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Hello, auto dealers, sales personnel and automotive groups – I’m Jill Nicolini here to welcome you back for an all-new installment of auto dealer news live bringing you the latest and the greatest in the automotive dealer industry.

So we will be speaking to the best minds and key players in the world of automotive tech sales and marketing to bring you all up to speed on all the newest trends and technology, enabling you, the auto dealer, to grow and expand your business and keep this Industry, great so right now we of course have to welcome Richy, as always our resident expert and automotive guru.
That’s Richie bellow right there, CEO of dealer, source group and Universal marketing solutions, give a wave automotive sales trainer and business entrepreneur who has over 15 years of producing outstanding results in the automotive retail industry.
Richie, don’t be shy, I’m not shy at all.

How are you guys? We got a lot of people ready riding in we got Stan.
We got Mario Ted Cynthia thanks.
So much alright.

So again want to thank you for having us here, and we got a real action-packed show once again today, we’re gon na start by introducing Ralph who’s.
Returning to the show today, via Skype, that’s Ralph, a glia, and you may know him as the man who invented the internet lead.
The Godfather of automotive.

Digital marketing may also recognize him from his many workshops, seminars or digital dealer conferences as the director of digital marketing.
For ADP Ralph created their digital marketing division, developing dealer solutions.
Now he was also the partnership executive for Reynolds and Reynolds developing outstanding and consulting and training support for dealers now Ralph.

Currently, the president of ADM Consulting LLC.
He serves clients like Ford, GM Toyota, JD Power and Associates, and several retail dealer groups out in Texas, California, New Mexico, Nevada Ralph.
Are you there? How are you are you doing intro? It gets me all pumped up, awesome.

Well, pumps me up that number one.
Besides you coming on our show, you also watch the show, and I get to read your comments like we did last Friday on air great, well glad to have you with us and right now.
Let me just quickly introduce our other guests today before we get started.

Joining us from overseas is Adam Cameron, hater a technology enthusiast specializing in email marketing, with a very successful track record of building innovation in the domain of Technology.
Now he has worked in web design and development, IT content strategy and more specializing in assembling high-performing teams as a leader and strategic advisor now, his distinctive vision revolves around maintaining focus on the web standards.

Innovative frameworks research-based the thought, mythologies and unsurpassed practices Adam.

Currently, the co-founder and chief technology officer at white dove bird and Ritchie Bella West, it’s a pleasure to have you Adam.
How are you today? Thank you? How about you fantastic? So I want to thank all of you for joining us now.
Ritchie say hello to your guests and tell me why you chose these two special gentlemen here today.

Well, I chose Adam because Adams uh our partner with white those bird and Adams.
Great he’s been our partner for a year and a half close to maybe more at today’s marketing adam and tell me if I’m right or wrong on this.

What you do is you do the funnels.

You build a lot of funnels for a lot of customers and the email marketing, and you have a really good process where you you build a virtual business relationship with customers and then from there.
There’s a call of action and the conversion is unbelievable.
With your ebooks and all this, would you like to explain to us to your process yeah thanks sweetie for having in your show, are you cheer that? As you know, the days are really change out enjoying Monica Lee.

The newspaper it had has been transitioned to the same coffee, but with mobile and easy finger as falling down the hills and checking out the random ads wondering how the world has been.

It’s also expansion into ten technologies.
We can keep on need for hours, but they’re not gadgets for a minute.

You know what about 39 % of web villains are doing their mobile phones.
Almost every one of us is always aligned about 40 percent of the world population is using Internet, but still many of us are the unaware how the digital war is going to be.
The Syrian is the one just cannot ignore the present multiple strategies for which one can propose in future.

So in the sense, the same phone is simply a type of bargaining system.
The goal is the this system is to guide your customers as they make the transition from prospect to lead and then on to the customer that, finally, to repeat buyers magical since panel, similar to an ordinary flower, just as ordinary household funnel, is used, avoiding avoid strong Or risky valuable contents sinful is not designed to help you maximize resources and ensure cultivate here the most years possible and at end of the process.
The scenes fall will have a lot of YouTube and any photos.

Customers were highly sports and who do experience a high degree of satisfaction.
As spanning from your offers he’s out of the customer that typically delivers the the west majority of profiles.
We had quite a bird and diamond until Macy’s possible to gather and store the data related to on needs to provide that lead with all personal ID customer experience, the gamut of the size of or any organization.

We use marketing automation, technologies, to customize their marketing efforts and to accomplish that we use many marketing techniques, such as at once, workflows needs or email marketing and many others.

Now this email marketing that you’re talking about.
So it’s not that harsh right, rich and I were just discussing you know.

Sometimes you get inundated with emails of somebody trying to sell trying to sell, but your technique is different.
You wan na really build a personal type relationship.
First with that person.

Is that how it works? Yeah, basically, people things that the email marketing is user of people to promote products and services, but in maya of better email marketing integration is the use of illness to develop relationships with potential customers and clients.
Email marketing is segment of internet marketing, which incurs online marketing via website social media, blog etc, and it’s best email marketing allows businesses to keep their customers with bombs and tailor their marketing messages to their customers.
And I’m so glad that I brought that out, because the other thing to that is that business people, love information, love information about business.

So what you do is you give out information about business? Everybody loves today information, and why is that? Because of Google? Google has made it into a habit today, everybody to go to Google to get info.
So that’s where the blogging’s come in and that’s when you have a blog site and you just give information out and you start building that relationship and start building your brand as an information.
And then when you have something to sell, they tend to buy it.

Much easier, you agree with that statement Adam.
It might add, content to equal to marketing and obsessional equal to your relationship, the first content and with the magical technology it shows up everywhere.
You tell it to go, then it’s more.

There are.
You are things to come? Instagram link it in any social media platform.
You choose that’s marketing, sometimes it’s really good marketing, but I like all marketing the purpose, is.

The purpose is to make a witty major elavil, to get you on the radar of protecting customers and brand ambassadors to invite them to raise their hand and see more, please, and I brought in Ralph because Rob some really good content marketing really good at it.
He’s got so many different talents he’s the best at a lot of things that I’ve seen that has to do with digital marketing Rob what are your thoughts on this process well, first and foremost, with any type of email that we’re sending to a customer.
That’s for we’re not responding to something that they entered now.

Respondent will need a clerk soliciting their attention, the most important part of that content that goes out by email as it has to have value to the to the prospective buyer to the prospective customer.
The value comes from the information that’s contained within the email.
It can be value in the form of links, coupons information that the consumer finds important and valuable to their needs and uses and mods.

But the most important thing is that email has to deliver value.
Every template I’ve ever created every email I’ve ever sent to a consumer working at dealership.
I always think to myself what, where am i delivering the value at what point in this email? Am i giving the customer something where they’re gon na say I open hey? You know when you, if you open an email and there’s nothing of value in there, what do you do? You click the X to delete you get rid of it.

So there has to be something of value that you can be very creative.

For example, the invitation to an event could be perceived by the consumer as valuable a coupon for see if this value consumer information about new models – let’s say an Acura dealer and there’s a new acura model coming out advanced information ahead of the onslaught sizing could be Perceived this valuable by the consumer, so the most important part of these types of communications is to have the content include something of value.
That’s like that, I’m so like that you wrote that out.

I want them to be.
I want them to say I’m glad I opened this email, so your subject line is whatever whatever is in your subject: line determines whether or not they’re going to open email when they open the email.
We want them to think you want the perception to be that they’re happy, they open the email and if they get future emails from that source, they’re going to open them again because they receive value in this one and that’s where the relationship equity comes in.

If you deliver it in a value, you can stumble and have an email, that’s a pure sales pitch and you can get away with music for two out of ten.
They don’t like that as long as you’re delivering something of value and the other messages that builds up the equity that you have with the consumer right and the other thing is, I we had a customer awhile ago that they do events and they always believed on Sending out just the events, the events when they had the event, so we changed the process a little bit and went into let’s build a relationship first and thank them for this.
In fact, and let’s give them information on, let’s put blogs out there and give them information about different things about your brand in different ways, because they had a massive list and you know what well then we started doing the events, the conversion just increased tremendously, yeah Yeah, what’s your the information that you’re talking about Richie, that’s what I’m referring to when I say value, so information, that’s irrelevant! First, has no value information, that’s relevant to them that they would like to get.

They place a high value on and it also it sets the stage it’s what we call them lead nurturing.
I know you’ve used that term before the lead nurturing is about the series of emails that have that valuable information.
So we train the Kuster to get used to opening our emails because they expect something good.

Now I shop for a while and Adam knows this, which platform should we get and we got Infusionsoft now.
Let me just tell you this: at the beginning, I said I should have we got it or not so being my partner, so my partner got it for his and then we got it Infusionsoft out there.
Let me just say this is one of the best platforms.

I have seen in a long time it is great.
Is it a whitelisted platform? It’s really well.
The platform itself is really a marketing platform.

It’s not even an email platform, it’s really a marketing platform.
Why cuz? It has all these plugins in that, and now I just looked at a new thing that came out when you sent out an email you can search and hit it says: do you want to boost it on your Facebook and and there’s a thing that it searches? If that audience that your email has Facebook accounts, it’s it’s really unbelievable as far as building funnels, then what it does it’s crazy now Adam had recommended to me quite something quite some time ago about Infusionsoft I was using Salesforce right, as I see all right and All that it looks like I give it to me the Salesforce, and I say you know what let me take a look at Infusionsoft and then I wouldn’t be infusion.
Soft and clickable gave me that that software Salesforce, but you know what you can’t, I mean Infusionsoft.

Whoever doesn’t have this should get it, because what it does it creates opportunity and maximize opportunity and fuck.
If you have a website and you don’t have a sales funnel you’re wasting your time.
Do you agree with that? Adam wait.

Yeah, you know, marketing doesn’t do listen.
Ships, most of the people telling you that social media doesn’t work, aren’t relationship.
They are marketing.

These are often the same people.
Hotel will tell you.
Networking doesn’t work because they go to live Network humans, the stag of parts, the dealer to market to as many people as possible.

That’s all you need from social media in the place to profile, promote yourself and your business, so the Infusionsoft in that case has many features that we saw.
We are using them since last 7 years.
I think – and we have seen this is very effective.

This is very working is very converting because they’re only having the leads doesn’t matter, and these do not get to help me any sale, any captions.
So with Indian stuff too, we have the vertical world visitors into clients now.
So it’s very effective Arabic man that I may ask him a question: yes good, so Adams with Infusionsoft is there a us there? Is there a whitelisted server involved where it keeps track of the delivery rate, the open rates, and things like that, of course? But the most important aspect, of course, is that it’s, the emails are being sent from a server that operates in a manner that allows them to be what we call whitelisted to get past the span of it, and that question won’t been for Adam canopy’s.

Unless they keep the is Infusionsoft, did they have a a white listed server or in other words the ability to deliver emails and get past all the spam filters like spam, Oz and so on and so forth, so fussing this damn floor just depends on the context, But we have in your Union by descending to the most people like sending your finds.
Everything depends on the contents you’re sending to it does.

If your content is inappropriate, will Infusionsoft tell you that they’re not going to send this content? Do you fix it yeah? They tell you that there are many preachers with that.

You can test before before sending you’re actually campaign yeah, because that’s that’s one of the minimum requirements did one of the mistakes that a lot of dealers make.
Is they use their CRM system for bulk email or for mass email broadcast? Thinking that they’re getting a better value of their CRM and all they’re really doing is ensuring that their domain gets blacklisted it blocked by the spam filters? It was different between the serums and email marketing right right.

Well, I can tell you this much.

I worked at ATP, which hosts many email accounts for thousands of dealers.
There’s tens of thousands of email accounts on a daily basis.
Less than 40 % of all the emails that were sent by dealers actually reached the customers inbox because of the spam filters, and that’s why your your email, marketing partner, it’s so important that they have that the ability to deliver past the spam filters.

Yeah! That’s good market to part about the people abundantly, so the reason why I bring that up is there’s.
There’s still too many dealers that will say: hey put together bulk email to send out we’re having this big sale next weekend and the mistake they’re making is.
They think that these emails are being delivered and they’re really not being delivered through being logical.

In that case, I will suggest to divided campaigns in sections.
Firstly, subscribe with a small number of campaign emails and send them that campaign to them and the results.

You will see your bounce rates, so you can just realize what’s the bounce rates when you’re currently low that you have cited us multiple.

Let me get your semi final step further Adam if you want to do email, marketing, using email, marketing platform, that’s designed for that purpose.
Now, CRM platforms are designed for direct communication one-on-one between people in the dealership and the customers.
He tried to use them both email broadcast.

All it does is ensure that that email domain is gon na clot on a permanent basis by Albany me all major email service provider.
So it’s very easy for dealer to get blocked from yahoo email Gmail.
You know for penny from a different email providers, a big key senac, not these broadcast emails from their CRM platform, and I see this happen the daily basis and it’s one of those problems that they don’t realize what’s going on, because they think these emails are being Delivered and they don’t realize, they’ve been blacklisted yeah, that’s so and the reason and like he told you, the reason is that they are using the serum and their email marketing platform.

We should not do that.
The serum is a different email.
The furniture email marketing authority assigned to be bulk email platforms, let’s, let’s take a break and we’ll be back real soon, like the within minutes about this email marketing, I’m gon na tell you Ralph exactly is there’s something called tags right with with the tag with the Hi and their name – and it goes right through – and it’s really a good process – that’s why Infusionsoft is really good and let’s take a quick break, we’ll be right: back , and welcome back to auto dealer news we’re here with our guest Ralph paglia and Adam Cameron, hater, and I know – we’ve touched upon email marketing and we’re gon na do more about that in just a sec, but also we want to touch upon influencer marketing.

Momentarily reviews also want to talk about pay per click, but right now, let’s get back to that email.
Marketing Richie.
I know you wanted to ask the gentlemen a few more questions.

Yes, so Ralph.
What Infusionsoft has is you can do tags right? You can print up the tag, the first name, and it goes out to everybody with their name and that’s really good, because the open rate on that is really crazy or I can put the what is the deliver? The delivery rate.
First, you know before you get to the opening right, how many of them get actually delivered in.

You know what I don’t have those exact numbers, but it’s pretty high.
It’s higher than I’ve ever seen with different platforms, MailChimp contact, all of them really really really high.
Yeah well, it sounds like it’s a means of personalizing email.

That’s it’s all right! It’s really really high and also you know with email.
It’s about the IP address me in hot, and you know a lot of people use Infusionsoft and it’s a hot idea address.
Well, if we say hot as in it, has a high deliverability right, correct.

That’s the –! That’s and I’m pretty passionate about this, because to me it’s a hidden problem.
We’re dealers are sending out broadcast emails from their own.
You know email server, servers that they use for communicating one-on-one with customers yeah and they end up getting themselves blacklisted and then the next thing.

You know you keep sending an email to one customer and it can’t be delivered because that server has been blacklisted right.
So I always tell dealers, you have to use a different platform for your email marketing than for your day-to-day communication needs.
It’s basically, I go by the old thing about optimization that IP address is really optimized.

Well, if you have to it’s great, but unfortunately, dealers hurt themselves when they use their own IP address, no sending up cast emails and they get themselves blacklisted and in Richie this is a pervasive problem.
I I challenge you to show me a dealer who has not been blacklisted as far female sir right back in the day, what I did emails that I didn’t know with my other company.
I really didn’t have any knowledge.

You know I really didn’t know.
So I did whatever it took to try to do something.
I wasn’t blacklist at one time.

You know, because I didn’t go through a service at the time I was, I didn’t, have the the phones or anything like that’s why I did whatever I could you know? That’s that’s really the value of the of these other providers, the constant contacts of the world, the exact exact target things like that.
Their fundamental value is that whitelisted status that they have as opposed to something like Infusionsoft, where they go beyond that to increase the deliverability rates, the increase, the open rates with use of things like tags.

So that’s that’s just going one step beyond get past the spam filter right I mean I totally agree with that.

You know what I’m talking about optimization the other night.
We were having a talk right and you were saying something about Google Ads and you think.
Well, you were telling me that Google people are on Google AdWords.

Their SEO value goes up right.
Yes, so I’m gon na shoot.
I’m gon na share something with you.

Why yeah that Google insists that there is a firewall between Adwords the paid advertising and between the organic ranking.
So Google denies that there’s any way that you can benefit your organic ranking through the use of targeting similar same URLs in your in your paid search.
But my personal experience has been different than that yeah, but I’m gon na share with you the process.

The process goes like this.
If you search automotive training and my richie bellow comes up right, Google’s platform right, my link search is optimized.
Now, every time somebody clicks a link, that’s on a search, your SEO ranking goes up because it searches it, not the keyword, the search, the link right.

We know that right as you search it on the search, not the wreck, not you don’t knw whe bellow calm, but when you can’t a keyword and even if it’s paid or not you kid it, it comes down on the bottom.
It says Richy bellow, you click on that richie bellow.
That link went on a search, whether it’s organic or paid your value, your click, it’s optimized.

It keeps getting optimized and clear.
It’s like every time something clicks on your link, whether it’s sponsored or not.
It’s as if you just received another vote from a customer egg Telugu.

This is what I was looking for right and what Google says is no, because the keywords once you get off Google AdWords your keywords again, that’s what Google is saved, but they’re, not saying that part about the votes.

Like you said, that’s what you see so what you’re saying is absolutely a hundred percent true and that’s why, Google’s a couple of years ago, they stopped allowing you to download the keyword reports which would show how many clicks, by keyword with like given mark for geographic Area everybody used to use those, and now the Google no longer provides, though the history of the keywords and the click-through rates right.
So if you’re on page, I don’t bloody, I basically don’t do any SEO or any of my friends and you see my Gran’s out there right, but I did a search right.

So that’s what happens? They click and click and click.
So I’m out of Google PPC right.
It doesn’t matter the keywords not there, but my sites are totally optimized because the Google platform optimizes it on page search yeah.

So the proof of this rich is I’ve had times where I’ll buy two brand new domains.
They’ve never been registered before and I’ll do pay-per-click targeting one domain, and I won’t do any pay-per-click for this for the other domain and then I’ll start seeing the domain that I’ve gotten the pay-per-click for start showing up an organic search results.
Where is the other domain that they did not purchase? Pay-Per-Click for is not showing up and inserting organic search results.

So I think there may be an effect there going on there that Google did not design into their system, but it is, is there’s some other impact or not.
The bottom line is when you purchase pay-per-click through Google AdWords.
You will see an improvement in the organic ranking of that same website.

Absolutely dis tools out, compare like one of the best tools are spiteful right, so spiteful yo.
You can measure that when you go on Google Adwords and you get off Google, I was you see a ranking on SEO and unpaid search where it’s at so there’s tools that measure that and that’s what I do.
I analyze my clients on that and that’s how I’ve figured that out.

It’s a real simple process.
Yeah, it’s not it did.
You know.

I’ve often said the real expensive keywords.
You know try to leave that for the organic for your organic efforts, the low cost eat high volume.
The keywords put that into your campaigns.

Little so.
For example, I have dealers who say why should I bid up my own dealerships name? We should come up at the top of the organic listings.
Well, here’s the benefit when you’ve been on your own dealerships name, but the cost is so inexpensive that Google is literally reporting you for bidding on your own name.

I’ve seen it go is cheap.
It’s 25 cents, 40 cents, a click and it also blocks out your competitors from bidding on your name.
It puts them in a lower ranking because they have a lower quality squad.

As you know, it’s all about the Quality Score as far as the paid yeah Corrado Ralph.
I want to bring up something that you’re really good at yeah you’re, really good at reviews – and you know the today’s market.
Testimonials video testimonials is really good for a dealership right, yeah influencers that do a testimonial for you or doing interview with the customer.

Imagine that what what do you thoughts on that Ralph? Well, first of all, Richie.
I want to compliment you on something it it’s not very often anymore.
I get really excited by some new development and this past week you had mentioned on several occasions.

This idea that you were gon na take a well-known interviewers.
You know people like Jill, for example, and have her go to a dealership with that with a camera crew and actually record testimonials from customers in an investigative journalist, expel um.
You know to me that just I get all spun up on that because the in my opinion, when you put out there, your customers talking highly about your dealership, they their believability, is ten times greater than anything that you say about yourself.

If we can get the customers to be interviewed by a professional and talk about their experience at the dealership in a positive manner, that’s gon na have me a horsepower more pull.
It’s gon na attract more people to that dealership than any type of advertising.
We could do without the customer being featured.

I think that that’s something that the automotive industry needs testimonials is really big and testimonies, really big for the last three or four years, but having somebody readjust everybody uses tests.
If you can use testimonials, if you can get the testimonials it’s powerful think about all the TV commercials we need.
We see four products other outside of the auto industry.

The testimonials, even especially from influencers when you use an influencers, could be a celebrity.
It could be.
You know like a golfer is pitching the golf clubs from ping or something like that, but but testimonials are extremely powerful and what makes it even more powerful than static written testimonials is when they’re on video.

When you have the video of the customer standing in front of the new car being interviewed by Joe asking about their experience and they’re saying hey, this was the best car buying experience.
We’ve ever had.
We’ve had some problems in the past.

We didn’t want to come to a dealership, but we needed a new car and, oh my god, this has been great.
We love these people, they treated us fantastic, that’s a powerful, powerful! You know video to get out there.
It’s worth paying money to have it sponsored and distributed, because it has so much impact on consumers.

No absolutely it’ll definitely add to the value and appeal of the dealership and the truth.
Is it’s not like a commercial? It’s not a dramatization.
It’s real people talking about real content about their experience, and you know they just picked up a brand new car, like you mentioned before.

Let’s say it’s an Acura right and they’re so excited about the new feature inside that car.
There it’s going to just exuberant and show through their face with their expressions and that’s gon na hook, somebody else to watch, because it’s it’s TV or Internet we’re here, that’s enough now, because it works, it’s it’s real, it’s believable and to see someone top and be So excited about something you know as far as the new car is concerned, or a new product or whatever it is, I mean I think it’s believable and that’s.
What’s gon na help, dealers grow and, of course, sell even more.

What excites me Jill is when somebody like, such as yourself, who is a your professional, your professional interviewer.
You know I’ve seen a lot of your interviews and you do it very well.

It’s you actually make it look easy when it’s not to have the combination of that professional interviewer, asking the customer questions and it’s very easy to see that it’s a real customer, because you know consumers they have that sense of they can tell what it’s a paid Actor versus an actual customer, it’s obvious, and to have that confident, combination of professional interview and real customers and positive statements about the buying experience at the dealership.

I believe that’s a major differentiating, a thing: that’s going to differentiate and help determine which dealers are more successful than others is how effectively they use two things, and that would be the testimonials from their actual customers and also how they leverage the the bodies.
The fact that their individual salespeople should also be promoting themselves across social media on an individual basis beyond the dealership itself, key differentiators as we move forward over the next few years.

Yes, we’re calling that influencer marketing market, like you, said, very important, to be sharing with social media and that’s how dealers chips are growing, their business growing, their customers growing the customer service and Adam he’s still with us.

Over there.
We lose that very is so Adam.
What is your thoughts on influencer marketing? Do you like what the guys are saying about this? That’s all right, Adam! We think you like it because we sure do right, Richie and that’s exactly what we are going to be doing at a few of our dealerships and a few friends you’ve already had on, like a John guerrilla who’s, actually watching right now, yeah they’re watching us, oh Yeah, your dealerships at your places soon for sure and we’re gon na help you guys out and hi Harry who’s watching from Florida to marketing, I’m all for it, because the only reason you guys have me on your show is because I’m an influencer means yes, you’re Very popular sitting right front of you why you’re doing it, Florence or marketing we can also touch upon this because rich – and I were talking before about the importance of you – know, building your Klout score right.

So, for example, you share so much information on social media, whether it’s something Ritchie’s posting or somebody’s foot sharing.
Can you tell us how that affects cloud score and what exactly that is? Well, okay, so now you touch it on a real hot button.
For me, a few years ago and clock first appeared, I was very critical.

I thought to myself, who are these people they’re gon na say how influence how much influence individuals have.
So I started paying attention to my own Klout score and then I started to do things that I I supposed would influence and raise my cops work and at one point with a very concerted effort.
I intentionally went from 55 to 74 on my Khan score and I did that by experimenting and saying well does this affect it? Does that affect it, and the bottom line is if you, if you share information and people, click and people, then share the information that you shared.

It increases your Klout score, because what Klout is a 10 to do is to show advertisers.
These are the most influential people, clout is influencer marketing, personified is that’s what cloud sells.
People say well how does clomp Nick money because they sell these high cloud score contacts to separate market to marketers? And if you want to reach – and if you notice within clout you can see who has the most influence by topic, you can go into automotive and see these are the top automotive influencers.

You can go into mortgage business and say these are top mortgage influencers, so classes, reflection of the drive and the desire to improve and optimize marketing.
What cloud does is literally identify who the influencers are, and then it ranks them with a scoring system.
That’s why everybody hates them by the way did not? None of us like to be ranked unless we’re number one correct yeah, and so you know in fact Richie.

If you contact clout, you’ll find they have all kinds of products that they can sell, based on identifying who the influencers are in each of in each type of topic or vertical market.
What what I think that helps you is liking other people’s stuff commenting, so they can start following you and engaging.
I always share.

You see my page.
I always share everybody’s contents, positive content, a lot of live stuff positive, especially Ken walls, cuz ken walls, is very positive and I’ve learned a lot from him and he’s really really great he’s gon na be in studio on the 27th.
I’m glad you brought something up.

Richie one of the things I’ve noticed is you know in our industry, we love to say good things about some people and bad things about other people, and one of the things I’ve noticed is that when, when somebody gets in one of these one of these, you Know pissing matches with with somebody else and they’re putting a bunch of negative posts out there.
If you watch two weeks later, they’re Klaus course that’s the Jew starts to drop.
So I don’t know how that affects their Klout score.

But I have, I don’t know if the cause and effect in terms of people will tend to not react to negativity as much as they’ll react to a positive or useful piece of information being shared, but if all you’re doing is bad-mouthing somebody on the web.
My experience has been that person who’s doing the badmouth and cloud score drops you know and there’s about two week delay.
It seems right and that’s why I help you know.

I always thought I always give positive stuff and I only share positive stuff on my site and when I did care, I just keep my mouth shut.
You know, but you know it’s positive, can wolves very positive guy and dales very positive, so those two guys.
I always share span shares really positive.

All these guys are positive, so I share their stuff constantly Rebecca and anybody that puts stuff positive.
I share, and that has helped me a lot.
Well, would you mind it with my social media first assist, except what you mentioned before about engagement, about going on to other people start commenting and Adam.

If you don’t mind elaborating after it, I believe a lot in in engaging and liking all the people that are not even my followers that are not even my friends like on Instagram and stuff and before you know it they’re following me.
That’s what I believe in you.
That’s that social media right there.

A nutshell, is social media, the growth of it.
You know the pervasiveness of it has been driven by the fact that every user, every you know per every profile social media, has the ability to share information.
You know: we’ve gone from from a world where a very limited number of broadcasters controlled all the information that was available to the masses.

To now we have the masses could share information with the masses so and social media can be credited with that they’ve really democratize.
Its sharing of information in our world Adam, would you mind just chiming in here one moment on this engagement: do you agree with Richie and with Ralph about the engagement of social media and how important that really is to increase sales and to increase reputation? I have my own perspective about that.
I think great content encourages people to link to your pages and show Google.

Your pages are interesting and authoritative.

This leads to search engine success because Google wants to show you interesting and authoritative pages in its search results.
It will promote Authority pages to the top of its ranking, so at Widerberg it’s our job to create pages that become Authority.

Authority pages this’n was writing content people find useful because useful content is shared on blogs, Twitter, feed, etc, and our time Google picks up these Authority signals.

This virtuous circle creates strong and sustained sustainable Google rankings right Richie.
That goes hand-in-hand with what I was talking about with you earlier this week.

Remember we, you know, I was talking to your people.
I had those two people on the call and I said, don’t try to do SEO from a purely technical standpoint.
The whole point is to deliver high-value content that your intended user or audience your intended audience would find so useful that they share it with their friends and with their the people they work with, and the at the organic ranking goes up when you do that it, The mistakes some people make is they get to to some keyword stuffing and link farms and all this other crap that no longer works.

In fact, it hurts you, so if you focus on the bow on high-value content that served up in a manner, that’s easy for Google to index and in you know, and make it easy for your customers to share or interested users to share your content with their Friends and followers your SEO, ranking is, you know, basically had big job ahead of, and I have reached the same conclusion from from different perspectives.
I think that what Adam is saying is absolutely right and when you’re saying I mean the combination of both guys, I’ve learned something and I’ve always just follow like wood lights and that I’ve gotten a lot of followers lately and that’s what I do I go on There and I like like, and I got somebody that does it for me also and it’s just creating engagement, that’s why, if you were out there, let’s say you’re out there in the conference circuit and you’re doing workshops and seminars, and you see that there’s a couple Of dealers that are always injured in your seminars sitting in the front row, it’s only natural you’re gon na go up and introduce yourself what they’re doing so, it’s no different than social media.

It’s it’s a very natural process.
Oh I’m gon na wrap it up.
I really thank you guys for being and joining and for your time, Adam Ralph, for your time, it’s so when they hold to me – and I thank you guys, you guys are Adams, a good good friend of Mines, Ralphy or a really really good friend, and I Thank you guys for spending the time Ralph is from a different time zone here in the US and he’s up early, very different time zone.

Thank you all for you appreciate that.
Thank you.
So much Rob.

Thank you all and good morning, good night, I don’t know what we say to you.
I’m short, I’m it is in Pakistan, but right.
That’s all we have right now for news.

Thank you so much guys.
We appreciate it and of course we have plenty to chat about once again next week, we’ll be back.
Maybe not just Friday’s may come back another day to your right.

Well, yeah, Monday, Friday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday, we’ll see once again.
Would you go? Thank you so much for having us all and again, I’m you’re still Nicolini and we’ll see you right back here next time on Ritchie Bell, TV and, of course, wool.
Let’s share this live feed, but share it.

Gon na help with engagement, right, yeah, more followers I like sharing and that produces outstanding result, bye, guys, , [, Music ].
You .

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