Auto Dealer News LIVE 11-11-19 Veterans Day with America Guardian’s Mike Haas

Hello, everyone welcome back to auto dealer news game face Mondays.

I am your co-host Kris Gonzales here with Richie Bell.
Oh your host! Thank you for having me Richie eh! Oh thank you Chris.
You know what it took a long time to get you as a co-host you’re such a great motivator.

Oh – and it’s amazing, to have you here – we’re so happy here at the studio that we saw Chris today and he actually is coming down to be a co-host.
Were so impressed with that, and I thank so much – and I appreciate Chris here so much it’s not even I mean really I’ve been following him for quite some time.
I get motivated every time.

I see this guy, he is one-of-a-kind and one I mean one of a kind he’s one of a kind he motivates he inspires people, he motivates people you having a bad day.
I always share his stuff and I’ve shared his stuff in my facebook, and a lot of people have told me what you are that’s great because he really motivated me today, because we all have it down days.
You know salesmen blues will rock down days.

Well, that’s great.
Thank You.
Richie appreciate that you know today is Veterans Day rich, and I wanted to acknowledge all of our veterans and our current military for the job they do.

They go out there every single day, put their job and their life’s on the line for us for a very freedom – and I just wanted to I think today is – is a great day for America, it’s a great day for us, and without them we wouldn’t be.
Where we are so, thank you Richie.
Thank you, our veterans, thanks on milk.

Thank you all military, and you know what Christians I’m so glad.
You said that was for the last four years: I’ve been working on getting funded for veterans, to train them, and we’ve already done that and we’re ready to do now.
The videos I got branded coming out.

I got John Fairchild and a few of other trainers, and really really these guys have really helped me out, and the automotive vendors like cars direct through excetera.
The list goes on they’ve, given me opportunity where I give them customers and what they do is they share and they donate to my Institute, and now I have enough money to train 30 veterans a month, Wow and put them in the world until I get the Grant it’s gon na take me two years to get the grant.
We have an institute out in Arizona, a building and everything we did it right.

We partner up what look smart and we did it right.
We have two nonprofits once is a Richie Belo Institute and the other one is clickable.
Is that what clickable does it? After the the veteran is on and has training we? We have access to funding, because what we want to make is job creators, not just people to get jobs.

We want them to move up the ladder and the beautiful thing about veterans is they’re used to moving up in the ladder because of their rankings.
Yeah and – and I think you know the one thing – our veterans right and our military have in common – is they’re very, very process-oriented and it’s the foundation of everything I mean you know when, when when our military doesn’t follow protocol or process their lives at stake, you Know their own lives they’re there.
It’s just so no better time to really speak about the foundation of what our dealerships and our businesses should really focus on.

There’s a lot of take away when you start to think about the military things you can gather from them.
So no better way to start our show, but then to have David Castillo, our our director of training and he’s here to automotive industry in the in under constant reputation and scrutiny.
You know no better person than to have on our show, but David Castillo, to talk about some of the things he’s doing to avoid and for us to avoid dealership turnover.

You know it’s at up at about 70 percent, which is extremely high.
The only way to keep our staff engages to offer training, and that’s one of the things that we focus on when we talk on auto dealer news is: how do we bring you best practices out there? How do we focus your staff and your management to keep them in tune with? What’s changing, you know, and we know our business is changing like every other right, it’s becoming more focused on the now transparency, so we have David Castillo with us today to kind of touch base.
And how are you, David David? You brighten up a little bit so uh.

Could you bring up David’s volume up here at the studio but David anyway? What I wanted to tell you is a happy Veterans Day to you and you don’t think when you take that number of 70 right and you look if you would take that number of 70 and you would take the auto group like Penske Automotive.
That has a an in-house trainer, Jim Ellis group that has an in-house trainer Asbury that has an in-house trainer sonic the have in-house.

That number drops drastic if you take them out of the equation.

That number actually is higher.
Okay, it’s actually high we’re looking at 85 % to 91 wrong with it with a dealership two months ago, hired 30 people through indeed kept one.

Do you have any training? You have any training in nope.

I have no training set up.
You know this data.
Maybe I should hire a trainer, I said.

Oh, that would be a great idea, mr.
dealer, that dealership is not in the state he’s in a state that they do a lot of training and he’s just not done it now.
You imagine 30 applications by the way.

That’s happening in a lot of different industries, I’m in the catering industry, very heavy as much as the automotive industry.
What you’d start looking for cooks, chefs, Executive Chefs dishwashers and all that 60 people show up one stays within you for the first two days: that’s how bad it is.
So it happens in every industry.

Digital marketing, my friends out at traffic and conversions summit, tells me it’s crazy.
They can’t keep anybody, so this is a overall problem in the business world and why is that? We’re staffing the people at the wrong time right in sales, if your staffing, something if your traffic is low and you’ve, got a full showroom, you you mess people’s heads up, so we’re not using the technology we have.
Today you got cold capture.

You should be using that technology to staff your department, you also have a floor traffic and no one the appointments are there, the most you should staff your department put enough people where everybody is to make a living instead of just out of the seat of your Pants not having that whole infrastructure in a dealership.
I mean years ago that was ok.
You know when I started in the business that was ok, you know cuz, we didn’t know any better, you know so we just oh that’s a customer.

I’m a salesman he’s in a showroom, guess what he’s buying a car? Ok great! We had no structure, we had no process, but today, with all this massive technology there is through your CRM through each day is stamped.
You have all these analytics your website traffic.
Everything listened managed by metrics, ok, that’s all I got ta say and a lot of these dealerships don’t even use their metrics to manage rich, a look at a simple metric like going to a restaurant or visiting a location.

How Google shows peak times when they’re, busy and stuff all right, you know a lot of businesses today are taking a more reactive approach to their business, meaning you know, there’s this height to the season.
There are times we’re busier than less.

What do we do? Just before that season begins, we ramp up our staff and, right as the business goes down, we wind up cutting.
You know when it really contributes to the turnover, instead of taking a more proactive approach to staffing the right people making sure you’re watching metrics, knowing when you’re busy, knowing when you’re not and having sufficient eyes on what you want to accomplish throughout your day and month.
And year you know it goes back to planning you know and that’s one of the big things that that most businesses today are missing.

You fail a plan.
You plan to fail.
If you’re going to staff up when you’re busy and drop personnel, when you’re not you’re, going to have a problem with stability, you’re going to have a problem with reputation, you’re going to have a problem with profit, you know how long does it take to train someone In a busy season versus if you just gave them consistent training throughout the year, you know, what’s the downside correct all right being, you know what now it’s the holidays so now everybody’s like.

Oh, what do I do? Listen to me manage my metrics and also what clickable the one thing that we love because we’re a business dashboard right.
We managed by metrics and market by metrics.
Okay, nobody does that nobody manages or markets nobody.

They don’t look at their history and then say: oh right, let me do this.
It’s called the logic before the plan.
I mean synergies, got a great product with that.

She’s no under came up with this logic before the plan, but that’s just a way that we’ve always managed me, especially in the car business.
I didn’t have to be in a dealership to know who’s.

Given me productivity, all I had to do was look at the financial statement and the daily operating control, the dock.

I had the dock every morning right on my desk, okay and that’s what I looked at.
I didn’t care about whether I knew how to manage it with no technology.
Just by my financial statements in the dock and my up sheets and my open ro report, I used to run it every day, so I knew how to staff everybody and I used to run it back from a year ago.

What was it it’s all about comparison right now with the vets, the beautiful thing about the vets is they followed the rush, and let me tell you when I found that out I had a very young age.
I was in the car business may his soul.
Be rest in peace, his name was William roar cliff.

He was an ex-marine okay.
This guy was a service guy and moved himself up to salesperson and manager.
Okay, this guy was amazing.

You know what amazing was he followed? The rocky you told him go and say this: he went and said that he would demo everybody all.
I made it into really big.
Actually, he worked out in Florida from Delray Beach, Toyota as a manager, and he also worked for mr.

John Rose Oddie’s, a dealership out in Florida back in the day in the late 90s, and he worked for a case.
He was amazing.
That’s when I knew that vets were really special and then I got into it at a very young age.

When I was in dealerships – and I observed everybody wow, they had some training because I was always looking at to how I could be better and better better.
So I would do it by observation, as everybody knows, I’m very dyslexic, so how I learned is by listening, observing and doing right, so the vets are unbelievable.
When I started going to Phoenix Wright with my partner Dominic, I engaged a lot with vets because that’s what he is to tutors and they all follow direction.

Dominic used to tell them.
Could you go out there and do this? They would do exactly that and come back with a report and they would use the terminology.
Let me debrief you.

Okay, that’s very big for them.
I said.
Oh, let me debrief you, oh okay.

She imagined them talking to a customer going into the desk and actually telling were driving her manager telling us I says, oh, and what did you get all we had to do that? Every time we had to do something we had a debrief, our superiors – oh really, so here I am learning and learning more because I got so involved with their debriefing process.
Now I want deal is to listen to this good.
We got guys out there that could take a customer based on the training, we’re gon na, provide them and then they’re gon na debrief your manager abcdefgh.

I you know how important that is to put a deal together.

Listening to them is key because they take all the information in their head and they know how to deliver it.
Now you can load the lips now you can help them close.

More deals, the very important type of people.
It’s amazing the training the military has had and guess what, when they’re in the classroom, getting I mean they are gon na be professional, because that’s what they’re used to the problem is when they come back and they go to the workplace.
There’s no training, there’s! No! Nothing, so that’s why they go from job to job, to job, to job, because they’re not used to it.

Our industry has that infrastructure the same way as the military.
So that’s very important.
What are your thoughts on that David teach them back to the home and, like you said it, the military is very processed ones.

It doesn’t matter what your job was in the military.
You follow a certain process, step by step.

If you’re a mechanic, you have a visa fix, askew you’re, an infantryman, you have to follow certain orders: to set up posts to set up security to set up everything else.

It’s all a process.
Once a veteran gets out of the military, we have to adjust.
Quite a bit in order to be able to you know, go back into civilization and by us having this process, this training all these procedures in place.

It makes it a very easy transition for them to be successful at in civilian, just because we are motivated at the top right, we’re gon na be fantastic for a lot of motor industry.
Of course, like we were talking about all the turnover, those numbers will start dropping and you’re gon na have a much better that so important.
You know David, we just said they’re very process driven people and they know protocol and they’re used to getting trained all the time, so we’re gon na be making these vets not only for the cars industry once they get in there.

They’re gon na be great trainers.
They’re gon na be great in every aspect in the automotive industry.
You know because one of the things that motivates of that is ranking right, you go in and you want to get a better rack.

You always want to be better.
Then you want to move up.
You want to move up the car business, I mean Chris will say that what opportunity so much opportunity so much.

You know I used to have this conversation with a lot of people.
If you know something, if you can teach it, do you know it, you follow a process, you learn right process, you do it yourself and now you start teaching.

Others do the same thing.

Do you know it 100 % and it just breeds a much better person.
Moving forward, I mean – and that’s really, I believe, what what the industry is lacking.
It’s who are people learning from what they learning, what sort of consistent processes are they following? Do they even have a process right right and that’s, ultimately, what they give down to their people who work for them? So if you can get those simple thing and what better veterans their discipline their focus, they want to move up in rank right.

They have the foundation, they have all the tools, get them in your dealership and see what happens.
But you got to acclimate them to an environment that is similar to what they’re used to structure process right and just make it an environment that they want to continue to be a part of and your reduced turnover and you’ll get better more quality people inside the Dealership absolutely this wording of that.
A veteran stapler here that I went to and just like you said, people teaching the next generation yep.

There was a.
I shared a story about when he first enlisted.
He wasn’t the most motivated person when he fucked them, but all the veterans that have been the previous conflicts previous combat – they wouldn’t take anything less than perfection, that’s acceptable, so throwing that into the next decoration, in fact they would just pass it on and on that’s.

Why we’re so sick? Oh absolutely! We appreciate that we’re gon na take a little break and watch it before we go we’re gon na watch a clip from our sponsor Michael see, Lewis, publisher for the visionaries, all right, real estate, investor developer and startup expert turned book.
Publisher and best-selling author Mike is personally mentored and worked with some of the sharpest entrepreneurs in the world.
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Please welcome Mike Lewis, the book guy welcome back to game, face Mondays and today’s game face product is American Guardian warranty, our guests and my friend, Michael Haas assistant, vice president Michael, is also a United States veteran served over 14 years.

Mike was a security police in combat med during Operation Desert, Storm Desert field, liberation of Kuwait and Iraq, freedom, I mean thank you.

Thank you, Mike Hoss Ritchie.

Thank you for having me on.

I make you so happy everybody, I’m honored to have been able to serve my country and fight for the things that are important in the United States.
Thank you, and you know Mike.
I was gon na bring you to the show, because I knew that at what time you wanted to come, and I said you know what I got some room and it Chris knows you you know so that automatically I mean you’re welcome all the time here, but You know what I’m gon na say, something with you, your warranty, I read up on it.

I think it’s a really really good product.
What is the difference between that warranty and all these other ones? There’s so many warranty companies out there, but I see that you guys are really optimized.
You got a great website and what are your thoughts burst on that? So that’s a great question Richie and I think that I’m going to think that a lot of our clients like about it is, you know, we’re a big company, but we have a teak feel we’re vertically integrated so that you know a dealership can work with one Company that provides them everything that they need, so it’s much easier for them to get their arms around everything that they’re, F & I department needs from the menu service to the product to the training development, the compliance.

So I think those are just a couple of the things that dealers really appreciate about working Gargan.

Okay, and how is do you have any progress for CP? Oh, I know it’s not to compete against the factory, but there’s a lot of independent lots that are now saying ABC certified program.
I mean what kind and I have plenty of those guys out here along Island.

They have a pre old, used car dealer and don’t really have a good program.
What are your thoughts on that? Yes, so that’s another great question.
You know American Guardian really has built its business working with not only the franchise dealer, but many independent dealers along with RV and motorsport.

So we do have a very robust certified program where a dealer can select.
You know a number of programs either a 10 year 100,000 mile limited warranty that has the ability to be wrapped upon.
You know to give the customer more comments of coverage, and then we can take that out to attach 100 or lifetime engine.

So we have various programs that viewers can use to market, but I think one of the things that sets us apart from our competition and those respects, is that you know these are all just the widget right.
It’s really the way that we provide the information support.
The dealer launch the program and then provide continued support going forward to make sure that they maximize right, because the program is only as good as the dealer execute the program.

So you know Chris – and I have spoken about this type of program several on several occasions where it’s not just the product.
You know we have to go in and train the salespeople.
Why did the or ship wants to market this way? Train the receptionist train, the service department.

You know, train the IT department to properly upload the vehicles with a backdrop that indicates that the reason you want to buy here is because our vehicles come with a 10 year 100,000 mile limited powertrain.
That you know is going to protect your investment setting them apart from the competition, and you know in in this environment, right, it’s very, very competitive, so every deal or whether it’s a franchisee or an independent dealer is looking for that edge to be different too.

You know absolutely Mike, so I want to touch on one thing we spoke in the past about your warranty program.

Your service drive warranty program and I think that it’s, the probably the the area where there is there is the most opportunity, in the sense that you have people going into our service departments every single day and here’s the equation right: 100 % of the people buy In that service drive, but if they were able to buy under their warranty, they would most likely spend more right or that writer would be able to charge more and I’m gon na talk about the elephant in the room later.
But I wanted to explain that program.
A little bit more to our viewers sure absolutely great question Chris.

So you know there’s a very big difference between what we know we should do and what we actually do do like I visit.
You know upwards of 70 to 100 dealers a month and every F & I person that I see they all say that they’re going to go to the service drive.

They all say that they’re going to try to sell some vehicle service contracts to the service customers and at the end of the month the reality is if we get one or two that’s a blessing.

That’s so the Jannetty definition of intimacy right doing the same thing.
Expecting the different results surprise, so so what we have done at American Guardian is we got a bunch of car guys together, who said hey, you know: how do we help deal with make more money right? Because that’s really, how do we increase the bottom line? That’s what we’re all about so we got some guys together.
We built an app okay.

A service drive app that it’s completely self-contained.
When the customer comes into the service drive whether it is the person check for the service advisor, they are simply going to scan the VIN number and type in the miles, and they instantly have a quote.
From that point.

The customer can simply review the quote, say yes or no.
They have a zero percent, fine, an option.
Everything is done through the application, so they do not need to go visit.

F & I they don’t need to rate the car.
They don’t need to classify the car.
It’s all done at the click of a button you can scan quote.

Have the customer review in less than 30 seconds from there.
If the customer decides that they’d like to make a buying decision, they can either pay cash or they can put a minimal downpayment, have a contract in their inbox in 30 seconds and be on their way with a vehicle service contract.
That’s going to protect their vehicle for up to 36 months and 75 thousand miles from the point of sale, preventing them from incurring any.

You know large charges in the future.
You know and when we talk to dealers and clients and do training on vehicle service contracts, people go.
Why do I need this thing right and – and I simply put it this way – we don’t fix cars anymore.

You know 15 years ago you could hire a mechanic they’d pop the hood they’d make some adjustments and off you went your car was running better nowadays.
When you go to a service department, they yank out a module.
Little computer, like your cell phone.

They plug in a new module, so vehicle service contracts in 2020 are what I call module replacement programs.
They are designed for you to simply replace these little computers that now run your vehicle.
So the reason that you need it is because no one can fix these modules, they have discarded and replaced, and you know I’m glad you brought that up about the app.

So I’m pretty sure you have this data customers that get sold the car to whether it’s used cars or new cars, your your penetration, percentage-wise right and then versus when they go into the into the service department.

What is that penetration based on the app so that process, you guys have is a pretty pretty good process.
I didn’t know about that.

I’m just learning right now, but that can bring you up to a hundred percent.
Yes, so what we have is, let’s just take some round numbers.
Let’s say a service Drive is doing a thousand customer paid borrows in a month, 350 of those customers will be eligible for a vehicle service contract, meaning the OEM coverage is expiring, they’re, not under certification.

They didn’t buy elsewhere so of that of that 350 of those customers are going to be in a position where they need a vehicle service contract through the app conservatively speaking.
We are closing at 10 percent by just simply scanning the VIN number putting in the miles and putting it in front of the customer to say your car is eligible.
This is what you would need is a down payment.

This is what you would need to pay monthly for up to 24 months, so Mike out of the 350 qualifying reparo.

Does that come through that service drive closing at 10 percent with 35 extra service contracts right? These are contracts that can drive additional revenue into that drive, but just that a simple math.
How many of those contracts would you say or clients could immediately use that service contract on their next visit or car, or perhaps that visit, so they wouldn’t be able to use it right away? There is a 30 day and 1,000 miles of driving waiting period now, but the upside to that is is there’s no inspection required.

If sign and go right, okay right, so you could have a new transit customer that shows up, has no vehicle service contract and the sales presentation would simply be this.
Chris, you know: hey mrs.
Jones: we’ve got your car fixed you’re eligible for vehicle service contract and in the future, you’ll simply have $ 100 deductible instead of a $ 368 repair.

Today, and most customers are very amenable to that.

Knowing going forward they’re not going to encounter this because, basically you know what is a sale right, a problem-solution benefit and a validation.
So if they’re there, because they had a mechanical failure, you got the best problem.

You can possibly have so you’re providing them question Mike.

So how much does it cost the dealer to have you come in and train their staff and sell these 35 additional service contracts? So the program is self-contained and pays for itself through sail over the vehicle service, contrac Soleil.
So I can sign up with you.

It cost them nothing, it’s plug-and-play, we would come in teach the service department.
How do you download a complimentary app to work on the iPad? We would teach them how to use it, and then the second part of this, which is very unique, is that if, for some reason, the service advisor is too busy doesn’t have a good relationship with a client and they fail to show the customer of the quote.
We have a program now where the business development department at the dealership can reach out to the customer, say you were provided a quote.

Did you want some additional information? Did you have some additional questions and through the business development department, with the pursuit program we’re at an additional 5 %? So why isn’t everyone on this program? Because I haven’t been gone over the Oh Jack? Here’s where the rubber meets the road, though, for the dealer right this is you know that you know everybody wants to know? What’s in it for me, so let me tell them what’s in it, for you self-contained program that gross margin in the program for the dealer is $ 600 gross per vehicle service, contract sale.
Okay, so, and then we through the through our program, if the customer is doing financing – and this is the concern that most dealers have, they are paid in full within five business days of the completion of the sale, which is done right through the app.

If the customer says well, you know this is great guys, but I need to talk to my spouse, not a problem.
There’s there’s a place right in the app where you can plug the spouses email in they get an instant quote, sent to their email, along with a video, a brochure and a review of the contract, and then once they get home and review and discuss, they can Complete the transaction from home without even having to come back to the dealership, so might get you telling me twenty-one thousand dollars a month, two hundred and fifty two thousand dollars a year just for the sale of the service contract, not counting the additional revenue that could Be generated off of claims right future claims driving traffic back to their show back to their service department.
I mean correct me, so here’s a you’re, absolutely correct Chris and here’s a couple more things.

Our program circumscribe has, what’s called a 40-mile tie back, so meaning any customer who purchases through that dealers service drive.
You drive my conscious tour will be driving them back to the store, because when you know when are we, when do we want that? That upset or dissatisfied customer the most right.
We want them in our service department, waiting room walking around in our showroom.

When you know some ambitious salesperson is gon na say: hey.
Do you want to take a test drive while your cars being repaired? We want them to be in your store, so you know having that tie back is and and it not only that you know think about it.

This we could take it one step further.

If a dealer is in any type of reinsurance program or retro insurance program, think about the impact of an additional 35 to 40 contracts per month and in some cases that’s more production than the up in high departments producing right.
So so question: are you saying that you’re able to sell the this product would work with their existing service contract? That is correct.
If I, we would just simply need to draft a new trust agreement and we concede that that production right into their existing surance company, the only stipulation to that is, if they’re operating in a do WC formation.

They will have some challenges with putting an insured product into a do: WC structure gacho so that eliminates the the the issue with dealers not wanting to sell anything other than what they have put them from the reinsurance standpoint.
But I mean once again you do the simple math, if 308 on a thousand repair orders – and I think most of the dealers in our area are probably in the upwards of 2,000 per month right, so that puts the number at 700 qualifying contracts.
Seventy right, it just doubled that number to 42,000, which is a half a million dollars a year.

What could you do with that money? Mike? I tell you the Opera yeah, I mean for the few dealers out there that are listening to this a homerun and – and I think that the biggest takeaway has to be stop focusing on what you potentially might lose.
It might lose by allowing someone else to come in and train your staff and use this type of product and focus on what could be generated in turn, meaning the upfront profit, but the long-term profit is what you’re driving back into your service drive.
So it’s about time to wrap up on our VAT Veterans Day show today our special guest.

Thank you very much Mike has for being here, David come.
Oh, we appreciate everything.
You do Richie Bell.

Oh, I absolutely appreciate you know you are, and you know, but this was my first time co-hosting this show, so you didn’t get the full effect of Chris Gonzalez but moving forward.
I can assure you having guys like Mike Haas on the show offering what he’s offering for you as a client.

You got to give them a shot.

Have them come in the worst thing that could happen? Is you make some extra money you make your customers happy and if you want to take it in-house on your own one day by all means, but the definition of insanity is doing the same thing expecting a different result.
I think we could all use the additional revenue.
I got to tell you something bike.

That’s one of the most aggressive warranty programs that I’ve seen and I’ve been around a little bit.
I haven’t seen a warranty program like that.
There’s a lot of companies that have these warranty programs.

I was aware of it Paul while you told me about it, but I was not we’re about it to the detail.
That’s why he said to me about this warranty.
It’s a very aggressive warranty program with an app today and you know what the audience between 25 and 45 years old ones that are continuously buying cars, okay and and that audience is very friendly with apps.

So they’ll understand.
If your service department uses your process with the VIN number, that will sell itself, you should get more.
The problem is that maybe a lot of guys don’t go through the trouble of scanning it.

That’s what you need to do, because that process you guys has was super ingenious to come up with, because if you look at is registrations the people that continuously buy a car every year and a half and two is from that age, 25 to 40.
Well, what happens after that? Is they trade it and trade and they start getting upside down upside down, and then they become a subprime customer okay because they get too much and they don’t have the experience right.
So that’s what happens, but that is ingenious.

What you guys came up, that’s a semi-rigid.
This thing is this thing is so robust Chris to get a barbecue on a weekend and the customer says hey.
I know you work at a dealer.

Can I get a vehicle service contract from my car? You can’t literally walk out front scan the car, put the VIN number in and give them a quote on the spot outside the customer literally scan the credit card and complete the transaction in less than five minutes on demand, and you know the thing that I say For dealers you’re not doing this, you are not successfully capturing vehicle service contract sales from your service drive.
This is a solution.
It’s found money with only upside potential, and the other thing about this is dealers.

You’re right, he’s gon na make a lot more money.
You serve as a part of a listen to this.
How do you really make money by retaining right? This is a retention machine, because the more customers that you have on his program, I’m gon na, come back to you because download that one, that’s your retention! So when you follow the opportunity versus the bottom line, your bottom line is gon na go on steroids on steroids, your retention, you guys have built something for the retention value and your retentions gon na go crazy at 35 customers a month times 12.

You look at a lot of customers that are gon na come back they’re gon na boomerang.
It’s amazing well like before we head out American Guardian is trust, an innovative company that is always helping dealers to make more money.
That’s what we’re all about well, thank you and we’ll be back next Monday.

Once again, auto dealer news game face Mondays, remember to keep your game face on and thank you Richie.

Thank you right, you’re, the best watch, the video, the promo video for holiday parties and don’t forget about my holiday party, coming up to the beach club check the video out dealers.
If you haven’t gone out there yet book it windows on the lake and make sure you called over there, ask for Mike or Frank and tell them that I sent you and you’ll get a discount like you’ve, never seen, and if you don’t get a discount trust Me I wouldn’t get you one.

So go ahead: ! You! You .

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