the value and yeah they may take it home, but you’ll never hear from them again.

They’ll tell everybody, don’t go there.
Cuz they’ll feel like they were forced into it, but when you help someone buy you’re asking them the relevant questions, you’re listening with the intent to understand you’re, taking the information that they’re giving you and then you’re representing it back to them.
To make sure you fully understand once they confirm that you’re on the right track now the objective between you and your management team is to identify what vehicle do we have on this lock that solves these problems that they told me that are these concerns they have Now the vehicle they came in requesting may not be the same one that actually solves the problem.

It doesn’t mean that you ignore what they requested.
You actually go ahead and you’ll give them information about the vehicle that they requested and how, yes, that can help with some points, but based on the information they gave you you believe you understand where they’re coming from in that.
They may want to consider this because, based on what they wanted, this ear seems to solve a lot more problems, as opposed to totally ignore what they requested go ahead and given information on that, but enlighten them and then educate them on the benefits of this vehicle And how it actually solves more problems than what they thought the the problem solver could be too many sales consultants are quick to negotiate rather than educate, but when you get a person down in order for them to be willing to listen to you educate them and To trust you, you know what you have to do, you have to be willing to listen to them and you have to trust them some.

What I her Sales convulse, a buyer’s, a liar.
That is the most ignorant thing to say, because if you’re sitting down and you’re about to engage with this person and in your mind, you’re believing them to be a liar, you know the mouth may lie, but the body never does, and you wonder why this person Isn’t feeling you, why do you all aren’t connected? Well in your mind, you believe them to be a liar.
It’s not true to each individual perception is reality, so if they perceive it to be a certain way, doesn’t make it wrong, doesn’t make you right and at the end of the day they can take their money and go anywhere you’re with this particular dealership and our Objective is to give them the best reasons not to have to leave and to make it as easy as possible to do business with us, so never miss out on the opportunity to sit out, listen and show this person that I am here to help you.

It’s all about you, it’s not about me.
It’s not about us, it’s all about you and our ability, our inability to identify where your pain and your problem is and to provide you a solution will dictate and determine whether we earn your business or not and as simple as that.

So when you get a person in sit them down find out, what did you deal with? Let them see who it is that you are and that you’re different than everybody else remember.

People will spend more money to do business with you at your dealership, they’re going someplace else.
They get the vehicle cheaper strictly because they like trust and see value in you, I’m Brian Maxwell, I’ll see you at the dealership keep checking in if you’re looking for productive sales, consultants, contact sales professionals of America recruiting and let us go to work for you, i’m Brian maxwell and i look forward to seeing you at the dealership, .

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