Ali Reda Accepting His NAPS Award from Ben Gay III

Hello, everyone and welcome to tonight’s Facebook, live sales, training presentation with myself, Knoll Walsh and very special guest Ben Gay and the world record holder mr.

Ali Amrita, who, if you have had the opportunity to know more about either these gentlemen, but especially the crown champion tonight.
Ali Rita, who sold 1582 cars last year, breaking a 44 year old record, which, after I heard about this, I I hadn’t really ever heard of Ali.

And after I heard about this, I was compelled to reach out to ollie and and want to happen as a guest on my show and Ollie.
And I became friends and we reached out to each other at certain times.
Like good friends do of good times and tough times, and all he had known that, I had had the opportunity to speak with Jo Gerard and I actually tried to set the two gentlemen up for up for a formal meeting kind of the passing of the torch, Which Ollie and I and many others thought would be a great idea and along the way, was applying for the biggest Book of World Records record, which he beat by 157 vehicles and a hundred and at least 100 new vehicles and along the way he faced much Resistance from the previous champion, which, therefore along my relationship with Ben Gay, I realized that Ben Gay was in charge in one of the creators of naps.

The National Association of Professional salespeople and I kind of brought this story to Ben.
And we realized in been kind of gave me some different ideas, and I realized that I wanted to nominate Ali Rita after the world record-setting year, where mr.
Rita sold fifteen hundred and eighty-two vehicles in 2017.

Breaking a 44 year old record of fourteen hundred and twenty five vehicles sold by another great Joe Gerrard, who all of us look, and I would like to nominate this evening.
Ali Rita, his naps top automotive sales person in the history of the automotive industry.

As of 2018, I believe Ali deserves recognition for his continued growth and commitment to accomplishments such as a with accomplish such a feat.
All these started selling cars in 2001, after working in a machine shop and growing up in inner city.
Detroit Ali, like most salespeople, started from the ground and climb his way to the top by learning what it takes to be successful in sales.

Aldi has always been active in his community, true to his brand, and has compassion gratitude, a service mentality and love for each and every one of his clients.

His numbers are alone, world record numbers, but his humbleness and gratitude, I believe, separates him from the most high level producing sales professionals.

I think the nomination would honor Ali’s hard work and continue others to learn from his accomplishments in character.

I asked that bengay, you and Knapp’s accept this nomination and I would be honored in the future to award Ali with the plaque from naps in the future when Ali and I finally shake hands and break bread, and I’m gon na leave it to you.
I was waiting foul either say I accept I definitely you can tell I’m speechless man.
I am so speechless.

Just unbelievable! Well, tell you how obvious this is when I, the National Association, professional salespeople, I’ll call it naps from now on, naps has never given an all time award because, usually in an industry, you can’t prove who had the all time award.

You know you sold more chemicals than somebody else said who or whatever and but in your case it was certified.
I knew it I’d read about it.

No – and I had discussed it not in in this condition in this context, but when he sent me the nomination, my reaction was, of course.
Why didn’t I think of that? How obvious is that? So we have a little procedure.
We have to go through a board of directors who I got on the phone in within an hour of getting Noel’s message, got him on the phone and I said, here’s the deal read him then read them.

The nomination letter – and I said all in favor, say aye and I heard a bunch eyes.
I say all not in favor resign immediately it was.
There was no sound at all.

I mean this is just such a no-brainer.
I’m embarrassed that I didn’t think about it, because I read about all the hubbub and so on and taking nothing away from Joe Gerard.
A record that stands 44 years is to be admired and it was a different time, different era, different tools, you know whatever.

I understand that I didn’t like it when Arnold Palmer’s record started getting broken.
I was, and I know I knew Arnold Palmer.
I was normal Palmer fan and I hated Jack Nicklaus for breaking his records and I hope Tiger doesn’t break Jack’s.

Cuz jack has won me over, but time marches on, all records are to be broken and your record of 1582 cars will be broken.
Hopefully in my lifetime.
I hope to present that person with the plaque, although I have a creepy feeling, I’m gon na, be sending you your second one, because, if anyone’s gon na break it right in in the current immediate era, it’s you you’re you’re, not just the sales personality and a Fine person and so on, you’re a machine.

I was doing the math on it.
I know you don’t work seven days a week, but if you did, if my math is right, that’s the equivalent of selling four and a third cars a day seven day a week.
I think, but you only work what five yeah I am here.

Well, I am, I don’t, have the skill or the time to redo the math on that, but even that’s more astounding, but four and a third cars a week counting the two days a week times: 52 you’re.
Not there is just astounding and late got me to thinking.
I’ve set a few records along the way.

I’ve been number one in every organization I’ve ever been with, but looking back where the companies are still in business.
Many a mark because I’m old, but looking back every record I ever set – was broken and I don’t remember, being upset about it.
I wasn’t necessarily happy because I would have liked to have been the king of the hill forever everywhere I ever went, but that isn’t the way life works.

So I want to congratulate you on behalf of every money.
I don’t think you guys are aware this.
The National Association professional salespeople, when I formed it, the the board, said what are we gon na charge for dues? I said nothing, and I said what we may do as we go along is add services that people will pay for, and I haven’t really done that, although you can get an app’s plaque, signifying membership and so on, people buy those and they’re beautiful and framed and And so on, but I said all that to say this: we are probably the largest sales organization on the planet, if only because, unless you opt out you’re in people have never heard of naps have been members since the day they became salespeople – and I know I Don’t want to be receiving in the opt out, so I’m gon na assume that virtually every sales person, the United States and we have overseas international versions.

Everyone in the United States is on board and on behalf of all of them I’d say if I had a hat on, I would take it off to you.
What you’ve done is just astounding, I’m in awe of it.
I think on one anoles broadcast somebody mentioned the you’ve been number one everywhere you go, and I said I still would be anywhere I walk in.

I know what I’m I’m like.
The old western television show paladin have gun, will travel that was on his business card and you know I’m sort of like that have talent will travel, but I said I don’t believe in the automobile, but certainly in the beginning.
But if you give me a ten-year head start and a running start, maybe I could catch him, but it’s one of those I look at guy.

I can’t do that.
You know I just I just can’t, and so I admire you because I don’t say that to many people, usually I can say we could do this better.
Do that better and so on.

In your case, I haven’t seen a flaw and you, when you and I email or I see something from you – you know mentioned humble: it’s like I’m talking to a 22 year old, grateful brand new salesperson, most people who’ve accomplished what you’ve accomplished the chest is out And they’re strutting around like a bandy rooster and I just don’t see any of that.

I know you know you’re good, but I even I wonder if you know how good you really are.
I I’ve been in professional level, high level selling for 52 years.

I’ve never seen anybody set a record like that Zig and I went head to head numerous times and there’s an example.

What we did is so insignificant compared to four to fifteen hundred eighty-two cars.
I don’t remember the volume I did to beat him.

I don’t remember his volume and don’t care, we just had a friendly little contest and some nice prizes were handed out, but it wasn’t so memorable that I wrote it down and nobody gave me a plaque.
You are just really really something you deserve it and when you get the plaque I’ll leave this send it to Knohl who will bring it to you or I’ll, send it to you and then, when Noll gets there, you can take it down off the wall and He can present it formally, but he’s a senior member of naps.
I don’t know if you knew that.

No, I just made you a senior member and you’re as as the senior member of naps.

You are my official representative to present it so give us a little bit of your acceptance.
Speech Ali since you were gracious enough to say you would accept.

Yes, they definitely would accept and gosh I mean I am so humbled.

I can’t I’m speechless.
I mean I don’t know what to say.

I mean this has just been unbelievable.

This award is unbelievable.

The friendship that I’ve gained from the two of you has been just unbelievable and I would have never ever thought that I was setting out to get an award like this and to gain so many friends across our family nation.

You know, that’s been the probably the best part of this whole whole thing that I’ve been going through is is meeting so many wonderful people and and seeing how strong our auto family really is, and you know in a competitive world where everybody thinks we’re all competitive.
We’re not we’re not like that.
I mean everybody’s kind of you know, banding, together and and coming together as one and you know the funny thing is.

Is this year I had a completely different image of how things would go right.
I said: okay, I’m gon na set the record, we’re all excited and happy about it, and you know we thought the guiness thing was gon na go a certain way.
You know I I had this thing all planned out completely different than the way it did, and you know it goes back to saying that sometimes you think something is good for you and he turns out to be bad and sometimes something’s bad for you.

It turns out to be good and that exactly what happened, my image was, you know we get.
I meet mr.
Gerrard and – and you know I thank him for everything that he’s done because he set the pit he paved the way for guys like me to be where I am today, I mean there’s nothing being taken away from mr.

Nothing at all.
I look up to him as individual still, and you know I mean you know, I’m you know a little compassionate on the way he’s feeling and the things growing the way they’re all.

But that’s that’s, okay.
I think the way things worked out worked out to advantage for the whole industry.

I think, is kind.

I think it opened up some eyes to our industry and brought our our auto family together.
So you know this award, I mean to me means so much more than just just a plaque like you’re saying I’m gon na get a plaque and it didn’t mean so much more.
I mean it’s so heartfelt and it’s so touching and really it’s shared by everybody.

I mean this is inspiring.
I mean this is this is something that people can look up to and say you know hey.
If this guy did it, you know, I can do it and in the same way, I believe that Joe Girard in it – and I says, hey Joe Gerard – did it then I can learn the ways and and, like you said, people leave Clues all over the place And I picked up on some of those clues and I picked up on some of those ways and – and you know kind of got here and you know somebody is gon na break my record one day and I’m gon na be happy about that.

And I know where they came from what they had to do to get here so I’ll, embrace that you know and in you know, gosh guys, man I’m inspired by this.
It makes me not a better salesperson but a better person, and I was trying to do better and tried to do my part to help this industry get better and if it helps one person out there, you know believe their potential and believe what this business has To offer, then all of us did a great job, the your achievement, LEM, I’m sure you’re, aware of it to a degree, but it comes up in my life almost on a daily basis.
There and you’ve also you’re, like Cher and Frank, and I’m trying to think of a couple others where you’ve become known by one name, you don’t have to say Olly Reeder for people to or ally em readers for people.

If, if they’re anywhere near the automobile industry, you just say well, I alley said, and they go really what you know.
So you become a one name celebrity which is well yeah.
It can be, but you deserve it, and I hope you remember that I know you will, because it’s the type of man you are.

If it’s not you that breaks your record.
If not, then you’ll be the third one who breaks it again, but the graciousness that I know you will display when and if that happens.

But what you’ve really done is you’ve opened the eyes to so many salespeople, not just automobile salespeople as to what can be done.

You guys aren’t old enough to remember, but I remember when Roger Bannister Runner did the impossible.
He broke the four-minute mile, yeah yeah couldn’t be done, your heart would explode.
The human body won’t work that well you you just cannot you know, I would I expected his young boy to go to my grave with the four-minute mile.

Unbroken Roger Bannister broke it and then I, if some trivia expert, is out there.
Don’t call me on this, but shortly after it, John Landy broke it because he said David Bannister broke Roger Bannister.
He he realized, it could be done.

So he did it and now Johnny Weissmuller used to say.
Excuse me the Reverend Bob Richards, the Wheaties champion, used to say and now thirteen-year-old girls are doing it.
You know whatever I don’t know what the youngest is, but they’re, probably some places you can’t get a scholarship if you can’t break the four-minute mile, but it goes back.

Training nutrition times are different, but what it really goes back to is one person did something that couldn’t be done.
Everybody else said: whoa Wow.
If you told me that, because I didn’t remember how Joe did it really, I’ve heard him speak a couple of times, but it seemed to me like he had such a great year in a lucky year and all the stars fell in place.

They’re, probably that wouldn’t be broken, and then I started hearing it had been broken and in my career is he said it after I’ve been up and rolling for a few years, myself said it, and I thought that would stand forever.
Well, it stood for 44 years and that’s amazing, but you are the new record holder, you wear it well, we will get you your reward to hang on the wall and I’ll tell you something I will be but sort of reverse.
I will be bragging that our plaque is on your wall, one of one of the fun things about doing around.

As long as I’ve been around is when people say you know, dr.
Napoleon Hill.
Have you ever heard of? Yes, he worked for me, Zig Ziglar.

Have you ever heard of him? Yes, he worked for me in Earl, Nightingale yeah Earl worked for him.
He was the voice of our companies, so you’re now moving over into that category, who I will be able to say you know, I know, and it’s good to know some younger people it’ll be my getting offered a job.
I may send you ten dollars to make you an employee for a couple of seconds, so I can say: that’ll ele has worked for me done, but you you were just.

I don’t mean to belabor the point, but you were just really something you should be so proud years ago, when I started my little when I stepped into a phone booth to answer a one ad and discovered it was a rocket ship and it took off and Two years later I was president the largest MLM direct sales company on the planet at age 25, and I sometimes I’d get a little full of myself and my boss, the I don’t like that term, but he was my boss.
He was the owner of the company, William Penn Patrick one day, said in front of a pretty good-sized meeting.
I think my next goal is to have a glass cage built, big wagon, put it behind my car and drive it all over.

The United States and in shopping centers were gon na put bengay in the glass cage with a sign that says.
If he can do it, anyone can do it and I thought that was sort of insulting, but looking back it was or it was an accomplished accomplishment.
But that’s what you have done in the, in particular for everybody, but in particular in the automobile industry.

There are a bunch of young people and maybe even some old guys who are looking around readjusting their goals by by saying you know.
I hope my wife doesn’t find out that I Elise old 1582 cars and I’m struggling to sell 10 a month.
You know something to change which Nowell and I were talking about success, and you just mentioned its success.

I can’t talk tonight leaves Clues.
You know, and I know you have written stuff and I hope you will write more and record some stuff but leave the clues for the new people coming along because, as I said, you’re not just a salesperson, you are and that’s wonderful, but you are a selling Machine you have broken the code and others would, if I wouldn’t a young person, the automobile business.
Every time you looked out your showroom window you’d see my nose flat up against the glass and a notepad my hand.

I want to see how you walk, how you dress, how you conduct yourself, because it is replicatable, as you know, what you’ve done can be done by others, but they have to believe they can do it.
It starts right here.
It’s the art, you got ta believe you can do it.

You got ta believe in what’s possible and when I started believing and and really believe in what is possible things started changing.
Then then I became aware of everything else I became aware of my surroundings.
I became aware of how to improvement and how I can get there with every level.

I would believe, there’s there’s more and still today I’ll say here right now there is more and I believe, there’s and whether I do it or somebody else does it.
It’s gon na happen.
People are going to figure out a way to do things more efficient and faster, and I will leave clues and people will learn from me just as I learned from from people before me and I continuing to learn now.

But you know you got to believe when you start believing and really believing I don’t mean just going in there and saying okay.
Well, I’m doing tonight.
I know I can do 12.

No, you have to put it in place and put it in your heart, because I I sold those cars in my heart well before I sold them on paper.
I am yes, I am.
I am that’s right.

I am 100 %, and, and that’s when things started changing for me and it’s not, it might not happen overnight.
You got to be able to see down the road.
You got to be able to see that this is a career and not a job.

So your mindset has to be there and and of course it takes a lot of hard work.
I mean it’s not nobody’s gon na, do it for you, you can’t just show up and sit down and think people are gon na come in and you’re gon na get.
This done.

I mean you’ve got to put in the effort and you got to have the right mindset and but it, but it 100 %, starts with believing and in what’s possible, and you know it’s limitless in any profession, not just all those things, anything anything that you’re doing So that’s when things started changing for me and that’s.
You know and I still believe, there’s more real, quick.
I had a question for both these.

I don’t want to cut you off by any means, but you’re kind of leading into this question.
So I just wanted to ask you it and then get your feedback.
How would you how do you model someone like yourself? How would how would someone model themselves to be more like you, like, you learned a lot from Joe Gerard and, and you beat his record right.

If that record, wasn’t there, you wouldn’t really have something to aim for or go after and then once you just like you said all those things you had the mentality.
You got the mindset you found out what it takes, but what would you share with the sales person, young or old man or woman, how to model themselves to be like you and creates similar results, and that’s exactly what we were just talking about.

So I started believing in myself and I started believing in what what’s possible and I said you know: I’m gon na go out there and I’m gon na.

Do it and I’m gon na put in the time and I’m gon na, put in the effort and I’m gon na learn from the people before me, and I’m gon na continue to learn every day.
You don’t know with what social media and we got everything at our fingertips.
I mean when I started in 2001.

It wasn’t as easy.
It is today.
You need to people need to educate themselves on how to become better.

You know you should be self-motivated, you know I’m motivated, because I want to be better and I want to do better, and you know my Y’s are my family and being successful, and people need to kind of write that down and realize you know doing things and What they’re doing it for what their goals are? You know and then just learning you know I mean you know, let’s, let’s face it without George or aren’t paving the way you know.
Maybe none of this is possible.
Nobody looks at it without Bannister running their four-minute mile.

Nobody else is gon na look at it.
So you know educating yourself these days now is so easy, but again you got ta go and do the work.
I mean nobody’s gon na.

Do it for you so that you know it’s it’s to placate Omo I mean I’m not doing anything special.
I don’t have a special handshake, I’m not doing it.
You know I actually rarely shake anybody’s in.

I actually read them all with huts, so it’s it’s just where things are a little bit easier for me because of because of the business that I built, but I built it on on doing the right thing.
I built it from my heart and you know compassion, and you know that’s all I do man I sell from my heart and I let everything else kind of just just law into place and I think that’s what you just kind of learn.
One of the things I say – and I think you’ve done this – whether you knew it or not, or whether you agree with the exact percentage, what I teach in seminars, that 85 % of all problems and selling go away.

When you sell a quality product that is competitively priced, I don’t have to be the cheapest but competitively priced and spend your days talking to qualified people and then get your morals in order.

The the motto of the closer’s book, the point of it when you get to the end and on the naps membership plaque, is some tercius, which is the tag end of a Latin phrase, meaning my God is first, the other fellow is second, I am third and When you get that lined up, I found it did work.
I had to fake it in the beginning, because I didn’t really believe the first two were ahead of me, but after I’ve sort of slipped into it and understood what was going on and saw the results right, we’ve talked about breakthroughs and thinking.

I’ve given 5,000 paid over this best, I can figure, it may be 6,000, but over 5,000 paid appearances, not counting all the free ones in the work I’ve done on volunteer basis and prisons.
Those don’t count, here’s how it started.
I got up and did six hours of sales training for the cosmetic company.

I worked for one day.
Zig came in and did an hour.
He was 18 years older than I was, but we joined the same company on the same day.

I walked off.
Exhausted Zig walked off just fine, he told biscuits, fleas and pump handles and all his classic stories worked.
An hour walked off.

While I’m talking to somebody.
I look back in the back of the room, and I saw Zig talking to my sponsor and his sponsor bill.
Dempsey and I saw bill reach into his pocket, pull out an envelope and hand it to Zig and that wasn’t how we got paid in the company.

So that seemed a little odd to me and they had known each other any longer than I’d known both of them.
So, on the way out, there was a coffee shop in the building I’ve sort of caught up with Zig, I said: Zig we haven’t had a chance to talk.
Let me buy you a cup of coffee and he said fine.

We sat down, I said Zig just to keep bill honest.
How much did he pay you taking the chance that that was a check in the envelope bill said? Well, I don’t know and he opened it up.
He said you know $ 300.

That’s what we agreed to, what do you pay you, and I said oh yeah the same I didn’t know and told that instant you could get paid for talking did not know, and I had just given not counting charity work.
I had just given my last free talk: I’ve been paid for five thousand over five thousand, since it’s the thing when you said when I sold my first car when I first achieved a little success when I first found out, it could be done.
I’ve been talking since I was born and I saw a $ 300 check exchange and I thought for talking.

I just talked for six hours.
You know what does that get me nothing, but it did the next week when bill said you want to do a sales meeting for everybody that was free.
I was working my organ and say yeah I said I said yeah same deal to Zig.

He said sure.
Yes, you got ta, be aware, hey you got ta pay attention.
Look around! You yeah.

You know, you know a lot of times.
You know, I say I say I’m aware of things and when I started becoming aware of my surroundings and started becoming aware of people’s position that are sitting in front of me and showing that compassion towards them and being aware of their life and not mine.
Because they’re there to see me and they’re asking me for help, and I put them first and I’m aware of where they’re coming from and where they’re going and I’m asking the right questions to figure out things.

There wasn’t any reason why people would want to leave.
There wasn’t any reason for the plan for me because, like you said everybody has the same cars and it’s competitive pricing I mean it’s all laid out there, so I have to say Malibu’s everybody else around Tom, but I’m paying attention I’m being aware of their lifestyle.
I’m being aware of what happened to them today and what happens to them two, three, four or five years from now and I’m looking at the long long term, I’m not looking at selling the one car you know and and that’s how kind of the industry has Taught us from the beginning: it is it’s a one-night stand, you know, go, get another one and go get another one.

You know I figured you know.
Why am I going to keep getting other ones if I could just get them to keep coming back and and I’m friends and their friends their family looked at one person as one person, because I knew the potential of what this person can do for my business And that’s how I started growing in and you know, and I’m not meeting the people for referrals.
Believe I don’t even ask for him.

I don’t say to them: hey, you know, give me a list of 20 people that you know want to buy cars, and I want them to naturally go out there and tell a story to somebody at a family function and say you know just to tell the Story, naturally, from their heart, and then people are going to be intrigued by that they’re gon na want to come and see you cuz, everyone see a you know they got to see.
You know feel this experience that somebody else is trying to explain to them, and you know year over year it doesn’t happen overnight.
Like you said it’s not a fluke year, it doesn’t happen one year.

You know I mean this is 17 years in the making.
You know the longer you’re in the business, the better you should do here every year and reach critical mass yeah yeah, and you know you look back in 2016, I mean I sold thirteen hundred and twenty-five cars, so you know, and year before that was twelve hundred And the year before, that was eleven hundred, so you’re almost further they’re, not ways of improving.
And how can I be better, and you know, how can how can it grow and you know we just been very blessed and – and it’s all started with believing and putting the customer first and you know being aware you’ll be aware of everything that goes on around You Andrew Carnegie, said no Dale Carnegie, I’m so I got my Carnegie’s mixed up in.

I think it was in how to win friends and influence people or in a speech or something he said, everyone you meet as a sign hanging around their neck.
That says, make me feel important and I literally whether it’s a waitress or a cab driver or any.
But when I meet somebody I start looking for things to compliment.

We were in a restaurant, the other night table of eight.
I think mainly women who all loved each other and they were laughing and giggling.
I had two husbands with him.

Two two of them had husbands with him and when they got up to leave, we kidded with him.
I I’m never in the same room with somebody.
I don’t say something to kidded with him a little bit and as they went to leave one oven when the ladies grabbed my hand, she said it’s so much fun.

Talking to someone like you and me, and I said well, we were Gigi and I were just talking about you guys.

The positive vibes coming out of that crowd by this time about half the ladies and the men were out on the sidewalk, the the positive vibes that came from your table.
You guys are really something special.

I meant word of it, but not too many years ago.
I wouldn’t have said it would have thought it, but I wouldn’t have gone out of my way to make her feel important.
Hug just went out I’m seeing out on the sidewalk talking among themselves and about half of them turned and came back into the restaurant.

To thank us and say you know it’s Saturday night and I was thinking at the time darn.
I wish I had something to sell them.
You know I’ve won them over hi and I got him in that.

I got him in the tent.
I just need something to sell them.
Gigi taught me that we’ve been I’ve known each other for 42 years, but I was clever enough to marry her a little over 20 years ago and people would say to me hey.

How are you doing today, and I would tell him how it was I’ve been I’m been gay I’ve been asked how I was and been at the front of the room for years.
You know so I tell him and when I finished there’d be a little awkward silence into which Gigi would say.
Well, how are you doing and I think oh yeah, I guess that would be the logical follow-up yeah.

Did you have a nice weekend yeah? I had a great weekend when he went there went there and then back to business and Gigi says how was your weekend yeah.
It’s amazing the conversations you can have when you don’t have motives and you’re not trying to sell anything yeah open.

Then I do it with with waitstaff all the time, because you know that that’s a perfect time to kind of get to know people and when you walk into a place you’re making a presence.

You know, that’s not anything, I’m just making a presence, and you know if you frequent the same place time and time again.
You know a lot of people know what yours is in.
The old show cheers where everybody kind of knew and that’s the type of environment that we’re creating anywhere.

We go it’s because you are being friendly and you’re.
Not you don’t have a motive you’re not trying to sell anything.
It’s genuine and and and those people felt they’re from you for sure, and all those people that you’re talking about the waitstaff and so on and those people at that table.

They all in your case, all have an automobile and they will all replace that automobile and they all have friends.
So why not act like that? Asked me that day about networking they said.
Do you? Do you go to networking events anymore? Well, the truth is I’ve.

Never been to one where you go in, have coffee and swap business cards, I I’m not anti it did.
I live in a small town if they have them.
No one’s told me about them, but my answer to her was everywhere.

I go.
Is networking right walking a restaurant? It’s okay! I don’t mean in egotistical II, I’m not this obvious, but sort of tada Ben gays.
Here yeah, let’s start kidding and talking, and how are you and what a beautiful dress and short women? I always say you know you’re way way way way younger, but you’re, the exact height of my mother, for it to prove it.

I can put my hand out like this, and it fits on top of your head, which is the way it is in every family picture when my mother was alive and they laugh and carry on now.
I’m gon na start carrying your cards and I said well now that you love me: do you want a car I’ve got a friend named Allie you’ll have to go to Detroit or he’ll ship it to you.
You know in there may be people watching this.

No and I’m sorry that Ellie and I’ve sort of stolen your show it’s it’s unbelievable.

When two guests take control from the host, I feel feel like he’s Johnny Carson sitting on the sofa and nobody’s paying me I’ve sitting on the chair nobody’s paid any attention to him.
If you feel the need to leave or something just have Sarah sit in your chair anyway, what I say was there are probably people watching this show because lord knows Knoll has heiped it and I’ve shared it.

Whenever I saw it come up saying to themselves and in whoever you are listen to bengay carefully you, you may be saying to yourself, but they haven’t taught me how to say this when say that they haven’t taught me out over overcome this objection.
They haven’t done this, and, and how do I wrestle them to the ground and get their wallet and and get their money and get the five referrals and get them to give me their church registry to use for referrals and so on? When are you and give me something specific, I once to the seminar a lady came up to me at the end of the seminars eight hours and she said you can give me anything to write down.
That’s what you’ve got to be kidding me, so I gave her a free book.

I said here’s 300 pages of stuff.
So now you can pretend like you have notes.

She said well I’d like to ask you some questions.

I said no.
I just talked for eight hours: here’s a free book go away, and so he says I can’t believe you said that to her.
I said I’m tired and she needed to hear the truth.

She was an idiot there’s older they’re, looking for the secret word, yeah they’re.
Looking for the secret of the magic clothes, the magic, this, the secret handshake and so on, so what I’m saying to those people watching tonight if you’ve been listening to Ally, talk, you’ve, gotten a tremendous sales, listen lesson and it doesn’t involve.
They said this.

You say this: they said this and so on it’s nice to have those skills.
We don’t have those skills you might be in trouble.

Has those he’s probably forgotten more about selling than most of us know, but that’s not the issue.
The skills will get you to third place in your dealership, the the set skills.
You say this.

I say that might get you into the top 5,000 automobile sales people in the United States.
They will not get you to number one.
You will not take Ally’s title away from him until you learn what ally has been talking about which, in my humble opinion, Ally and no it’s easier to do what we’re talking about then memorize 800 things you know to be a decent.

I say to people: have you ever been to a wedding yeah? Did you behave up to the reception anyway? Did you behave? Yes, how do you treat the bride, blah blah blah? That’s how you prosper wanted to be treated.
Have you ever been to a funeral how’d? You treat the widow well graciously and nice and that that’s how your prospects one.
So we know you can do it.

You just think selling is something entirely different and it’s not right right, yeah.
When you stop selling and start helping people and don’t have that motive, then you’re gon na grow them and your business isn’t growing.
You’re not gon na sound like the last ten people, because yeah the industry is teaching us to go to the 12 steps of the sale and go back and say this, and the last 10 people told them that already and it’s people are tired of that.

So when they find somebody that’s just speaking normal and and using their own language and their to help them, it’s refreshing.
When people see that I mean I get it on the phone, I get people calling me for the first time on the phone and I’m talking to him.
It’s as if I’ve known him forever, because that’s the way I haven’t talked and and on the phone to tell me.

Well, you know you don’t sound like a salesperson, I don’t even know what that means right.
Then they come in and they’re the ice is broken.

There’s no defense mechanism, there’s no barrier that I have to fight and there’s no barrier they have to fight it’s just two people are chit-chatting and figuring out how to solve this problem and we’re solving it together.

So yeah my job is a lot easier than a lot of these guys doing twenty and dirty cars, because I’m not over there saying things that I don’t want to say and I’m not doing you know the things that managers say go back and say this or Go do this, you know it’s all, truthful, very transparent.
I mean people can get any information they want online.
So you can’t lie to people about things and just be transparent.

That’s all! I am okay.
Well, how do we figure this all together and together? So much more responsive, it’s so much more receptive to to what you’re doing and they’re gon na believe that you’re trying to help them in you got to give them.
You got to make them understand that that’s what you’re doing and just being yourself, you know I’m just myself, thereby for be great if they all buy from me, I’m there to help you either way these two parties, friends, no matter what I agree completely.

It looks like we lost Ben for a second, but you know if people can tell when you’re trying to push an agenda.
I bring up what their IQ level is, but if you’re trying to push an agenda on them and as you just stated, if it’s tough, that they, they called eight or nine dealerships and they bought 10 or 12 vehicles in their life and they’ve heard the same Ball of wax pray for the same rigmarole and that you know the same pitches and crypted versions.
Then it doesn’t come off natural to where, if you’re just yourself, then you’re, naturally just pulling them in right.

You know and and then the trust factors built, because there’s nothing scarier for a customer, I believe, than walking into a dealership first off the bad reputation of our industry, especially if they haven’t been there before they’ve heard.
You know ghost stories from their grandparents and from their parents about going there and there’s 20 people, and I still see it when I go into dealerships to train for dealerships.
I’m calling on and there’s 20 salespeople and they all run up, and it reminds me of a Braveheart or something like that or Troy.

You know we’re all coming up on them from every corner or what you know.

Furniture stores are pretty bad for that.
You know we’re all sudden you go in you’re, looking for a lamp or a table or a dining room set and all the sudden they’re coming after you at all different directions and they’re pushing and throwing each other down.

And you know, and then they’re your best friend and they’re, putting you through all this they’re trying to get an upfront commitment and it’s like wait.
I don’t even know if I like anything here and I’m floating you want me to if I can get the figures right, you’re gon na buy right here today right, you know if you have anything.
So, no you, don’t you got a shop here because you know you might need you might even be just looking.

I can here youma and that’s one thing – that a lot of salespeople should do when you’re out there shopping for something and you’re out there at the furniture store in there.
You got to pick up on these things.
You got to pick up on things that people are doing so be aware of your surroundings, and you got to pick up on things that you should not do so.

I would, I would look at people and say wow.
I can’t believe that he said that or I can’t believe you did this.
I would pick up on it and say I to make sure I don’t do that and now I’m aware of certain things, because you may not know you’re doing it unless you’re aware of.

What’s going on so now I pick up on people and by default I say I’m not going to do this, I’m not going to do this.
I don’t want to be this way and I don’t want to be this way by default.
You become a better person in general, just because you’re just like where’s a kid, you tell your kid: don’t do this, don’t do this? Don’t do this? Don’t do this, hoping that they’ll do the right things.

I would always pick up on that stuff and I would learn from it and in same if somebody did something really good.
I would let them know hey.
That’s awesome what you just did, and I really thought that you were doing the right thing for me.

I would let them know that you know I’ll pick up on that, I’m learning too no.
I agree completely that there’s a lesson to be learned in every transaction in every relationship and every shopping experience either what to do or what not to do and, like you said, be aware that you know, if we’re on our phone all the time we’re locked down And we’re really not aware of our surroundings – we’re not gon na really be aware, but I see it too.
I’ve have some of the greatest service in a fast-food drive-through and I don’t have some of the worst dealings at some of the fanciest restaurants.

I’ve ate at where okay! Well, if you aren’t ready, I’ve got to go over and do you know when it’s like really like you know, I’m ready to drop some serious cash yeah.
I just want to experience for my beautiful bride yeah and I’m at the point in my in my life too.
They have a specific person that I see almost every single restaurant I go to because I’m used to that and that’s the person I’m kind of used to it and when I go to a place even when I go to Tim, Hortons or something in the morning, I pull up and everybody in there is hi Holly.

How are you and I’m asking everybody how they’re doing and you know I’m making a presence in there? I’m not selling anybody got anything, but I guarantee you the 50 or 60 people that work in there at some point, they’re gon na ask me for a vehicle and I’ll be there to help them.
But that’s not my motive, I’m there because I enjoy being there and I enjoy the company and you know I’m at the point numb and I have specific people and if they’re not there, I might not even go to that restaurant.

You know I’m just you know.

We could I’m just kind of being picky about certain things.
That’s how people are with me.
So you know we may come see me.

They expect a certain thing and I’m okay with that.

No they become addicted to the process.
Right right, that’s good! Good work! The transaction, because you know how it’s gon na be a to Z, because that’s mysterious saying for everybody, I believe is – is the future.

It’s exciting.
But it’s scary because you don’t know what it’s gon na, what its gon na get back right and can be better than be worse.
It could be health issues catastrophe I mean we could be enable or tomorrow right right, but then I never buy a lottery ticket fact.

They don’t even sell a lottery tickets.
My state, it might be the one time I’m on the road and I stopped to get a get a drink or something like that at the gas station or a bag of chips and I’m buying a lottery ticket Mike.
It went 360 million dollars right because I’ve just like three six seven but a lottery ticket in ten years.

You know I’ll try, so you never know what the future is gon na bring, but when we have a proper process like you said, you know that when you’ve got that process, you know or been said that you know quality product customers and process, and you have That process and people get really – I teach this – that they get addicted to the process because they they know how a tizzies gon na work right and they don’t even have to be repeats because also it’s it’s being in the presence and then communicating with people.
You know, and if you just tell people hey here’s, what we’re gon na do now.
You’re gon na go see Mina and now you get.

You know you’re gon na.
Do this and then you’re gon na sign up paperwork and then is it Joe? Is he your lace? What happened? I was right, damn Sam Sam, but then Sam’s gon na pull the car around he’s gon na go over all the features when you’re walking them through that tour.
If you were a salesperson, your shoes who had the same team, yeah, sudden you’re flipping on the mir nut and then all sudden Sam’s coming and grab them they’re like wait, wait white! Why aren’t I with Ollie? But if you communicate with them, but how busy you are, it all makes sense where otherwise, they just feel like they’re.

Getting ready rush break.
You know, yeah it’s process process is huge.
I mean process is key for everybody.

You know my process for me works and for somebody else you know it all salespeople out.
There should should write down your and you’re right when you hit it right on the head.
You got to let people know what stage they’re in you got to.

Let them know what’s going on because you don’t want them to feel like you’re, pushing them off on somebody else, or you know you’re in the back doing something for 20 minutes and you disappear and they’re sitting in your office.
Just thinking you know what’s going on over here, looking around, you know, let them know where you’re going.
Let them know what you’re doing this.

There’s no secrets, I mean just be transparent and they’re gon na be a lot more receptive to that.
Then you know you disappearing for 20 minutes you’re in the back, trying to figure something out, but you know, even if we can’t find a car on the gate, we can’t find your car we’re looking for it.

Here’s where we’re at you know, and if it’s in clean up we’re coming here, so we communicate all the time with our customers in man.

I have so many people honestly, so many people when they leave they tell me this is the best experience.

They’ve ever had new people that came to me and said wow.
We spent two three hours at the last the last time with water crying.

I can’t believe variety, but this amount of time you know I hear that all the time and it’s it’s so refreshing.

That’s what keeps me going, I love hearing that from people and you know I mean we’re improving.
You know I have areas to improve and we learn and we take.

You know customers, criticism well and you know, but but for the most part I have my process down.
Pat and a lot of people don’t know what the process is, so I would encourage them to write it down matter of fact, you should probably write down everything you do for a full day, every 15 or 20 minutes.
You should write down what you do if you go back and read that list at the end of the day, you’re gon na find that you are working, probably a third of the day and the rest of the time is being wasted on.

Who knows what you figure that out and I promise you you’ll – sell more cars, no you’re right that the average sales person is probably wasting seven hours of their day and they go home.
They’re like I’m exhausted, I was beat.
I was busy all day.

Well, if you look at two of the richest people, in fact, I usually switch first first and second place Bill Gates and Warren Buffett.
They do the same thing every single day, whether it’s get up and read The Wall Street Journal or get up and read a book and then check their emails and then maybe 30 minutes on the on the you know the stair climber or whatever the treadmill and Then breakfast I mean they do the same thing every day and I’ve learned that in my career that when I really follow a process and when I did that in sales, when you follow that, you know how your day is gon na act right and you know How much energy you’re gon na have and how much time you have for other things or if you’re constantly just kind of bouncing around and you’re trying to do two things at once: they’re watching the time go by, you know I mean there’s a lot of holes.
There’s a lot of holes in your process.

When I wrote down my process, then I said okay, this is where I can improve and I improved on it.

You know, and then you know just like any business, I mean you got to look to see how you can grow, that that’s really good tip for a lot of people just write down your full day, every 15 minutes, whether it was you went to go, get A drink of water or you went to lunch, or you spent two hours with this customer the process you went through with that customer and you’re gon na find gaps.
You know you’re gon na find things that you can improve on right.

Well, you know the biggest complaints that I see all the time as I read dealership reviews before I call on them, or what have you is? You know the time that it takes to buy a car and just really the transparency, and if everybody gets their process down, because I see so many people as we follow each other all over social medium.
Whenever your name, pops up on a notification, they’re read what it is and how many people tell you what what you did is impossible right right.
They want to hire a PI to follow you and that you don’t be outside your window with put some binoculars in a in a cargo van.

That says you know somebody.
You know, like the FBI, I’ve seen those vans around those wonder on going on people.
They can’t believe it because they have like a six-hour sloppy process right right, and so, if they could just clean that up and do it and as you and Ben were talking about earlier, you know everybody wants this, and I’ve learned this from another sales.

Trainer too, is, is he tells me that he kept going and do these these use the speaker and doing these speaking engagements and doing this in-house training and people come up and say I need more.
I need more, I need more, and so he would add more and then even more people came up and said I need more.
I need more, I need more, so he added to it.

So he talked to one of his mentor’s he’s like because what you’re giving them they aren’t doing anything with it.
Anyways no they’re, not though they’re always gon na need more, that you know they’re waiting for you to show them that secret handshake or be like hey, real, quick.
Everybody right tell anybody, but this is what I say to everybody and it works every time and they think that it’s gon na be all about.

You know all about that, but it’s not because we’ve all seen the movies where the guy uses the cheesy pick-up line and the lady throws her to her drink in his face, but guess what it has worked for.
Probably a million people in the past right, yeah what’d, you say to it.
Man might be different than what you say.

You know an older gentleman or older lady.
You got ta figure out, you know what what’s in their best interest, so you can’t have a certain word tracks because you’re, not speaking to a robot, you just thinking completely different people.
So I can’t say the same thing I might say to a younger guy then to somebody else.

So I mean that’s where you just being you as a human well comfortable shine through, but you know people just don’t understand and there is no handshake.

There is no.

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