7 Ways to Sell Cars Like a Pro and Put More Money in Your Pocket

What’s going on thanks for stopping through, I’m glad you decided to pop on in and check this out.

I know your time is extremely important, so I’m gon na be very brief.
As you may or may not know, my name is Brian Maxwell and excuse.
The sounds in the background you know helicopters planes flying over and you know I made this video because the fact of the matter is, I get a lot of people who are struggling themselves and I’m gon na be specific as far as what automotive sales and the Reason why they struggling is really not even they’re all for it.

Let’s face it.
If you work at a dealership right now, you do not have plans when you’re in high school, that this is what you will be doing.
I mean unless your dad owned it or you know you grew up in that environment, but typically most people start working at a dealership for one or two reasons: number one they’re either unemployed, or they know somebody who was doing and says that anything can make money Doing it I know I can and sometimes there’s the third factor.

That kind of you know kind of works, their way in it.
They are employed, but they realize that they’re doing nothing but swapping hours for dollars, and they know that one of the things that people do is they travel and driving is the most common method of travel.
So they say you know, let me at least get into an industry where I know that there’s a demand, but here’s the biggest mistake that I see a lot of people make when they come in and again many times.

It’s not even our fault when they come into the business they start off at a dealership.
The dealership gives them these illusions of grandeur, which says you know you can make a hundred thousand dollars a year doing this, and is that true? Yes, that’s a fact, but do most people do it? Absolutely not most people come in and they kind of struggle, and I’m not talking about for one or two years.
Some people are in this business for years and are still making 140 fifty thousand dollars a year and I’m not knocking you know if that’s working to pay their bills by all means, that’s all good.

But why settle for 40 or 50, when you really can make a hundred and one of the biggest issues? I know that I had when I came in, and I hear from a lot of people is that they really just don’t know what to say and most people.
I hear talk sound just like I did almost 20 years ago, which is you know I hate scripts.

You know, I don’t believe in scripts.

I believe the scripts make you sound, robotic.
Well, a script isn’t designed for you to sound, robotic a script is designed for you to be prepared on what to say, and that’s think about this thing about a movie.
What is it that they give an actor that’s gon na be in a movie.

I don’t care.
If it’s Denzel, Washington are Will Smith or whatever actor are actors? You want a name they’re given a script and then what they do.
Is they rehearse the lines so that, when you watch the movie, they can emotionally stimulate you, because the way that they’re saying the words seems just so natural and that’s what successful people in sales do also the ones that struggle that fail to make money that our Job jumping and going store the store and having the same exact problems.

These are the ones that believe that they don’t like scripts and they don’t want to use a script.
But I got a piece of information for you, whether you like or believe in scripts or not you’re, already using the script, you see what happens is when you deal with people every day you develop a habit of what you say in certain situations, so you are Actually, creating your own script now the question is whether that script is effective or ineffective.
That’s the question because the under different situations, your script, may change and when I say your script, meaning the non written script is just the verbal one that people get into a habitual routine of saying the same stuff over and over again.

In most cases, the people that they learn, what to say from aren’t even the top producers of the store, the top producers of the store, are so busy working with customers and getting deals knocked down that they don’t really have the time to sit up and just Train and educate some green pea or some new person in the business nine times out of ten.
If somebody that’s at the bottom or hovering in the middle is going to teach you how they do things.

So you know what happens.

You learn how to be mediocre when, at the end of the day, here’s the power of a script, a the better prepared.
You are under certain situations, the more confident and comfortable.
You are the more confident and comfortable.

You are the more emotion you can put into the words you speak, the more emotion you put into the word.
You speak the more believable you become to the press or to the customer, and at the end of the day, people buy based off 90 % of motion and we back it up with with 10 % logic.
So you want to make sure that you do start using the script.

You start and there’s only several sick.
You know certain certain things are so common that you’ve been through so many times.
Then it should be so easy for you to be able to know what these certain objections or issues that come up on a common basis are and then create yourself or learn what to say under those situations it works the best and top producers use it.

The bottom feeders and the one that’s struggle to make money say they don’t believe in it, but until today, now you realize you already using one.
Ok, so just make sure that you’re using the right one one that’s effective now.
What does it take to be successful? In sales, Oh, at the end of the day, number one, it tastes, confidence, ok, if you’re not a confident person and when I say confident not so much in the product or even in your store in your own ability to learn in your own ability to grow.

In your own ability to help people, if you’re not confident, you will never succeed in this business and not just in automotive sales or sales, but just in life in general and at the end of the day.
If you don’t believe it you how in the hell, can you ever expect anybody else to believe in you, you have to learn to be your own raving fan now.
What helps us build, you know becoming our own fan is that when we know we’re putting in the effort when we know we put in the work it, let’s think about it, you know we can fake in front to everybody else, but deep down inside ourselves.

We know when we’re not putting out maximum effort, we know when we had a little bit more in the tank to give and we didn’t.
Those are the things that keep us up at night.
Those are the things that create that depression and that anxiety, because deep inside yourself, you know that you can do more and be better, but we choose to do otherwise until right now, so it takes to be successful.

You know you have to have belief in your own ability to you know.

Are you confident in your ability to learn? Are you confident in your ability to develop? Are you confident in your ability to learn new things and you should be and that’s something that that that can be built good salespeople are not born.
They’re created they’re me so don’t believe that anybody just came out the womb you know being able to just get out there and just make money.

It’s learning it’s a progression, but most folks don’t give themselves enough time to be able to grow and to be able to develop.
You know they get in and if they don’t see instantaneous results with whatever effort they’re putting out they tuck tail and they run off to the next thing and then they find themselves.

It’s like you know, quicksand if I define himself sinking again to get out and they jump over to something else, and I realize no matter where you go unless you change what’s going on up here, everything will be the same, and let me give you an analogy.

I like to share with people: is this your cell phone and I’m pretty sure you have a cell phone? Your cell phone requests? Has software update, request, probably four five, six, seven, eight nine! Ten times a year now, the computer was created in developed based off the human brain.
Now, if your cell phone was mini, computer in your pocket requires up to ten software updates a year, so it could perform at its peak with the other upgrades and updates of technology.

That’s going on how much software updating do you believe the supercomputer that we carry around on our shoulders has to have you see how people running around in present day with past years programming and that’s just not effective, and it’s just not gon na work to be Effective today, you have to make sure your software is updated.
Many people want to learning new things, acquiring new skills or developing any new habits.
Therefore, you know it’s just like being in that mouse world, no matter how hard you run, no matter how hard you fight! You still gon na find yourself like standing in place and going nowhere when, at the end of the day, the objective is to move forward.

When I first got started in this business, like most people, I was unemployed going through issues.
Family had just been evicted out of our house, and so when I came into it, I remember them telling me things to say, and I would say man, I’m not comfortable, saying man, you know, that’s not how I talk literally my ignorant know-it-all behind real life yeah.
I wasn’t comfortable saying it because I never said it and of course it felt uncomfortable to me, because I wasn’t confident in the things I was saying why? Because I wasn’t rehearsing, I didn’t believe in reading books, training going in doing anything to make myself better.

I really just came in and wing it and say you know I kind of do things my own way and guess what I’ll have months where I was barely covering the draw, and then I will have some months Rob made a little bit of money, but it Was in so inconsistent that I couldn’t even on a monthly basis, be able to budget my bills because I truly had no idea of what I was going to be able to make.
But once I adopted and adapted and I started to hone my skills, I started to learn my rebuttal.
I started to learn my script to where the better and the more comfortable and natural the words flow.

My results.
They they leapt up and the consistency stayed.
My first year in I made forty three thousand five hundred seventy seven dollars the year that I stepped out of there I made over a hundred and forty thousand dollars and before I went on to start, you know doing what I’m doing now and helping and training Folks, so I’ve been at the bottom and then I you know I was right there and you know at the top of the board too, and I will tell you the difference came and me knowing what to say under certain situations and being prepared to handle it.

So you got ta be prepared if you’re not prepared prepared.

You know you’re gon na struggle, you’re gon na have that back fear that uh, you know how you get that you get nervous when that customer says something, and you start sweating and whatnot it’s only because you don’t know what to say once you know what to Say you won’t sweat anymore? You won’t be uncomfortable anymore, a matter of fact.
You will know that it’s coming you’ll expect it matter of fact.

You hope that they say certain things, because you’re prepared for it, where you can just sit back in your chair and no matter what they say.
You expect it and you’re prepared.
Okay, you also want to have some belief in the product that you’re promoting okay, tell you how many times I can see the main reason why our persons are struggling because they don’t believe in their product or in their dealership, and if you don’t believe in it, How can you ever, how can we ever expect a customer or a client or prospectors, don’t believe in it? Okay, so we have to be willing to find something.

One thing I say to do it doesn’t matter what brand you promote at the end of the day, you need to find one two three things about that vehicle or about your dealership that you would say you know what I like the way they do this or They do this in a very good way and I’m proud to be part of this when you can identify one two, three things to hang your hat on.
When you talk again, you have more emotion, you’re, more believable and I don’t believe in lying to customers.
I do believe in being straight up and down and being honest, and so to be honest that you believe in your company and that you believe in the product you’re promoting you need to identify one, two, three things that you say you know what this feature on This vehicle right here alone can save lives, and I believe that that’s priceless so because that’s there, I believe in this product because they can save a life or because it does did or because it does that same thing with your company with your dealership, you have To because it comes across, you got ta realize something when these people are coming into your store, they’re.

Looking for a reason to disqualify you they have so many options out there and the person who earns their business.
That’s right earns.
It is the person that expresses so much belief, believability and conviction, and what they’re talking about and what it is that they’re helping them by that they say shoot man.

This must be an awesome option because this person seemed like they really did jump through the roof, and I’m not talking about that fake happy-go-lucky type.
I’m saw my passion, pure passion, and you know when you’re speaking of somebody, you could feel that energy, when a person is passionate about what they saying when they really enjoy what it is that they do, and they really believe in the methods and the things and The options that you’re presenting to somebody else it just comes across, and I want you to realize some of the words that we speak literally or about 10 % of our communication.

Our voice inflection, is another thirty, five percent.
Do you know a little bit more than fifty percent? Fifty percent of our communication comes to body language.
It comes through the way we express ourselves.

You know, so you want to be mindful.
You know it’s like when your mother used to say it’s not what you say, but how you say it that is so true and it is so factual.
So you have to learn how to find conviction and what it is that you do what it is.

You’re promoting and what it is you’re helping people by and if you notice I keep saying I help you by because people hate to be sold, but they love to buy.
So when you try to sell, sell, sell, sell, sell, guess what you’re missing out on the opportunity to be able to work with this, because that’s what it is! It’s a partnership.
It’s not you against them.

Is you with them to help them, make a smart, safe? Buying decision and do business with you if you treat them like an adversary and they treat you like an adversary, you’ll lose they’re gon na.
Ask you to drop price and cut it to where your body making a minute or the story’s taking a loss.
Just a movie unit, and all of that could have been avoided if you work together rather than against one another, because at the end of the day, the customers going win either by deciding not to do it and leaving and spending.

Taking that time from you or about doing it, but making you strip it down to the point to where you say my goodness dude what I just spent this time for what I barely made any money? Okay, so it’s all about your beliefs, all about your conviction! It’s all about just you know being being about an advocate.
You know, being somebody, that’s a brand ambassador, that’s what it’s about! That’s a new coin term brand ambassador and that’s what you want to be, if you’re afraid to tell your family and your friends about what you do, you don’t believe you’re, not a brand ambassador.
Those should be the people who know what you do first and foremost, and thank you man.

You should scream it from the rooftops, there’s nothing to be ashamed of, because the way that they get to and from their place of business, the way that they get to and from seeing family members and friends the way that they were able to get someone to Get to somebody or help somebody in case of emergency is by people like us, helping them to be able to get that transportation.
So it’s actually a public service rather than a disservice, and you know people buying a vehicle today.
It doesn’t have to be painful matter of fact.

They should be paying less people say: oh man, it’s so competitive.
You can’t make any money.
The reason why it’s competitive nobody’s making money is because most sales people suck they really do so.

If the customer goes the morning moist or has a horrible experience without any value building, without any positive experience, the only way they can make the decision on what the best option is gon na be about price.
Then it’s about who’s, the thirstiest and willing to give it away just a movie unit, a have a strike on the board, but you merely made you barely made any money.
No, you know it’s not it’s not about that.

It’s about identifying and learning how to be a solution for binder.
That’s what it is, and I want you to think about some.
Every successful business businessman or businesswoman is so because they provide they’ve identified a problem and they presented a solution.

That’s what it’s all about! Why are the best doctor the best doctor, because they provide help solution while the best restaurants best restaurant, because they help you provide? You know food solutions on? Why is the best? You know pizza place the best pizza delivery, but because they help you solve a problem.
They provide a solution.
Man, if you hungry, you don’t feel like leaving the couch, will breed a piece of teeth.

You know it’s just being a solution provider so make sure you begin to ask yourself: am I being a solution provider or am I trying to just be this salesperson, this car salesman and that’s another thing when I hear people call themselves a car salesman, where’s the Power right and the term car salesman triggers such a negative perception in the mind of people when they hear it that they automatically say oh you’re, one of those at the end of the day, you’re a product, specialist, you’re, automotive sales, professional, your sales consultant.
That’s what you are the way you present yourself.
The way you speak about yourself will have a big impact on how you see yourself.

So if, in your mind, you had a negative perception on car salesman and you constantly call yourself that that’s what creates that icky feeling that says, oh, my god, am i one of those.
What am i doing? How did I get here? But when you identify yourself as a professional, you begin to feel and treat yourself that way too, and at the end of the day, everybody wants to deal with a professor with a professional with a special excuse.
Me get a little bit of drink, I’m on my Jacksonville Jaguars cup.

I represent to the fullest okay, but everybody wants to deal with a profession.
Okay, so just make sure that you’re a solution provider how you? How you view yourself? How you address yourself? All of that stuff has to change now, and one of the other keys that I want to touch on is why so many struggle to make money good at the end of the day, that’s what we dare for you’re, not there, just because you know kicks and Giggles because it’s not a leisure club you’re, not there, just to hang out and at the end of the day when I walk around see so many people, Texan, Facebook, Instagram and snapchat.
But guess what they’re not doing doing all that facebooking texting and Instagram.

And all that stuff, but not one post, one picture, not one word about the the products or what they offer at their store is going up there, and these are the same people that would stand around either in a back office somewhere on a lot talking about How their resume is still online, they can’t stand it and they wish they’d have never done while there’s somebody else in there that is making over $ 10,000 a month, putting kids through college, paying house notes Cardinals living a good life, traveling and whatnot that looked at It differently some people looking at a job as a job, Jo B, stands for just over broke.

Well, you look at selling as a career.
You begin to change.

You begin to involve you begin to just to grow.
At the end of the day when people say well, I got five years of sales experience.
I’ve, never let it out they miss out on what really separates the house from the have-nots.

They fail to realize that, no matter what when I was born, you were born our parents, our grandparents, every human being that’s been on this planet is born in the sails and every intelligent person.
I’ve shared this with picked up on what I’m saying when the baby cries, it’s got to be picked up affair to have a diaper change.
That’s the sales call any person that you’re in a relationship with that you found attractive, you weren’t the only one who thought they were attractive.

You were one of many willing takers, but yet you presented yourself and you sold yourself in a way that this person said yeah.
I want to be with them.
I’d like to marry them I’d like to start a family with them any place of business that you’ve ever been employed.

You were not the only candidate.
You were one of hundreds, if not thousands, of people that apply, but yet you presented and so just something away that they felt they got the highest rate of return on their investment by hiring you and now here’s the real kicker, even sitting down in a room.
Doing nothing you have sold yourself that it’s better to sit there and do nothing than it is to get out and be productive and to get things done, and so it’s something that we just can’t escape.

If you want to go to Taco Bell and the person says no, if somebody wants to go to Taco Bell, you say: let’s go to Chipotle a lot better, that’s the sale! Somebody wants to go see this movie, you suggest another one and they decide to go with your, that is a cell, and so when we don’t realize that this is what we are.
This is what we do if we don’t realize that every time we open our mouth, unless we want people to believe that we’re a liar we’re always selling to a point of view of perspective and emotion or you know always when you go home every day, you’re Selling to that person you’re in a relationship with that is worth both of you all coming home and being innocent other day when you’re talking to your kids, you’re, selling them or body should listen to your advice and Trust.
What it is you teach them when you’re going to your place of business, you are selling them your time and your ability and your skills to help them get something accomplished.

We can’t escape it, okay, so the first thing is: you got to realize that you’re in it now the question is: are you are you gon na be in it to win it and if you in it to win it, it’s about her honing, your ability to Be able to communicate to be able to listen to be able to be a solution provider, and it don’t matter if this is bigger than just talking about any particular automotive sales, or anything like that when you live your life, this way everything around you grows everything Around you evolves not just the money, your relationships, your your, your self-respect, your self-esteem and your welcomed in far more circles.
Why? Because you’re always a benefit to other people? Okay, so please, just you know, keep that in mind.
You got ta be willing to do what others aren’t willing to do.

When people look at me and they say alright, you know used to be a killer ship.
Now you travel all over our country.

You speak hear.

You speak.
Tell you train here, you train there.
You getting all these results.

How did you do it because I was willing and I’m still willing to do what other people aren’t willing to do, I’m willing to wake up in the morning, I’m willing to study you know and read books, I’m willing to to train myself.
I’m willing to go.
Listen to other people who have skills and far more experience than I do to learn.

Isaac Newton said the best is said.
If I see further than others is because I’ve stood on the shoulders of giants – and I believe in that and there’s another quote, that says only a fool will learn from their own experiences.
A wise person will learn from the experience of others, and once I realized that, when I was just trying to create the will create the will create the will without any type of education on on anything whatsoever.

I was bumping my head, but when I learned how to look at other people who have come before me, listen to what they did and will work for them, listen to what they did, that did not work for them.
Take it internalize it personalize it and then utilize it and that’s what happened and once I did that things took off so instead of working just hard which I’ll you know working hard is not the key to just successes that I know a lot of people that Have jobs that they work hard every day and come home physically beat up everyday and are making much money.
Then I know people who come home every day, physically perfectly fine without any type of soreness, nothing whatsoever and they make ten times more money than that person who is working hard because they’re working smart and hard.

So I don’t just say, work smart, not hard.
No, you have to work smart and hard, but when you do hard work in a smart way, the results come back a lot quicker and a lot bigger.
Okay, so you got to make sure you got to be willing to do what that’s like the fact that you send here watching this video.

This training session shows that you’re willing to do what others are willing to do and I’ll tell you most most people who can struggle to make money and fail would have clicked off by now.
They’ll leave does harm, and I wanted to.
I was supposed to learn how to be a millionaire, the first 30 seconds.

That’s not what it’s about.
There is no such thing as overnight success.
It’s just not so the fact that you’re here the fact you’re still watching it and you’re gon na watch it until the very end when it cuts off, says a lot about you, which is exactly.

Why are you gon na benefit, you’re gon na win in the opportunities that are going on that are opening up, for you are far greater than anyone else who quit on themselves by clicking out before they even got to here? What could actually help them make money? We’re actually going over the mental aspects and things that you probably relate what I’m sure I touched on one or two things that you say yep.
I totally felt that way or I might have seen it that way say my first rodeo you know been doing this.
You know you know for a long time all right.

You also want to make sure yourself motivated now.
Is it great to get a pat on the back and somebody telling you Doug good? That’s all good and everybody likes to be complimented, but at the end of the day you have to learn how to do what’s right, because it’s right, because that’s just who you are the character of a person, is not what they do when people are around it’s.
What they doing they by themselves, so, yes, cooler, you know, look like you’re working hard and doing this, then the other one managers are around when other people are around enough.

But when you by yourself, what are you really doing to make yourself better? What are you really doing to build your value? What are we really adding to yourself to increase the opportunities that you currently have now you got ta be self-motivated.
Now that is something that is built up over time.
You know you don’t just go from being somebody.

That’s just kind of you know got a routine going by the way and then all of a sudden, you just become the super driven person.

No, it’s baby steps, but it’s about making the mental decision and then every day saying okay for at least five minutes, I’m gon na read, watch or listen.
Something that’s going to help me be more positive.

Help me be healthier.
Help me sell better.
You know whatever it is, but just every day, commitment and you’ll see that five minutes we’ll go to 10, we’ll go to 30, we’ll go to an hour because you’re starting to realize man.

I just invested five minutes.
I feel better and by me feeling better.
I perform better if I got that just out of five.

What will happen if I get 10 get 10 minutes on there? Okay, so you got ta be self-motivated.
You got ta be willing to stick with it.
You have to be willing to do what others aren’t willing to do just to be able to make it now.

The reason why I, let’s just say you know getting past all of that stuff, you start doing all of that.
The reason why most sales fall apart, um they fall apart at the very beginning, you know be a bottom line.
Most sales people aren’t even focused when they go on to approach a person.

You know the you think about the last person they spoke to.
You know.
Whatever happened on the game last night, TV show what the buddies just talking about.

You know how many times when I was starting out – and I still see people do this now – I would literally get upset if I had to go help a customer.
We was having a real good conversation, either in the dealership or standing outside how stupid was I I would get pissed like damn man.

What do y’all want to go deal with that? Why? Because I’d rather stay here and talk crap with other guys that aren’t making any money, it was what I call sales suicide and I was just guilty of it.
I lacked focus, I liked focus, or should I say I didn’t like focus, I had focus, but it was inwardly focused.
I cared about me what I wanted to do, but yet at the same time I wanted to make money and I wanted to be treated as a big dollar but was performing like a puppy and even when I approached a customer, my whole thing was man.

Let me see if I closed them down and make some money and really focused little did I realize that by being really focused, it would actually minimize the amount of money.
I would make minimize the amount of sales I would get and will minimize me feeling good about anything, because everything else was so crappy when I learned how to instead of being in relief, Oguz gon na be all really focused.
At the end of the day, these people hired me they’re, paying me they giving me opportunity all had papers, building the lights to leave nothing.

The least I could do is give maximum effort on their investment and when dealing with a customer, the least I can do is give this person my full, undivided attention and see what I can do to help them.
You know once I turned that around.
Where wasn’t just about Brian – and it was about my customer – things took off how many times have you been upset, because you said man I mean feel like one ought to talk to this person.

How many times have you literally looked away and acted like you didn’t see somebody that either came in? I was on a lot strictly because he was on the phone text and I watching a video of some kind.
Listen been there done that, and if you have it’s all good, the good news is there is an upside to it and you can’t change.
You can change everything about it.

You can you can, you know, fix all of that.
That’s the good news about it.
Um! You know another reason why the sales fall apart and we touched on a little bit earlier lack of process.

Now, here everybody talked about this road to the circle: two steps to soil, yada, yada, yada man, that crap has gotten so cliche and just so normalized in different dealerships around the country.
There, peoples like a whole roll to the sell.

It’s just like a key phrase, but does anybody really know what the road to the sell is? Does anybody really have a process, because, when I’m when, when bring me in dinner, should bring me in the first thing I like to do is evaluate when I’m coming in the Train? So when I’m interacting with each sales rep, you know, one thing I realize is that if there’s 10 sales rep there’s 10 different people doing things 10 different ways, there’s no uniformity or, should I say, there’s lack of a I’m not going to say lack of a Process the store may have one, but just nobody uses it.

Why? Because in most cases, is not enforced? Why? Because when they get out there on the lock there’s nobody standing with them, nobody knows what they said, but when they’re sitting with their customers, you know you lower your voice or nobody can hear what you’re saying yeah the idea lack of process.
One guy that I watched a video on recently.
He works for Nissan.

He sells like 120 cars every 90 days and he was doing a video.

What made him so successful and man? I was expecting to see this shark dress silver tongue.
You know handsome dude.

I was just knocking it down.
He was a very who’s.
Older gentleman here was long and kind of shaggy overweight, not very energetic.

You know nothing impressive at all, and I was amazed when he asked him.
How was he able to do this consistently every single quarter? He said he never deviates from his process, and one thing I’m gon na share with you is what I call the triple P’s, no matter, if they’re 18 or 80 male/female doesn’t matter, the only three things that should change triple P’s is the person’s name, the product That they may be interested in in the price of it, but everything else you do should be exactly the same, because you can’t track what you can’t measure and, if you’re doing different things, what if you did something that worked? What, if you did something that didn’t work? Well, how would you even know because it changes up every time, so when people say kin, I don’t want to use a script.
Of course nobody wants anybody to sound like a robot.

That’s not.
The purpose of the purpose is for you to have something to reference to repeat it to where you have it so naturally ingrained in your mind, then, when you speak it and you personalized it it’s natural and when it’s natural people is believable and when it’s believable People trust you and when people trust you they’re more likely to open up and be willing to tell you what’s really going on and make it easier for you to help them, make that smart, save by decision and do business with you at your store.

So please make sure that if your dealership does not have a process, okay, that you at least are taking notes with everything that we’re going over and we don’t be going over so that this will help.
You somewhat create one that you’ll at least have a roadmap.
Think about when a person goes out of town, they don’t just jump in the car and say I’m going to California.

What do they do? They go to Google Maps or they pull out a map and they look at what route? What’s the best route? What’s the fastest and the most effective route to get them to their destination? This is the exact same thing.
It’s the exact same thing.
So just make sure you keep the main thing.

The main thing have a process: he’ll even baking, a cake.
You need flour, milk, sugar, maybe some butter or oil, but about 250 eggs 30 pounds of flour, 10 gallons of milk, 8 pounds of sugar and mixed it all together.
You know we make some crap, but if I took 3 eggs, maybe a cup and a half of milk, maybe 2 cups of sugar, maybe 2 cups of flour mix it together.

Now you know, say: I have a better chance of making a good tasting cake.
The same exact ingredients, but I just learned how to apply the proper measurements at the right time.
That’s all this is okay, that’s all it says.

So you know one of the ways that salespeople like to make things hard on themselves a lot of times they have.
What I call a diary to mouth, they say the wrong thing at the wrong time, which either a finish the customer or triggers that thought in their mind of all.
This is another one of those sleazy sales people, because they can feel that all you focused on is the Commission.

All you focused on is making money okay, rather than what they’re.
Looking for another thing, is your attire: when people going to wear men, don’t matter if you only have one shirt and one pair of pants make sure it’s clean, make sure it’s pressed make sure you stay groomed.
I apologize because I am NOT as clean shaven as I usually am been on the road out of the last.

What eight weeks, six or seven weeks over the last eight I’ve been training all over the country.
So I apologize.
But if, when I’m going out and I’m only being engaged and interacting with people, I always want to make sure I’m well-groomed.

I want to present my product, which is myself in the best light.
You are the CEO of the best business you’ll ever own, and that’s you how people view your business, your product is, how you present it so on so make sure you at least look like you can afford the vehicles that you are helping people by on your Life, nothing that looks crazier with somebody that doesn’t look like they can afford a pack of gum.

It’s trying to educate somebody on why they should be willing to accept this payment – that’s $ 200, more than where they want it to be, but they don’t even look like they can afford if it was only $ 200, you know just that’s again, that’s why so Many people, what 8? What is, what is struggles so hard so make sure that you’re outwardly focused on how you look, how you sound to people.

You know what type of presentation and when I say I’m, not my personal presentation are you given when they initially meet.
You because you only get one time to make a first impression.
Okay, and so you want to make sure you you you take advantage of that, and also well as price important.

Yes, but too many salespeople think it’s all about price price will always be on the table, but when you build value on a product when the pot, when the customer experience is positive, when valuing the experience, Xtina or high price becomes just a little bit less relevant It’ll always be there, but if you can believe in it’s all about price, guess what that’s, where you’re gon na focus it and as the sales consultant knowing the sales professional, knowing that yes price is always gon na be on the table.
Why would we want to make it about Christ when we know when a customer or a prospect has to choose between you know making the decision and all processes are equal, which means they suck the best the only way they know how to do.
It is off the cheapest price, then, when it’s cheapest price in the business that we’re in you lose ya, move the unit but didn’t make any.

He didn’t get any real return from it.

Okay, so learn how to build value, learn how to be focused on making sure that if this person had to buy a vehicle and had to stop at a dealership, the Thera thankful that it was yours and they’re grateful that it was with you, because they had The most enjoyable time behind a vehicle, they’ve ever thought they could have in their life and that’s possible, may seem like some over the top old rainbow.

But it’s real when people buy in trying that agreement on first pencil and then the person sitting next to him is helping somebody else on the same exact type of vehicle, but yet they adapt to discounted for five grand is because the person who’s customers exam.

The agreement on first pencil, they saw and felt that the value far exceeded what was being asked for it, the other people who let him drop for five grand they felt like it, wasn’t worth what they were asking for.
So when you make it all about them and the value you build to the product, the experience you give them with you in at your store watch.
What happens everything turns around, but we’re gon na learn how you can do that.

You know I mean possessions, there’s some steps that you can take, that we don’t go over here.
Real quick, I’m be as brief as I possibly can number one make sure you’re prepared.
Okay, let’s talk about degree all right, you know the most typical common things that happen.

When you go out to greet somebody and I’ve said this in other videos, but most people say, can I help you and how you doing? Can I help you, as the silliest question ever been brought into retail? You were hired by that business about that dealership to help their customers that come on that ladder come into the store.
So to ask a stranger, I guess hey.
Can I do for you what they hired me to do is insane, and we know the most common response is no I’m just looking.

That’s crazy and a lot of salespeople will call that an objection.
It’s not an objection, that’s a stall because they know most salespeople are so weak and have no idea what just you know how to how to combat that that they immediately say okay, but when you’re ready, you find what you’re looking for I’ll be over here.

Think about how stupid that is, gab against come onto your lap, giving you an opportunity to engage with them, and then you gon na make them work to come.
Find you for you to get their business insane, but it all started off with horrible questioning and the reason why people will have such a negative perception of automotive sales people being so pushy.

It’s because you gloves they can help you.

They say no, I’m just looking neat, you got ta, stop them around the whole lot and everywhere they go because management said hey.
You know.
When you talk to somebody make sure you introduce them to us alright, and we created the issue ourself when, at the end of the day, the most one thing you should do when somebody shows up to you, a lot is welcome them.

Give them your name.
Do you know how many times I really think about this? Go to your own mind, do you know any times a salesperson will run upon cus, I’m gon na guess start asking about credit.
What they want, how much they want to put down.

They have never even introduced themselves, never even got the other person’s name, and you may not believe this as noticeable as it is.
But we do a lot of secret shopper exercises all around the country and the main thing we get is man.
They ask me about my credit, my money, all that and I never even got the person’s name and those things are private and personal.

You know we haven’t even earned the right to even discuss that stuff yet and we haven’t even given them our name so number one.
What is your greedy? Are you welcoming people to the ladder you ask them? Can you help them? Can you do what your employer asked you to do? You know make sure that you are prepared for some of the most common and typical responses.
Nothing about this when a person says to you yeah, I don’t really have a lot of time.

I was just stopping by the average sales were to say: okay cool well, you know when you guys ready I’ll, be here, stop in and just ask for, as for John, that is insane as opposed to being prepared, nothing about it.
If somebody is on your lot, looking at vehicles – obviously they’re not there by mistake, okay, they had to make rights left.
You don’t express what a lot of things had happened.

I’m show up there, okay and if they really didn’t have that much time who knows they’re running short on time and just gon na stop the dealership for a quick.
Second, that is again another stall.
But if you are unprepared that when they say that to you being able to say actually, I totally understand it and the fact that you don’t have a lot of time means that I could really help you.

While we do this, follow me aside, I’ll, ask you a few questions as opposed to us walking up and down looking car by car and waste your time we go inside I’ll.
Ask you a few questions I’ll pull up exactly what we have, and you tell me about what you feel you want information on, let’s go, but you have to be prepared.
You have to expect that they may say that.

Okay, you have to say aura when they walk up and they just say, hey well, you know how many times you walk to go Grease.
Somebody said: well, what’s the price on this and again most salespeople diarrhea of the mouth? Oh yeah, this one is a 28 five, you know, but we may be able to you know discount it for you already making it about price already, given himself a pay cut from the beginning.
As up as opposed to saying you know what that’s a skinny, that’s a really good question: why don’t we do this? Follow me inside I’m ask you a couple questions and then I’ll, let you know not just what the price is, but what the best options gon na be for you on this particular vehicle.

Follow me what the person will say: F dad I’m not gon na come in there.
So you try to tell me what the best option is for me.
No, but it also kept me from spewing out just a number: hey! Listen! That’s what it is, but let me ask you some question and let me see what I can do to get you the best option we have on this particular view, but you have to be prepared.

Okay, and hopefully you writing this stuff down, because if you believe you’re just gon na listen to it and it’s gon na stick, it won’t as a matter of fact everything you’re here right now about tomorrow, 50 % of it be gone the next day.
Don’t I mean 50, only 25 % of it left and within a week or so you’ll be right back doing things where you work, the brain loves routine works.

Don’t have it so make sure you write, notes, make sure you’re jogging this stuff down, make sure you are listening with the intent to understand.

Okay and it’s a whole process, so make sure that you really think about.
But you want to be prepared when you’re going out there to greet somebody, and the objective is not just to be able to talk with them about price and it is ignorant to bounce card a car with a customer when you go out there.

The first mission to greet him anyway – I saw this happen recently by 30.
Oh god, I was in the business, he said, 30 years guest comes up, you know he goes out there poor horribly.

It greets him to introducing themselves to customer.

The customer wanted to look at a hellcat.
The man walked some right over stars bouncing car.
The car goes inside, get the keys, leave the person outside, which again is insane never built.

Any rapport, don’t know anything was going on, never got him inside goes out.
There tries to start up the hill Kay guess what the battery was dead, but not only the battery did had no gas in it.

If a person already has anxiety about dealing with somebody in this business and then and what they were looking at, has no gas and the battery won’t even start.
What do you think that’s gon na do to their confidence, not only in the product, but in you it’s like man.
This is your stuff.

You didn’t even know that the battery was dead.
You didn’t know that this vehicle had no gas in it.
Why? Because the salesperson was it’s such a rush that they didn’t set the stage now they’d have brought the person inside found out.

What’s going on and identified, that’s what it was would have gotten teased, so they could pull the vehicle around to show it or they would have realized that it didn’t have gas in it.

They would realize that the battery was out and guess what the customer never would have known, because they’d have been sitting inside waiting for them to pull it up, so they could take them out and present.
You know you’re an act.

You got ta set the stage you have to do this stuff the right way.
Okay, now, when you get somebody inside my suggestion is to be a human being, not a freaking, robot salespeople get a customer in, and all they are talking about.
Is that piece of plasma what kolima? What’s the study what’s up ended and the customer feels like they’re being interrogated? The only missing thing missing is the spotlight shining directly in their face the objective.

When you sit somebody down because in most cases, many people know more about the vehicle in you, anyway, they’ve been researching it.
For days weeks months, they’ve only been focused on that one or two vehicle option where you have an entire fleet to be somewhat knowledgeable about.
So when it comes to that, inanimate object that piece of Lasseter metal that no matter what brand you promote if we went state to state and stopped it every dealership, that is the same brand as yours.

What you’d find is every one of those makes and models.

Is it the same as that their dealership is that the other tiller shit there, none of them flying none of them, take you back in time or into the future.
So what is it that dictates where a person decides to buy it from it’s you it’s us, that’s what it’s all about, and we have to always remember that.

So when you get some money and you sitting them down, when you get them in you greet them, you bring them aside, you sit them down.
Who are they? What are their goals? What are their concerns? What is it that they are hoping to accomplish and for who and for what? The better? You understand that when you do go to present an option to them, you can tailor it and customize it to where the points that you bring up will be relevant to the goals or to the concerns that they may have had or they may have.

But if you don’t sit down, you don’t identify who they are more than just their name.

You know if they have kids.
What’s the kids names what’s the ages, if they’re in a relationship who is their power, spouse or partner, what’s their name? Where are they do they know what they’re doing? How well do they trust their judgment or be you know, recommendations you know what is it that they’re hoping to use a force for business or personal? You know it’s learning how to use what’s called layered questions and what a layered question is is one where, when you ask it, they respond.
You can ask another one on remember this phrase, please good salespeople practice, what to say the great ones practice what to ask.

When I see salespeople doing most of the talking and the guest doing this much talking, I already know that that’s no deal, and even if it is it’s gon na be stripped down to nothing.
Because how can you help somebody if you don’t even know what it takes to help and the only way you can know what it takes to help them is by asking them the right questions so make sure, when you’re sitting down and qualified that you are learning? What their concerns are, what their objectives, what their goals are? Who are they? People buy from those who they like and they trust okay, and when people get a chance to talk about themself, the more a person shares about themselves with you, the more comfortable they feel with.
You notice, I didn’t say the more you talk about yourself to them.

They feel comfort with you as a matter of fact, the more you talk about yourself to them, the less comfortable they feel, but the more you allow them to talk to you about themself, the more comfortable they’ll feel.
Please please keep that in mind.
Now, let’s talk about when it’s time to present, this is really where a lot of people just cost themselves, thousands of dollars a day when it goes on to the presentation.

Do you know something? Recently I saw a person of person at a dealership.
You know I do all this type of recognizance up shaking things up.

I saw a sales rep on their phone texted, while the customer was literally just walking around the vehicle by themselves and they standing back or they walk out the hoods not pop.

They never get.
On the inside, they don’t do a complete walk around.
They don’t point out any specific features, what the benefits of it are and how would it help them accomplish whatever it is, they were trying to get accomplished or addresses whatever concern they may have had.

Then, when they go back inside, they wonder what a person is fighting them over the price, because, no matter what you asking for it, they don’t feel this worth that.
How do they feel it’s worth that it’s by us and the better? We are and identify who they are, what they’re looking for and what it is that they want when it’s time for us to present a specific feature.
When we talk about what the feature is, what life is like without it and how having it is beneficial if we fail to do that, they will never see the value in it and it doesn’t matter if it’s a turn signal no side mirror it doesn’t matter.

If it’s LED light in the plastic cover, it doesn’t matter.
If you believe this person may already know what it is, they’ve never seen it from you ever and as a matter of fact, you’re doing them a disservice and yourself by not taking the opportunity to present it to them.
What that feature is what could happen if it wasn’t there and how having it is beneficial? You want to make sure you address that, okay and when you think about it, certain vehicle making models.

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