Automotive Sales Tips #1: 2 Things that Kill Your Sales

Let me go over two of the silliest questions that anybody in sales can ever ask a person when they come to your dealership or they come to your business period.

Number one.
When the person comes in and the surfer says, can I help you.
That is a silly question: you’re hired to help them, so they asked this guest.

Is it okay? If I do, what I was hired to do is ridiculous and a waste of time plus, if these steps Mike, can I help you and they say no.
Where do you go from there? You’re done it goes into question.
You’re finished, okay.

Another silly question number two is how you doing, and you might say: well, that’s how you doing the silly question in a selling situation, where your attempt is that helped someone make a buying decision to ask them how they’re how they’re doing can actually take you three Steps back in the wrong direction: here’s what you have zero idea! What happened in their life that morning they could have fought their wife, it could have fought their husband, they could have fought their partner, they could have the spec you can.
They could have woke up late, they could have gotten in an accident, their car could have broke down their morning or they could have needed a jump.
So when you say how you’re doing – and you have no idea of what happened in their morning – and you forced them to take a mental trip back through all the negative experiences now they take it three steps back and then sales.

You want the person to be as positive minded as possible throughout the process.
Understand successful selling, successful consultative selling is about planting seeds and watering the seeds throughout the process and when it’s time for them to make a decision, they bear their fruit and give this person the confidence to make that smart, safe money said behind decision with you.
So when you say how you doing in here, let me break it down even better when you walk past a stranger on the street you’re saying how you doing what they tell me, buddy, say back is how you doing right now and do this up stand up For me and you and I are gon na walk towards each other when we get close I’d like for you to ask me how I’m doing how you doing, I’m glad that you asked me, you know what I’m trying to do is I’d like to make my Business get bigger and I’d like to lose a few pounds, and I really would like for my marriage to seem to stay stronger for my kids road to be great adults.

I’d like to go to Rome, my wife, my kids, the wrong, hopefully before the kids move out, but if not my wife, not Lisa, go no! Now, if you were to ask somebody on the street, how you doing thank you and they were to stop and respond to you like that, would you think it was crazy? Now, let me ask you all the question: are they crazy or if the person that asked the question and didn’t expect the response crazy think about it see how some sentence about change your perspective? We are in a society to where we ask each other questions and if somebody actually answers it, they’re crazy, even though we ask this person, how are you doing, but when they tell us they’re, crazy and every single group, I’ve ever trained all answered like y’all talk About everybody says: oh yeah, they’re crazier in the mud.
No, we have conditioned ourselves in this society that certain questions do not are not worthy of response and when you’re helping somebody by every question you asked should be leading you down the path of gaining more information.
So you can help this person, so you can fully understand what’s going on what the problem is, where the pain is or what the amplitude of the needed? Okay.

So when you ask them what how you doing, how many of you have ever seen, somebody or greeting them in the morning, you say: hey how you doing this morning, like oh I’m here, you know case of the Mondays or case of wheels days or oh, you Know I’ve been better or I’ve been worse.
You know you like man.
I was wrong.

I’ve never seen it crap to you.

You know same exact thing, so ask somebody how you doing when they show up it doesn’t help you.
It doesn’t make them feel like they need to answer that because, as you are just sitting here, if somebody asks you how you doing you’re not gon na really tell him cuz, you don’t believe, that’s what it meant.

You thought it was just a polite greeting.
It were more similar.

We are different.

Little things mean a lot itself things, that’s you you might say, then it seems like significant, but when you really think about what I disabled the whole, how you doing thing you run the risk of this person having a bad morning and they’re, not gon na give You any information, okay, when people are getting ready to go to the dealership, to buy they’re excited about seeing them stuff in that vehicle, but they dread having to come in and deal with that salesperson.
They dread it when they’re getting up to get dressed to come to the dealership they’re putting on their fatigue, bands put anything on some steel toe boots boots, putting on their fatigue, shirt and jacket.
They got their gun belt on they’ve got two beggars on this side.

Three lawyers on this side already to come to business with the big bad car salesman right, okay, but our responsibility is to change the paradigm change the way the general public thinks.
Okay, these people that are in this business, they’re big people, they’re hardworking people – they don’t pass the criminal background check, they don’t clear, a drug test, but the negative perceptions by the general public or from things that happen so long ago.
The business isn’t even the same, but they wouldn’t know it because they’re on the outside.

Looking in, as, were you so understand that our responsibility, when we’re initially greeting these people is to make sure we stand out, and we do things that we know and then go to ten other dealerships, ten other people aren’t doing what it is that we’re doing.

That’s what it’s about, because they’ve been out the store dealership, just like you and they base their perception they base their expectations, offer their experiences from the other places.
Okay now remember people hate to be sold, but they love to buy and you say well what is an example of it.

Person comes in and there’s Buicks out front and let’s just say that there’s a Sierra that is on sale right, but there is a spent vehicle.
I mean a spin on one of the trucks out now.
What a spin is a Smith is an opportunity to make abnormal amounts of commission off someone buying a particular vehicle.

So they say: look anybody that sells this.
This Brown truck makes $ 1500.
If anybody bothers you make $ 15 splat, so the person comes in any I’m interested that Sierra.

He said you know what those are nice, but have you ever thought about giving yourself a pickup truck? You know these are really awesome now they asked for this, but you want to show them this.
What you’re doing is you’re selling them you’re, not helping them by okay, and even if the truck would be a better option for them.
Okay, you have to give them a reason to listen to your expertise and a rule of thumb.

Is this people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care I’ll repeat that people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care okay, and that is a fact which means that if you want them to listen to You what should you do? First, listen to them.
It’s just like when you’re in a relationship.
Okay, when you’re in relationship and all you want to do – is over talk.

The other person have things your way, never listen to.
What they have to say is that person phone, probably state or is there a good chance that I’m leader good chance of them, leaving right now? Imagine if that’s someone you’re in a relationship with someone who does or at one point cared about you or loved you.
Imagine the commitment that this stranger has to you that comes in and you give them the same exact experience they’re not going to stay long matter of fact they don’t bolt out the door and go deal with somebody that has steaming lis their best interests at heart.

Okay – and you have to remember that the same things that turn you off Nance have got a temper, the same thing to turn those other people off people hate to be sold, but they loved about .

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