7 Reasons People Who Sell Cars Quit Within 90 Days

What’s going on Brian Maxwell and real quick, I just wanted to check in because I want to share something with you.

I want to share with you the seven reasons why most people quit within their first 90 days, and you may have felt that way yourself within your first 90 days, you may have worked at a dealership and already resigned.
You may feel like you’re on the verge of resigning, or you sure you may have seen people come and go at your store that have came in and we’re gone before.
You even knew it.

So, let’s talk about, you know the seven reasons why most people quit within their first 90 days number one is unrealistic expectations.
I mean how many times prior to you getting in.
Have you heard the stories about the making a hundred thousand dollars a year? And you know really living the big in all-star life.

What a reality is this everybody is not going to make a hundred thousand dollars a year.
Okay, everybody doesn’t want to make a hundred thousand dollars a year.
Some people who are happy and content with fifty thousand that’ll be more than they’ve ever made some people sixty thousand some people, seventy thousand, and then there actually are people who you know do achieve that goal and get into the six-figure mark.

You know all the way as high as some that are out there that are literally doing over $ 200,000 a year in automotive sales at different dealerships across the country.
Okay, so you have to know that that’s a that is a reality: okay, but everybody’s not going to be able to do that.
Some people have a much higher level skill set than others so unrealistic expectation.

Everybody believes they’re gon na come in they’re gon na sell twenty a month.
They’re gon na make ten thousand dollars a month, and it’s just gon na be easy with no effort and at the end of the day it does require effort in this business.

Can it be achieved absolutely, but do you have to put in effort and do you have to work? Yes, so setting the proper expectations to minimize people leaving because they had these champagne tastes? But you know a beer level work ethic and the two just didn’t mesh with what they wish, that they would got versus what they were really getting so unrealistic expectations.
The second reason is pressure from family.
I mean, let’s face it.

The previous generations thing was, you know, you work a job, you stay at a job, you don’t quit because you didn’t know what you’re gon na get they didn’t make up, didn’t grow up in the Information Age like us, where everything is literally one clickable button away And so their their thought, their expectation on what was possible, it’s different from ours, and so, when you tell somebody or they have a conditioned way of thinking, meaning the 95 is just what we are programmed to do until we are too old for someone to buy Our time and it’s just not so so, look at this scenario.
If someone works at the same company for 30 years, they get a $ 1 raise no disrespect, but they get a $ 1 raise every two years, which is a $ 40 a week increase, and they do that for 30 years they will be praised by different Family members, but if an individual steps out into something that they could increase their income to three four or five times over, yet they may have to deal with a little bit of struggle as they develop their skills.
Oh, and there is no set amount of money.

They can give themselves a pay raise whenever they feel like it.
They would say that that’s crazy because of the uncertainty when, in reality, the uncertainty is what will can generate and yield a much better life, then the same ol same ol and knowing exactly what you’re going to get.
But again it boils down to programmers so many times the family members are saying: hey you shouldn’t be doing this.

You need to get more consistent money.
You know you’re putting it too much time in too many hours when again in reality, anybody that’s in business for themselves.
No nine to five forty hours a week doesn’t exist.

You know you do what you have to do until you get what you have to do done and that’s really what it’s about um, the third one is people lose confidence.
You know thinking about this.
You know you’re hired on you’re brought in that first day, you’re kind of sitting around and bring your stack of paperwork.

Then they tell you, go, get some key and start learning the vehicle.
Then they may pair you up with somebody who you have no idea who they are you’re, hoping that you’re not bothering this person, and you have no idea what’s supposed to be done.
So you start picking up on what you see them do without knowing whether it’s right or wrong, whether it’s effective, whether it’s not so, you incorporate every little thing you pick up and you realize the results are nowhere near what you expected.

Yet the management is still pressuring you to produce and you’re doing everything that you’ve learned yet is not working, and that can help people’s confidence go straight down the drain, so lack of car law losing confidence is another reason why person will leave when in truth, in Reality what they’re gon na run back to you know where the nine-to-five goes, no matter how hard you work, you’re gon na get what you’re gon na get an hour and when somebody else can dictate how much you’ll make a year to take care of yourself.
Your family, that’s crazy, but in this it may be a little bit of struggle, but once you learn you hone your skills.

You really develop and learn the process.

You have the rightward tracks.
Your life will be far easier.
If you do what’s hard now, your life will be easier, so lost confidences is number three number four having a negative or abusive managers or management staff.

It’s so counterproductive when managers curse and disrespect their team members and then expect these same people to break their back form.
It’s just crazy, but yet it happens all the time, and you know what I see those same people who they disrespecting have the power to get them up out of that seat and whenever they get the chance to exercise it, the team always wins.
And yet if they realize that it’s a partnership – and you need to treat your team members the same way, you want them to treat the customers and key in on helping them build their skills, a lot of managers once they get behind that there’s.

Ninety percent of their time is putting out fires say they don’t have the time to train and so they’re letting other people train one another without knowing of what their teaching is right.

So if somebody has a little bit of skill, it goes back to the old sand and the land of the blind.
The one-eyed man is king, somebody whose skill level is low, but maybe higher than everybody else.

It seems as if they’re a superstar when, in reality, the store is just scratching the surface of what it really could be, and so you know making sure you got the right management staff that doesn’t spend their time cursing people out of disrespecting people disrespecting customers.
You know being rude, you know, being an example of how you want the team to treat their customers so negative or abusive management is another reason.
People, even you know, have you seen those people, you know how it’s things to be disrespected and nobody likes to deserve that everybody’s working for a common goal, which is to help the customer make a smart, safe buying decision and both parties to respect the responsibilities that Other okay number, five too many hours, is another reason why people leave see people have this FASTA expectation of nine to five or forty hour work when think about it, like this there’s 168 hours in a week? Okay, now, if the average person works 40 hours, that means that there’s 128 hours left over so during that 40 hours, that’s where you’re earning money, that’s when you’re generating your income during the 128 hours when you’re away from your place of business you’re spending money.

If you’re in your car, that’s your car, no that’s the gas! That’s the insurance! If you’re in your house has to render the mortgage the electric bill, if you’re eating that’s the groceries, your cell phone bill, your cable, yada, yada, yada, every second way, you’re spending money.
So when your income time, which is 48 hours, it’s outweighed three to one by your outgo, so the amount of time you spend spending money outweighs the amount of time people work.
Is there any wonder why the balance beam is off, and yet those people that are out spending that money during the 128 hours are not doing anything to invest in themselves? Therefore, the balance beam is still shifted, so they can start learning how to generate more.

In less time, but it requires an investment in themselves and I always say how can we expect others to invest in us when we don’t invest in ourselves? Ok, so when people believe is too many hours they leave, they go back to the 40-hour work week, generating whatever wage.
They were and still wonder why the roller-coaster is doing this and the pendulum continues to swing and swing with zero consistency.
As a matter of fact, it seems like it’s going down.

Ok number, six.
Another reason why people eat they just don’t fit the culture.
There are some stores that have their own personality and if a person coming in doesn’t fit or the mold or a similar like personality of some other people, they feel uncomfortable and they want to leave.

Ok, they get mistreated or feel like they’re isolated by the team.

Members which is so counterproductive because when people run off new folks, all that’s doing is making everybody there have to put in more time two more hours without any time off, which can be extremely aggravating and that’s missed opportunities on the store.
So that’s missed money to reinvest and to generate better opportunities.

The best thing that could be done is to embrace the new team members help them be successful as quickly as possible, so they can be profitable.
Therefore, the store can reinvest in us, ok and then the seventh one is lack of training and support.
You know people are told and everybody’s gon na train you’re.

We gon na work with you but again remember the management time 90 % of the spent putting out fires, so they don’t have any time work with the people.
So people lack you know getting what it is that they need to be successful and at the end of the day, that’s a crying shame.
So let me ask you this: if you work at a dealership, you know what I’m talking about if you weren’t trained and so ask yourself this this, this simple question: would you like to continue to struggle and lose time and lose money and kind of follow the Status quo – or you know, have an inconsistent months going up and down, or would you rather learn how to use different, cutting-edge techniques to help you develop razor-sharp skills that will launch yourselves and explode your Commission’s now, if you like many of the other driven self-motivated and Intelligent people, I’m sure you rather develop razor-sharp skills that can help you earn thousands and thousands of dollars every month for the rest of your life.

So here’s three benefits to you: okay, number, one! You get the tools to be able to gross eight thousand dollars or more consistently every single month, number two: this is bigger than how to move a unit.
This is how to build a better lifestyle.
Okay in sales is something that nobody can escape, and so, since we can’t escape it, we might as well develop our ability to use it in our everyday life everywhere: okay and then number three.

As for as long as you live, you have access to the information that can help you help your friends help your family, whoever you want to share it with.
Okay, that’s what you have to do now, one of the biggest complaints I get from people that have left dealerships are thinking about, leaving there’s no help, no training, no support, and so right now you are in a very exciting place because you have a unique invitation To be able to spring yourself leave some Browns above your co-workers and your competition, because you know I’m glad that you stayed to the end, because what I have for you is to complete how to dominate at the dealership online automotive sales, training programs.
And it comes complete with hours and hours.

Let me tell you what else has the dominated the dealership automotive audios, which takes you all the way through the sales process and you struggle with process, never have one.
This gives you one.
It gives you the step by step, but not only just a step by step.

It gives you the psychology behind it.
Okay, why you’re doing what you’re doing there’s over three hours of video there’s over two hour of audio? You also get the trails training manual, which lays out each and every step, which also has the discovery questions which, when you’re qualifying to help you build better rapport.
You also have access to the telephone script when making phone calls prospecting sending emails.

You also get the word tracks on how to overcome objections.

Like I’m going to speak to my spouse, I want to think about it.
This is that nature.

What also is included is the Facebook how to drive.
Facebook leads.
Okay, that’s over three hours of video trying to teach you everything from how to set it up, how to get it going and for as little as twenty dollars how to get yourself your dealership and your brand in front of people.

Looking for what it is that you have, you also get how to drive leads from you to the e-book that comes with that.
You also get an online traffic surge, which is two hours on how to use other social media outlets like Instagram and snapchat to drive people.

You also have access to over forty word tracks from greeting your customers.

Send them down qualifying with them.
How to do a total and complete walk around that? Allow your customer, you know the way that you, what do you do? Have you come back from a demonstration drive every single word track to every objection from about the trade from about they want to think about it.
They want to shop around.

You have more tools in your arsenal.
Then you’ll know what to do and always the better to be over-prepared than underprepared believe that, and on top of that, you also get a one-on-one telephone call with me.
You’re gon na get an email and it’s going to ask you what’s the best date and time with that I have free.

If your time I meet with my time on my schedule and you and I get on the phone and make sure we strategize and see how we can best implement these, for you at your store to get you more profitable, rockin and rollin okay, and so you Have access to all of this information tonight right now available to you and typically, if you see online, I sell this program for nine hundred and ninety seven dollars.
Okay, but the fact that you did stay to the end and the fact that you are somebody that is trying to do the best that you can, the least I can do is support you in the best way that I know how is give you access to Every tool that every word track, everything that myself and other top producer salespeople are using across the country.
Okay, so I’m make it available to you, you get to dominate into dinner ship you get to drive.

Facebook leaves you get the word tracks.
You get to YouTube training.
You get those 10 videos of 100 success tips, you get the sales training manuals, you get the online traffic search program, you get each and every one of these, not for 997 dollars, but you get it for a fraction of that for 10 for $ 97.

For less than a cup of coffee for one month a day, you get access to information and not just help.
You make money this month, but I help you make money for the rest of your life and so, if you’ve always said that you want it to help you with looking for the training, you watch these videos and you see that it’s real and real recognize real And if you think you’re getting something from these YouTube videos, imagine when you get started in the top of our office, show you how confident I am in it.
You also receive a 90 day money back guarantee on it.

So you get it! You apply it.
You take the steps and you do what’s required and guess what, if you don’t feel like, if you haven’t seen it benefit you and generate you more money, you let me know and I’ll get you your money back.
Okay, 90 day guarantee.

On top of that.
So all you have to do is click the link in the description go on over and get started I’ll.
Send you, the email, you and I set up a time for us to get together, because this is only for a limited time that I’m able to do this.

Okay, but it’s my way to give back.
So thank you for sticking around click.
The link in the description, going-over get started, you’ll get the email from me, let’s set it up, let’s get together, but other than that.

I hope this helps be on the lookout because I got part 2 coming, which is the several reasons why people in car sales get fired within 90 days from the perspective of the management, so click the link in the description I’m going over and get started.
You’ll get an email, you and I’ll schedule.
The time for us to talk in the meantime, go ahead, click the link get started, and I look forward to seeing you at the dealership overnight.

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