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Hi everybody.

First of all, I want to say happy fourth of July.
I hope everybody has a great time this weekend, we’re here, I’d usually had somebody interview.
I was told to do this alone online, so let’s go over this whole solution.

We understand and we’ve been looking at the metrics of digital retailing versus tradition and we’ve looked at this digital retail.
It’s looking really really good.

There’s companies like caravan.

There’s companies like this there’s a lot of other companies.
Also the rental companies are getting into digital retail.
Now and they’re also financing digital leaks.

So let’s go over about the solution.
There’s the website that we have, and one of the things is what this website does.
It brings all the solutions together.

In other words, we have partnership with deal attract with partnership with Kelly Blue Book.
As everybody knows, our partners are look smart and clickable.
So let’s talk about each solution differently.

We have on the look smart side, we have big data.
We do PPC data, then specification to drive traffic to shop smart shop.
Smart, ok has all the inventory actually refer because we are considered.

We generate ok.
So that’s one of the things the Big Data Platform actually hired and based on Google.
You search that pattern.

It tells you what it is now.
Let’s talk about clickable, clickable solution, it’s automated with artificial intelligence, so we put PPC on there.
We also put a Facebook ads and we do a bunch of different stuff.

Now, let’s talk about ela track with deal the track, the dealerships that are on our inventory, okay, we’ll have the option of Glee going right through till the track through their deal, attract the scores that you still attract will benefit from that.

Maybe that’s the great solution because we’re just at the point of digital retailing, based on that now.
That being said, we have Kelly Blue Book that adds value and also lets the consumer know that car they’re buying units within the market conditions.

It has car reviews very very soon.
We should have video reviews on automobiles, okay, so it’s gon na have that and have the dealership reviews now.
Our advertising and our marketing strategy is cable, TV, PPC, social media marketing.

That’s where we’re at and we use the technology of custom audience for a chest.
Okay, so we know the consumers that are in the market.
The metrics have shown us in the last few months.

A lot of these companies are going digital.
The dealerships have the opportunity.
Now to go on this site and sign up today: okay and the dealers that do that will benefit from this.

There are all our strategic partners and partners right and now we’ve brought this solution to the automotive industry.
Now that being said, we want to help dealerships start their digital retail.
In the next few months you will be seeing more and more technology on job, smart and a wing didn’t because little smart, it’s all because suffering one search engine traffic on the barn chill beach.

Oh, it’s corrupted the Egyptian dings I’ll come to go pop out, yeah a sponsor.
It’s an automotive parts.
Now that being said, we look forward in helping this industry with coronavirus.
You know the only acts up in act.
So what we’ve done in our company? You .

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