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Paul, how are you today i want to welcome to the live.

I know that we call you and everybody else calls you.
The success maker right tell us a little bit about that um.
Well, i’ve had many many titles like chief rainmaker chief success maker, but um.

Basically, what we’re loving right now is we’re helping dealerships just explode their sales through our automated processes, our ais and our systems.
So right now we’re making a lot of dealers very successful, especially after covent, and even a lot of them through covid uh kovit took our industry by storm and we set up systems and processes and worked with our our dealers and helped them actually sell.
Some of them sold way more cars during coven.

Of course, they had to be more um creative with how they sold them uh, but some of them are still seeing 10 or 20 percent gains through the months that covers are happening.
So that’s the success that we’re making and i’m glad you brought that up because the subprime business as well as you know, yeah it’s not like a new car lead or a used car lead right, no we’re providing a service yeah.
So uh we came up with a solution and we’ve been talking for quite some time about automation, marketing where now we we have in place a solution, that’s going to be available within the next few weeks or a few months that we are working on yeah and It’s going to be appointments, not leads yep, so that’s really really a key thing that we’re going to be doing right, yeah, the subprime business, it’s much harder to get an appointment, and why is that from being in the car business? You know a little bit.

The first thing a customer is going to tell you what makes you different than any other dealership well and that’s what you got to do.

It’s a there’s, a big difference behind that process, right yeah and the difference is that you have the automation and just let me say some people might not know this uh joe’s really certified as a digital, marketer right and one of its organizations that i know which They provide traffic and conversion right and that’s a very big company.
I know about that uh conference and all that actually been there a few times all right.

So he’s ve he’s a professional in automation which, with his own technology, okay and that’s the beauty about the leads, why they work all right.
Joe comes from a few different businesses, that’s been very successful and has had tremendous success and exit.

I would never bring in joe as a strategic partner of shop, smart, autos right or bring him in.

If i didn’t know that his solution works, we’ve done the due diligence with his solution and his solution is alive and well.
It’s used a lot in used car stores, we’re bringing that same solution to the new car business, and the reason is, i always say, a dealership without a successful subprime is actually costing themselves a lot of money, joe because when you do subprime in a new car Dealership, you increase your service department, you increase your parts department, you increase your warranties, you increase your finance and you increase sales.
A new car is now you’re not going to increase anything else like that right because you got reconditioning right right and it’s key.

So subprime is one of the most important departments in a dealership.

No right so there’s a lot of companies out there like our good friends, cars direct great platform.

The difference is, it’s a lead and you got to chase that lead and hope that you have a strong bdc department that can get the appointment and when they tell you what makes you different i’ve gone to five different places, even though you know you can get Them done that customer’s gon na have a hard time showing up so making this automation.

Now it’s not a lead.
Now we’re actually selling an appointment right.
Joe tell me a little bit about that process, um.

So basically, what is the lead comes in and we qualify them and so they’re going to answer questions like how much down do they have it’s? Not this going to be, you know, name, number email and what car they’re interested it’s like.
How much down do they have um? You know? What’s their income, i haven’t been in bankruptcy repo.
We asked them about 10 questions to qualify them then, after that, if they passed the qualification, then we go ahead and send them in to book their own test drives.

So a lot of them will come in about we’re.
Seeing about a 55.
4 of all leads come in that will actually book their own test drive before you ever even talk to them, so they’ll schedule a timeout and they’ll say hey.

You know this is what i’m interested in so then our system will come in and it’ll start sending them text.

Messages, like you know, bring your id proof of income and valid uh like steps for your address when you come to test drive and also we’ll push them and say: hey, look if you’ve got to change you’ll send them like a text like if you have to Change your appointment, you know, click this link or message us back or stuff like that that normally the sales reps would do, but because of the volume that we’re bringing into the stores their sales reps get like a deluge of leads, and they can’t follow up with All of them, so our system picks up on that and then once the conversation started, then that’s when normally our stores are dinged in and you know we tagged them in to come in and have the conversation and answer any questions, maybe they’re.
Maybe that had that exact same conversation that you’re saying we’re like hey look: i’ve looked at five people, i’m really interested in this tacoma.

How do i know you’re the best fit for me and then basically, that’s where you know the um, the store would actually come through and say: well, here’s the benefits from using us rather than someone else in your local market.
So that’s where our leads are different and they’re, not as far as the qualification, but then the next step is we also we actually go into making them schedule their own appointments, and you know i’m glad you brought that up because everybody knows who carmax is right.
Yeah, so carmax has a a follow-up process and an automation, follow-up system and they are very successful with subprime leads.

Okay, they have it set up, and it’s really good when you send them a lead.

The machine just takes over right and you know this is why carmax is carmax right, yeah, we’re always doing they go to the next level, and so will we.
We always go to the next level: shop, smart and your company.

We always go to the same level.
You know and forward and we’re forward thinkers, because why? Because what worked yesterday doesn’t work today, yeah what works today is not going to work tomorrow.

You know not in this space anyway right right.

So that’s the whole thing when a lot of people understand that that that’s the the business we choose to be in you know, you know it just changes and changes and changes all the time yeah so and that’s why we’re always building new software’s new automation, i’m Going to announce here – and i announced it on friday, where integrated partners would deal a track right with the next few weeks, a customer’s going to be able to go on there and apply for a loan.
You know, and it’s going to go to that dealership’s uh dealer track yeah, it’s huge right, so we we’re we’re moving the needle up with the digital retail, we’re partnering up with companies like joe that are very successful and uh, and we’re partnering up with all these Different companies, because we want to bring in this solution to the automotive space, because the automotive space is actually behind the eight ball on digital retail.
And why? Because, let’s face it, it’s not like buying a pair of shorts, yet you’re buying a high ticket item that you got to finance right.

Well, guess what there’s solutions out there right now for you to take your dealership into 80 to 90 percent digital retail? Well? And you know: there’s a lot of customers out there that are deciding not to buy a car or any dealership and they’re going to caravana vroom.
I mean they’re going everywhere all right and people.
Safety is very important.

A good friend of mines today, yoga finally opened.
They go to yoga and the only person that was in yoga is that friend of mine’s that went to yoga only one person.
Why? Because everybody’s doing yoga, online, yeah, okay, so listen! It’s changing! It’s changing! Quick! It’s changing rapidly! In the united states.

We don’t make changes until one thing happens until it hurts our pockets and in the car business dealers will never make a change unless it it.
It affects their bank account.
So i think that that’s the best thing that did was it forced the change.

You know we can no longer do that, because now people once it’s in their minds and again whether you take covert seriously or not, the vast majority united states does, and they now want, because if one as soon as one dealership raised the bar on the standard In your local area, all of them now needed to do that, so we had to actually change up a lot of our messaging systems and things like that to go more like hey.
Look if you want to you know, if you want us to deliver you, the test drive we’ll do that for you and we had to make those adjustments for our dealers as well, and that’s you know we we have to adapt or die and uh the unfortunate Part is there’s a lot of dealerships that we talked to before kova.
That aren’t don’t exist anymore, you know because they didn’t adapt and they weren’t ready to weather the storm right and here’s the other thing too.

Dealers go on google adwords go here, go there, listen, give it to the professionals.
We know how to go and market.
That’s what we know.

How to do right buy leads from us instead of taking that money and spending it, and you know what it’s all cooperable reach out to me.
I send you the invoice where you get it cooperable, a hundred percent.
Where would look smart right? It’s one of our partners yeah, he he’s known.

By doing this, we have it’s the same thing as google just much smaller, and if you look at look smart right now you see and we what we do to market is.
We use big data yep right.
That’s what we use we use big data hello to lou lou is uh over there at a great place, he’s at a budget.

Uh used car store that frederick my uh.
My good good friend is in that store too he’s a.
I believe general sales manager is really good at it and they do a lot of business with subprime.

Okay, they they’re a great and one of the most successful dealerships that i’ve seen in a long time he’s always on live he’s, always branded himself.
He’s got people working there on the phone like there’s nobody’s business, i always say on every life, this guy’s going to be the next dealership he’s gon na have his own dealership.
That’s how strong he is he’s like stronger than death and they’re, always looking for new solutions right, yeah and uh follow him.

They got a show called uh car coffee.
You know, and it’s unbelievable.
I share all his stuff anyway.

If you go to my wall, i share it all day long, and i tell him don’t even he just tagged me from now on, because he’s got such good he’s really really a strong guy, and he really knows the business really well.
20 years, lou too they’re.
Amazing them two together, the stuff they’ve done in that dealership is crazy and they’re very successful, but getting back to retail digital retail when one dealership on the right, they move the bar.

The only reason when one fellowship moves the bar who’s moving the part in digital of retail.
By the way i want to tell you something: jim ellis group has been at digital retail a very long time, okay, three years ago, but you know who’s moving.
The bar carmax carmax is moving the bar last.

I heard they’re doing crazy stuff, autonation is doing all kinds of new infrastructure and guess what mr dealer, when your competitor, is doing something online that you’re? Not oh, oh, you got a problem.
You know i would never let that happen.
You’ve got a serious problem so and what’s going to happen is when all the groups came out before 08 and a little bit after 0.

8, it minimized the mom and pop stores.

Guess what the mom and pop stores with this kovic is not gon na exist if they don’t think about digital retail yeah.
So this is it i mean you got a shot call us.

You know reach out to my good partner here, joel and get subprime leads because you’re going to hit a different market and you’re going to really work it.
I know a dealership that says i really know the subprime leads.
I’m really, i know about leads a long time.

No, you don’t know about leads, because you want to know something he’s not doing it.
You know he’s not doing it with cars.
Direct he’s not doing if you’re really a pro in marketing.

You need certification just because you see somebody else, do it what takes that guy 10 minutes only because he spent the whole decade learning it right.
No, that’s what the difference is.
You know we spent 10 years learning what to do right, so we’re experienced we’re pros in automation, in artificial intelligence.

I have on shopsmart and ai chat, which is our own software motivation, artificial intelligence.

It’s not our marketing bots those marketing bots that they make on facebook’s, not that at all the more data it gets, the more it starts learning about it.
So you know we’re pros.

We spent a long time developing our skill sets right and yeah.
It takes us about an hour to figure out our platform and start generating leads, but just because it takes us an hour or two hours, we’re pros.
We got certifications and we know what we’re doing to hire us stop spending money on google, adwords and facebook ads.

Listen, i haven’t driven a car in 20 years, all right.
Unfortunately, i suffer from epilepsy, so i can’t drive over 20 years i get cars, people that are selling their cars dealers in my news, feed at sponsor ads hello.
Are you you’re picking the wrong audience? Guys? Listen if you want to do it yourself, i’m going to give you five tips, go to yhs, get custom audience and hit it.

And now, let’s see, if you have the right platform, that’s always bidding, and it’s always optimizing your ad and it’s always converting.
You need software for that.
So i mean you know it’s not that that’s simple to do.

You know we’re professionals and the cost per lead.
You could afford this because you can’t afford not to call us right and now getting the appointment in the door.
It’s not a lead.

It’s an appointment.

I told a good uh, a good friend of mine.
That’s in the car business get me five or six dealerships that are underperforming that are selling nothing that are having a hard time, because not only do we get them the leads, we have a loo of trainers that will fly in there and put the process and Joe, i want to engage on something with you yeah.

You know that deal is always blame.
The lead gem.
Yes, okay.

I know that quite well.
They always say it’s the legion, why it doesn’t work yeah, it’s the dealer.
It’s your process, that’s not working, because if other stores are selling the same lead, then you know what you have the problem.

What do you think about that? Joe? So i mean it’s the same thing with like car gurus and then you share lead source where they’ll go on.
They’ll click: hey i’m interested in your car and interested in like someone else’s same car, maybe different little xyz and um.
You don’t get the sale.

Well, it’s because something happened in the process of clicking from car leads, or i’m sorry from car gurus to get that lead and then actually you calling them your bdc calling um, whoever calls them um.
Once you have a process set up once you have the system set up once uh and even like for us.
I want to go back to what you were talking about uh just a minute ago.

Richie about the ai uh.
Our new system for the appointments is actually an ai driven uh back end.

So what it’s gon na do is it’s gon na track, every single text or email or anything that we send over to the lead and it’s gon na, say: okay, hey! Look! They engaged on this, they didn’t engage on that.

We should send more of this.
So one of the examples like just a tip for you guys is we always really focus on pattern interrupts.
So if we’re texting someone – and we have one of our campaigns going out in one of our campaigns, we’ll ask them like hey: do you like chick-fil-a or do you like? You know texas roadhouse or do you like just something or what’s your favorite color and then they’ll reply back to that they’ll reply back to that message and go? Oh, i love chick-fil-a.

I get the you know, combo three, with a sweet tea right and then the person who’s responsible for that leave with them.

What’s your system, what’s your setup, then the likelihood of you selling them that car increases drastically and you know i’m glad you brought that up, because we’ve noticed both of our companies.
Your company in my company right you’ve noticed that when you have the right bdc, when you have the right staff, the leads convert 100.
When you don’t have the right staff and you don’t have it the leads, don’t convert.

So we’ve decided to make this appointment driven only and the the simple reason for that is is one simple reason is because there’s more dealerships that don’t have the right staff versus the ones that do right yeah.
So we are we’re trainers first, we’re lead gen.
Second and we’re marketers and merchandisers right, that’s what the whole thing is.

You know and just understand something when that customer shows up to your dealership, i’m here to take a test drive.
Now it’s up to you to sell the car.
You know what i’m saying now that traffic is coming in and what is different behind that versus the lead.

I think it has much more value now.
Sales people are good with this one-on-one versus the phone bdc is great on the phone, but you know what it everything’s changing right now.
You know and the automotive space is going on on a tremendous tear right now with automotive digital, and you know what it’s very, very important.

What’s going on in the industry and what’s more important, is companies like joe’s and like myself that we’re bringing in the solution? The right solution for a dealership joe, how long does it take for you to develop this product with appointment, setting as far as like how long did it take us to develop it or like if we like good for a dealer? How long would it take before they said like? How long would it take a dealer to get it together, uh? It depends honestly like again you’re talking about the the process and the people behind it.
So obviously we have all pretty much the same product.
It’s a car, but the process and the people, the other two uh we’ve had honestly our our best result is.

We had one where we launched traffic and they sold a car within 24 hours, like literally from our lead.
We tracked them through our entire system, entire process.
They showed up bought uh.

We’ve also had many dealers, like probably over 25, that have sold their first car from us in the first week with us um.
It just really depends again on that.
What what you’re hinting on is, which the process and the people behind that process are they willing to do what it takes to sell that car and if they are, then there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be increasing? You know their total sales volume by 10, 20.

30 um, you know in that first month, 60 days 90 days.
It just really depends on the dealership, but as far as our best case, like our best best thing that we’ve done it’d be less than 24 hours, we launched traffic and they sold the first car.

Well, here’s what i say right if i provide a dealership, a hundred leads yeah and they sell 15 cars.

The average gross is about four grand back in front.

Let’s say right, right: 4, 000 at 15, you’re talking about what 85.
you say: 15 of 15 cars.

Yes, that means deliveries right.
Well, that’s 65.
000 right, that’s 60 grand, but yeah, that’s 60 grand 60 grand and their investment is 3 500.

I do that all day.
I think anybody would like i didn’t deal my bank accounts.
I mean for real yeah right.

So that’s what we do so they i have analytics through clickable right right.
We have clickable uh automation and artificial intelligence, but we have ad agencies that dealers out in florida are actually spending 3 500 to get 29 forms on facebook.

That’s a form, that’s not what we consider a lead.

No, i don’t consider that a lead name, phone number, email, yeah and car model and make right nothing.

That’s a phone book yeah! That’s not a lead.
Okay elite is when we generate through our funnels and ask the questions all right.

A qualified lead is different.
I throw out and joe does too sixty percent of the leads we generate because they’re not qualified right.
It’s just name number i mean and that’s why cars guru has so many dealerships today and tomorrow he doesn’t owe the trader the same way all these companies through car, because it’s not really a lead.
Like, oh, my god, i love chick-fil-a too, and then ease them back into the conversation about cars, because, if you’re just continuously jabbing them like bye, bye, bye, bye, bye, bye, then they’re just gon na you’re white noise to them.
But if you try to connect to them and have empathy with them and prove to them why you are the dealership they should buy from which goes back to what’s your process.

Is you know what i’m having coffee with my uh with my other half and i write down the information and then she comes back and she tells me we’re not ready for a car.

What are you nuts? I still got to pay my car a month.

I got a month left for two months now.

Somebody calls me i i pass i’m not interested.
You know how many times that happens in a day no try like 350 times in a day, because when we send out an email, it says unsubscribe and we have their email.
They hit unsubscribe.

Some people say no.
We changed our minds, we’re not in the market.
For a car yeah that happens all the time because i could be at work and i got down time and i’m thinking now.

You know what i want to change the car, but i come home and you know i get it throwing a hammer in my head.
All right or the reverse, my girl is out there and she wants a car and she comes home.
I says what are you nuts right, so that happens all the time when a customer goes in the showroom.

There’s buyers are remorse they’re in there they say.
No, i don’t want to do anything now and you need a pitbull or stop them all right because they’re having a fight between husband and wife, okay, you want to get involved with that.

Well, the same thing online, so we’re professionals we send out triggers.
We have a virtual relationship with a customer okay, so that lead is actually answered, all our question and is in the market for a car, yep, okay or not, then our follow-up system follows them.
I mean some states it’s 45 days, but even past that, and it literally sends out text messages.

Everything like saying, hey is now a better time.
You know: did you really struggle with down payment like we start hitting those pain points that once they respond, then the the salesperson knows immediately? Oh, we just need help on down payment.

We have programs for that, or we have this.
So we have that it’s actually turning into a conversation rather than just getting ghosted right and what we do is hard right and here’s the thing when you concentrate on the difficulty on what’s difficult right.
That’s when you’re gon na make money like get somebody’s keyword on the first page on google after the ad on the third spot.

That’s hard to do, and you put well that’s what we know how to do right.

That’s hard to do the difficult stuff is where the money’s at right, easy stuff.
Everybody does so automation and artificial intelligence is where we do it yeah the difficult stuff and that’s why we make the money.

Okay, so concentrate on what’s difficult when a customer tells you no.

I when i was a salesman i used to concentrate on the nose, not the yes, when somebody tells me no or somebody had really challenged credit.

That’s what i wanted to do, because guess what those deals i’m going to make a lot of money right right because they want to get into a car.

Yes, a lot respect for finance, i’m going to make a lot of money, and the reason is because i’m going to master that i’ve always tried to master what’s difficult right.
Well, that was fun like somebody ruins your reputation online like they ruined me.
That was great because i fixed it right right.

What’s difficult, okay, it was a clown out there that thought he was funny, but you know what it doesn’t matter because it got fixed.
So when you throw something at somebody, make it difficult and sales people and managers concentrate on the hard part, because that’s where the money is so we know joe knows and myself knows being in the car business.

As long as i’ve been that the hardest thing that sales people don’t do and the hardest thing that bdc doesn’t do is follow up.

Well guess what technology has helped us automate it with artificial intelligence yeah right, so we have the platforms and we have the technology and we have the software.

So that’s what we know how to do.
Yeah we’re machine, we’re a machine business.

That’s what we do and you can be the machine you can be the human all, the time you can get somebody else that has a little bit more time, a little bit more skill, you’re going to beat them machines, you’re not going to be you know, because They work seven days a week, 365 days, no holidays off, no nothing.
So the automation, business and i’ve been in the automation business now for seven years with my good partner, michael on high, that owns a look smart and clickable right.
So we’ve been doing this and we see it and now putting in big data into ppc and putting in the big data into facebook ads.

That’s where the conversion’s going to happen.
So we have two data.
Warehouses out in arizona michael owner has been in my house and we’ve done a live together.

We’ve talked about big data.
Why google is suggesting to people and to business owners to use big data for conversion, so we have it all together, pretty much and joe.
I’m glad that you came on board with us and i’m glad i went on board with you because you’re unbelievable the technology you possess and the automation that you have.

I took a look at it as a professional and i highly recommend whoever wants subprime leads.

Stop going anywhere else and go right on this site carsleadfast.
com and reach out and joel get a hold of you or his teams will yeah he’s got a great he’s, got a great guy there, nate unbelievable he’s.

Like really really educated knows his business reach out to him right now and get on this program and stop spending money with subprime leads without having automation behind you and appointment setting and that’s what joe brings to the table and yeah i mean that’s.
Definitely the start of it and then we’re we’re only going to constantly be growing and building bigger and better things i mean the more our dealers tell us what they need, the more solutions we build for them.
So that’s why we love our partners.

I mean we have over 50 dealers, we work with so every single one of them brings us problems and hard problems like you’re talking about and we fix them.
You know that’s what we love you’re a solution guy.
You know, of course, all the time you’re a great solution – guy, a great computer guy, he’s great at what he does he’s great at the back end i mean he’s unbelievable the stuff he can develop.

It’s like crazy.
What he can do – and you know what look us up – come on board and you’re.
Just the only thing.

That’s going to happen to you, mr dealer.
Gm sales managers you’re going to sell a lot more cars to subprime yeah that equals a lot of money.
Apart from the gross apart from your finance, apart from your warranty, your fueling, what’s today, today is fix operations.

Today is your service business? You know and ted ings has a round table, and he talks about that.
All the time put cars in operation and let that residual income come to your dealership.
Now you can invest, and now you can sell more cars than ever.

I say with the product that joe has you can sell a lot more cars.

A lot quicker increase your roi and lower your advertising dollars buy a lot of money, i mean so when you spend the when you spend 4 000 with my company right.
Add another 10 000 that you made, because you would have to spend 10 or fifteen thousand dollars to generate those leads, so you will be spending 15 grand to get 60 with our my company.

You get that and joe’s has the same solution.

Basically, you get that you know within 40 45 dollars, you get subprime leads a hundred.
What you pay for is what you get, and if you wouldn’t do that, you would have to spend to get a hundred look at your roi.

That’s how much money you would spend 20 grand and you still say: oh well, i’m still doing good, i’m spending 20 and i’m making 60.
that ain’t bad.
Why not save that money? Don’t get involved in what you’re, not a professional in you’re professional selling cars? That’s you you’re, a professional running a dealership leave the marketing to those that are pros.

What are your thoughts on that i mean i would agree.
I think the the other part is like in sourcing versus outsourcing risk mitigation.
You have a lot of stuff that you know boils down on all this, but i mean if even if you cut like 25 percent off of that, instead of spending 15k instead of 20 and you’re still bringing in even let’s say 30k so you’ve doubled your investment.

Uh, i think anybody would do that all day long.
But now, if you’re saying okay, i can spend under 10 000 and get that same return.
Then that’s even even more like ridiculous.

Not to do, but i mean again, the the biggest thing is and like when we talk to most of our dealers is it’s great.
We can fly them around the room.
We can tell them all these stats and what other dealers will blah blah blah, but all the dealers we talked to they said well.

How am i going to know what’s going to work for us and the way we tell them is like hey? How do you know what a steak tastes like you know? I mean there’s different age steak this this all this stuff until you bite it, you’re never going to know you know here’s what i’m saying dealers deals.
Tell me that’s who? How do i know rich is going to work for us? Oh i say i’m glad you brought that up, because i have something that other subprimes don’t i have a training with guys like brandon.
That’s got tremendous track record.

So that’s how it’s going to work for you, because if you don’t have 15 percent of delivery ratio, you know sent.
We do a test to you.
We do an assessment right on zoom and brandon’s in that assessment, asking you all kinds of questions and helping you get there yeah, and that first assessment is on us, because we have the trainers that know how to do this.

So that’s how it works.
100, because if you don’t train your people on it, you got problems.
You know this is henry he’s great henry’s.

In a honda store, i mean he’s been following me all over what a great guy uh he’s uh he’s unbelievable.
I got ta chat with you.
Henry moore he’s been a little busy the last few weeks, but let’s try to get on the phone as soon as possible, so he’s really good at what he does too.

So you know it’s really really important.
You know what dealers i mean, dealers, don’t understand, you know really really it’s easy.

It’s that easy! What’s different about that dealership and you we are because we have a whole training division right and we can put anybody in there and increase your process and stop your competitor from penetrating your market share.

You know exactly stop that we have the lead gen.
We have the the trainers and we have the right process that works yep you know and how we know it.
Works is because other trainers have put it in major stores and they’re very successful at it.

So you know exactly joe.
You know what it was great seeing you again uh we’ll come up tonight.
Sometime like we always do and have have a great day, and i enjoy you so much and thanks a lot for coming to the live, yeah man any time – and you know dealers that call you please you i know you’re gon na.

Do the right thing take care of them like you, always do and give them tremendous return like you always do, because you are amazing on what you’ve developed, of course value.
First, that’s all we do have a blessed day.
Joe and uh have a great time and say hello to the team.

For me: okay, all right, bye, .

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