Authority Bias:Using its Power to Sell Cars!

In this video you’re going to learn how to close more car deals using the influence power of authority, what Kobe Bryant would have done if he was a car salesperson and how wearing a suit can actually increase jaywalking at traffic lights.

Hi, I’m Christiane younger.
Welcome to another automotive sales best practice of the week.
If this is your first time here and you want to improve your sales skills and learn more about closing deals using psychology and find unbiased dealership product reviews go ahead and hit the subscribe button and make sure you turn on the bell, so you don’t miss out On improving yourself, okay, let’s get to work early in childhood, it’s typically our parents that first exposes to the value of following Authority, because they know more about the world than we do and they’ve got control over the punishment reward systems.

You learned that following their directions, typically serves them well and then it’s further reinforced by going to school, with teachers and church police doctors, they help reinforce that power of authority throughout our lives.
And when you listen to hi Authority, I mean usually it saves you time and it lead you down the correct path.

However, because, as humans, we want to speed things up and we’re looking for life hacks, so we can move through life.
A little quicker blindly following Authority can lead to something.
That’s dangerous, called authority bias Authority bias.

Is the tendency to attribute greater accuracy to the opinion of an authority figure and to be more influenced by that person’s opinion? It was the classic 1961 experiment at Yale University by Stanley Milgram in his group.
The first established Authority biases existence by measuring the extent to which a person would blindly follow an authority figures, request to go ahead and perform an act that obviously went against the subjects moral principles.
What they did was they had participants that were led to believe that they were assisting in this unrelated experiment where they had to administer electric shock to a learner.

The learner would be asked questions that if they got the questions incorrect, they would be shocked as they got more questions incorrect.
The shock was increased.

Now these fake shocks were gradually increased to levels that would have been fatal.

Had this been real.
The results of this study are both surprising and disturbing in that Milgram found the majority of the subjects continued to administer the shocks to the learner, who was a paid actor even when that learner begged in agony for them to quit.
So I think it’s easy to see from this study and many other studies like it that the power of authority is extremely extremely influential and it can persuade people that doing things and maybe going against their moral principles.

The shocking results from the Milgram experiment and others like it, raise the question: how do we use the persuasion, power of authority to increase car sales or influence more sales? Well, it comes down to three factors.
There’s 3 ways to naturally increase your authority.
Let’s go through each one of them and see how we can use them to our advantage.

Number one is knowledge.
The more you know understand practice the subject, skill or whatever action we’re talking about the better suited.
You are to help.

Someone else understand it.
I don’t know if you’ll remember, but when Kobe Bryant passed most of the people when they were eulogizing his life, they went ahead and talked about how he was a student of the game.
He never quit.

Learning he was curious.
He was always trying to pick up little pieces.
Little skills from other people’s games moves that he can go ahead and put into his repertoire.

Let’s think about it.
For a moment, if Kobe Bryant was a car salesman, not only would he just keep up on product knowledge, he would be the allbeing knowing source of product knowledge for the entire dealership, heck he’d know his competitions line up inside down backwards.
He’d be able to take a vehicle from their lineup and stack it up against a vehicle and his lineup and he’d be able to compare them both and he went out every single time.

He’d know all the factory incentives, the APRs he’d know the obscure programs, like the college, grad, the military discount, the exclusions and all the paperwork and the requirements that he had to go ahead and take advantage of those programs.
He would know the entire used vehicle lineup.
He would do that by knowing the trades he took and he would know the trades you took in.

He would be all over any new inventory purchased by the used car buyer from auxins throughout each week.
He would go ahead and get to know everybody in every single department – and I just know everybody but he’d – know how those departments and how they operate.
He’d master all the dealership processes and he’d do this all and maneuver through all of them with style and grace.

In four words, he would be a student of the game, he would never quit learning and what he would end up doing as a result is establish himself as an authority figure when it comes to selling vehicles at this particular store.
The second way you can ethically create the power of authority is by dress and appearance.
Doctors wear lab coats, they wear scrubs policemen, firemen, they were badges and they wear uniforms.

Business people were suits.
In fact, the suit is the uniform of success and we usually see a relationship between authority and success.
In robert cialdini’s book influence, he cites a steady undress.

We asked a 31 year old lab assistant to dress in two types of outfits.
Now the first outfit was a nice cleanly pressed suit with a tie, dress, slacks, dress, shirt and polish shoes.
The second outfit was simply a dress, shirt and dress.

Slacks now he’s positioned at a traffic, stop light and nearby, there’s researchers watching and marking the experiment.
Now what they did was they counted.
How many times people followed him and JE walked through the stop light? What they found was that pedestrians were three and a half times more likely to follow the experiment assistant when he wore a suit versus the casual outfit.

Now, when it comes to dressing for the lot, am i advising you to start Hawking a lot and pound on the blacktop in a suit? Well, no and yes, I mean ultimately what you wear comes down to the dealerships dress code.

If you’re a luxury store, they may ask you to wear a suit and tie every day.

However, many dealerships have moved to a polo shirt or a button-down shirt or a combination of either of them, depending on the time of year, with the dealership name embroidered on the on the side of the shirt.

Now, if that’s the case, what I would advise is buy five six seven pairs of each that way you can always have them cleaned and press and you’re always looking sharp, no matter which one you’re wearing now, if you’re left to purchase your own khakis or slacks Dress belt and shoes.
What I would advise is this get yourself the nicest khakis or slacks and belt that you can afford, and then I would get durable shoes.
They nice dress comfortable shoes that also look sharp and the reason for all of this is it may cost you a little bit more money in the in the in the short term.

However, in the long run, typically, when you buy more durable high quality items, they’re gon na last a little bit longer, which in turn will save you more money and not only you’re going to save money, you’re going to feel better.
Your attitude is going to be heightened because you look that much better and then lastly, I mean we’re trying to build Authority, and we said that the power of authority is built with dress and appearance.
So this is going to help push that forward and give you that authority figure that you’re trying to build.

I do understand that in today’s society there’s been a major paradigm shift when it comes to wear on a suit in a business meeting and that business, casual or even casual sometimes has now become the norm for these types of settings.
Also, if I’m in your spot, I’m going to question the practicality of wearing a suit, especially if I’m working on a lot in Tampa Bay Florida in the middle of the summer.

Now, before you disagree with me totally and decide that you’re going to go ahead and do the khakis and the polo shirt, let me offer you this advice for my grandma, I like to call a grandma young, grens travel rule and if you follow this rule, you’ll, Never be over or underdressed for any type of social situation.

Ever again, you may be wondering what it is.
Grandma young runs travel role.
Well, my grandma, god rest her soul.

If she told me once she would have told me a thousand times Chris, when you go on any type of trip, always make sure you take a suit with you, take a suit, a dress, shirt tie and a belt with some shoes that way you’re never over Or underdressed now, the first time I heard this, I questioned my grandmother and I said well what, if I arrive at the event of the party or wherever I’m going, and I am overdressed, I’ve got the suit on, and everybody’s wearing casual outfits.
She said, that’s easy! You can always dress down, but it’s hard to dress back up.
So if you’re dressed up and you arrive at that situation, it’s a casual setting, then you just lose.

The jacket lose the tie.
Roll your sleeves up under your collar and you’re ready to go.

You’re gon na fit right in so what’s your opinion of what you should wear at the dealership, should it be a full suit, or should you just go with the Polo in the khakis I’d like to know your answers, leave us a comment.

We don’t like to now the third and final factor that helped lead to the creation of authority are titles general.

President, dr.
lawyer, these titles are usually associated with hardwork pannier dues experience and a high degree of success.

In fact, in a famous study on Authority bias and titles, they took pilots and co-pilots and asked them to get into spite simulators.
Then they asked the pilots to go ahead and make purposeful errors, errors that were so obvious that any first-year copilot would be able to go ahead and pick up on now.
The results were kind of startling because 25 % of the time the copilot’s went ahead and let the plane crash just so they didn’t have to question the authority of the pilot.

Even Kobe, Bryant was smart enough to let Shaq take the game over when he didn’t have the answers to their team’s opposing players and in Auto Sales.
Think about it.
Salespeople use management approval all the time to hedge their bets and to create some doubt when the customers making offers or we’re making offers to customers.

I mean if I can get my manager to do this.
If she will do this, will you so because of this? It causes some guests to think that if the manager hasn’t come in and given that last discount or said that we’re all done that there’s, maybe some more discount to be had or money for their trade that’s available.
And my opinion is, if you don’t take every guess that doesn’t purchase and turn them over to a sales manager.

You’re missing out on easy deals, easy deals that could easily be closed just by using the title on the sales managers name badge.
Well, there you have it using the power of authority to close more car sales, to learn more techniques like this click on one of these two videos and you’ll go ahead and learn how a cognitive bias can persuade more car sales and help you close more deals.
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