Are you a Victor or a Victim

What’s up Facebook world live stream, knoll wall shear! Sorry, I’m a little late.

I said i would be six thirty eastern time closer to six.
Forty had to run the kids around get suited up, get showered up all that after working out making calls all day trying to help people achieve their dreams, gunslinger in the house, conquer what you chase.

But what i wanted to talk about today is the video i did yesterday that was poor lighting.

I got very few views or engagement, but about the mindset we want to take on if we want to be a victor, a winner or a victim in a loser – and I talked about this yesterday, but a victor comes up with ways to do things.
I talked to Chad, win I’ve been texting them all day.
I talked with them for 40 minutes last night that you might as well.

I posted that, but I talked with him and the guy just wants to learn more knowledge.
She wants to learn from somebody who did it.

He did sixty two cars, my bestest 37.

I never did close to 62.
I’ve never seen 62 in person ever I’ve heard talks of people who are doing 40.
50 60 cars a month.

My owner varsity Ford, was known to have done 70 cars back in his heyday in the 70s, but my best was 30-some.
That was the best month.
They ever saw they’re in very few times that people crack the 30 mark and we could come up with excuses.

Like well, that’s because we did everything from front and repairing the phones signing up the deals to all these other things that we did a varsity for which I love, because it gave me the knowledge of what it’s like to work.
All the different departments – and I mean you’re talking about working from the entry line departments to the High Line departments.
You know closing presenting figures, putting my own numbers together and all that.

But I talked to Chad Linn and the guys just thirsty for knowledge and he’s shared some things he was.
He was thinking about doing and sure enough.

He implemented them right away.

So I mean that’s something that a victor a winner does.
Is there like? I’m doing great, you know I did 62 in February.
I did 40 something in March and he was having a tough day.

We talked back and forth.
He did five cars yesterday and I appreciate the props for that Chad.
Thank you very much, but um.

You know now he’s a 27 or thereabouts –, and he wants to get back to that 62, that some of ick tur does a winner does um a victim could be like.

Well, when I did 62, you know we had these good programs or we had all this used car inventory, and now we don’t so it’s not my fault.
I can’t do it it’s impossible.

It won’t work out that that’s that’s dialogue of a victim.
Another example is, I talked to to Brady for today and thank you for everything.

Braiding always always nice to chat with you and and he’s got some stuff going on like we always we all do and he’s having a tough month, but yet he’s his attitude still up and he’s still trying.

You know, he’s still trying different things.
He wants to gain more knowledge, he’s still hungry and thirsty for more knowledge and he’s not going about it as either is well.
You know, I’m not getting enough.

Ups, I’m not getting any response from the male’s, I’m signing up from the mailers, I’m sending out the mail, I’m setting out I’m not getting a response from this he’s just like.
Well, you know I’m trying this and I just reiterated, like I did on my live video when I was taking the kids to get the slushie, we want a little jeep ride, but that it doesn’t happen overnight.
You can talk to the best in the business and they can give you their pointers, their nuggets, their knowledge, but very rare.

Does somebody like Chad, Linn get to the numbers are at right away or a Chris Google who, who was selling three cars and he got there quick and they changed dealerships in three months? He got back up to 30.
Very rarely are we able to see these results and when we talked to people who get those results, we want to find out how they did it and then we want to implement it, but we can’t get frustrated when we don’t get the same success instantly.
Okay, so we’ve got it.

We’ve got to stick with it.
If it worked for somebody else, it will work for us everybody’s markets different, but it’s the same.
You know I always nice to sell forward and it’s a plan marketing everybody says: oh a plan, everybody gets a plan, it’s a it’s a set price.

How easy is that? Well, there’s a lot of set price stores now anyways, but they’re still interest rate they’re.
Still trade to haggle about there’s still people want you to pay three payments on their lease and when you have the a plan rules you can’t play with with any eat payments and stuff like that that people do at stores.
So I mean we all have the same parameters that were working on.

We all have customers yeah in the Northeast.

They might be different than the Southwest different than the Midwest different than the west coast.
Of course they are, but it’s all on how you attract the customer, how you engage the customer and really how you how you treat the customer when you get them in front of you in the presence you create – and these are things that winners do these.

Are things that Victor’s do and that’s why they’re always on top and that’s why the victims? It’s easy for the victims to attack the victors, because it’s easier to say how somebody’s is lucky for somebody.
If they get all house deals are all bones because they aren’t doing it, but some of the most bones I’ve seen are the people who kiss the most tail and they were never big producers or big winners or big victors.
But they just did that and they were the ones complaining, the most that that somebody else was getting something like they were entitled to it.

That’s the mentality of a victim, nessa mentality of a loser.
You know what you got to do every day that you step into the office you step into the dealership.
You step into your cubicle, you step into your desk.

Whatever the case may be at your dealership is: go in and get ready to play, get ready to win, get ready to be a victor to be victorious, get ready to serve your customers, because people really know if you care about them and if you really want To take care of their needs, you know, I see people all the time that oh yeah, I always flip into the car with the most gross.
You know that’s good in a sense, but people can tell when you keep trying to sell them, something if they want something wouldn’t rather have a deal in an hour and a half with a happy customer son on what they want.
Might not be the greatest commission.

For that, but the vehicle needed to go rather than trying to spend four and a half hours, push them into something, and then they go home to think about it.
And then they end up buying the vehicle that they wanted to buy from you in an hour and a half of your competitor, you just wasted four and a half hours so use your time wisely.
Use your time like a victor use, your time like a winner.

Don’t use your time like a victim like a loser, no matter what attitude is altitude always keep your attitude up, always keep that up a winner always reach out to people who are winning.
I mean if anybody reaches out to me I’ll, be on threads.

I’m mountain time, so most people are too well.
That’s why I always go by Easter time, I’m going to mountain time, and so I’m usually two hours earlier, but i’ll be on threads at 1130-12 o’clock.
My time these people are on the East Coast, central time it 12 in the morning and they’re trying to pick my brain, and you know what.

If the kids are in bed and my wife’s asleep, and I’m just going to watch TV or read a book anyways like I’ll, get more content talking to them, I’ll get more value talking to them.
So I just talked to a guy today who I used to work with Tom Lagaan, and he said you know I missed sitting by an old walls from that and believe me I was I was cocky i mean i was.
I was good and i was that victor, who was who was getting attacked by the victims a lot.

So it gave me kind of a bad attitude and kind of put me in that funnel mode, which is important in certain cases.
But it is good to share and that’s why I got into the sales training end and the coaching end and the consulting end is.
I want to share what I have I love getting on stage and speaking about how i did it and I always throw out the numbers I made and I’ve even used that my advertisements and I’ve had some feedback that people say.

Oh, that sucks, you that’s arrogant, and it is not because that’s how I took myself to the next level is believe me if i was working in expressway forward expressly chevrolet with Chad, Linn who’s doing 62 or curtsied who’s doing 42 doing three, you something average on A regular basis like I would feed off them.
That would give me the competition to take it to the next level.
You know, and that’s what you want.

You want that Victor mentality, that you want to be surrounded by those people and when somebody comes in and beats you that’s a great thing.
I loved about Kurt and talking to chad is Kirk’s like yeah.
They reopen my eyes like use at the top.

He was complacent you as comfortable, but it took them back on the focus at hey yeah.
I created this residual repeat, referral business so now at times, i’m not sure how well i am talking to fresh fresh ups and we don’t want to deal with it with the hassle of fresh ops.
You know looking you up and down and this and that and because, when you have a referral or repeat they come in and you’ve already got the reputation built out there that you don’t have to work on building a reputation.

They know who you are.
They trust you, they know what you do, they know you’re a professional.
So how do I want to end? This is just if you want to live life.

You want to do everything you want in life.
You want to get the family, your family, the life.

They deserve have the mentality of a victor of a winner.

Okay, when things aren’t going your way, talk to somebody or find out or go back to the basics of how you can get back to that level, and don’t ever be that victim that losing mentality, this their fault is their fault, it’s their fault.
I can’t do it here because we had a rainy day.

We got a foot of snow, we have cold winters, we have this.
We have that it’s out there for the taking gunslinger out conquer what you chase.


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