Are You Still Talking about changing the same things?

What is up Facebook live, Noah Walsh, coming to you live today from Mandalay Bay here in Las Vegas Nevada, where we had that tragedy shooting not long ago.

It’s still my favorite hotel is still my favorite two casino to come stay at in Vegas, and just because there is a tragedy doesn’t mean.
I need to take it off my slate and off my places I like to be so.
We’ve got a very special live presentation for you tonight with the busy schedule me being here in Vegas speaking at some conferences, meeting with some clients, picking up new clients and going to some events, I’m not going to be able to make tonight’s regular scheduled livestream.

So I wanted to give you a special livestream here so that you did get your Tuesday livestream with Noah Walsh, and so what I want you all to do is if you could share this and invite right now, if you could share an invite, but let’s get Get this thing blowing up, and so I want to thank each and every one of you for being here and so tonight it’s about or today’s livestream is about not being still about keep moving forward, and so many people want to take the easy route do what’s Comfortable and watch everybody else do it and then they still want to complain about how so and so.
Why do they do that so much? Why do they work so hard? Why do they do this rather than going out and doing it themselves, so don’t be still be a doer? Make things happen? Everybody if you could do me a favor share this out, invite your network we’re gon na blow.
This thing up we’re gon na talk about what still does to you.

What still does to your sales game? What still does to your business and if you’re, still hanging out with those people who are who are sitting there talking about how it can’t be done and you’re starting to buy into it, and it’s all about being proactive, going out doing it, conquering what you chase? Not talking about it doing it, so everybody I’m just sharing out here real quick.
Do me a favor share it out.
If you’re in charge of a group shared out, invite some people Brad Burton glad to have you, Jordan, Thomas glad to have you miss Sarah Walsh? Always a pleasure, we aren’t doing this one together this time, like usual, so everyone I hope you shared this out.

I hope you invite some people.
So let’s get this thing rolling and I want you to know.
At the beginning of the year, we’re gon na switch up how we do the live streams, henry landau glad to have you we’re gon na switch up how we do the live streams here at the beginning of the year, i’m gon na have more live guests on.

I just have to decide what platform i’m going to be using.
That has the least the least issues, the least problems and we’re going to have more Q & A from you, the viewers, as well as go over some topics that are going on and sales and in business.
So this is going to be more of a of a sales, and a business show lots of content.

Everybody’s feedback is going to be needed.
It’s gon na be a beautiful thing blessed morning to you, too Jordan.
So what we’re gon na talk about today is, if you want to grow, don’t be still, and so you cannot be still in your life.

You cannot be still in your actions.
You cannot be still in your business.
You cannot be still in the actions you take with your business and with your sales, but, most importantly, you can’t stick around and stay around and be around and surround yourself with still people, because still people are happy where they’re at and they don’t want to see People get past them, they want everyone to be right there with them, and some of the traits that some of these people have is is they’re still broke.

There’s still the people that are still broke they’re still talking about how they’re gon na buy this.
They just don’t have the money they’re they’re, not going on vacations they’re, not doing things they’re still broke, and whenever you do ambitious things a lot of times, I’ll, try and downplay it they’ll they’ll lie they’ll question you: why do you still do that does work? Is that paying you they’ll, ask you all these things, but what few people realize and what few people want to really understand is if you want to be successful, if you want to be great at something at life along the way, you’re gon na have more losses Than wins so, you’ve got to keep it coming.

You’ve got to make things happen and you’ve got to deal with the downfalls you face, as well as overcome the objections that come along your path on your way, to conquer what you chase to go to where you want to grow.

These are the people that are still complaining, they’re still complaining about how it can’t be done.
They’re still complaining about how it’s their boss’s fault, they’re, still complaining about this they’re still complaining about that.
All they are doing is complaining.

They’re, poisoning your mind.
You don’t want to be around those people that still complain about everything.
If you’re doing this, you need to have a checkup from the neck up yourself and realize what you’re complaining about and ultimately what you’re doing to overcome that and to fix that and to take action about what you’re complaining about.

I was at a speaker’s conference last night and everyone had a different speech, but so many people talked about their story and the Hard Falls that they overcame, whether it was before they reached success, whether it was after they reached success and really how they, how they Got through it, and that was having goals, and that was doing positive things and that was surrounding themselves by positive people and putting themselves in positive situations.
The people who are still borrowing right, they’re, still always borrowing they’re, still living up mom and dad they’re, always borrowing off people they’re still they’re, still in their growth they’re still in their earnings, they’re still in their career they’re.
Still in utilizing their talents and capabilities.

They’re still – and so you do not want to hang around those people, because once again, what they’re gon na do is they’re gon na try and keep you at their level and they’re gon na want you to come, watch a game or play video games or do Something when you say no, I’m doing this, I’m working on this project, I’m working on this well.
Why are you doing that? Well, that sounds boring.
Well, why don’t you come over here? This would be so much more fun, so they’re still borrowing and still trying to keep you from going to the next level to keep you from going to where you want to grow, to keep you from progressing forward.

These people, too, that they’re still hating right that they they don’t like the successful woman in the nice car with the big position.
They don’t like the successful guy who’s out there.
Making things happen.

They don’t like everyone else’s success.
They hate on it, they downplay it.
They talk about how how arrogant are they? Why would they go? Do something like that? A couple of you saw that house that they’re building in my neighborhood 23 thousand square feet Luke McGraw Tucker, what’s going on Jim Weaver Kevin Davis, Ian power? Thank you, Jim Robert stern everybody Henry.

I think I already reached out to you Brad.
I appreciate everybody who’s on here, but everybody wants to downplay why you this guy only has two kids.
This guy only has that.

I bet this guy only gives so much to this, and so they’re so worried about what he’s doing, but you know he’s doing it he’s taking that big risk he’s building that monster – and I mean it’s it’s quite something to look at.
I’ve showed quite a few people, because I’ve never seen a house that big, and so this guy is a young guys.
My age he’s taking action, he’s doing something big.

That, therefore may either push him to the edge that can happen, but also may push him to drive harder to keep succeeding at the same level or a higher level.
These people, oftentimes, are still childish.
Like I said often times, they’ll say: hey, let’s go, let’s go play video games.

Let’s do this.
Let’s do that they’re doing things that that adolescents that kids do that children do they want to.
You know think that everything once again is somebody else’s fault.

They want to downplay everything they they want to pout, they don’t want to take action and Jim I’m glad you liked it good afternoon.
Angela, and so this is what they’re they’re doing is they’re acting childish and that’s because they’re still insecure.
So every we all know we have more talent and more capability than we are letting loose and we are and we are utilizing, and so what that does is when we’re not working when we’re not achieving when we’re not doing it our capabilities, we lose confidence and When we lose confidence at times we get insecure, and so these people get insecure and so what insecure people try and do? Is they try and bring other people down and they try and make them feel bad, so they’re at their level? Remember everybody.

You surround yourself with, wants you to be at their level, and you know this here number seven was still stupid and I hate the word stupid.

We got in trouble for saying the word stupid more from my dad than if we used a swear word, but I want to say there they’re still ignorant in the fact that they aren’t learning they aren’t seeing past their downfalls they’re, looking at themselves in the mirror And you know taking a taking a checkup from the neck up there they’re coming up they’re doing all these things.
They’re broke, they’re, complaining, they’re, borrowing, they’re hating, their childish, they’re, insecure and they’re ignorant because they come up with excuses for all this, and thank you Jim.

I appreciate you doing that they come up with excuses for all this Adam Garcia, glad to have you let’s connect before before Christmas, and so they they do all these things and they still act ignorant because they’re still going through one through six, and they want to Blame it on everybody else on everything else, and they don’t want to take responsibility, because that’s really the number one step is, you know admitting what’s going wrong, taking responsibility for that and then finding a way to fix it and surrounding yourself around the right people, hello.
Monica glad to have you so they’re they’re acting ignorant because, ultimately they know what needs to be done.
It’s been stated all over the place and memes and everywhere all over the place.

They know what needs to be done, but they’re too ignorant to do what it takes to get done.
What needs to be done, and ultimately, after all, this kind of, like I just said, they’re still not making a change in their lives and they’re still not making a change in their lives and you’re welcome.
Monica thank you, Jim for all the support everybody.

I love it.
Let’s keep blowin this thing up.
I love some questions.

Love some statements maybe give an example of where you’ve had somebody kind of hold you down or hold you back, and I can tell you that if you go to number one still broke everybody.
I know that still broke.
They constantly questioned everything I do.

They constantly questioned my success.
They constantly questioned my accomplishments.
They constantly questioned my process.

They constantly questioned my reasoning.
They are still broke, but they’re still questioning everything I do like they would be a good spot for me to go and get advice, they’re still complaining.
These are the same people and actually they bring it out of you too.

So, that’s why you need to stay away from still people, because oftentimes they’re complaining pulls over to you that you almost feel guilty for talking about good things that you’ll sound like you’re bragging that you have to hide what you’ve accomplished.
You have to hide what you’ve worked for, that.
You have to hide all the great things that you’re doing, because you don’t want them to feel bad, but you start complaining because you do not want to sound like you’re bragging or you don’t want them to feel bad because everything’s going so bad for them.

So, therefore, you adjust yourself for their downfall, their lack of action, their being still they’re still borrowing.
These are the same people that they’re still, they always need something from you, and I mean it could be borrowing in too many ways that people, don’t always you know it doesn’t always need to be money that they’re borrowing.

It doesn’t always need to be things that they’re borrowing but they’re, borrowing too much of our time, they’re borrowing too much of our energy they’re.

Borrowing too much of our of our avenues of our platforms on social media that they’re constantly all over those that they’re just borrowing too much from us that they end up being work that we can’t.
We can’t focus on what we need to do because they are borrowing so much time, and so this happens all the time.
I’ve had this happen so much and Angela Walker said people fear what they do not understand.

Absolutely, and you know, and they’re still hating and same thing.
You hang around people who are absolutely Angela and negative energy.
You hang around people who have negative energy who are still hating.

What they do is they put a bad taste in your mouth.
They put bad thoughts in your mind.
They get you in a hater mode.

They get you down playing, they get you gossiping, they get.
You talking about people rather than talking about wow what this person has done.
In fact, a lot of you know that Ali Reina I just broke Joe Gerard, and those of you might remember that I actually had lunch with Joe Girardi at the beginning of the year.

In March with his son and Jeff Willingham – and I told so – I had lunch with him – we spent about three hours together, the four of us.
He gave me a copy of his book.
He he wrote a nice little note for me.

Gave me an autograph gave me a picture, a little pamphlet of him being number one retail sales person in Guinness Book of World Records, and then I had the lunch with them great opportunity.
I was just in Michigan.
I was gon na try and meet up with them, but it just wasn’t gon na work.

My schedule ended up getting over packed anyways, but Ali raita just broke his record who’s, another Michigan guy.
So I sold cars in Michigan, Joe Girard sold cars in Michigan and he broke his record by 10 units at the end of November.
So he still has December guys somewhat behind become somewhat of an overnight celebrity Anthony Algona.

What’s going on brother, and so he broke it at the record, and I was telling my friend about him and my friend had a great year.

We were always neck-and-neck top sales people at the dealership that we sold that he got my client base and he’s having his best year ever and he’s having a great year, and I was talking to him how many units this guy sold and he said wow.
That’s that’s amazing, and he said you know, and this guy is very confident in himself my old partner, and he said you know I just like to go shadow that guy I’d like to see what he’s doing I like to see how he’s doing it.

I just like to shadow that guy, and so that’s what that’s, what progressive people do? That’s what winners do he’s gon na hit 350 units, this other guy is gon na hit 1550 Ali’s gon na hit 15 hundred and fifty sixteen hundred units – and so you know, he’s top my part old partners top at the dealership by quite a few units.

But he’s he wants to know what this guy is doing, to bring his self to the next level.
He’s not hating he’s not coming up with excuses.

Well, that could never be done here.
Well, this couldn’t happen well da da da da da.
He wants to figure out what he’s doing to get to that level.

These people watch out for people who are still childish.
We we grow and we mature for a reason, because that’s part of growth in life and if you look it doesn’t mean that you have to be too serious.
But it does mean that you have to mature in life as you go through the layers.

As you go through the steps as you go through the levels, and so you want to watch out for those people that are no different than they were 15 years ago, or especially like when you’re coming out of school – and I remember we’d – go to a wedding Or we’ve go someplace to where we haven’t seen people basically since high school, my wife and I and hadn’t seen these people for 10 12 years and honestly, they hadn’t changed and they hadn’t they’re driving the same vehicles, they’re wearing the same clothes.
They talked the same.
They look the same, they acted the same and they hadn’t grown and I just thought wow it’s.

It’s kind of like the twilight zone that it’s always good to stick to your roots and to remember where you came from.
But that doesn’t mean that you that you shouldn’t grow, that you shouldn’t prosper, that you shouldn’t keep going forward.
So watch out for those who are still childish and still act, the same as they did when you were younger and you were less mature, remember still insecure and secure people will try and make you insecure, they’ll, try and make you feel guilty for the great things You’re doing they’ll try and make you feel guilty for for the accomplishments that you make they’ll try and make you feel guilty for the passion you have they’ll try and make you feel guilty for your ambition.

You know, and when people tell you that your ambition you’re greedy watch out for those people, those are still minded people and they you know, I like to be around ambitious people, my son, five years old.
Ever since the kid could stand, he look out the window with his big eyes just staring at the world.
He has so much ambition that is so beautiful to see all that ambition, and just you know you don’t know what its gon na be and that’s a beautiful thing.

I love that line and watch his watch.
His ambition in his eyes and watch him just looking out at that world ready to go out and conquer it, and so people who are who are ignorant stay away from ignorant people.
They do ignorant things, they say ignorant things.

Therefore they get you in ignorant situations.
They’ll they’ll make you more ignorant, you know you are who you hang around.
You know our parents told us that when we were kids, you are who you hang around, so make sure that you are not hanging around ignorant people getting yourself in ignorant situations, and so still people don’t make a change in their life.

They stand still.
They come up with excuses.
They do all these things.

So what you want to make sure is that you are not hanging around still people and that you are taking action and that you have activities.
And you have production in your day, because, if you’re surrounding yourself, with still people you’re in a still job and you’re, still doing the same things that you complain about, you are living a still life.

I appreciate that Jim Weaver Eduardo Wilson.

How are you and if anybody has any questions, statements go ahead and share those? We are gon na wrap them up.
I’ve got a couple appointments and I’ve got to touch up with it and firm up a couple appointments here, while I’m in Vegas, I’m here for three days, be staying here at Mandalay.
I stayed here last night.

I’ll stay here tonight also a couple events.
I won’t be leaving till late tomorrow, probably get home till really late Wednesday night Thursday morning.
So if you are in Vegas, you want to connect reach out.

I am pretty stacked and packed, but that’s what I love about living in st.
George Utah is been and a half two hours from Vegas and since we don’t have anything else, Luke Munsell glad to have you.
I appreciate everyone was who was here.

I appreciate everyone who showed some love who engaged.
I appreciate everyone who shared this.
I appreciate everyone who invited people.

I appreciate all of you and all you do.
This will be the last livestream before Christmas.
So I wish you all a Merry Christmas to all my my Jewish friends, a Happy Hanukkah, merry Kwanzaa, but Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays to all of you and yours and we will get one more livestream in before the end of the year.

You are welcome, Angela, and, as always, I think, all of you, I believe we have the best live stream in the nation.

Remember getting ready for big things next year with the live streams, but as always, go out and conquer you conquer today and conquer what you chase.
No Walsh live from Las Vegas out.

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