Automotive Careers for the next Generation

I write in Hardison, I am very proud to be part of the automotive industry.

I assist in Human Resources and also with training.
I read something that was a little disturbing over the weekend where someone looked at American said that we’re all in the same storm but were not in the same boat and it talked about not having assistance.
Certain amount of people being left out.

It equated to me going back to thinking of the fifteen hundreds in the Spanish Armada trying to invade England, but because of how England looked at the situation and got the people panicked, even though they had a larger army to go against, they were still successful.
So what does that got to do with? What am I talking about people like myself in business? We go to public schools and we let them know that we need technicians, technicians are retiring and it’s a great way to feed your family and to reach some of the goals and dreams that maybe you’re looking for in the future.
But the problems that we’re looking at is that many times the kids are not ready to take the opportunity.

A great man once said Winston Churchill, it’s better to be prepared for an opportunity that never comes and have an opportunity come and you’re not prepared.
Do you know in this country when it comes to public high schools per student, the cost can be as high as twenty two thousand dollars a year just to teach one child some states, the lowest one was six thousand still.
If I was a parent or guardian.

If I had that money – and I wanted my child to have a better future boy, could I take that money and give them an opportunity to go to a private school go to a public school? Yes, but that’s not what I’m talking about what I’m looking at is that we’re in this same storm, businesses in the automotive industry have the positions, but we have problems.
I call with the three A’s.
The attitude is not there by many youngsters, they don’t understand, they have to work with people.

Attendants many times can be a challenge and the accountability.
Those things have nothing to do with a job description.
So as we wind down this school year and getting prepared for next school year, if you’re really curious as an individual, what your future may be, then our universities out there like Ritchie bellows University, who assists right now veterans, but I know he probably can help out.

If you’re in ROTC, it’s still dealing with the military who knows, but we need to start thinking that yes, we’re in this storm right now with this virus and we may be in different boats.
But if we don’t panic, if we make sure that we’re ready for the opportunity, because our attitude is there – we know that we are accepting a job and they want you to be there at a certain time, be there and be accountable for your actions.

Those three A’s have nothing to do with any job description, so I’m here talking about technicians that we need for our industry and the money is good, a good lifestyle, but the three A’s I will tell you – will be for any position that you’re looking for in The future once again, Brandon Hardison, just wanted to let you know about many of the opportunities and I’ll talk about more of them later that we have in this industry, but if you’re good with your hands.

If you happen to be a veteran right now and looking for an opportunity or if you’re, just a high school student, there are organizations Auto groups, auto dealerships that are ready to train you.
Now, if you’re ready for the opportunity, Brandon artisans saying make a champion day, .

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