Automotive Sales Closes to Overcome the “I want to shop around” Objection

Prior Maxwell here and what I want to share with you today is to closes to closes that you can use to overcome that.

I want to shop around objection now.

Typically, when a customer uses the I want to shop around objection, it’s a number of reasons.
One of the reasons could be the salesperson failed to to really touch on and resolve an issue they may be having with a part of their buying of their internal buying system.

What that means is that you ever had a situation where you had a customer where the price was right there, where they wanted it to be.
It was the product that they said they were looking for had every feature, every benefit that you know was going to help these people and if they can afford it, but yes, they still don’t buy.
That’s because there is some part of their internal buying system.

That was not resolved, it could be the opinion or the word or judgment of a spouse, a partner, a family member or a friend.
It could be a concern with, with the price increase of the monthly payment, how they’re going to come up with the extra money to be able to afford it.
You know it could be a number of reasons: okay, inside a person’s internal buying system which motivates them to buy and can keep them from buying on a product ranging in price from 5 cents.

All the way up to you know 5 million dollars.
It doesn’t much matter, we all have one.
You have an internal buying system.

There may be a group of people, a person that you speak with before you make your purchases.
There may be a budget system that you have right now, where any movement any increases in that budget would require some consideration as to where that additional income would come from there.

So there’s a number of reasons that you have and each individual has their own.

So as sales people as sales professionals, we have to learn how to start tapping into that internal buying system of the customers to question it.

Ok and the way to really open a customer up for you to be able to ask them questions and them to be open with you is you should never ever ever ever, disagree with them.
If you know you just did a bang up of what you qualified them, you did a great presentation of magnificent walk around.

You felt like you had great rapport, but yet they tell you that they still want to go and shop.
You don’t take it personal.
Many terms, this is one of the things that people see that’s on these blogs, where they read on.

How do I avoid being ripped off by the car so one of the things that says to go in and stall and play hardball, so you have to realize that what they’re doing they’re scared, they’re, nervous and so they’re playing their part they’re doing the best they Can to play the role of intelligent buyer when, in reality, they’re intelligent people, but yet they do this only 173 to five years, and this is something that we do every day.
If you kind of like a graduate out of a lot of heart surgeon school, go on to a person with 30 years experience with over 100 procedures under their belt and telling them why their theory beats their actual practice, it would seem ludicrous, but yet this is What happens all the time, and so right now to be successful in sales? It’s the best time to be in the business.
Well, we’re going on 7 breaker breaking years, and all it requires now.

It just requires more skill.
It requires more attention to detail when it comes to interacting and engaging with your customers, and so that means that you know mastering your presentation learning how to overcome objections.

Having different closes lined up to help you be able to handle and learn how to ask questions that get your get your gifts or your customer comfortable, give you more information.

So one of the very common objections that comes up is, I want to shop around.

I want to shop around now the Shelf around.
Really you want to think yourself what it really takes in order for a person to actually shop around and find out who’s got the best price.

What up what a customer would actually have to do? They would have to get in their car, they would have to travel to each and every different dealership of that particular brand in that area in that city, in that town or County Ohio before they want to take it, they would have to sit through typical tune Too, maybe for our presentation, they will have to go on multiple demo drives.
They will be presented with different numbers from all these different dealerships.
Then it would have to sit down and analyze them and then see which one actually was the best price.

Now this could take days and countless hours, but yet when they say this, a lot of salespeople start freaking out, they get nervous and they start backpedaling as opposed to really allowing and helping this person to realize what it is that they’re saying that they want to Do that them to get the results that they’re asking for what it really takes, so one of the things as far as with someone saying they want to shop around that you could say, and just in case you’re asking.
Who is this guy? Who I’m I to be sitting target to your buddy? You may be familiar with me: you may not I’m the best-selling author of three books, I own one of the mini regarded as one of the most effective of results-driven automotive sales and staffing companies in the country, and we know we have a good time.
We produce a lot of good results and, at the end of the day, I’ll, let you be the judge, you can use the information great and not man get rid of it and never come back to check it out again.

But one of the things is when someone tells you that they want to shop around and they want to go and look and see if they can find the best price help them out this.
I could totally understand it as a matter of fact.
That just shows me just how intelligent you are as a buyer, so what I want to do is I want to help you out I’ll, give you the addresses and the locations of every other whatever the brand is Toyota Ford dealership in the area.

That way, you had to worry about looking it up, and I don’t even give you a map to show you the distance.
So what you have to do is just you just leave here, and you may have time today or you may have to do this tomorrow.
You make, maybe you could take up work, or maybe you have some vacation time or whatnot, but you can go ahead and you can travel to a BC.

A dealership and you’ll meet with one of their sales.
Reps and you’ll go through a presentation.


Take you to a walk around, let you get a feel for the vehicle and they all have to do that.
It’s just a part of the process, so you’ll go through that and then they’ll present you with and once you finish there you can go over 20.
More miles to a bt, dealership and you’ll go through that process.

So looks like there’s eight of these types of dealerships in the city.
So you go through this process eight different times, ranging the time anywhere from two to four hours, each time getting the prices and then analyze it to see which one is the best price.
Now you know we all buy the vehicles from the manufacturer for the same exact price.

So can you get a cheaper price? I have no doubt someone will be able to offer to you for cheaper than what I’m offering it to you right now.

But the question really is how much cheaper okay, let’s just say that they discounted at $ 500.
Let’s say it was $ 1,000.

You know which I know would be almost impossible.
But let’s just say it is it’s not like they’re going to give you $ 1,000 in your hand, for you to put back in your pocket that thousand dollars that you save is actually broken up over 60 months, which is the life of the ownership of the Vehicle, so what that comes out, you have your your phone divided, a thousand by sixty okay yeah and what that comes up to a sixteen dollars.
So what that means is that you know you can go around to eight different stores spend two to four hours and each one analyze the numbers and realize that you could save yourself 16 dollars a month or you can go ahead and initial right here.

Save yourself that time that headache, let me go ahead and get our detailed Department to get this cleaned up and get you guys riding and enjoying your new vehicle on the town tonight.
Initially, right here, you know now you might feel like that was a little wordy, but at the same time, if you’ve established rapport and you’re talking with these people, you can you can get away with that.
Another one would be is that you know you should always agree when they tell you they feel like gigs, you get it cheaper, so they want to shop around um.

So as someone else, they say we’ll just mean I’m going to shop around.

I feel like I can get a cheaper somewhere else.
We, you know what John I’m married.

That’s that very well way be true.
I mean you know in today’s economy, everybody is looking to get the best bang for their buck.
Okay and one of the things that many of the people that do business with us have shown me over the years is that cheapest price is not always really what we want.

Most people look for three things when they’re making an investment into their vehicle.
One is the finest quality: two is the best service.
Three is the lowest price, and I have yet and what they told me is that they haven’t found any company that could provide the best quality with the best service for the lowest price.

So, just I’m curious to know John and Mary for your long-term happiness with your investment in the vehicle, okay, which of these three, would you be most willing to give up or to sacrifice the quality, the service or the low price? Again, it’s just talking to them about it: okay, it’s learning how to educate people the days of the one line of closes and whatnot people have been prepared for that.
You have to educate them with things that actually make sense, so nobody’s actually looking for the cheapest price.
What people really want is the least expensive best option.

That’s really what it is, and people will spend more money to do business with you at your dealership.
If they like, and they trust you and they see value, that’s really what it’s about so the days of feeling that you know I can minimize my communication and I can just put on a smile act enthusiastic and bubbly, and these people are going to give me Their business that’s long gone people can appreciate now those are very important components.
People can appreciate your professionalism, they’ll appreciate you being polite.

Then they’ll appreciate your product knowledge, but at the end of the day, most people are unable or or should I say, arm they need help making just analyzing their their their situation, so they can make an educated decision.
You notice, I didn’t say they need help, making a decision.
What our responsibility is, as automotive sales consultants is to help them analyze their situation, which is doing business with you at your store, but unless they come up with that idea, unless all of their internal buying motives are satisfied, they’ll never do business with you, so you Want to start paying attention to being a buying facilitator, you know consultative selling and all of this stuff and the ABCs always been close, be closing.

I mean these are things that you know still have certain parts of it that are effective, but the game has changed.
Millennials are different, people are different, technology is different and a lot of these books were written prior to all of the technology.
Now, when it comes to the human side, I think they are still, you know batting a thousand, but when you add in the technology and the decrease in people’s attention span and the increase of their expectation now it just requires us to be able to relax, establish A good enough bridge where we can at least have a dialogue back and forth, where I can ask you questions that will help you think realize: pay attention to your systems and really come up with the most logical solution which is doing business at my dealership.

Buying this particular vehicle or the vehicle that we offer that solves your problem, that’s what it is.
So these are two just two closes like.
I say you may listen to them and you might have something: that’s quick and works for you.

I encourage you share it.
If you have better closes, please share with us if you agree with the close that I gave please share it like it.
Let me know if you disagree with them, share them like them.

Let me know it’s very important that we continue to put information out.
I believe in this industry.
I know how good this business is.

That’s why I’m so passionate with my team and the people that I work with I’m passionate about my brand that I that I work with that.
I create brand ambassadors, for this is a beautiful business.
It opens up many doors more than I’ve ever seen anything else, but you have to become knowledgeable and you want to start to master this science.

This crap, you get out of it.
What you put into it, I’m Brian Maxwell, hey! Thank you for being with me.
Remember like it share it, tell me if you don’t like it, but other than that be successful, be positive and I look forward to seeing you at the dealership.

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