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[ Applause, ], , [ Applause, ], , hello, auto dealers, I’m Jill Nicolini here to welcome you to auto dealer news now for the first time on a Monday yeah.

What are we calling it Ricci game face Monday? We’re here welcome.
Welcome! So that’s right guys we’re here now twice a week, so keep your calendars clear, every Monday and Friday, and keep a lookout for us and all of our new content.
Now with me, as always, is our resident expert automotive guru, Richey Bello, as you just saw CEO of dealer, source group and Universal marketing solutions, give a wave automotive sales trainer business entrepreneur who has over 15 years of producing outstanding results in the automotive retail industry.

So Richie we have a very special show today and want to thank you for coming.
Thank you for having me and we’re gon na talk today about changing and branding reputation.
We’re gon na make it all better for those dealers out there who need the help.

All right, all right, ok, so, to start with, let’s talk a little bit about the traditional way of communication, which has been Direct Mail right now.
Direct Mail works like this, and dealers are still doing this.
As a matter of fact, just the other day, I went to a dealership that spends a lot of money in direct mail and he’s out in Queens right, and he spends a lot of money.

He does a great job with the right to bail.
Now, a couple of years ago, maybe about three years ago, what good friend of mine that actually works for the OEMs and actually works for dealerships.
At the same time, he was telling me that the behavior of reviews and direct mail works like this.

When a customer gets a direct mail piece in their hands right.

One of the first things they do today is go online and check ABC Motors reviews.
Now they don’t make a buying decision, they make a decision whether they should call that dealership or not.

That’s just like your daughter, your daughter recently received a piece in the mail and that’s exactly what she did right all right, so that’s important.
They receive these uh direct mail pieces and they see the reviews.

Now we have a product and you’re part of that product Jill and I’m so happy that you’re part of this project, which is testimonials, yep right, customers, their own customers, their old customers.

They sell the car to do it, a testimony using you’re, a professional interviewer right.
I am and that’s what you’re good at like Ralph Magnus said you make it look easy, but it’s really not.

Everybody has their necks right, and that was my innate ability to interview to talk to someone to communicate, to bring the best out of them and that’s exactly what we’re going to do to help your dealership, for example, because everybody needs a good review.

Bella’s been telling me this since day, one I’m learning now, and it is all about the reviews correct right, so you get that mailer, you log online and now you’re checking that dealership now you’re checking that dealership.
Now the review is a problem and we all know that reviews is what makes a customer call right and it’s how that phone call is handled that they make a decision whether to go.
They have the review, they handle the call right now they assess the customer, assess what should they do, whether they call somebody else or not, and the dealerships are spending anywhere between ten to twelve thousand on Direct Mail plus they’re, promoting that direct mail piece in their Social media, so they’re spending a lot of money right, and this is where the testimonials come in now.

Imagine that you’re, a dealer and you’re spending this and your reviews are hurting.
What is the sense of you doing that? That’s why years ago, to reviews where I wanted, the direct mail was at one percent and right now it’s less your return than one percent customers showing in a dealership.
Why? Because the reviews have taken a piece of that pie.

So when you do testimonials you, which is the customer explaining their experience, total rights, if it’s about their experience with somebody at the dealership or about the car they’re purchasing right, you just want to just lay it out there.
So testimonials are actually talking to the customer, which is what we write and, let’s not forget now, when you do that, we’re talking about video content versus rent and content.
We all know that video content is really good for SEO.

It brings down the written content and you put it on your YouTube now.
Let’s remember something with the new technology that you tell what happens exactly they’re you.
We were just talking: okay, the new technology that YouTube has.

Is you go on live on YouTube and it automatically hits Google and you’re tagged? You do these tags right on YouTube with your testimonials it’s gon na help.
You brand you it’s gon na help.
You bring your brand better and your testimonials and, let’s not forget using Jill Nicolini, know people like Jill Nicolini.

What’s the difference, your verified on your Twitter, your verified all over social media, your celebrity to begin with it gives tremendous value to worship gradually and not only that customer friendly.
You are so customer friendly, because I’ve seen you, you know, people don’t see it.
People don’t see behind the scenes really like.

I see you behind the scene, how you’re so customer friendly, you believe so much in and customers you, you really talk really nice to people you’re, really I’m very you’re, very customer friendly.
So it’s so important, and this is why we want we came up with this product and we want you to get involved with this and you’ve gotten a lot of education in the past week or actually in the past month in the past months, and really really You’re really educated.
Now we also partner up, as you know, what woman or our nose – oh, my goodness, reveal yeah she’s your partner wisely, which people on know.

If everybody knows right reputation, management and it’s woman.
Otto knows that reviews, and I mean she’s she’s great she’s.
I didn’t flow and sort of begin with right and she’s a dull influencer in her brand, and she has a review platform right.

That is unbelievable.
It gives tremendous review, she has a great website and it’s all about reviews and she’s all about reviews.
As a matter of fact, she owns a shop and her shop is at five stars through Yelp Wow, which is impressive.

Lots of people look at so she’s, not only saying how important reviews is she’s actually doing it.
So there’s a big difference.
Absolutely we got to get author here in the show.

Yes, she’s really got to come so combined with her reputation, management and with your testimonial skills and with your interview, skills is really our no brainer for dealers, absolutely absolutely a no-brainer there’s a number there and that’s Jill’s office yep and please contact us.
That’s directly.
Jill’s number all right there.

It is eight three three eight one, three Auto so definitely call directly.
You can call me now right the call I’ve why not so Jill it’s very easy, so Jill can go to your dealership and do an assessment yeah and we’re like a one-stop shop and we provide everything so right.
We’re gon na come to you first off for a meeting we’re gon na talk about what we can do to help your reputation, to increase that and to make things better for your dealership right, but we’re also gon na bring in our producer.

Our cameramen and amazing lighting, which is definitely important, but the truth in matter, is we’re going to actually talk to your customers and they’re gon na give us their genuine honest opinion, which is the truth, which is what sells, because that’s going to help you keep your Clients right and to also get more into that dealership, so the training process as well, which we’re going to talk about momentarily but again, keep the enthusiasm, live.
We’re gon na do that, for you right we’re gon na make some type of package, there’s all different packages and again we’ll speak to each dealer directly with what you want and what honestly kind of fine Tunes what you and your dealership need, and these testimonials of Speaking to your customers, we’re going to make these snippets these videos we’re gon na have them for you to use on YouTube on social media right right on Instagram Instagram right now is very, very big.
It’s really really very, very big one of the guys out there.

That’s doing a great job, he’s got a great service and I got ta mention him.
His Stan Shearer.
He is doing a great job.

I mean dealers, there’s no.
I mean just reach out to this guy he’s doing a great job when Instagram he’s taking a few stores to the next level.
He was just here a week and a half ago right exactly last Friday, he’s taking stores to the next level and Instagram is really and we’re gon na make these little Clips all for social media for the YouTube.

So just your social media, optimization is going to grow and don’t forget something dealers, you got co-opted, so you’re gon na get a co-op Abul.
It’s gon na be co-op Abul and the OEMs I’m gon na love you.
Why? Because you’re building your brand you’re building your reputation, there goes your CSI everything’s, just gon na be so much better and your retention is gon na increase.

What happens when your retention increase? Your reviews increase your advertising dollars are gon na come in better.
Your ROI is gon na, be better you’re proverb, italy, overall, the dealerships gon na be better your service departments gon na be better, so you cannot afford not to invest in this new product immersion.
Would you mind just also talking about the targeted audience with Facebook? Yes, in other words, we all know that direct mail.

You can do target audience right, but we also know what happens with Facebook you’re on Facebook customers on Facebook, the newsfeed comes out both ABC Motors again wow.
They go right on there with the reviews and you’re hitting your custom audience.
That could be your own customer.

If your review dropped from two years ago that customers gon na have a problem going, what the testimonial does it keeps everybody in check.
That’s the idea.
Keep working on those reviews, one of the stores, that’s doing a great job out.

There would reviews, I believe, his Brooklyn Mitsubishi Wow, what a great job patrones doing and his team out that he does great with uh social media.
He does great with the social media, but he does such a great job with reviews, and it shows because that store is on the upscale and it’s just gon na keep going.
I call it.

That’s those gon na hit 400 cars real soon come to summon once that place is gon na hit 400.
With no question about it, you know, bobbies are really good.
Over el patron is really good at what he does their branding it.

You know you got stand share there.
They’ve got so much stuff happening in that dealership that it’s crazy and what’s happening there.
Reviews are really really really God and also speaking about improving, like your sales team right, you mentioned about improving, not only their just physical presence and in person skills, but also their phone skills.

It’s very important right right.
What should we expect when we call a dealers? What we call salesperson, what do you want to hear on the it’s like the whole package, a dealerships behaviors when they get information they go, they make a decision.
Okay, let me see, I might need a car, they think about it.

They have that piece that direct mail piece flying around the table.
They say, let me look, they look now they make that a buying decision, a decision to just check it out.
Now they make a phone call, because we all know that that people don’t go to dealerships like they used to they get that phone right.

Everybody wants to manage their time.
They make that call.
Then they make an assessment on that call right.

Should I go or should it? I is this true or false, so training becomes very important in a dealership very important, so make sure that your phone calls are handled really right because you got away you don’t want to go and get a voicemail correct.
We want to get that direct contact, that personal one-on-one correct and that’s important, because this is what happens if there’s a promotion and you don’t sit down with your team and explain to them.

Here’s a direct mail piece guys.

This is what’s going on communicate with your dealer.
She is key.
Somebody calls about this promotion and there’s what what and I’ve seen it a lot of times a matter of fact.

I shop dealerships just to learn.
You know because it’s always about learning and I shop a bit.
Sometimes they don’t even know what’s going on the staff, that’s bad business.

So there goes everything you know and it’s very important with this new product, just keeping in mind guys Jill will visit your dealership.
Just call she’ll set up an appointment, she’s very professional.
She knows how to handle an interview, the right way and the right testimonial, and it’s not these testimonials – that you put out there.

Well, these other companies, it’s a professional testimonial with a camera crew within the store, professionally yeah we’ll be there for the day at least shooting yeah bunch of different customers, obviously about different things about your dealership, all right, whatever they’re excited and want to tell us.
You know we’re not going to tell them what to say: they’re gon na give us they’re, honest and open opinion.
Correct then, from there, like, I said, we’ll take it back here to the production studio, we’ll cut it up and it could be.

You know vignettes of you know, for social media, sometimes it’s better for something say under 20 seconds for Instagram right right, but for Facebook or for YouTube.
We can have a few minutes of that interview and show them all together and what people are really saying.
It’s real and honest – and I think that’s what’s gon na bring people in right – is that what that is, that’s gon na bring people in, and that’s gon na bring a lot of value and really really the reputation is everything, and if you have these bad ripoffs Comm and all these things it’s gon na really help you, because if they see that – and you have a good testimonial, the customers know today that say: wait a minute.

You know that was just one incident.
Let me try to help.
You know what this makes more sense, yeah, because now I have customer saying what a great place a testimonial or video testimony, because you know what the truth of the matter is.

Anybody can write anything.
It could be anybody.
That’s writing anything.

But when you have a video testimonial with somebody interviewing it with sub value, it changes the whole landscape of your reputation online.
There’s, no reason why keep having these blogs out there, people talking bad about your dealership, because now you have a solution.
Its money, though spending say with your direct mail, and it’s going nowhere, but there’s people like you, said or going online once they get that postcard in the mail or whatever type of mailing material, isn’t saying.

Well, the reviews stink now we’re not gon na use.
This dealership, let’s go elsewhere right.
I just imagine this guy’s, you get that video and you put it on Facebook and you boost it.

So what happens when you boost it? Your reviews actually go down so you’re you’re, branding yourself and what’s more important, a video is more than content, so you got somebody on rip-off calm, hitting you hard.
You put a video on with with a person like Jill and you’re gon na get great recognition.
You’re gon na get your brand back.

Take control of your brand.
Take control of your business back it’s about time.
These dealers stopped getting hurt with the reputation and when they look you up, we can put the tags on your YouTube where you can come up on reviews and on testimonials review.

Right now is a major keyword and we can use it with testimonials and you come up.
There’s no reason why you guys can’t do that, so we’re gon na take a break and when we come back we’re gon na talk about.
Why is it gay face? Bum day, why is it so important? Keep the focus up? It’s Monday, it’s an important week.

Let’s go do it today, yeah Richie the reputation fixer right here and again to appear on the show.

Please call us eight three, three, eight one three Auto and also will help you out those testimonials I’ll give you all the information.
Give me a call we’ll see you right back here in just two minutes: stay tuned, , , .

Welcome back to auto dealer news, if you haven’t seen what we were talking about just a few minutes ago, we’ll give you a little a recap summary, but we’re talking here with Richie bellow and about the reputation management services that we are going to be providing, which We are so what we’re going to do is.
Have you give me a call if your dealership needs help, you need help, making those reviews much better.
You have some of yous out there that aren’t so good.

Don’t worry! We can help you with our testimonials right.

Richie, what we’re gon na do is head to your dealership right right, gon na sit down we’re gon na talk to the customers themselves and get their opinions about what they value, what they like about your dealership, but what’s working for them, why they came to you For the sale and these video testimonials are gon na help you out tremendously, because you’re gon na have them at your fingertips to post on YouTube Facebook, Instagram Twitter, you name it so, basically we’re helping you rebrand your dealership exam.

If y’all need some help out there and, let’s not forget you – could use the technology today.

Yep use the power of testimonials.
That’s been around forever and use the video to put those bad reviews, not only the bad reviews, but really when people write stuff that we know that it’s really not so much customers.
It could be some customers out there.

It could be sometimes ex-employees yeah that you got rid of that start, writing stuff on blogs and all that it’s not really really a hundred percent.
True, but perception of those customers.
Don’t know that yep you know, but the testimonial will bring that power back for you, and you know what those testimonials are so important.

But talking about that, we need to train the staff much better, how to deal with the real objection and how to deal with not just yessing a customer to death because that’s another problem we have would review management if you have a trained professional staff that the Customer, instead of expecting the customer to say yes, let’s not forget customers today are smart, very, very smart.
Today people ask you a question: they know the answer today.
People don’t tell you that they’ve been to three or four different dealerships, so they already have the information more or less and you might be the last dealership they go to you.

Don’t know really really what anybody has in their mind.
So when your salespeople have a habit of answering yes to them to just write a deal, you’re gon na get in trouble, because why? Because even if the customer believes it, they say, I don’t believe that guy.
But you know what it becomes to price.

They sell price, they make it into the finance department.
The finance department says what the real deal is now.
Let’s say that because of the talent and the skill they’re able to deliver the car guess what the buying process was not good, so guess, what’s gon na happen, you’re gon na have a bad review.

Now you can fix that by training, give them the right process.
The right sales process and the right training it’s easy to sell a car.
You don’t have to do that.

All you got to do is train them right.
Take the deal from A to C agree overcome, give them a fair deal, everybody’s happy and do the right thing.
Your retention is gon na go up, your reviews are gon na go up, your profitability is gon na go up.

Your retention is gon na go up and you’re gon na make so much money that it’s not funny.
Well, here’s what it is.
How do you create? We all know that enthusiasm sells right Jill all right when you first hire a rookie 60 days.

He does unbelievable numbers.
Why? Because of his enthusiasm right? Why is he so enthusiastic? Because he’s got this learning curve? That learning curve is key.
So if you’re training, your staff and every day, they’re learning something new, their enthusiasm is at an all-time peak, so you’ve got ta, find a way to create in sales anyway, enthusiasm what about incentives, because if it centers are good, but sometimes people get motivated by incentives.

But if they don’t know what to do with that customer and they can’t sell that incentive means nothing.

Enthusiasm creates 3/8 sales because you hire a rookie and he sells he out sells the top guy in the first 60 days.
Why? Because he’s got this learning curve? He’s learning every day he wants to jump out of bed and go to work, and then he hits the salesman’s blues.

What the salesman’s moves that he can’t put a deal together.
Why? Because now he’s not green, so he doesn’t grow any more.
He stopped.

So that’s where the training comes in train train every day and what happens is you’re always growing.
If you stay green, you grow.
If you don’t stay green, you stop growing now right and that’s what happened.

So where do you get the training very simple? I got my own training platform right.
I developed it for the veterans.
I also have one for the dealers now.

I’ve also teamed up with a great trainers like Noah Walsh, he’s an unbelievable trainer, and we have the technology.
The real technology for training and the BDC department knows really really good, and one of the things that’s really really good about him is how detailed he is he’s also got a great online training.
You know I offer a free trial on my train, so please contact this number below and give Jill a call and we’ll set something up.

That’s eight, three, three, eight one, three Auto.
If you just moved away from the screen for a moment, but eight three, three, eight one, three Auto and again we’ll be there to take your call and if you want the video testimonials like, I said, we’ll come down to help.
You fix your reputation.

Call me we’ll come sit, well chat, we’ll figure out what you and your dealership needs and, of course, we’re very customer and we’re gon na make that happen for you by talking to all of your customers and get all the good out there, which I know your Dealership, of course, does deserve, and sometimes you be misrepresented like Richie said it’s not your fault.
Sometimes we could be disgruntled employee, whatever it is, but video testimonials will help your dealership grow and again you got the platform.
You got social media out there, which is basically what dealerships are doing.

Now we touched upon the direct mail before which you said: good work used to work, but now not working so well know how much your dealers paying for this.
You know they are retractable, probably they’re.
Gon na do ten thousand pieces.

Probably they’re gon na spend eighty five hundred nine thousand plus they got ta back it up on social media.
You know, I believe, Direct Mail work so still because if nothing wouldn’t we do it, but you know what, with the reviews really harder because a lot of customers in we’re in the information age, you know and that’s a big problem.
I’ve also seen a lot of the recommend companies make a landing page.

Now you make the landing page to back up that piece.
You put the landing page either on Google AdWords, so bang there it is now now it’s not eighty five hundred now, it’s 8,500.
So you spent three thousand on Google AdWords.

Now it’s eighty five hundred plus three thousand now you go into Facebook.
Now you spent another fifteen hundred two thousand.
Now you talking about $ 15,000 or $ 16,000, a promotion, the shame of it is that customers go when they see this and check your reviews before they go in there.

They want to know.
Is it a comfortable place to buy a car? That’s the whole thing.
They want to know the buying process in your dealership.

This is what they want.
No, it’s not about how much money you make with a customer don’t get confused.

Profit is not a scary word.

They want to know the buying process.
Nobody wants to go into a dealership and have not a good buying process.
So you need to understand.

The training part is about the buying process.
That’s all it is.
You make the buying process easy for a customer and it’s real simple you could you could make as much as you want.

It’s not a problem, it’s not about getting into price and price.
It’s about your buying process, making the customer feel relaxed, make it a good environment in your dealership and being upfront with the customer and agreeing and overcome it’s just plain and simple, I mean closing is closing: all you got to do is agree and overcome and you’re Gon na close more deals than anybody else and when you have a real trained staff in your dealership, you have an advantage over your competitors.
So when you have testimonials with training and know how to take a customer from A to Z – and you have great testimonials, you’re, only gon na grow and grow and grow and grow, and you have an advantage over your competitors.

And you know what, when you have an advantage over your competitors, you’re gon na make more money than anybody else.
Just keep that in mind and don’t forget to contact Jill she’ll.

Do a full assessment, she’s ready, she’s, knowledgeable.

She understands and she’s ready to go to your dealership, had a phone call and do an assessment.
She we have the tools.
We have the technology to do an assessment of your dealership and really look at your reviews and sit down and figure stuff out, and we we love helping people and Jill, loves helping people.

That’s what that’s what she does.
She loves helping people, she’s been a lot of help to to us and she’s been a lot of help to a lot of things, and she just goes out of her way to help people and she loves, do you know the best part about it? Is you just have to be real? You have to be yourself right, so helping people just by being yourself and making them feel comfortable because a lot of times what happens is you put a camera and a microphone here go in front of someone and they’re like they freeze right? So it’s not gon na happen.
Trust me, you may get nervous, you may be intimidated, but don’t I promise you that’s my goal and that’s what I do for a living.

It’s just easy to make.
You feel comfortable and you’ll be able to see it.

You’re gon na watch these video testimonials again, you may feel uncomfortable at first, but I guarantee you’re gon na enjoy it and you’re gon na want more camera time after you sit down with me, because I’m just gon na have a real conversation is what it’s all About and what was your experience like at the dealership, what did you like? What didn’t you like? We want to hear it all from you and trust me just by you and me sitting down having a conversation, it’s gon na be amazing because obviously you’re there for a reason, you chose that dealership.

You want to be a part of it.
You wanted to purchase something whether you’re getting your car serviced, fixed repaired or you’re buying a vehicle from the dealership.
We want to hear it from you because that’s what’s going to sell it’s going to shine right and make that dealership sign right, hold on like that smile, I’m waiting for the big like little gloss, painting a little like yeah right.

What is you got a smile? It’s got to be real and genuine.
So that’s what these video testimonials are gon na show it’s one gon na help your dealership, but I promise I’ll make you all feel comfortable, including you yeah, the owner, the GM service managers.
All of you, I promise and we’ll get you on camera too, because that’s what’s going to help people want to relate to you.

They want to relate to your dealership and the only way to do that.
It’s put yourself out there and it may be a little intimidating at first, but trust me we’ll teach you how to do it and it’s going to work and then we’re gon na put it everywhere in social media.
Like you said, Instagram is the hottest right app.

Instagram is very Sam, a little old, but no Instagram is good.
What about that snapchat stuff? No, I don’t do that.
Don’t even know how to use that.

I feel so much better about myself.
I thought it was.

I don’t even know how to use that, but these tools of social media is what the dealers are doing and that’s what’s also driving business and helping people right.
Yes, so, and you don’t like the other thing, that’s most important is train your staff, but remember something: do the right thing by the customers and the customers would do the right thing by you.
So get your reviews up and it’s great and don’t forget about our cigar event.

Jill’s gon na be there and she will have a full presentation on this.
Yep May night, that is we’re gon na be and we’ll have flyers on these testimonials and you’ll, be able to speak to her and great and call Jill she’ll.
Do a full assessment.

She’ll she’ll talk to you guys with no problem, we’ll send out an email, we’ll get a full assessment contact Jill and let’s get things going on yeah, eight three, three, eight one, three Auto and again the cigar vent main.

I’m glad you brought that up.
It’s gon na be an amazing event.

Would you mind sharing who’s coming so far, who’s really confirmed.
Besides herself, I got a lot of dealerships coming.
I don’t even know, but I have a bunch of dealership stands done.

A great job.
Yes, he’s probably Ralph’s.
Peg leah has done a great job.

A lot of my friends have done a great job, bringing Eric from Apple Honda’s coming Wow its.
I got it’s great, I mean yeah.
This looks cigars and have a good night, but also the information that night and the presentations that’ll be addressed right.

I got a bunch of used car dealers that are my friends for a long time like Nick Egan, Auto, I think it’s Auto 112 out in Medford and Bedford.
It’s um, it’s a great store.
If anybody needs a used car, that’s the guy who go sees a good friend of mine for over 20 plus years.

You know it’s great.
I got a lot of stores coming out and it’s gon na be a great and there’s a special guest.
It’s coming out.

I’m not gon na say it till Thursday, I’m gon na.
I might wait Friday.
Okay, I’m gon na announce it Friday, it’s confirmed, but they told me to announce it on Thursday.

All right cool well looking forward to this and again thanks for listening for, watching for talking and again we’re all here to help you with your reputation, management and we’ll talk more about that on Friday and again, I guess we’ll find out this surprise guest for the Cigar event, but that much more and Friday anything else you want to tease for Friday’s show.
Oh no, don’t worry it’s a probably a good show, don’t forget to tune back in here and again.

That’s all the time we have right now: prado dealer news and again we’ll be back Friday and we’ll be back again next Monday for the game face.

Show uh-huh Eureka’s now filled with double the live content right here on richie bellow TV thanks again richie.
Thank you.
Thank you.

I’m Jill Nicolini have a great week guys enjoy.
Let’s get this Monday going.
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