Always Talk Positive About Co- Workers, Service, & Current Times

Another thing that we always want to do when we’re around customers always talk positive about everything in this building right everything in this building hey, I have the best co-workers, see my partner, Stephanie she’s, the best right.
We have the best service department.
We have the best body shop with brand new technology and paint booths, and all these different things, the President’s Award – that’s not an easy award to win people put their thing on that.

All the time now we’ve been the recipient of the president award X amount of times.
Thank you one.
What like 14 to 17 or something like that and then a couple other times.

I was looking at the placards up there, but we’ve won the President’s Award.
Well, what is the president’s award? They don’t know, explain that to them right.
That gives you the opportunity, because you’re not just data dropping on them, because no one likes to be data dropped on but you’re talking about hey, we won the President’s Award seven times.

We want it five years in a row, ABCD peak their interest.
Well, what is the president’s award? Well, it’s based on sales service right customer experience, customer feedback – you know numbers different things of that nature.
Put your put your your weight on that and use that as a benefit.

Also, you guys have have a great reputation.
You have good Google reviews, you have a good online reputation right, so you know there’s that famous line they came up with like seven years ago.

Google me, you know so, but just say hey, you know, look at our reviews.

Let me show you some of our reviews.
Let me show you some of my surveys right and some people have like what they call an evidence manual.
I didn’t have one, but those are sometimes powerful, where you’ll actually have printed off.

Surveys and you’ll have thank-you cards that your customers sent you but different things like that, but but put your basis on that.

You .

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