Automotive Sales Tips 3.0 – How Dealerships are Cutting Turnover and Building Winning Sales Cultures

Dealerships have the biggest hurdle to overcome when it comes to finding talented people.

Why? It’s, because the turnover in some stores and a lot of stores around the country is astronomical.
The reason is: is your typical person? That’s unemployed, it’s just blasting resumes out until ership SAR always looking for talented people.
Why? Because most of the top producers within this business came from other professions, they came in so you’re.

Looking for that diamond in the rough.
So what they do is they spin and run, spend money every single day, running ads on multiple platforms, hoping that that 20 vehicle and one producer is gon na, come through the door and in our studies, in our statistics, your average dealership has to go through 100 People before they find that one solid and consistent producer now, in the mean times, let’s look at what they lost, they lost money running ads every day on multiple platforms.
They lost money, paying out either a draw or a guarantee.

They lost money in the materials they lost money in the business cards and the biggest loss is in the missed opportunities, because you have the wrong employee, helping the right guest that your marketing department did a phenomenal job that tracked into the store.
But here’s the Achilles heel of most dealerships, it’s a male-dominated industry, so most of your general managers are general.

Sales managers have really big egos and that’s what helped them get to that level.

So they say you know we can do this in-house if many of them just stopped and really reflected and said what is it that we do here? We help people make smart, safe, buying decisions and solve their transportation problems until a ship is not a recruiting and training firm.
It’s not that’s not what they specialize in, so they bring people on and they take a manager to spend an hour with these people a day or they believe that motivation is gon na help them, and let me tell you something: motivation does not work.
Here’s the reason our brains are set up to protect us with the fight-or-flight.

It is conditioned that way, and so anything that seems like it’s gon na be harmful to us or may give us some issues or resistance.
Our brain is conditioned to break it down and shine a spotlight on.

It start the spotlight effect and make us resist.

I’m gon na do it to protect ourselves.
So when that killers Jim said, go on, get pumped up and go help that person and then wondering why aren’t these people doing this because they feared that thing and out of that fear the brain says: well, don’t do that, so it’s not about motivation! It’s about education, but if you have a dealership, then, as customers constantly coming in your marketing team is doing a great job.
When do you really have time to actually educate and train these people? The right way I mean you have a company that has a strong reputation and finding quality people that really takes pride and training your people the right way, not necessarily on any of us.

A lot of process yes tailored to fit your particular store, but it’s not to take away from what your store does.
It is to work with your store to bring you the best people possible that a want to be in this business rather than they’re.

Just looking for a job to pay a rent pay a light bill in the next opportunity in customer service that comes up they’re gone, which is what happens? You want people that want to be in sales, people that enjoy reading.

Why? Because you know that educated trained yourself is a huge part and what separates the producers from those that are the pretenders they just take and run when you got those consistent people that understand about educating themselves, they want to be in this business.
They know that sells the highest pay profession in the world, but most dealerships do not set up to do that or they have somebody in a HR department who has never sold a vehicle in their life screening through resumes.

Looking for certain qualification said: oh look, how educated they are.

They’ve got degrees and all of this they’re gon na be great, first and blows out in three days.
But then they see the resume of the person who did roofing and landscaping for 15 years and we’ll pass this person up, not realizing that you take somebody.
Who’s been beat up by the Sun burnt up to make their living hands her back hurt, and you show them how they can provide for their family in the AC, get a chance to work with people speaking communicating use their mouth in their mind.

These people will break their back for you, but again you have to have experience and knowledge to really know where that comes from.

So the one thing that I suggest to all dealership, I work with the biggest dealer groups nationwide and yes, they resisted at first.
Nobody believes they need it’s an ego thing, but once they realized that, when you work with somebody who has a network of sales consultants who want to be in this business, not looking for a job, jo bhi, that want the career when you bring them in, you Have someone who can spend a full three days to a week, six to eight hours, doing nothing but educating role, playing implementing giving these folks the confidence and the skill set to go on and perform when they finally are let loose and are released out there to Help your clients there are a lot more confident.

There are a lot better prepared.
It reduces turnover and increases the return on investment.
To me.

Infidelity ship is unwilling to invest a few thousand dollars a month in getting the right.
People are getting them trained up.

That’s somebody: that’s not very business oriented or customer focused, they’re, inwardly, focused, it’s all ego driven and at the end of the day, dealership do a great job of solving people transportation problems.
But when you find individuals or companies that are from within the business that understand the landscape and that have a proven track record bridge the gap between you, talented people, save you time, save your management time increase your profit margins, it’d be a no-brainer to do that.
So I highly encourage you again: we offer these services and sales professionals of America recruiting.

You check the videos you can check out who I am that’s fine and even if you don’t work with a company like me, find one that you trust and give it a shot, even if they bring you five people and only two out of the group produce For beer, you get four vehicles out of five in two hours.
You know what you know it more than pay for itself, so give it a shot.
I assure you, the benefits or the rewards, far outweigh the risk.

All right, Bryan maxval, see you at the dealership.
If you’re, looking for productive sales, consultants, contact sales professionals of America recruiting and let us go to work for you, I’m Bryan Maxwell and I look forward to seeing you at the dealership.

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