Hi chris youngren, with kaizen automotive consulting monday december 7th we’re here at uh, one of our ford stores.

We’ve got five sales people today participating in a word track contest.

We’ve taught them about five to 15 different word tracks, ways to overcome some common reflex objections and objections.
For instance, i want to think about it, i’m just looking.

I already drove one at another dealer, so i don’t need a demo drive just a couple and then they’ve got a couple.
Trade-In objection, rebuttals they’re, going to do for us so excited to see who the winner is.
The winner is going to receive a 100 visa gift card, so we’re going to see who who’s really been studying come on in.

Do i want to think about it, but we have already worked figure or uh.
We’ve worked figures or we call it the universal one.
To talk to you in the first week, okay, chris, i understand it’s a big decision and it should be considered um.

Let me ask before you take off, though, what exactly is it? You need to go home and think about.
Is it something i said, color equipment or price of the vehicle? It’s the price! It’s a lot of money.
You guys want a lot for these things.

Okay, so it sounds like you’re like me and everyone else.
It sounds like you’re on a budget.
Am i right? Oh yeah, i mean uh yeah, i mean, if you guys, can make this thing, work yeah, okay, so let me ask if we were able to find a way to fit this into your budget.

Do you see any reason why you wouldn’t take it home today, yeah? If you guys can make it work, that’s what i’m getting at it’s all payment for me if you can get it at 450! I’ll! Take it do this! So now, let’s do market-based pricing.
Explanation full or just at the bait, do the full? Okay, all right! So actually, while we’re waiting here chris, i was actually thinking.
There’s actually been a lot of change.

That’s happened in the car business here in the last couple of years.
What’s the last time you actually purchased a car about six years ago, okay, so six years ago, did you actually i’m guessing, probably have to do a whole bunch of negotiating to get your deal you wanted.
I didn’t do a lot yeah, yeah yeah! So we’ll hear some good news: we don’t have to do that anymore, but the new day in age we actually use.

What’s called market-based pricing to pre-discounted vehicles.
Have you actually heard of market-based pricing? I’m not even familiar with it.
No okay! So well, basically, a rundown of american-based pricing is it’s a third-party software that we use to put in the exact same, make and model vehicle that you’re using and see what it’s selling for throughout, and then we price it based off the market throughout um a similar Place that they use as amazon does market-based pricing when’s.

The last time you bought something on amazon, um just bought something about three days ago.
Okay, so and actually all their product is market based price.

So since you do some online shopping, i’m guessing you did some online shopping before you stopped on in here.

Am i right? Oh, i did a ton, oh yeah, and then, if you were hopping on our website – and you said, our cars were way overpriced compared to any of the competitors.
Would you have stopped it in the first place? No and that’s just it, we actually have to pre-discount our vehicles to make sure that they’re going to fit the budget to help you and we’re going to make sure you stop in in the first place, because if they’re too high up you’re not even going to Want to pop in here they even say hi to us, so that’s why we pre-discount our vehicles to make sure they fit your budget and help you, okay, advanced ad credit, so the good old, advanced, ad credit um.
You know chris.

I understand that you’re wanting more of a discount more for your trade.
I completely understand that you know with that being said, i feel, like our trade value, that we’ve, given you is, is, is more than competitive.
Um, you know i’d sure, love to earn your business.

What, if that you know, i have an idea last week in our sales meeting, our manager said that on average we spent around 200 just an advertising cost to get somebody into our showroom to purchase a vehicle.

Now, if i was able to get him to agree to maybe advance you that money as a credit towards your purchase today, would you see any reason that you know we couldn’t? You know, take the vehicle home today um the next one is.
I want to think about it before we worked figures.

Of course you need to think about it.
I haven’t given you enough information to not think about it.

What i’d love for you to do is come come inside with or come in with me, and we can go run a quick proposal of the figures and that way you can go home with all the proper information to think about.

Okay, don’t spend a bunch of time with me lindsay we’re just looking today.

Well, if you’re just looking, that might not be a bad thing, um it’s the beginning stages.
So it sounds like you might have some flexibility in your shopping timeline and you don’t have to do this quickly and your flexibility allows us to explore a few more options and with that being said, if you find a car, you like you like the deal, and This is a place you want to do business with.

I won’t stop you from taking the car home.
Okay, fair enough.
There you go! That’s what’s on the line there! 100 visa gift card first place 25 for second, and then we’ve got uh three third place prizes.

So we’re going to announce the winner here in a few minutes, it was so close that i went ahead and got everybody something because it was within a point.

What we did was.
I asked um the manager’s all too great on a scale of one to ten.

Ten being the highest, obviously we want to be in the lowest and then we could add the scores.
And that way we got a good good, a good overview, and it wasn’t one person because there is obviously some subjectivity to it as much as we tried to fine-tune it, and i asked them to look for these things.
There obviously still is some subjectivity to it.

So third place was a three-way tie three-way tie for third place.

Yes, so here’s what we ended up having we had brady tied for third place.

We had bryce tie for third place, you can climb and we had kyle type.

So, congratulations to you guys great job, and this was it was legit.
It was a legit time now, um great job.
Like i said nice comeback, you had, you had had um some work that you had to do and you did a good job coming back and really i could tell you at practice, though, is you were out for a while, and you continued to practice those a Great job there and brazil did a great job as well.

So congratulations to you three second place again another one that was one.
It was one point in between the two and i just couldn’t just give one person a hundred dollar prize and not do anything.

Second place: the second place is a 25 gift card as well for visa.

Second place is going to lindsay so then we all know who got first place, which was shane.
So let’s go ahead and give everybody a round.

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