Y’all know what time it is: yeah, it’s quick brutain! What’s going on everyone, this is fred lanartz’s.

Subprime hero today is 8.

It’s already 28 days into the eighth month of the rest of your life.

Wow time’s, going by fast folks, take advantage of every moment: do not waste it.

So today my quick tip my quick brew for you, which is brought to you by the think ad group www.
com how you guys can get a hold of them.

Great people check them out; they have solutions for everything you need in automotive, world and beyond um, but my quick tip my quick proof for you.
It’s a really good one guys, and i – and i hope that you guys hear this because the thing about the thing about everything is that you have to understand that sometimes you have to be selfish and selfish.
Isn’t a bad word and a lot of people think that is negative? What i mean by selfish is you have to take care of yourself? So if i was my quick tip is have self-love all right, you have to understand, and this is inspired by danielle welts, uh wenzel, an old friend of mine, she’s, been doing the push-up challenge.

She talks about self-love and how you have to understand.
You have to love yourself, you have to give yourself and build yourself up.
You have to treat your body like it’s a temple.

You have to you, know, train your mind.
You have to put good habits in these.
Things are all important for you to be able to grow a lot of us.

We always tend to want to serve other people, and we do those things and that’s wonderful.
Having a servant mentality, i believe that you need to a lot of people say that a servant leader is the best type of leader to be right, and i agree with that 100 percent too, but before you can be a leader before you can serve other people, You have to serve yourself, you have to teach yourself, you have to grow yourself.
You have to build the confidence inside yourself.

Your cup has to be overflowed for you to be able to pour into other people so folks, it’s so key.
I use it for myself.
All the time you know i’m trying to constantly grow, i’m trying to do this and in the meanwhile, as i’ve been growing and as i’ve been put into leadership positions, i’ve been able to serve what i have inside me.

I’m able to pass my legacy on pass on my thoughts and ideas, and all these amazing things that you guys can do also, but you have to do it first, put the education in put the time in and be a little selfish with yourself.

You know you have to really build yourself up before you can build other people up so folks, i’m fellain subprime here.
I appreciate you guys for jumping on here.

This was my quick brew.
I was gon na give you one tip today: self love, i’m freelance.
Let’s brew: .

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