Are You in Sales Simply for the Money, or for a Career?

Hello, everyone and welcome to conquer today.

What I wanted to talk about on today’s episode on today’s message, for you to go to where you want to grow, is we’re going to make this a Thursday’s thirst for knowledge and on this Thursday’s thirst for knowledge? What I want to ask you is: are you in sales to make a paycheck, or are you instills to create a career? Looking at my last two videos, I talked about how make a customer not a sale and how we never want to jeopardize our integrity and that led into today’s video, this Thursday’s thirst for knowledge, which is, are you insane? Are you in business to make money or to create a career because to create a career lies off the last two videos that I did in this series and that is create a customer, not look for a sale and always keep your integrity, never lose your integrity.
Always be integral.
These are all things that I’ve talked with conquer you and when we’re just in it for the money, it shows to our employer, to our co-workers, to our family and friends to our customers, most importantly and everyone else that we are surrounded by.

But when we’re in thanks for the right reasons and we’re looking to create turn customers into clients, that’s where we truly become successful in sales.
That’s what we can truly feed off repeat and referral business along with new customers, and it doesn’t necessarily mean that we have to choose an industry and stick with it forever, but it means whenever one sales, no matter what we’re selling we strive to become better.
We strive to learn how to serve the customer.

We strive to learn how to create a client and from there, when the right opportunities come up.
If they’re right for us in our skill level and a girl that we’ve achieved our new capacities, that it’s a good time for us to move to the next level.
But ask yourself, are you insane, are you in business just to make money or to make customers and clients once again, always in forever? No walls go out and conquer today, .

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