Approaching the Speaking Situation Brandon Hardison

Good morning, Brandon Hardison, I hope everyone’s having a tremendous day.

We want to talk about speakers who are maybe new gentlemen and many times.
I know we’ve been stressing on people that have specific audience know exactly what they’re doing, how to use this new tool, because they can’t be in front of the room.
But let’s go back further.

If you can remember the first time that you had an opportunity to speak, whether you were in public school college business for the first time, so I wanted to talk about approaching this speaking situation.

Somebody tells you you’re going to give a speech.
So our first thing is that well I know I need to communicate this content that we’ve talked about before so putting things on paper and writing.

It is good if you’re trying to address an audience that way, but when it comes to front of the room public speaking, it differs from the written communication in the audience because now they’re looking at you to drive home that point that they’re looking for.
So knowing your audience is very important, so, if you’re out there – and you know that you have to give the speech one of the things you need to find out who who’s my audience, what qualities are relevant, in other words, what specifically do they want me to Talk about so, let’s just deal with that, so who are they? If we find out if it’s just a general audience, then we really can’t laser in on exactly what we need to do.
Your content needs to be tailored just at a 30,000 foot.

You this way.
Everybody can get a chance again, understanding and many times may become too their conclusion about what you are saying, especially if you have some type of reference or footnotes that you want to send them to now.
Second thing: are there any qualities that are relevant to that group? That you’re talking to, because that’s where now value, where knowledge of who you are standing in front of them, can come into play tremendously, whether they’re rich poor, male female? Whether it’s anything, let me find out the quality, so maybe I can just take something: don’t have to be a lot from my content, where I can laser focus where this audience that I’m in front of can say that was pretty good for his first time.

That’s not bad other thing that we need to look at is the occasion.
Why are you doing this speech? Is it the first day of school? Let’s say for these middle scores coming in and the administration brought you in to maybe motivate them through some thought and idea of what the year may be, especially if there’s no brick and mortar and you’re using one of these devices.
How can you get your idea across? Is it a business situation and if it it is specifically where’s their vertical? Is it in sales? Is it end marketing? Is it end digital? We need to find out the audience.

If you can do that, you’ll be in great shape and please I don’t want to leave out the purpose or what is their marching orders after you deliver the speech, the purpose I want to accomplish something with you collectively, together, whether it’s a general or specific and Give them something that they can walk away with and feel good about what you said to them, because now they’re going to be doing some additional research on that particular matter.

When we speak of people that go in front of audience, public speaking in front of the room, it is a different game, not that hard, but I always emphasize the practice.
So if you’re brand new, just some food for thought, don’t be afraid just find out immediately about the purpose about the audience, is a general specific.

Is there anything in common? Is there anything particular that they want me to drill down on the sooner you can do those things believe me, the other things will come, which we will talk about more once again, Brandon artisan champion strategies, glad you can be up for this session and what we Want to do is just tell you, as always in parting, you go out and make a champion .

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