All Customers are NOT created equal! Auto Sales Follow Up & Walk Around Learning Short Cuts

A real big way to be successful in this business.

There’s there’s several, but one of the key areas is your choice of customization and what I mean by that is that all customers aren’t created equal, and I know that sounds counterintuitive, but they’re.
Not so if you got walking customers, that’s about a 10 to 20 percent closing ratio, so 80 percent of the time, if you’re, lucky you’re gon na fail when they walk in right now they could be a be back later and that’s what your goal would be Is to turn into a B back, then you get your repeats they’re about a 70 75 percent closing ratio, sometimes even a little matter.
You’ve got ta, be back switch if you can convince somebody to come back.

That’s about a 60 70 percent closing rate.
33 percent of the customers will come back with a good, follow up program.

So that’s the reason why the others are so crazy about trying to do something.
Why they’re here? Because, even if you do a great job following up the statistics say only 33 percent come back, but the good news is again.
If you say waited on three to four people in a week for five days, you would have three or four people, and it’s gon na give you about, let’s say, give or take twelve customers, and this is by no means you can wait on a lot more.

I’m just kidding you give me like maybe some low averages but and also making it easy.

Somebody’s mouth gets easy.
So if you’re, if you’re selling, so you got 12 customers, you waited on for that five day period.

You sell to all the fresh customers, however, is the thing if you followed every single one of those 10 people that thing by three points, we will come back right.
That’s why use 10 three point: three will come back, and that means it’s when you come back and it’s 67 percent means we’re gon na buy.
So now you get to sales.

That way.
Excuse me for sales that way to the end of refresh and to their word events and that’s just off the be back, so that would give you what 16 sales in a month.
So the point is is following up is imperative and it’s it’s a skill.

As we all know, I mean I can call you up anything that okay well, I’m here for you, we got another card, I mean you have to have some finesse about that.
You have.
There’s a fine line between being persistence and pushy, and that’s what the good salespeople are able to do is to be persistent so that be a big hunk of your day prospecting for those repeats for referrals and, of course, the repeats and referrals are even higher.

Closing ratios it referrals about 65 to 70 percent.
So again, it’s still a really good.
It’s a really good way to go, and it’s not that hard.

There’s a there’s a five-step deal that you can do.
That’s easy! You can do when you’re at a party.
You can do it when you’re with friends.

You can do it at a softball game that you’re with your kids and and say you know, hey you know, is it the dealership and, and you know, you’re sitting there talking makeovers with them.
You know what could you indulge me? They want us to do this informal marketing survey and I just want to it’s kind of knowing how many people have a car is event.
So let me ask you how many vehicles to base everything – Oh two of them, and how many drivers me having the family? Oh, it’s going to be three here in a couple of months: okay, so of the drivers from the family who’s the next line for any vehicle.

It’s the son, that’s going to turn 16 in three months.
I get any getting so now when he is in the market.
Three months, it’s gon na be leaning towards maybe newer.

You used okay, so like a quality, new new door, kind of low mileage, nice running used vehicle, yeah, okay, we’re gon na hate.
It was hardly ever staying when that the order would stand the dealership, cuz everybody’s looking for those.
So let me ask you if I would happen to find one in a month or so should I go ahead and call you and tell you about it or should I just wait till the three month mark, like you asked me, okay, well, I’ll, give you two.

The point, if its new you just all when it gets a little bit closer you’re, probably gon na want some information is okay.
If I call you a month or two out, maybe put you on my email newsletter, send you some some links to some information and some online brochures.
So it’s really not! That hard is, I think, five or six questions you ask me anyway, you can do it anywhere.

It’s a shame that people aren’t doing this more often because again, you’re walking around with your your middle stuff on your dealership type of stuff on.
So that’s a way, and you can pick you pick up three four of those a week and put those into the bank and then over time that’s going to build and then now you’re bringing in customers that, like you, trust and respect you and then obviously over Time you’ll have a past customer, so that’s one thing you’re doing is prospecting you’re on the phone you’re singing out, mails emails, taxes, Otis! Thank You thing.
The other thing that you want to do to be successful and you would be going throughout the day – is product knowledge at least 20 minutes of product knowledge.

Today, it’s not that hard spend 20 minutes a day.
You figure, if you did that five days a week, 20 minutes you concentrate on what I was prescribed, concentrate on one vehicle for the week.

This is empower week, and so you concentrate on that vehicle.

You culminate it have the guts to culminate it with a walk around in front of a couple of your peers.
Take some people that get along well with and they’re saying it’s go out here and critique me and that’s going to be your hardest critics.
We need your peers, here’s the reason why you want to be good, then 80 % of the selling is done during the presentation and demonstration things.

That’s when you’re putting it up on the pedestal.
That’s really what the customer needs information.
I know they read about it, but that’s when they get emotional and excited they need you as much for the pricing information anymore.

They already got a pretty good idea what they wan na buy it, for they need you to be able to help put that on its pedestal and hope you get excited and emotional about it, whether they know it or not.
We buy on emotion, we get excited on emotion, to purchase something, and then we close ourselves.
Logically, we close ourself logically and that’s just the way it is, and sometimes you need somebody to give you a push.

I’d be one.
I’ve got one of those thresholds that I just don’t like spending money that much so I need some time that person to remind me what that Hey look.
You work hard, you’re gon na be driving to work in this every day.

It’s gon na make, you feel better.
You said you’re starting, you know business.
You want to pull up in front of a dealership and a wrecked vehicle right so to make you feel, like a million bucks, and it’s probably going to end up coming back to you in attitude and help you that much more when they’re sitting there talking to The dealer talking to them about doing your training, so sometimes you just need that type of person to help you so 20 minutes minimally a day when you rest your day is going to be spent working on skills.

So I said earlier that people don’t another 20 minutes on skills, so I said earlier that sometimes people leave and you got to try to turn them into be backs and the only 33 % will come back.
So you want to be able to come up with a way to overcome.
We need to go think about.

It was the number one objections you hear.

Reflux objection is, I want to think about it.

Another one 80 % of the selling is done during that phase.

Wouldn’t it make sense to do it? .

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