Auto Dealer News Gameface Monday LIVE 11-25-19 with Jason Geras of NextSale

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Thank you so much and I have a special guest today, Jason from net sale and Ashley snow.
It’s amazing! This product, let me tell you we came up with four months now.

We came up with a great solution for it for the training aspect, where every customer counts.
Why? Because this HAP really gets your B backs back in the door, dealers are spending anywhere between forty to sixty thousand on Google AdWords social media, Facebook and SEO.
What happens when you get the customer? You get a hundred customers right.

You sell 25 %, 25 % closing ratio.
What happens to 75 customers? Well, guess what we came up with a solution guys you can reach out to your customers that don’t buy on reviews.
You can reach out to your customers on a video, and we all know about email, video, how great it was now there’s an app that can do the same thing, which is engaging with a consumer.

Now I have Jason here, Jason, that’s a great app that you’ve developed.
It’s amazing, I’m so impressed because it’s just not a review app.
It increases to be back.

It increases the be back because it makes everybody accountable for the things that are extremely important, which is one of the biggest foods.
That’s often forgotten is the word.
Thank you and thank you.

It depends, I always say it like Richie.
If I was out to lunch with you right now – and I just said thank you to you, you know everybody says thank you, God.
I get thank you for for my coffee in the morning.

I get a thank you for their say, but um, but I never get a sincere sincere thank you from the salesman and and so what I thought about this.
Isn’t that what we’re in business to do isn’t that one of the biggest things is saying.

Thank you to somebody, but not saying it at the time, because we say it at the time mean anything.

It means that the day after or a few hours later correct, well look at the camera.
It takes two seconds.
You know what Jason I’m glad you brought that up, because the biggest thing is whether you have a lot of knowledge.

You have that consumer and you’re selling knowledge to them or you’re selling the dealership or you’re selling.
Whatever remember something, customers don’t care until how much do you care and what your app is promoting is how you care about the customer by telling them.
Thank You, mr.

Jones, for coming to our dealership.
Please give us a review through the customers that don’t buy.
You want the customers that don’t buy to give you a review, because now you got the voice of the customer.

Now you know what you did.
It’s your report card, okay and that’s what’s important.
It’s about the report card because let me tell you something: review marketing is live and well not only that you know your consumers that don’t buy.

Everybody gives out reviews to customers that buy.
They should be happy.
Okay, they’re, probably not happy with the process, but now reach out to your customers that didn’t buy on a review and set out at the same time of video telling them.

Thank you.
We want your review you too, and by we’re not every dealership.
Our reviews are key mr.

Now, what are you doing, you’re being proactive? Okay, that’s why this course is great.
Every customer counts because it really does it helps your service penetration.

You get more vehicles in operation.
Not only that you get your ROI, you sell twenty five cars and from the residual of using this app, let’s say you sell 15 cars, which you should sell it it’s much easier to sell a be back than anything right so 15.
Now you guys got a tool to increase your be backs.

It’s a no-brainer and we have gentleman’s and trainers like brand, like Fran Taylor, like all these guys that do workshops and everything they’ll be in your dealership, doing, training and showing you how important to be back is guys.
You have a solution today for the be back you know, might not be there tomorrow.
Get it now.

Email me call me six, three, one: five, seven, eight, nine one, eight! What’s your number five six one, four zero, three, four: seven: zero, eight Jason! Your phone number is area code, five, one, eight, five, two, eight four, four four or five.
That’s my direct cell phone number.
You guys – and you know what the other thing is about Jason about this app.

Is it does sms correct? Yes, it does and that I send a video or an SMS.
Yes, you can suppress any video like that.
Is there the room of it or does it have force at a minute or a half than a minute couple minutes couple of minutes guys, and you could also here’s the beautiful about this.

You can also share it on your social media.
If you have a great story as a salesman or your dealership has a great story, let’s say you hit the presidential award from Honda.
Tell the customers put that on video and and sell that to the customers.

Ninety nine percent open rate guys on ringless and video everybody wants video.
Just hear me out guys.
You can do that.

Just imagine the opportunity you get and the engagement you get it’s another way of following up a customer and your buyers today.
What’s the average 25 to 45 that buy in two to three cars together every year and a half, let me tell you that and guess what they’re very app oriented they’re, very big in technology, these people, so guys.
Let me tell you something: review your customers and if you don’t have a be back process, okay, you’re getting 20 leads.

30 leads a day and your dealership concentrate on that.
Be back.
That’s a true this opportunity, because you want to know something.

You already broke.
The ice with the customer, the whole idea is get them back in the door, and just remember your competitor might not have this and you have it.
That puts you an advantage of this app.

This is a great app it’s great technology and will be in your store, but I mean Jay said I’ll: go to your store and do the implementation with Ashley Ashley.
What are your thoughts about this app you’ve been working for this for a while back.
I love this app.

It’s an all-in-one marketing tool.
Basically, the reason why I love it so much is because it really does help the salespeople make more money and improve their relationship with their customers in with the dealership, because they’re not only representing the dealership in a positive light but they’re representing themselves as well, and Therefore, they’re building these positive relationships with their customers, your customers are going around saying how awesome their salesperson was.
You know anything.

It goes around full circles.
Oh, I love it at the beautiful thing about this.
I’ve been in a lot of dealerships where this happens.

They have a delivery schedule for today a custom.
Of course you know insurance is high.
I can’t do the insurance thing, blah blah blah the salesman right away, tries to call his insurance company.

That happens a hundred times a day.
Guess what guys take a video of the car they’re picking up and tell them gratulations boom you’re planting the seed back if they’re talking themselves out of a deal they’re gon na see this and say wow wait a minute.
This is a real solution.

Like everybody knows.
Alright, I get a lot of vendors up here and I only recommend products that I know is going to work, because, if not, I won’t work cars.
Direct he’s fixing me a testimonial, the other company that does the the smokeless the smoke thing for the cars he sent me a testimonial ready it’s on my YouTube, it works, it works, that’s the thing, it really really works and would it.

Why does it work? Because I check everything it took me months before I put cars to write down here.
I referred him to two stores and he did really good with Jason.

I’ve had access to the app on my phone quite some time and I use it for my own business.

Okay – and you want to know something – I get a tremendous return on my investment and it’s very, very feasible just understand something you guys really got to understand one on them.
You got the marketplace, we don’t know what to do with it.
We really don’t because they tell me that’s just a price customer.

Okay! Well, guess what price customers become a new car customer, hey they’re, just shopping! Well, guess what shoppers and tire kickers our customers! Now you have something that does it not only that increase your productivity in the dealership.
Now you know if you got three sales from Larry Lo and Mary.
Okay, you, lo of Mary’s what Mary’s doing based on the analytics of the app there’s a dashboard.

Is that correct, Kathir, the dashboard? Now you can see? Okay, so let me invest in Mary in training Lou.
I got ta set him up as a green pea.
Okay and Larry is doing okay, but let me invest in Mary.

Our online training, but she’s got the enthusiasm now you’re, also analyzing and figuring out your training.
If it’s working or not through this app, you see the productivity.
The last thing you want to do is walk into a showroom mr.

dealer, mr.
general manager, and see a group of salespeople hanging out and drinking coffee and talking about what happened when I was a Salesman, I could care less if the building was burning down.
If I had a customer done, if I didn’t have a customer, I’m talking to service customers or on the phone yeah, and the reason that I did, that was to keep my enthusiasm up.

There’s only two ways: you’re gon na sell cars, enthusiasm and learning curve, and this app gives them the learning curve.
If your salespeople, this tool, you’re not being fair with yourself, if you don’t try everything you possibly can to get your B backs in the door.
What are your thoughts on that I’m gon na say this.

You know there’s gon na be a day when you realize that we’re not we’re not selling cars anymore, stop selling cars.

When you stop selling cars, you will make more money when you start selling yourself.
That’s when you make more money, because people want to deal with you, they want, they want the experience they want everything they want it to be quick, they want, they want the one transparency and – and I used to say until the other day I said my app Makes them do the job and my friend Rebecca Chernykh, says you know what Jason stop saying job say their livelihood.

My app helps the livelihood.
It helps them.
Do all the great things that they’re supposed to do.

They have to do it.
If they don’t do it.
Now and they don’t get started when will they start when you’re begging your managers and you’re begging people? Please, let’s get started, let’s get the work, you know.

No, we need to start getting the work now and you’re able to monitor that and see who’s doing their job, livelihood and who’s, not because at the end of the day, we seem to promote the wrong people and numbers don’t lie on the dashboard.
If somebody doesn’t do anything that they’re supposed to do, the numbers will show and the person that’s working hard.
The numbers are gon na show.

Who are you going to promote the one that step? That’s doing all the numbers or the one? That’s doing nothing.
So many deals make the mistake by giving it to the wrong person, and then you know what happens from there: loyalty loyalty is in and what was the other word that precise retention? What that your retention, my retention, the other word that comes without women’s when, when when people are happy, the environment, the culture, the culture, changes because guess what they all know, he didn’t do anything, and you know what.
Why am i reporting to somebody that didn’t do anything? It’s not fair so that in their life? Yes, I understand it’s not fair, but we’re going to put people in place that do the job.

I know what they do, what they’re asked to be done, and you know what I’m glad that Jason Brodeur, because this app is not just for the car business I have Institute in the catering hall.
Okay now I want you to listen to something.

Have a lot of vendors that watch my show.

I caused the right truth.
I mean I got them there.
Okay, all the web.

Okay, have everybody on order web on mine.
Let me tell you something: vendors watch, this you’re selling a product right.
You follow up.

You already do your presentation and all I got ta think about.
I got ta speak to my manager.
I got ta speak to this.

Well, guess what send out a video if you’re selling ports you send out a video about the dashboard if you’re selling a website you send out analytics if you’re selling their CEO, you send your product on a video.
Let me tell you something: when you show, when you identify here’s, how you really sell awareness just point it out awareness, they sell themselves guys I’m on the phone all the time.
I go home and I start prospecting.

I just you know what I do.
People tell me: how do you do it? Well, I don’t do it, you know what I do.
I just make them aware.

Well, you make people aware of what’s going on in their environment.

That’s when you’re really gon na sell.
That’s it awareness awareness is key.

I make people aware of something and they right away fix it.
I go buy this, I make you aware, and you decide when you sit back and think about what I just said in the show you’re gon na say this makes a lot of sense.
Common sense.

The other day I had a good friend of mine, as I called me up and said you know: Richie you’re everywhere, you’re all over the place guys.
You know why I’m all over the place – and I got about 30 people behind listen, you can make money.
If you don’t multiply people, okay, there’s only two ways to make money: either you were born rich and now you go and get ten million dollars in a growth fund and now you’re, rich and the other way is by multiplying people by having people do what you Do it’s not gon na happen guys, let me tell you guys that our one-man shows and they think they’re doing good you better wake up, because if you can’t multiply people, you know what’s gon na happen, you’re only gon na be 150 and 250 a year, and I don’t want to make 150 or 250 a year.

I was making that one.
I worked at Steven Pope’s place our Appleton company.

I did that when I was a PCS global.

I did that when I was at the Dickerson group, I’m not interested so I’m gon na be all over the place and when I feel that there’s a new product or something new, I’m gon na keep going and keep going because the more I keep going, the More enthusiasm, I generate the more enthusiasm I generate.
I get more energy, the b-12 of business is enthusiasm and the only way you’re gon na get enthusiasm is by a learning curve period, and you know what years ago I failed you don’t why? Because I had somebody that didn’t want to multiply people well, I’m gon na be a two-man show that doesn’t work because you know what at the beginning, you’ve got growing pains, you don’t have enough money, undercapitalized and all that, but it starts working so guys that tell Me I’m all over the place yeah I am, but you know what the difference is.
I got a team that does it.

I don’t do it.
I have a team that does it dealers, okay, our dealer, a one-man show can’t be you can’t be a one-man, show.
A dealer can’t be the dealer, the salesman and the fix off right or to say more in any business.

You can’t be a one-man show and vendors cause direct.
Let me reach out to you with this app get all your reps on this app and I’ll cut.
You a deal because you guys my friends.

This is great for b2b.
This is amazing.
This is a follow up.

I call it a faulty movement.

I do call it a follow up machine that creates enthusiasm.
Now, Jason has developed this.

So, let’s get to him and find out this product, how unique it is: Jason, good! Okay! I have something really exciting.
To say I mean if you’re on the app and I, if you’re an app and I and you’ve got products that you want to sell.
Well, they go into the finance office.

The finance office has two minutes to try to sell a product.
Well, what? If you could take your product and put it on all my thousands of apps set it out and stick it there, and the salesman can show that product to the customer every single time the customer is there.
Instead of wasting time, maybe show the paint ceiling, maybe show what a warranty can do.

Maybe show them all the great things that products that you have to offer because those products can be put onto our app then show it to the customer.
The imagine you multiply it remember.
We talked about the multiplying effect.

This is a multiplying effect because you take if you take 20 sales people and they’re, showing that product all day long to a customer.
Well, the customer now knows really what the product is and then, when they go into the finance department, they don’t have to miss.
They don’t have to not understand what it is.

They already know what it is, but guess what they know it better, because the video that in there teaches them for real what it’s all about, it’s more detailed, it’s better than we can speak it and so banking.
You know with banks that helps them out insurance companies.
If we can’t help you with a rate, we can get you a better rate on your insurance.

The app has that in the app, if you want a better rate than insurance you’re, trying to hook a guy fifty dollars in payment and the deal is not going to move and the customer is not moving.
Well guess what we have it in the app.
You call the insurance company you’re lower in $ 50, and this is what I’m talking about it.

Does all these great there’s so much more than we’ve used.

Reviews brings people in increases the BDC Department.
The leads that come in you have to have that.

Anyway, that’s a standard, don’t don’t think it’s going to use of the rating of people in we’ve used now today or a standard.
We know what I’m gon na say this and it’s a proving concept.
Let me tell you: why isn’t proving concept? There’s a company called Co video, the owner’s name’s Jason Jason price he’s got one of the best products in email, video that you’ve ever seen.

Okay, he’s amazing what this guy’s got hey over a decade: okay he’s got good technology, but it’s getting old.
Now that really works there’s a lot of stores.

Let’s take a Rick case Storrs he used that years ago, and he did very well because when a customer sees a video, it’s big email, video is big in so many industries that use that.
Well, guess what guys this has email, video as SMS video watch.
This has reviews and you can monitor the productivity of your salespeople.

Now you know if they’re an hour on the app two hours on the app.
It’s all follow up.
Remember something don’t expect anybody to do nothing inspected today.

You expect your people to perform call be so I can get my partners to buy your business.

Okay, that’s what you got! Ta do! Okay, if you don’t inspect you’re done, but if you have that process of your expecting your sales department to perform your service department to perform.
My number is 6.

I will buy anything but I’ll turn you over to my equity partners.

Hey have good, have a lot of money.

Okay, so call me so I can buy so they can buy the place and then hire me okay, because that is a bad process.
Inspect your people the day you don’t inspect your people, you will go out of business and here’s the thing.
A lot of owners, don’t know how to inspect where my company comes in he’s got a team of trainers that make a living inspecting hey.

I have in my company a consultant company that I hide that costs me a lot because my partner’s a lot of money to just show us what to inspect.
I got three CEOs.
Let me mention them.

Dominick, the Leo Bart, Pellegrino and Michael all, Hani.
They all very successful for 25 years in business.
That’s what I got.

That is the real dream team, because they execute me.
I just have the vision I stand here and I put products together this that you know what guys that’s, not what it’s about our company’s to inspect.
Today, you expect your salesperson, who perform, or your service department or your managers is the day that there’ll be another owner in New York.

This product inspects your sales department, inspects.
Your service department inspects your managers because, as the dealer, you have the dashboard now you know you don’t now you know reporting now you know analytics now.
You know the data since Henry Ford, our industry has all been about data.

That’s why companies like ro poke exist and IHS bought them.
You know why is really automotive intelligence ADA? That’s our Intel! Consumers in the market.
You want to do marketing and you want to advertise people.

You want to advertise people that are in the market based on registrations with IHS or you just want a header miss anybody.
I know what I want to do.
I want to hit a target.

I want to hit an Intel missile instead of a scud missile.
Okay, Jason, what he has developed, it’s gon na change, the industry.
You know what guys sign up, because right now, it’s very feasible.

I promise you something with the vendors that we’re tapped in that helped me with the Institute by the time this shows done I’ll, get on the phone and sell it to vendors.
You know what we’re thinking about major CRM companies like Salesforce to put this together, because people call Salesforce they follow up and follow up or an email go to beating here’s my calendar.
Here’s that whole nonsense with this app.

You just send them your product, guess what customers gon na call you or its new and you’re being proactive? Look at your reps! Look at all that the b2b is very important because it’s so different to sell, b2b and b2c.
It’s not funny! So it’s got a selling cycle.
Okay, so this will increase your selling cycle if it increased a selling cycle in the catering industry.

It’s definitely gon na increase the cell cycle in the car business.
It’s definitely gon na increase the sales cycle in the b2b.
So this app’s gon na blow up and then you guys, are gon na call and it’s gon na be over expensive, get on it.

Now, there’s dealers that have it now we have testimonials from dealers that are doing really good.
Now guys, you want to know something.
We don’t want a hundred dealers, we want this nineteen thousand seven hundred and eighty seven franchises in the United States.

We want every single one of them, so we’re coming up with a package called Jason or actually we’re coming up with a package for these dealers to get out.
We want to put every dealer on because you don’t want your ROI is gon na get better.
You can promote more, you can advertise more without the fear that your sales department is not maximizing the opportunity.

Now you can invest more.
Why not? Now your average costs per car? If it’s 350, it’s gon na go down to a hundred and fifty or $ 200 you’re being more effective, you’re increasing your productivity and you’re making everybody focused in the dealership when there’s no customers on promoting themselves, like jason, said and selling cars and selling themselves and Merchandising, this is a merchandising tool, a marketing tool, a review tool and a video tool, and the other thing is everything’s are live now: okay, that’s the newest thing, all right, the core! Dad podcast live whatever you call it all right, but let me tell you this you’re also training your salespeople without you even realizing to do videos.
When you have sales people that do videos, then it becomes a habit.

They’re gon na want to go on video guess what that you’re setting up your people to go on live you’re, making them video friendly.
It’s a whole mindset and it’s a whole opportunity.
There’s so many different facets with this app and so many different opportunity that you can’t afford not to get it yeah, something you know something really important to say to all of you is this is that when a new salesman comes on they’re excited about their job, Because you know something new for them, what usually happens is they go upstairs into a training room and they learn about things they’ve, never even thought they would even learn about, but here’s the best part about the app the app gets put in their hands immediately.

They immediately have digital business clothes.
They have graphics to get videos.
They’ve got an army of tools to work with the day.

They start instead of handing somebody a card and writing their name on the back and saying hey.
My name is Jason.
Come see me and I wonder what does the card go anyway? People it goes in the garbage.

We all know that and on that note, we’re gon na take a little break.
We’re gon na go on a video of next sale, which is amazing.
Take a look at this video and Crispin’s alice is in studio and will be joining us guys be right back to hang tight there , [ Applause, ], , , , , .

Welcome back to Waddle Daily News, gameface Monday, so happy to be here with you JC and your Ritchie.
Thank you for having me, thank God you showed up.
I was like what will your worth here, I’m in the house, and I have to say you know, Jason.

I watch you all over the place and we all know the auto industry has changed dramatically.
I mean it’s just yeah, it’s not the business, it used to be no, and I always like to start whenever I talk about social platforms and reviews and how technology has technology has changed our business.
I like to talk a little stats right and, and it’s and it’s simple, you know a sales force of let’s say: 30 between sales and bdc, each one of them who sells a car if we were able to get that piece of content and distribute it across Our platform we use the power of compounding, we just multiply our audience and you got let’s say: 30 people in a dealership, each car that gets sold.

I think the average person has about 300 people following them, yeah about three four hundred.
They take those 300 times.
30, you got 9,000 people that you can get in front of on every single sale and your number one app in the world can distribute this content across the every single platform.

In and more than just that, we build content already that’s built into the app for the sales people to use its marketing tools.
So it’s not just the car, the customer with the car.
It’s also dispossess, you know, video is about them testimonials and it does everything.

It’s all everything’s built in did it so elaborate on that? What kind of tools can I find? The Arab? Well, for example, marketing tools is such as them explaining who they are as a person you know and why they should buy from me.
And this way, when a customer calls on the phone – and they don’t know that person they can actually do the meet and greet on the phone, because today what’s happening, these people are already coming in and they just want to get moving.
You know they’re not moving, and this is way to get them to get them to a those chasing then and before they Garrett you’re, attaching a voice, a voice, failure that product one on the right, so so you’re you’re compounding the brand you’re taking whatever shingle.

That is you work for and now you’re putting your face and you’re, creating an experience by the million land, the person and the consumer by the millions by the millions.

Well, let’s do the math on it.
If you’ve got 30 salespeople and 30 salespeople have a 500 friends what you say alright so 30 times 500 is 15 15,000 right, correct 15,000 people they each have 500 friends right and there, and you asked them all – to share all share, share those images.

Now you multiply that that’s just themselves itself right.
Well, now we got service, you’ve got parts, you’ve got the BDC Department, everybody doing this sharing and then words share.
I try to teach.

I remember thinking in London and come on.
Lundy is a great.
You know great good guy on you, know TV and I remember Glenn Lundy says you know he took something from me.

He didn’t say Jason.
You know what I took from Jason.
I took or we need to stop getting people to like us.

We need people to get them to share in the share to like it.
What does the like really mean? I like is nothing I like if you like it, so I’m glad you liked it.

It’s actually an automated response, because automated father for a share takes more effort if you’re getting that effort.

That’s where that that’s! What the app is all about! It’s about taking the II that effort and making it easier right, because if we make it easy, then then then the Apple work and then then the salesman will love it.
They love having their own videos, they love to name being blown up.

They don’t want the manager’s name on a billboard down the road.
What are you song cause? No you’re not out there you’re out you’re the manager, hip-hop you’re, watching them right.
Let’s blow up the salespeople right, let’s bring them.

We always concentrate on what we we know.
Managers and who does this and who zap at the end of the day, if the salespeople always will be you’re, building up those people on on that front line, I mean getting them in front of more people.

That’s what building a brand is now brick building your b2b.

Even I don’t care what you are, because this app I’ve had for about three or four bucks.
I came up with a full course, but some of my trainers and we had meetings about it.

You know what every employee counts: guess what every customer counts.

Why? Because, if your employees really count, that means that your customers should count also and we’re not being fair.
So what the app does is promotes testimonials, okay, promotes, review, marketing promotes be backs because you know what you got a testimony from a customer.
You send it on the app your your marketing people testimonials is there’s nothing wrong with that.

The app is not only a marketing tool, I’m gon na tell you what the app is in my eyes as a professional salesperson.
The app is a merchandising tool, then a marketing tool.
Then mr.

dealer you’re inspecting your people’s productivity by seeing one two and three who’s.
Given me the best result and how many times are there in the app and who all the customers and every charity, let me say this: you know before we even get to all of the benefits right.

I think the the initial buy-in needs to be all needs require new skills, yeah right, learn, new skills, burn, observe, use, different marketing tactics.

Yeah I mean how how much over the sales manager was saying: panning the phones, pound, ah yeah, how about send a direct message, but then the message to someone with a picture of them who just purchased a vehicle or a video and it’s gon na fly.
Many people share this and five alarm and 500 people see it and you want them to make 20 phone calls.
You’re gon na call me in the middle of the day and say Jason: do you want a Nissan? I know your lease is coming up you, how many people call me with that stuff all day time for, but if you said to me Jason, can you share this and you won’t think of one minute to share and I got 50 shares 50 times 500 so That means one minute: it looks like you’re one minute per in 50 minutes 25,000.

People will see that he’s multiply, that by all yourselves mean in one hour, 250,000 people senior stop.
It’s all mathematics.
People talk about numbers, the BDC department.

Are they the number one source of leads today in the dealer? Absolutely, then, then, why not make it mandatory that every lead that comes in they got to go out and do a video, walk-around and they’ve got to explain? They’ve got to show them the car and then they got ta say you know what this is.
Who I am when I get here, I’m ready for you.
The car will be pulled up.

You know what I mean.
People get mad because they go to a dealership, but the car’s, not even in there.
Anyone coming to the dealership they leave pissed off because guess what? What is the car so well, maybe if they would have went out and touched it and no tool over there.

Maybe you wouldn’t get yelled at.
Can you blame the? Can you blame them? Just this app protects them.
This app has a share feedback button that people can hit to protect them so that nobody can write a bad review.

This app tracks the demo Drive.
I know where you went, how many minutes you were on the drive.
I know where your car’s parked.

I know if you parked at its service and if you didn’t go, we park, it kidnapped, my fix tops and I need my fix out.
The app does also it creates passion for the sales people.

When you have a passion, all right, the money becomes greater than the passion you ever had now.

Let me tell you January 14th and 15th.
I was invited to go to a workshop with my good friend Fran Taylor, he’s an amazing trainer.
Okay, I had plans that day for my birthday, cuz, it’s the 14th, my birthday, but guess what I am going to this event in Orlando.

It’s gon na be an amazing event, told me rich.
I would like you to come in and speak a little bit sure no problem.

You know why, because I have a passion for the industry, because I’m seeing this industry take all kinds of leap and bounce, and you know what you don’t develop.

Skill like for a set alright and the biggest skill is get your Salesforce good on video, get them good on video, because when they go on video, it’s a whole different way of looking at things.

Let me tell you something: this app gets them used to video.
That’s what it does you know from a stat standpoint, a picture tells a thousand words, but but a 60-second video is the equivalent of 1.

5 million text words.
You got to get your staff calm, I mean I.
I believe that that should be a requirement when you’re interviewing new staff cut man.

You have any problem with speaking on camera, taking videos promoting yeah, you have any social platform een.
These should be require.
Tell you something and proof I want to give you the proof of that no.

I started my business.
Everybody knows that I don’t write so I had a higher people that wrote for me on social media.
I didn’t really do any business or nothing.

I was spinning my wheels the last two years: okay, my company went from barely making it into something where I have employees now and I grew in you know what I started doing life I was still gon na wear had clickable looks long.
I had all these things below it.
I started going live! That’s when I grow.

That’s what opportunity, because people don’t believe when you’re right, yeah anybody anybody can right for you really you I I know I don’t know how to write.
Okay, good.
I make enough money to have 10 writers, two kids, okay right, so I don’t write okay, good right.

Let me put me forever: customers I’ll, show you what writing is about and reading.
Okay, that’s what I need customers! I blew up and you’re right about that, because I never knew that.
Okay and really really, the truth of the matter is with this live and these videos, and all that, that’s when you get your company, the next level and if you have content, it’s even double, because now it’s confirmed of what all the stuff that I used to Write on social media, which I didn’t write, but I would give them our subject line right, subject and a subtitle and like that, and they would research it right designer.

So when I went on live that’s what happened this app put.
The content puts the video.
You could have your story on there or you.

How many times does this happen? Cross customer says I can get insurance blah blah but really watch this, I’m a salesman.
You know first thing: I’m doing I’m sending the customer their car fully detailed.

The car is ready to pick the F, and I guy told me instead of me, spinning my wheels and getting on the customer phone yeah differently choice.
I’m gon na talk myself out of a deal cuz.
That broker is the that’s it you’re done right now, there’s a whole different angle.

You show a video of a brand new car that customers driving a 4-year old car and he’s with somebody in the car he’s gon na tell them.
You know I’m thinking about getting this car.
Oh no, now you see a video call is ready for pickup.

At what time will you think you’re coming in 3:30 or 4:30? Well, now, you’re being proactive with that? It’s all about planting the seed right, Jason you’re with your app? Am I able to share content with my staff? Yes, can I take a photo and a video testimonial of a client and distribute it to my staff that I don’t you okay, Joe, so, let’s, let’s go back to the numbers right and the reason I want to go back to the numbers is this is that Building a social database is the equivalent to email capture was in the early 90s and those companies that built an email database fastest grew the quickest right.

So it’s not the it’s, not the big companies that are eating small companies today.
It’s definitely ones that are eating.

The slow ones so the slower a business, is to adapting to change in that new environment or building that social database the further they are to progress right and the next guy is gon na beat him to the punch.
So if I had a piece of content, let’s say my dealership sold 10 cars a day right.
You have 30 people employed at that dealership.

Give him the guy.
Take that I take those 10 pictures and videos, and it could be a simple video that says.
Thank you, XYZ motors you’re, my brand new X Y, Joe right God, for you, I not to make that video and I distribute it to my 30 people that work through those 30 people distribute it on their social platforms.

I go the power of compounding.
I take 10 videos times 30.
People is 300 300 times 300 followers each one of those 30 people have.

I got 90,000 people, I touch in one day, yeah well more times 30, but 270,000 people I could touch Chris did I spend a dollar Chris Richard? I might have spent it, though I’ll tell you guys something.

I got it’s my GED from school.
I got my G.

No, I want to tell you what happened, but I was creating math.
My math teacher love me that love math.
I love numbers.

I knew numbers when I was a kid, because I had a great uncle who was very smart, very wealthy and very very um.
He’s all our numbers he’s all about the pyramid.
Stuff, too.

You know he hated the pyramid, he used the pyramid and everything we ever did so so that pyramid that we’re talking about works in all business.
I’m gon na tell you what we did.
I put the pyramid in there because I want everybody to see my content, but I also made it that we know the BDC Department creates the appointments.

Yes, we know that if we make a video and show it to the customer that this is your car, it’s here, it’s ready and available.
The closing ratio of appointments are going up.
All I care about is the appointment.

This is it.
Are we gon na get them in fights by going out of your way, making a video will ensure more people coming in now it gets even better right when they leave the automatic get a thank you, video from the customer every single time, because you owe it To them mm-hmm and nobody says, thank you.
I don’t care.

If you got a CRM, they still don’t use it they’re, not using it.
This is on the phone six buttons easy to use an 80 old a 20 year old, a 10 year old, a 30 year old can use it.
Why did I build it for a 3 year old? I had you because you know what I remember.

I graduated high school.
I wind up back in high school, got my GED by school, but guess what the car business people put seem like we’re going back to high school again.

Why do we have to sit there and why have to make excuses and make excuses for people every day, if you’re a leader, he will stop making excuses once he excuses stop, then all the problems will stop, but we keep making them.

We keep making them and we keep saying it’s gon na get better and we’re gon na keep walking around nata and we’re gon na go to this one and we’re gon na keep looking for the answer, and the answer is right there.
On your showroom floor yourself, people, let’s blow them up, let’s get them excited, let’s get them trained.
We talked the big game.

The app makes it possible, you said, then you can hold people accountable.
You could see who’s used and inspect who’s.

Not what they’re I mean.

I said you know, that’s it if you don’t know who’s doing your job doctor, I couldn’t sleep at night.
Listen, I can’t sleep at night without knowing this.
This is the question.

I asked how many people did you ask for the sale today and I’m gon na say this? How many people did you ask for the sale today and if you’re gon na tell me three when social media can have 50,000, I promise you, you won’t be working for me too much longer mm-hmm, I’m sorry, but you work for me.
It’s in your livelihood.
You have rent bills like I do and my job is to make you understand why you need to ask as many people as you can, I didn’t say, you’re the person, but I need you to start asking right.

Put the cigarette down.
Put the coffee down.
Stop stop go hiding just eight hours in a day, some people wish they can spend eight hours in the dinner dealership, just drive down the road and look at some homeless people and guess what I bet you they’d appreciate the job more than some people do mm-hmm And those of what my app does it tells you who is on your team and who is not, if you’re not in it, to win it all right, we’re gon na lose and we train every day.

I go up with these dealership and the dust on the training desk.
We train every day.
You need to know what’s in their head every day before I start my day out, which I do any but watch this now.

I wan na tell you something now: on the flip side, when you walk into any service suppose I started service right, then you walk into any service department Christian you need brakes.
You need this.
You need that, but these other three things you can wait till next time.

Let me tell you something and fix ops.

Do you know that it’s just nobody follows that up.
Customers are out on the road.

If they come back, they come back well, they can get your information and go to Pep Boys.
Now watch you get this app for two departments.
Mm-Hmm right works great! You put it on a calendar based on the miles that people drive, you average it out there and say: okay, so Chris is up mm-hmm on this date on my calendar, guess what you get notified now you put all the information about the customer, detailed.

What that RO was okay, you put your BBC people to work with this app and now you send them a video about the service advisor hi.
Jones’s is a quick reminder: yeah.

What is it convenient for you to come it? Let me tell you something about fix.
Okay, the whole idea about fix ups is to get your absorption up at a hundred percent, because the day you do after the day you do.

You can sell cars really like candy bar no matter.
If you take a deal, you know that one so kind of the kid or giant a store, there’s a store.
I don’t mind it’s a Mercedes store, okay, that it’s a hundred percent of absorption, month-in, month-out, hmm, doesn’t his service department about two point: nine mil month-in month-out.

He don’t care what the growth of the car is.

He takes every single deal because that shop makes him so much money that he’s increased his market share ridiculous, but guess what he has a file or process with with that said, he’s got to follow process that if you leave and there’s still three items for next Time they have a calendar and that’s where I learned this from listen.
How good consult is that because we’re geniuses, because we learned from the successful dealer and then we bring that idea into the dealer that needs so Richie just to touch on that.

I know we talked a lot about sales, but they’re they’re manufacturers out there if repair orders are closed with certain op codes right so, for instance, those breaks came in and they’re borderline like they don’t have to be done today, but on the next visit you’re wrong To consider if the service writer would close that repair or die with the right op coat, it would actually trigger retention mail.
So, going back to your point, it’s the one area where a lot of dealerships don’t focus, and that’s really.
Where do you get your next sale from dictates? One experience to service, I mean we spend tons of money driving traffic to our to our showrooms, to close if 30 %.

Meanwhile, we have service to Barmes that are closing at 100 %.
I’ve never met a customer that walked into a service or and said I was just looking – I’m just shopping around yeah they’re spending money.

So why not spend a little time and effort into that experience? You know to drive people back to your service department.
Now you get the power of if you have a strong sip cert sales to serve service, the sales process right, where you’re looking to acquire trot trays on that drive your treatment.
Your service drive like an auction right and you’re bidding on these cars, and I’m not saying stealing them, I’m saying giving the right dollar, so you can acquire that correct.

You get once again.
You talk about numbers Chris, Chris.
What the app does to is very simple to the service advisor is considered a salesperson Joe they sell service.

My their job is also to thank the customer for coming in every single time.
Their job is to make sure that these they can share a service, personal compassion if you’re, tired and you give it to each person that they’re providing a hundred dollars a day on the time.
Five hundred, fifty thousand more people wait a minute we can have it.

You know what you know you know, customers are always afraid.
They don’t believe anybody they just don’t.
They know that going for the wall, so you have my point here is that the app goes out to the to the mechanic they can.

Let them a can to talk about the problem you take.
Your video can send it through the app the owner can watch that that that video and determine if that self service advisor doing the job in and then, if they’re, not, let’s critique them, you see.
That’s the best part about this app.

When we know they’re not doing their job doesn’t mean we get fired them.
No, we train labs and we dig them.
Why is it the guy’s been in the business for 20 years 20 years? I going to do it’s about that and Tom because you Selma and it’s it’s 12.

Are you kidding me 20 years, you sell 12 car them up his what’s even better.
Here’s what? Why is it that the first 60 days, a green pea that has never soaked cars because else no sells 30 cars yeah? Do you know why? Because in the process he’s excited and he’s ready, it cuz? He and he doesn’t know anybody Suzy, azzam, no enthusiasm.
Listening Porter, I put sales people in my company.

Their enthusiasm carries them.
The only way that you’re gon na get productivity out of Subway’s would enthusiasm and you the key of enthusiasm, the learning curve.
What happens is when you’re green you grow when you’re, not green, you don’t grow.

Why? No enough that you never know enough, because the truth of the matter is we don’t live long enough to know it all.
We live very short, our our life, with what we got to absorb it’s very short, okay, so you don’t live long enough to know everything and the other thing is when you don’t share what you already know, you will forget it, and let me tell you why You’re gon na forget it because it’s that refreshing, your memory and you’re not role-playing and you’re, not disputing the content and telling people the information and saying here, that’s the difference.

So that being said, what your app does.
It creates enthusiasm because they’re learning of a new way it creates the learning curve habit.
We develop habit right, create discipline right, correct, creates productivity, corrected activity, brings more selves and does it at all.

For all I care about is discipline and productivity.

Didn’t get those habits started, we don’t start getting habits somewhere.
Then war on drugs, yeah.

No, I’m sorry we’re all on drugs.
When we don’t do our job, do you have any so so you know we can sit here and and discuss it amongst ourselves, but the bottom line is, I, I think we all believe in your app yeah.
I think it’s important for dealers to really start looking at the numbers start figuring out.

What’s going on on their sales floor, think about their current sales process and think about what useful tools they could bring into their business.
That would help leverage the numbers.
As we spoke, we spoke a lot about numbers number of your leverage, the numbers: how to build up your staff, how to create excitement, how to create enthusiasm and really make it about an experience.

Someone else’s experience.
You know, you said you know they may not.
Believe me, but they will believe their friend who just got a car if we can just get that person and our staff, the content that we’ve provide or that we currently have.

I mean the sky’s the limit, there’s no limit as to what we can get out of it, and I think your your app covers all the bases it holds.
People accountable, it gives them the content.
It’s a platform to distribute simple simple is easy to use right.

I don’t care how old you are, how young you are boyo.
They get grabbed.
We can get a picture, a video, a logo and experience click.

Click boom boom.
It’s now in the hands of someone else to view by millions of other people and right about now, and in just a few more months I’ll say we have finally almost hit a million tasks, complete Wow.
Ok, when somebody once told me that it was never gon na happen now, I’m gon na say this live live and I want you to test me.

I love it, love being live, you do.
I love the cheese, let’s just vet.
In 2015 2014 I operated in the United States of America, the most engaged automotive Facebook page in the nation in the nation.

Nobody could touch me on Facebook.
This app was built on a Facebook platform that I knew what was gon na work and how numbers work with the word share that word share is so powerful in social media.
Social media is driven by the word engagement if nobody isn’t liking your stuff.

That means nobody’s listening, it’s like going to a concert Chris and your daughter is playing the violin and everybody’s talking.
While your daughter is playing the violin and you’re gon na get pretty annoyed after a while.
Why is it? The dealers still suffer by making themselves and put it on their own feed.

I want the customers to talk yeah.
I don’t want it on your Facebook.
They already know who you are.

My mother never bought a car off me, my own mother.
It was just she wanted a different brain, because I was a bad son, but the truth is: is this reminds people every day what they do for a living? We need to remind people, that’s why when you go live, it reminds them every day.
What we do for a living wait.

I want out we’re gon na finish and wrap this up Thanksgiving.
All right guys have a great week at half for Thanksgiving, but you want to know something we’re having a special day on Wednesday.
Here, ok – and let me just say this: ok, there’s gon na be a special edition of el patron show right here at studio Wednesday, so you got ta watch this.

It’s gon na be a special announcement.
They’re going on.
I mean Wednesday he’s going live special announcement.

El patron is gon na, be here Wednesday in his show it’s gon na be amazing.
He must have something special cuz.
He called up and he said, listen.

I want to do the show before Thanksgiving special edition, el patron and there’s gon na be an edition of automotive training news.

You guys got ta watch this.
We got some guests Eric Nichols has lined up some guests.

That’s gon na be here right here through Skype, but he’s gon na be on life, so guys have a great day, and I want to thank Jason absolutely want to thank more than that.
Chris Gonzaga cuz, this guy is amazing.

I haven’t seen as lively.
Please you got ta, do a live, show that more loving have a great day and we’ll see you soon taking you next Monday.
Remember, keep your game face on you guys be great! Oh .

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