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A lot more than they already do.

Well, I appreciate that Richie, I’m, the CEO of president of wheels TV we’ve been doing this since 2004.
We do video test drives.
It’s a consumer service that dealers offer to the people who visit their website and the beauty of it is it gives you all the necessary information from the newest features on the vehicle to the interior, the exterior power.

You know fuel economy, of course, everyone’s no fuel economy, safety.
If you have a family, you want to worry about.
You know it has.

The latest safety features, technology warranty all accurate stuff.
It’s all available in these wheels to be showrooms that we offer to the various dealers – and you know with right now putting something together with the guys at sharps about Auto.
And it’s a wonderful thing, because anyone who goes on shops but autos will be able to select a vehicle and do the homework right there without having to wander off and get lost in the internet.

And I think that’s going to be an extremely valuable sales tool.
For them, because really everybody the kinds of very complicated, these theses, there’s so much information, and so that’s what we’re all about.
We have.

Six thousand videos cover pretty much the entire use, Carmack and new car market all the way back to 2008, and that’s what you’ll be able to get on sharp smart, autos, Jim and I’m so glad.
You brought that up because I’m gon na share something with you for quite some time.
We’ve been talking been a long time now and finally, we decided that we’re ready, because now is when we’re going to market right.

We got a few stores on it, but now is when we’re going to market – and you know I got ta – tell you this – that, based on the conversion of my business, I FaceTime customers all the time, even a new lead, all right.
It’s a different way of linking out.
I got ta.

Tell you this video.
Is it right and who’s ever in a dealership today I shared this with the 30 car group right guys.
This is tremendous.

Look up wheels TV showroom, calm, because the whole idea with this is that it really makes a difference.
You know and where it makes a difference.
Is your customers now with this coronavirus before coronavirus? This wasn’t that valuable today, it is because plenty of dealerships are selling cars, ecommerce not a lot but they’re telling cars e-commerce.

So what happens with that process is now under custom.
I would like to test drive at all.

customer, you know what I agree with you: why don’t you go on my siding receiver virtual showroom? The virtual test drive hey, you want to know something.
This is a great tool for this.
Okay, fales people that have your own site have your own site with the feed of your dealership.

Some salespeople are our brand for their dealership on social media.
You know what tell your dealership to reach out to Jim.

I’m sure that Jim will put a deal together for the salespeople too alright cuz.

We want to get this product out to every dealership in the country, but every salesman that is the brand behind that dealership on social media.
You want this tool.
Okay and now some deals are gon na get it shop.

Smart, gon na have it in the next few weeks, we’re putting it in so now.
What’s gon na happen is you’re ready for digital retailing.
Okay, it’s the next step and those deals that don’t think and I’m not moving forward to automotive digital retailing.

Are you missing the boat, I’m a digital, marketer, first right, merchandiser and that and I’ve been in the automotive sector since very long time, 30-something years? Okay, I got ta say this: I do a lot of e-commerce rights on products that didn’t never selling online their booming right now: okay and those guys that are not into it and not wan na go to that level.
Okay, it’s like when BDC first came out.
Bbc first came out and it took a year and a half or two years.

Everybody was doing because it goes back to the old thing.
You don’t want.
Your competitor do something you ain’t Jim.

Your product is amazing.
I saw on your website about the lead, gen and how much conversion it is, and I also saw that you have a free packages.
Okay, tell us a little bit about the packages and what the differences sure there were three and the we won’t.

We bill the pricing right here on yeah, but we have a basic package that offers video.
It is an interactive, then there’s a mid-level called the pro package, which gives you a nice dashboard and allows you to add calls to action within the video dynamic calls to action, and then we have a what we call the enterprise package and that one has a Bunch of dashboard features that are extremely valuable: the sharing the communications we found that if you include a template within your email or your text, to a prospect to a lead, you’ll increase the response rate by 50 %.
So that’s pretty impressive.

I find yeah, that’s correct! Well, I see that you have a few dealerships on there quite a lot of dealerships on there and I see what the numbers are, because we’ve been talking for quite some time and you know before I even bring anybody on live.
I go by my test with the product and the demo and I take a long time to bring a new solution to the automotive sector, because I want to make sure one of the reasons why I’m putting it in shop smart.
Because I already know, what’s gon na work based on the data, that’s out there, I’m very big with data and with big data.

How I do PPC out, you would just do it of Google and if I don’t have big data, I’m not interested.
So I have all the data of your company yeah, and let me tell you guys all the data is saying go after this live call Jim up, I’m gon na put his number on there right, so people can call you absolutely very, very important to put your Number on there now this big data that there is all right, Jim, tell me a little bit about if a dealership calls you and wants on how long does the implementation process take? Well, it’s only about two weeks maximum.
We will reach out to the website provider and we have relationships with all the major players: dealer.

com CDK, the new synchro company, you name it.
We have a relationship dealer on, goes on and on and they’re all very nice people and they help us implement.
We have a third party on the website and it’s basically a plug-in a little bit of a few lines of code and in your in business.

And it’s it’s really a wonderful thing.
It’s very seamless and quick and easy and there’s the number for Jim and there’s the website.
Thank you guys.

I don’t see it here, but I’m assuming that it says your number right there, oh you’re, going across the bottlenecks and which is great because now what you could do is call Jim and there I put them both together, Jim’s phone number and the showroom aw gyp.
Let me share something with you: could they get that and put it on their YouTube channel yeah? The sharing is unlimited.
You can share wherever you want to share, but by the way.

Why don’t you do another number I’ll give you my cell, because we are the office because we’re working remotely the office I’m only in the office.
What is the number yeah you can use my cell and I’m happy to so a call directly.
It’s nine seven.

Eight! Eight, nine seven, eight, eight three, five, eight five, seven, seven, four four – and that will ring right here and in my home office, which you can see my pool table and back so when I do pull off a little bit I’ll place a pole.
So you can put it on that technology.
You can put it on YouTube.

Oh yeah, I’ll bet great great and besides from YouTube, where else could you put it? Well, you can do any of the sharing, whether it be Facebook – or you know I’ve mentioned you mentioned YouTube just about any of the other sharing functions here.
You can text it any way you want to send the video you can do that.
We’re not limiting that at all, and could it be in your inventory instead of a page, could it be in your inventory and your entire feed in your inventory feed? What do you mean by that rich? Like, for example, you go to shop smart and you click on the inventory.

You see there’s a whole thing with Kelley Blue Book ratings.
Could you put that on there on each table as a button? There that’ll say video test drive and a video report and when they click on that they’ll the video player will come up and it’s an interactive players got a bunch of buttons.
So you can, if you’re, in a hurry – and all you want to do – is find out what the mouse Big Al and just click on that miles – per gallon and you’re you’re all set, but yeah they’ll be buttons.

If there’s a car that matches our you make model bins, then you’ll have a video.
If, for some reason – and I think with you – you’ll have this whatever car, but if somebody’s in a deal it doesn’t happen to have a particular car.
There won’t be a video, so you not going to have customers disappointed, it’s right, understandable, yeah and here’s the thing this tool is really a good tool, because now you can put it wherever you want and you can build the YouTube channel.

Also with with this information and you’re providing the consumer, what happens today fifteen years ago, it was about information.
Okay, today is about information, and knowledge has a much higher percentage.
That’s why there’s reviews? That’s why there’s content so we went from information selling to write knowledge and how knowledge slowly has been developed in software to better enhance the knowledge.

That’s I used to be years ago when the showroom in and out of showrooms – and I just see information now I the same information back and forth differences.

The consumer is on their phone all the time when you’re sitting in front of a consumer they’re on their phone like they’re texting somebody, you know what they’re actually doing is confirming that the information you’re saying is a fact right.
So you got to be careful because Google has become the best salesperson for anybody.

Okay, because if it’s on Google, whether it’s content, marketing or whatever you want to call it right, they’re gon na go for it! If it’s not on Google and it’s in your head and there’s no proof of it – guess what it ain’t gon na work, yeah my what are my company’s looks more.
We came up with big data.
It wasn’t out there like it is today six years ago, and we were doing automating with artificial intelligence using big data.

You know what it wasn’t.
People would not we’re.
Looking at us like, we have five heads today now today.

Actually, Google says through Google think right, which is your blog networking, their Information Center.
They say: use big data increase PPC conversion.
Now everybody wants to use big data.

So if you have it in your head and it might work or might not work, but if it’s our own Google, that’s when the customers gon na, listen to me.
It’s all about knowledge.
I mean the automobiles so complicated and people they’re spending a lot of money on a car.

They want to do their homework.
So, if any way that the dealer can help the consumer to do their homework and stay on that dealer site, you’re earning a loyal customer and that’s what it’s all about, you help them succeed and they’re gon na help you succeed, so the implementation is taking root.
What two weeks you figure at the most yeah at the most okay: do you have any special promos for dealers to go on your system right now? Well, they can go to well, we’ll see, be showroom, dot-com and learn more about us for sure, and there are there’s a there’s actually a player there and they can play with the player.

They can take a test drive of almost any car, there’s pulldown menus and then that’s really the best way the product basically sells itself, but I can walk anybody through the sample of the dashboard, which is extremely valuable.
It’ll tell you things like you know how many views that you’ve had in the last seven days or 30 days in 90 days we have.
Those views are coming from, so you find out if your marketing is working, they’ll, tell you what towns they’re from it’ll tell you what vehicles they’re! Looking at it’ll tell you what chapters in the videos looking at! For instance, we discovered of all the chapters the most popular one.

Usually, unless it’s a performance vehicle is interior, people want to know about the cabin they want to know about the technology in the and you know what kind of information they have Wi-Fi and all the other wonderful things that you can get in an automobile, and so You get all that information in the dashboard and that again is knowledge that the dealer is now using to help him better serve the customer and that’s the beauty of it.
And one other thing is that if you have a dealer and you your Chevy dealer and you’ve got a 2008 Mustang on the lot, you can go.
Look at our video and be educated on that particular vehicle.

Before a customer comes to the door virtually online to buy that vehicle, so that you now you know this Ford Mustang, it’s got a six-cylinder, it’s automatic! All! You can get the v8, it’s 29 etcetera, etcetera.
So now you become an instant expert by cramming in this two-minute video all that information that you can then impart to the prospective customer and the customer says well cheese.
Thank you very much.

You know the car very well I’m interested, and then they take her from there brought that up about the dashboard, because one of the things that made us make the decision to join Jim was the data was now that same dashboard.

I can send an email out to my customers right, we can make it Automator or whatever we’re clickable, and we can pull in that data into one single dashboard and send that out reporting to the customer.
That’s our client right and now you can say: does this work a doesn’t work? You know you tell me mr.

dealer, look what they’re doing right.
So that’s one of the things that we liked about the tool is just not a video.
It’s it’s a data feed.

You know it has a lot of theta using big data.
Also, so now that information is gon na help, you improve your dealerships process.
That’s right versus just having a bigger that you’re great in your dealership and build your YouTube channel is faces.

You can do that, but this is a process and a product that has the data part.
So now having the data, we learned from data and what we learn is take the data and improve your process, so you’re just gon na get to that next level into that next level.
You know you’re, just gon na enhance your process and your productivity, because now you know Oh what to do.

What are your thoughts on that Jim? Well, it’s it’s all about data, it’s all about providing that data.
What you don’t want to do is have them say.

Jeez, I wish I knew the miles per gallon on this vehicle, whether it be used vehicle, a new vehicle and they wander off your sight and now you’ve lost them off into the internet.

You don’t know where they’re gon na go or if they’ll ever come back.
So the more you can provide on your site, the more information you can give to the consumer, so they really don’t have to leave.
They can that creates engagement, and it creates conversions, the more that you can give them to help them make that decision to get to the word yes and get it to the word.

Yes, on your site, the more valuable you out of them and now you would have a very valuable customer.
So that’s key well, and you know I’m glad you looked it up because then you’re giving your mentoring, your online customer they’re, your virtual customers.
I call them.

Okay, and if you mentor, is it much easier to sell a friend than a stranger right, a friend is much easier right.
Is it much easier to sell somebody, you’re mentoring versus a friend, you bet you once you somebody learn something from you guess what they’re gon na come to you all the time and they’re gon na recall that knowledge they got and they’re gon na tell their family And friends, that’s right and you know you know Richard in fact, I’m just writing a white paper now and you know I mentioned Jeff Bezos to you earlier and one of the quotes he said was – and all I remember is the part where he mentions word of Mouth he said he said we really want to take care of our customers, because we really feel that word of mouth is critical and you know I know myself.
I go on.

I find most of my stuff on Amazon these days and I always go to that.
Where they were at the ratings – and I always look at the worst ratings first and then I look at some of the Ben, but I like to look the worst ones first to see if his value there he’ll say well, it was broken when it got here.
Okay, well, that can happen in shipment, but if they say the thing was piece of junk, I don’t want it then typically, I won’t buy it, but the same is true of a dealership.

If word of mouth comes out, I bought a carriage at Joe’s Chevrolet and boy they’re, really nice people they help me do all my homework, I’m very happy with the car I got where that is gold.
That is success as long-term.
You know multi-generational success for a dealership word of mouth and Jeff Bezos knew that when he did the whole style system that works so well for him.

Now you know Jim.
I got to tell you this.
The consumers today, when there’s anything out there that they can speak to somebody about their experience, they’re doing it, we have a cable show shop.

Smart also has a cable show every Sunday for half-hour we’re educating the consumer what to do when they’re in the market.
For a car I got ta tell you this, I’m out in Long Island.
I get so many emails because that’s the market, I’m an on the cable show.

I get so many emails from dealers that I know that mishandled the customer.

Okay and they bought it elsewhere, and you know a lot of the reasons why I went to the dealership and the manager was rude to the salesperson I got ta.
Do this.

I got a local dealership.
That’s very well known as great reviews that those reviews – people don’t say because they bought a car somewhere else.
I got ta tell you.

The voice of the customer is very important.
A little cooler come up with a focus group or something the OEMs have been doing.
Focus groups for years, as a matter of fact, gave me powers when they got bought over by mcgraw-hill started a focused pullback of the day.

I got ta tell you something: dealers don’t get it.
You know it’s to do with that, and your product is gon na bring the people in.
But if you have a world oiled machine when that lead happens, they’re gon na convert and their experience is gon na be great.

It’s like really really good and I’m glad you have a package for the pricing there right.
I’m glad you think and just go on a demo on a video and take a look at it right, and I’m also I’m also like the fact that it can go on in your feed right.
So, just on the page where the customer has to live and check out videos, because then you’re bombarding people with all kinds of information, that’s not helping! You convert right! So now I’m glad it’s right there on your feet.

It’s right on your inventory, and now you just play the video that’s great for conversion right difference when you want to see video reviews versus this tool and the other thing I’m so glad that you brought it up today is about get the premier package.
So you get the data right without the data, I’m really not interested in any product right.
So don’t even call me if you don’t have a dashboard with data I pass.

You know I tell you, you got a great product, get your programmers to develop the dashboard and then call me because without the data I don’t know – and I can’t share that with my clients.
So I am glad that those four points are handled.

I’m very impressed.

Jim with your company, how professional you guys have been with me and my team and how you guys been working around it and really really it’s great.
I got one follow-up call with you not nagging me and I cuz I we were reported developing our product and reached out to you we’re ready to pull the trigger Bank here it is.
You know, I’m so glad that I got the opportunity to work with such a company like yours, hats off to you what a great company you have and I got ta tell you.

I am so pleased to bring you into this life today, because dealers got to know more about this product.
Well, I greatly appreciate that Richie.
I really think that what you have there with shops, not autos, is terrific.

That really helps the deal.
Is you know cars? These days, you can buy a car in California, bring it out to Massachusetts or out to Long Island, not a big deal.
People do it all the time I come from the classic crap out of the business from years ago, working with Discovery, Network and speeders and doing TV shows, and was not unusual for someone to buy a car, some other part of the world and have that car Ship and in fact one of my editors bought a car in Japan, he actually wants a kind of a flue video.

They would be able walk around bought the car and they shipped it back into a couple of months.
So your service is extremely valuable.
With six million vehicles, almost anybody can find the Kyle.

They need right there and will we’re happy to help them do their research and zero in on the Kyle they want and get it from.
You guys put that up because deal is that don’t buy the leads from me? No problem: I’ve developed conquest sales.
So if you’re a Honda store – and I got Toyota – I’m gon na – tell them to whatever I capped the conquest sales program ready to launch in the next two wheeler here.

So dealers can’t quite self very important, so go buy the lease.
For me, your competitors are ready and, of course, sales is something that I’m having a field day with, because now your loyalty in your dealership, that could be your customer because we’re out there and we’re doing marketing so concrete sales is great.
So if you’re a Mazda store – and I just change – you know – I just have the conquest sales already.

I did a pilot.
I did a test AV testing.
I gave a dealership.

I gave three dealerships.
50 leads on each brand to test them.
What their conversion is.

You know what customers today want change.

They want to change something.
You know, there’s no loyalty.

Today the loyalty is based on price, and if that salesman likes you it’s over, so Colby or God call me just keep doing what you’re doing.

That’s it.
You know and Jim I want to thank you for coming down.

I spoke much appreciate you please.
Let’s do this more and I look forward to our relationship likewise Richie.
Thank you so much for having me on your show.

Thank you.
So much take care Jim.
Thank you.

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