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So here’s the dilemma when it comes to sales and especially automotive sales.

We know that authority can lead to trustworthiness and credibility which are crucial when it comes to customers making buying decisions.

However, if we’re the one tooting our own horn, we come off sounding kind of like a conceited jerk.

So the dilemma is: how do we, let people know about our expertise and our high standing in our field of sales without coming off sounding like a jerk well in today’s video we’re going to show you how to do just that, we’re going to show you how You can go ahead and increase your credibility all without using social media or saying a word yourself now.
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Let’s go to work, let’s face it.
Even in today’s automotive sales environment, with an increased focus on a positive guest experience, people at the very least are apprehensive, if not downright fearful about coming into a dealership and working with a car salesman.

In fact, when nada surveyed guests about their experiences of purchasing a vehicle, it ranks someplace between being sued and getting a root canal.

So it would seem that the automotive business especially could use a boost in credibility and trustworthiness, and i think we all know that.
Oh car dealers aren’t crooks and most car sales people deep down inside.

They don’t fit that stereotypical image of a fast talking, huckster that we might see in the movies.

But the dilemma becomes.
How do you let the guests know that you’re one of the good ones you’re one of the good car guys? Well, it’s easier than you might think.
All we need to do is use a little psychology and then let one of your co-workers sing your praises to help increase your credibility and trustworthiness sound too simple.

Well, that’s because it is.
Let me show you how, in the book yes, 50 scientifically proven ways to be more persuasive, the author recites a study from 2006.

The study is called overcoming the self-promotion dilemma and what it shows is that the positive information presented by a third party actually shield sales people from the negative consequences of being perceived as a self-promoter and here’s.

The truly amazing part, even when the third party promoter has obvious interest in the person being promoted.
The facts are just as strong, so think about that.
That means that if the promoter and the promotee work at the same dealership and have gone ahead and kind of rehearsed the credentials to be given out to guests and the guest even knows this, the positive vibe is still just as sincere and strong to that guest.

Maybe it’s that this phenomenon works on some type of a subconscious level, because after all the subconscious, mind can’t tell the difference between a real and imagined event, but either way in the automotive business.
Since the car, salesman’s reputation isn’t quite up there with pope francis, we can use all the help we can get.
So how do we leverage this technique and how do we use it in the automotive business? Well, here’s my idea! What if we had your receptionist, become your public relations department? She goes ahead and gets a little bit of a bio and pedigree on each staff.

Member and then she sings the praises to your dealerships, guests and she helps promote and let people know about their individual area of expertise.
Let me give you a couple examples to illustrate how easily you could implement this at your dealership or your business for that matter.
Let’s say, for instance, you’ve got a guest calling into the dealership about fleet sales or business sales.

I’m not quite sure, so you say this no well.
Certainly, let me connect you with bill now bill he’s our go-to when it comes to fleet sales, but also he’s an expert when it comes to light and heavy duty trucks.
In fact, he’s been with the dealership for over 10 years, i’m going gon na go ahead and connect you now or dealership service guest calls in just looking to have some service done on their vehicle, and you could simply have your operator say this.

Oh well.
Certainly, i’m gon na connect you with sally sally’s, been with the dealership for over seven years and she’s a three-time straight forward standards of excellent service award winner i’ll connect you with her right away, and that’s that easy now you may be saying to yourself gosh if This is pre-planned, and this is kind of done ahead of time.
It could be a little manipulative, well i’d, say, it’d be actually a disservice by not letting your guests know some of these benefits that are actually advantageous to their guests.

After all, it’s not like you’re making things up.

I mean everyone else at the dealership knows the team, members, accomplishments and areas of expertise.
However, the people that could benefit the most are guests.

They’re left in the dark i mean your dealership does have a three-time service award winner.
You do have this truck and fleet expert.
Let’s let everyone know about that, and with a little planning and a little scripting, you can let others help sing your praises and tout your pedigree and it’ll shield you and keep you from sounding like a narcissistic, egotistical, jerk, all with a magical power of third party.

Promoting now, if you want to hear other psychological closing techniques and some tips go ahead and make sure you check out the video that’s going to be coming up right about now.

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