Automotive Sales Tip #2: How most sales people blow the sale and piss off customers

Okay, now the customer is always king or queen.

You make zero money by trying to prove to somebody or how wrong they are, how silly they look, how stupid they sound.
Actually, it hurts you – and this is where the men and women vary in this business.
Women are a lot more patient dude.

We are a lot more detail-oriented.
Do we up mean we have that testosterone thing going on when somebody comes in and they have an attitude and they’re not talking to us so they’re, giving us snippy answer.
Isn’t it’s like whoa? I’m not gon na.

Let anybody talk to me like that I’ll show them and guess what the person gets up and leaves now you’re walking around the store saying yeah.
Did you see that guy what a jerk you drunk, he thought he could talk to me.
Any County where he must be crazy.

I showed him yeah, but you didn’t make $ 1, nothing off of that.
So now this person just got up and walked out, and you had no opportunity to do what it is that you were brought here to do, which is healthy.
You don’t make any money by trying to prove them wrong.

Okay, even if you know what they’re saying is totally absurd right, never fight right, never fight.
Okay, now one of the things that make successful people in this business successful they are detailed and task oriented.
They know what they need to do.

So you understand fellas there.
There’s no manager gon na be in here on your back telling you what to do every minute.
It’s just not! You are in business for yourself granted the dealership pays, you provides you with.

The facility provides you with an office to work out of even pays for marketing to drive people here to you, but it is your business within a business.
Yes, that’s Duplessis on the building, but you need to think about it.
Ask your store.

It has your name on it.
I am not even officially affiliated or employed by this organization, but even I’m when I walk to her inside the building, I saw a piece of trash turn around.
I picked it up why? Because that is my character and if I am here taking care of business, I want to treat this store as if it is mine.

You’ve got to take that type of pride in what it is that you do.

Okay at your house, so hopefully none of you all live like this, but it travels.
Do you take care of your place? Do you take good care of it? Do you keep it neat? Do you make sure you have to think that you need when people come to your home, do you treat them as hospitable as you can, or do you treat them as roomy as you can to try to get everybody to leave? Most people are unsuitable.

Okay, they won’t be.
We have a pleasant experience.
If they come to your house, you won’t put them something to heat you up from something to drink you offering something to sit down someplace to sit down.

Now we would do these things when somebody’s coming to our house and there is nothing really at stake, except for you know how they feel about whether they’re gon na come back to our house.
Imagine when you have potentially thousands of dollars on the line.

Okay, how should you treat somebody that could rip that has a direct connection to you, potentially making or earning a few four five, six, seven, eight hundred dollars? If I told you hey, listen every time I see you defend.
Why do you treat me I’m gon na give you five hundred dollars.
How would you treat me every time you saw me amazing every time right? Why? Because you want to get that time under dollars and you have to understand it is the exact same thing.

When people come to your establishment, you have to see it as such and the way that you get them to be willing to pass it over to you is by giving them a good reason.

Don’t expect just because you’re you and like I stated earlier you’re a good person and all of this they’re these people coming in are going to know that they don’t they see you in the beginning of every other sleazeball person out there.
So it is your responsibility to change that view, and you have a very small window of opportunity to do so for the first 15 to 30 seconds they’re, making the judgment call on you, they’re sizing you up.

If you woke up and you’re smiling, it seems like it to be alive.
It comes off, but if you’re walking and you’re making a face – and you look like somebody – this is in your cereal that morning it will come off.

Okay, it will come off.

So imagine every person that you say hello to every person that you agree will potentially give you five hundred dollars or more based on how you treat them now.
Today’s customers, those are extremely intelligent, they’re, intelligent, okay, do not try to play these people.
Everyone walks around with the computer in their pocket.

They can check out what you’re saying like that.
Now, I’m going to ask you a question.
There are no wrong answers, but I would like answers if someone’s at your store – and they ask you a question about something and you have no idea what the answer is.

How should you respond whenever someone ask you a question and you’re unsure what the I love? The answer is the first thing you should do.
You should always compliment them on that question, because the quickest way to knock a chip off someone’s shoulder if they have them to take a bow okay.
So they ask you quickly.

Like that’s a great question, I don’t want to make sure I get you to the right answer.
So let me do this.
I’m gon na write that down and I’ll get it for you here within the next couple of minutes.

Well that that’s how tell me to you now, you notice how finished it off when they closed in the question now, what a closed-ended question is is a question that the only responses are yes or no.

Now, though, when I asked that closed-ended question, the only logical response was what yes, but in Augusta here, listen, that’s a great question.
What I’m gon na do I’m gon na write that down and I’ll get you to answer it as just in the next few minutes.

I want to make sure I give you accurate information that that sound with you yeah now.
What are they gon na say? Yes, dad? No, you better get up and go get it right now, no nobody’s gon na do that.
Okay! So if you’re gon na ask a question, that is a closed-ended question, you should only do so when you know that the only logical response is a yes, because the more times that you can get a person to give a yes type response throughout the process.

It makes it that much easier for them, or should I say it, conditions them to be more susceptible to saying yes at the end, and when you ask question that get them to say no sino has never been associated with anything positive.
As a matter of fact, most kids by the time, they’re 8 years old, have heard the word no more than a half a million times by the time – they’re 16 – a million – if not more.
Now that should give you a good idea of why the general public is so negative.

Most of the time, some people are so negative that even if they really really like the vehicle, like what you presented, they’ll, have to say no three, five seven times before they’re willing to say that yes, but as you go through, you should always only ask if You using a closed into question.
It should only be when the logical response is yes and when you’re asking that question, how should your head it be moving up and down at the same time, because what y’all didn’t even notice? And when I asked that question yah, I said that’s that I’m getting out of work for you.

I understand the right you’re doing that and all five of you nodded your head up and down with me see human beings.

We are human antennas, we mirror that which we see okay in the book by Dale Carnegie, which is how to win friends and influence people.

That is the premise of that entire book: to learn how to mirror that person that you’re dealing with if they’re standing in a relaxed state guess what I’m standing there to relax they want, because if they see me doing that subconsciously, they don’t feel okay.
This guy’s, similar to me, he’s like me, he’s understanding right.

Oh these, like me that he knows where I’m coming from or she knows where I’m coming from.

Okay, right and people buy ninety percent based off emotion and they back it up with ten percent logic and I’ll get into that a little bit okay, but these people are smart.
So if someone asks you a question and you have no idea what the answer was C twenty years ago, these the trained salespeople to say I don’t know today that destroys credibility if you walk into Best Buy, in which I did it yesterday, and I know how I felt when I went nastas later: hey listen.

Where can I go find the memory cards for my video camera? She said back in cameras.
I took four steps.
Five steps, then I turned around, I said, thank you so much and I was doing that could be a jerk right.

You know better, you trained on this see what we believe is when we go to an establishment and we’re interacting with an employee.
The fact that they work there it have to be an expert right.

They have to know everything about this stuff.

They work here.
Little do we know they might have just started yesterday started a week ago, thirty two months ago, but in that customers eyes that guess eyes you are the expert, and so those days were saying I don’t know was a positive thing.

Those days are long gone because when you say I don’t know, you know what goes through a person’s mind.

Safety in Wyndam eyes last night that what you doing up here, what you doing here, you don’t know anything but, like I say again, I have no idea when that girl started, but it is the perception and perceived value.
Is there.
Our perception is our reality, whether it’s accurate or not.

If they perceive you to be somebody that don’t know crap that you’re talking about and they lose confidence in, you guess what they may even still make a decision about.
But I assure you you will lose money.

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