Auto Sales Training Workshop

Hello Noah wall, shear from nwa conquer what you chase sales training.

I wanted to remind you about the upcoming event, this Friday November 18, from 9am to 3pm it weber’s in ann arbor.
It’s a sales training prospecting event featuring the legendary fran taylor, the king of prospecting.
We’ve had a lot of good feedback from dealers so far and we’re excited for everybody who comes to attend.

There’s one thing: that’s going to be for sure about this event: you’re going to learn, prospecting, skills and tools that you can use forever and remember forever.
Is a long time we look forward to seeing you there if you want more information, go to my website at www, na sales, training com or call me directly at seven three, four, six, seven, eight 450 to Fran Taylor is going to be coming into town on Tuesday November 15th, so if you’re a dealer that we’ve spoke to that still unsure about sending some of your staff, give us a call we’ll bring Fran over we’ll.
Have him do a presentation to the guys and see what they think about it? We look forward to hearing from you and we look forward to seeing you there thanks a lot and bye for now.

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