7 Ways to Sell Cars and Make Money Within 30 Days

Hey, what’s going on Brian Maxwell here, checking in and enjoying the day off the role.

Finally, taking a break this week, don’t be hanging out, got my grandson, Grayson right here with me and recently I got a message from somebody that asked me if I would do a video on seven reasons why people uh why people quit and automotive sales – and so I went ahead and I did that, but you know I’m not somebody that likes to leave things kind of negative, and so I decided if I did one on for several reasons, why people quit in automotive sales that I might as well do one on seven ways That people actually succeed in automotive sales.
So why don’t we talk about that? One because you know we got more and more people that are jumping into the business each and every day and all they’re looking for is an opportunity to take care of their families hold on one.
Second, let me put him down appreciate that I’m back yeah to be successful in this business.

It’s not rocket science and I know a lot of times.
I know if you anything like I was.
I was horrible in the very first year I got in, I was brought in, I was promised training, I didn’t receive any training.

I was sat side by side with someone who had more experience and I did their skills weren’t very good, and I picked up on their bad habits next thing you know I was having their bad results and if it wasn’t for one gentleman that was one of Our top tier sales people, you know really stepping up and putting a book into my hand and taking me by the wing under his wing and really showing me the ropes man.
I would have struggled like like a lot of people, so if you knew the automotive sales or, if you’re, considering getting in at number one, let me let you know some: it’s an awesome business to get involved in.
It is the closest to being gainfully self-employed that you can.

You can come without any out-of-pocket expense.
So remember that number two you can give yourself a pay, raise any given time that you feel like it.
You know at the end of the day people work at jobs where they get paid by the hour and they complain about then, when they get put in an environment where they do have control over their income.

They complain about that too.
So it’s kind of like pick, you know, what’s gon na, be your poison, you know both can’t be bad.
You just have to learn which you know how to how to be successful at the one that generates the most benefit to you.

So real, quick, let’s go through the seven reasons why people succeed within the first 90 days, and this isn’t just my theory.
This is my tried and trued speaking with people training people working with folks, myself, the ones that succeed and we utilize a hundred different people to kind of come up with the common denominator of what it is that helps them be successful.
Why do they win with so many other fails so number one.

One of the top ways that you could be successful at your dealership within the first 90 days is make sure you choose the right brand okay.
Now this is extremely important, because a lot of people just stole resumes out there and they waiting on the first dealership to give them a call, and then they go over there and work it where they’ve never drove that vehicle before they have zero passion about it.
And they have no no real positive nor negative feelings about it whatsoever.

So it’s challenging to promote some that you’re, not even passionate about so, if you do have the option make sure that you select a brand that you are, you feel positive about.
You feel passionate about or that you like, preferably if you drive the vehicle and you can work at a dealership of the vehicle that you drive and you like it or if your family likes a particular brand you’ve grown up on it.
You believe in it and you can be hired there by all means, do so, because the more passionate you are about your product, the more passion that you are when you’re speaking to other people about it, the more positive it makes them feel about it.

Okay, the more enthused I’ll be about it because remember energy and enthusiasm is transferable.
Someone, if possible, make sure you choose a brand that you have passion about that you’re passionate about okay, if possible, if not, you’ve got to learn how to love that brand.
You better find something about the particular vehicles that jump out at you that you say you know what this can save my life or my family’s life or this saves lives.

I believe in this and I’m behind that okay number, two identify why and what you are in the business, for I hear people say things like yeah, I’m gon na work, a tradition because I love cars or I love trucks.
That’s not enough.
Your wines was gon na, keep you in the game even on those months when things get tough on those weeks when things are tough on those days and things are challenging, identify your.

Why? Because the hardest Bulls out of hit, it’s the one that you don’t know what the target is, so you have to identify first.
What is your? Why? Why are you waking up going to go into this dealership every day, once you’ve identified that now you can identify, you know the next step, which is: what are you willing to what sec? What sacrifice are you willing to make? What are you willing to do to go? Get it? I hear a lot of people say yeah, they want to be more successful, they want to make more money.
But when you ask him what was the last book you read on success or making money? What was the last training you attended on success of making money? What was the last workshop? What was the last conference you attended on making money or being more successful, so it sounds good and I always like to say it sounds smart for somebody dumb, because anybody out here that’s really getting.

It knows that talk is cheap and you have to learn how to be more successful at how to earn money.
You can’t make money.
Remember that you make money, you go to prison for counterfeit, but you can’t earn it.

Okay, make sure you realize that number three avoid being sensitive, avoid being sensitive and here’s.
What I mean by that this is business, and so every word that comes out of everybody’s mouth is not gon na be polite, not nor should it have to be.
We should have thinking of skin and not take things personal.

If I know that I’ve never met a customer to send my story about a day in my life, it does not matter what type of attitude they have.
I have no idea what was going on in their personal life before they got to me, and so for me to take anything person was foolish on my part, the same thing with management.
I realize that you have to realize everybody in your dealership is fighting for the common goal, which is helping you move a unit regardless to what it may seem like, and so, if somebody’s a little bit on edge, you don’t know what’s going on in their life.

So before I take it things, personal just take a step back and ask yourself: is there any reason for them to be mad at me as a person? No, maybe it’s something I did.
Maybe if something my sin, but neither one of those is how I identify myself, don’t take things so personal.
You have to have a short memory.

You know because I’m in business you will get banged around and your feelings may get hurt and if that’s, what stops you progress may have, you know make sure you just might as well go ahead and jump back to that nine-to-five! That’s just where it’s gon na be no disrespect to the 95, but it’s just not cut out for you.
Okay, it’s not cut out the next one make sure you have family support.
I firmly believe that, if you’re married, maybe you should bring your spouse to the dealership, give them a tour, introduce them to some of the people.

Let them put some faces behind the names you know explain to them.
What’s going on speak with your family about what you’re about to go through would let them know hey? Listen.
There may be a short learning curve.

It’s insured as I make it, but y’all be patient with me.
I’m gon na be giving everything I got.
This will help us in the long run.

That’s opposed to keeping things minimal, the more better the family support.
You have the easier it is when you come home on those days that things may have went, you know, may not have went the way you want them to your family.
Understands that it’s not a day-to-day business or a week-to-week business.

This a month-to-month business and so there’s no need to panic.
There’s no need to stress, as a matter of fact, the more panic and stress there is the more negative.
The results can be so make sure you’ve got that family support.

You really also need to have motivation and drive self motivation to drive too many people believe it’s up to the management to put the training materials in your hand, and it’s up to the to the company to make sure that you become a sales professional, as opposed To a sales person, you become a sales professional, it’s their responsibility to provide you with the Internet to cubicles the building, the resources which is the product and the staff to make sure you get it done in this game that we play working at a dealership.
You are a boss, you’re, a CEO and you’re, the CEO of the best business that you will ever own and as you and what you allowed yourself to earn as an hourly wage or accepted as a yearly income, is how you value your business.
So seeing it as it is your business, it is up to you, it is up to I.

It is up to us to make sure we do everything I can.
We can to make sure our business performs at its best.
That’s our responsibility and anything else.

Anything anybody else shares with us should just be icing on the cake, so you have to be self-motivated and self driven if you’re not either one of those.

It’s not just about automotive sales, any business out there that requires effort.

You might as well stay away from it because this get-rich-quick crap has sold people this dream, delivering of nightmares that somehow they can get into business and they gon na start enjoying vacations and time off with family right away.

And that’s not true any business that you start in the beginning, your tether to that business until you get it profitable.

Until you get the systems going, then you can start reaping all the benefits, but in the beginning you’re married to it.

Okay, remember one thing and always stressed: is average salespeople hope to break even while sales professionals who make money they practice they perform and they’re profitable? They practice they perform and they’re profitable, so make sure if you knew at your store or if you’re getting ready to go into a dealership, you don’t have to go through the struggles in the pitfalls.

You have the opportunity to hedge your bets and get ahead starting.
The leaps and bounds above the competition.
The reason why? Because in the description of this video, is a link and it’s a direct link over to the online home study automotive sales training program, how to dominate at the dealership included in it, is a complete ten part.

Video program, which takes you through the road to the sale, not just each and every step, and not that old road to the sale that you think I’m talking about the one that works, present-day that helps turn us customers into clients, turning sales people in the sales Professionals, you have access to it going over click.
The link in the description go up and check it out.
It has the facebook training with it has the YouTube training with it.

We talked about over eight hours of video sales training manuals over four hours of audio click.
The link in the description go check it out.

The game is now start winning click.
The link I’ll see you at the dealership.
It’s the complete how to dominate at the dealership online automotive sales training program and it comes complete with hours and hours.

Let me tell you what else has the dominated the dealership automotive audios, which takes you all the way through the sales process and you struggle with process, never have one.
This gives you one.
It gives you the step by step, but not only just the step by step.

It gives you the psychology behind it.
Okay, why you’re doing what you’re doing there’s over three hours of video there’s over two hours of audio? You also get the trails training manual, which lays out each and every step, which also has the discovery question.
With your qualifying to help you build better rapport, you also have access to the telephone script when making phone calls prospecting sending emails.

You also get the word tracks on how to overcome objections.
Like I want to speak to my spouse, I want to think about it.
This is that nature.

What also is included is the Facebook how to drive.
Facebook leads.
Okay, that’s over three hours of video trying to teach you everything from how to set it up how to get it going and for as little as twenty dollars how to get yourself your dealership and your brand in front of people.

Looking for what it is! Jeff.
You also get how to drive leads from you to the e-book that comes with that.
You also get an online traffic surge, which is two hours on how to use other social media outlets like Instagram and snapchat to drive people.

You also have access to over 40 word tracks from greeting your customers, send them down qualifying with them, how to do a total and complete walk around that.
Allow your customer, you know the way that you! What do you do if you come back from a demonstration? Drive every single word tried to every objection from about the trade from about they want to think about it.
They want to shop around.

You have more tools in your arsenal, then you’ll know what to do and always the better to be over-prepared than underprepared.
Believe that, and on top of that, you also get a one-on-one telephone call with me, you’re gon na get an email, and it’s going to ask you what’s the best date and time with that.
I have free of your time, meets with my time on my schedule and you and I get on the phone and make sure we strategize and see how we can best implement these for you at your store to get you more profitable, rockin and rollin.

Okay, and so you have access to all of this information tonight, right now available to you and typically, if you see online, I sell this program for nine hundred and ninety seven dollars.
Okay, but the fact that you did stay to the end and the fact that you are somebody that is trying to do the best that you can, the least I can do is support you in the best way that I know how is give you access to Every tool that every word track, everything that myself and other top producer salespeople are using across the country.
Okay, so I’m gon na make it available to you.

You get to dominate it to dinner ship you get to drive.
Facebook leads, you get the word tracks.
You get YouTube training, you get those 10 videos of 100 success tips, you get the sales training manuals, you get the online traffic search program, you get each and every one of these, not for 997 dollars, but you get it for a fraction of that for 10.

For $ 97 for less than a cup of coffee for one month a day, you get access to information and not just help.

You make money this month, but it help you make money for the rest of your life and so, if you’ve always said that you wanted to help, you were looking for the training.
You watch these videos and you see that it’s real and real recognize real and if you think, you’re getting something from these YouTube videos, imagine when you get started and to top it all off I’ll show you how confident I am in it.

You also receive a 90-day money-back guarantee on it, so you get it, you apply it.
You take the steps and you do what’s required and guess what, if you don’t feel like, if you haven’t seen it benefit you and generate you more money, you let me know and I’ll get you your money back.
Okay, 90 day guarantee.

On top of that.
So all you have to do is click the link in the description go on over and get started I’ll.
Send you, the email, you and I set up a time for us to get together, because this is only for a limited time that I’m able to do this.

Okay, but it’s my way to give back.
So thank you for sticking around click.
The link in the description go on over get started.

You’ll get the email from me, let’s set it up, let’s get together, but other than that.
I hope this helps be on the lookout because I got part 2 coming, which is the 7 reasons why people in car sales get fired within 90 days from the perspective of the management, so click the link in the description or going over and get started.

You’ll get an email, you and I schedule the time for us to talk in the meantime.

Go ahead, click the link get started and I look forward to seeing you at the dealership overnight.

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