Hello, there, christian younger, with kaizen automotive consultant and today.

What you’re about to see is a video testimonial from one of our students, kyle depauw, who went ahead and went through our initial new hire training in the month of july.
It’s a one week.
Long course, and then we followed up with that three times a week for the next four weeks.

We did 30 minute one-on-one coaching sessions to go ahead and practice his word tracks and then do some role play on objection.

Handling in this video he’s going to go ahead and tell you some of the keys to his success for the month of august and he’s going to tell you why he likes so much working at his particular dealership, sexton ford, my name is kyle depauw.
I work here at sexton ford here in moline illinois, i’ve been in the business now for a little over two months, really loving every aspect about it um.

I was originally a bartender and had been through a few different job cycles in my life and realized.
I really needed to still work with people.
Well i mean so far.

Everything’s been going really good.
You know the first month i started.
I really only had about two weeks on the sale floor between you know: training every single day monday through friday, and i still sold seven cars.

You know i still amounted to ten thousand dollars in gross, and i was i got a taste of what it could be um next month knocked it out of the park, took second on the board.

You know even among the big dogs.
I was right under the guide 20-year veteran uh, i hit 25 about 25 dollars in gross and i pumped out 14 cars.

That’s my second month in the business, a lot of my success.
I would say it comes from my attitude the way i wake up.

Every day, um, you know it’s kind of the same thing in the restaurant business.
When you walk in leave your attitude at the door.

Leave your problems at the door, because your customers can read that you know they can feel that they can feel that tension.

They can feel what’s going on in your life and it’s doing them a disservice by putting your life onto them.

They’re here for something they’re here for you to help them to find a vehicle, that’s reliable, get them to work in back toe their boat, and i, like being that person i like, at the end of the day when they got that big smile on their face.
Walking out in their new car, knowing that you know they they’ve bought a reliable purchase from a dealership, that’s going to take care of you before the sale and after the sale um.

Some of my success, too has come from chris youngren he’s my word track.
Sensei um real good guy, he’s really shown me that you know with objections.
You know you can have the ability to overcome those.

If you really focus – and you really train on those things – there’s people out there that are probably thinking about making the leap by all the time i hear yeah, i thought about sales.
I’ve been told, i’d be good at car sales.

What would you say to the people that are on the edge they’re thinking about maybe getting out of what they’re doing and making a career in the automotive business? What would you say to those people that are on the edge? What would you say to them? Well, here’s kind of you know so.

Five years ago um i tried to make that step out and i stepped into a dealership called reynolds at the time i was still a bartender, so i still had my bartending gigs on friday saturday night.

I still did some weeks throughout the you know some week nights throughout the week and it just me having one foot in and one foot out, knowing that i always had that opportunity to go back to something yeah.
It really didn’t create that sense of urgency and driving me to really know look.

This is it.
This is my career.
This is my path i have to put all of myself into this, not just some of myself.

So last question.
Why sexton ford, i mean, there’s a lot of dealerships all over the place.
You mentioned a few things about liking the people, but why sexton ford over all the other fords or dealerships they could go work at you know what i found about sexton ford.

You know being family owned, you know with vince and randy, really being community oriented and community driven.
Definitely that speaks for itself.
You know we i’ve seen just from other salesmen from other managers from service.

We have a good wrap for taking care of people regardless.

How can you really be focused on the community if you have 200 dealerships in the area yeah, we have one we’re sexton ford.
You know we’re here for our town, we’re here for our people and we’re here to help people our pay system.

Here is great and my holdback.
Basically, my bonus, you know, so i hit a bonus for hitting over 13 cars, which means i got a nice chunk of money.

You know basically for saying thank you thank you for hitting your number.

Thank you for keeping pushing forward as well.
I appreciate you taking the time i wish you continued success, i’m so happy for you, and i know that uh, the the the success you had last month and you’re having this month is just the tip of the iceberg.
So look forward to uh look forward to seeing and hearing more from your guy in blue .

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