Always Ask for Referrals

when you call people always ask for referrals, you know household, if they’re active in their church if they’re on a bowling league softball league book club, whatever the case is right, touch base on that hey by the way you know any game.

Do you know anybody else in your neighborhood that might be interested my sales training, you know or whatever you’re active of right, hey gay? By the way, do you know anybody any other parents on your son’s lacrosse team that might be interested in my sales training now, at the very least, you’re pinpointing it? That doesn’t mean that’s where the referral needs to come from, but if you’re like by the way, who do you know looking for a vehicle they’re like every name, is going through their head right? If you pinpoint it they’re, like you know what Chuck at work was talking about, he was interested in getting a new truck tours his wife’s sick of her minivan, and she wants to get an SUV because the kids are out of the house right so pinpoint that Ask for a referral referrals, you know garyvee, you guys all know who Gary Vee is yeah yeah, so you know give give give take right.
So when we continue to give we put ourselves in position to ask right to ask for a referral.
Ask for surveys.

Ask for reviews and stay in contact because, most importantly, as I say, the profits in the presentation, the futures in the follow-up .

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