7 Questions To Help Your Customer Buy Their Vehicle From You

Nope, because I just want to make sure that everything that you and I discussed I’ll evacuate that cool yep sound so now, as far as what the building are, you looking for business or personal use, more separate, personal, really, okay, so it’d be a daily driver.

Alright um, will you be driving it to your place, business? Yes, what you do for them, I’m a ranger Ranger! Now how long you been doin ever did 15 to 16 years 17.

Yeah! Really! Now? How do you get into being a park ranger with that something? Like you know, you used to watch the cartoons and the Yogi Bear stuff and kind of wanted to do that.
Or did you go to school for it? I can for me today it started out yeah.

I wanted to grow up and be a park ranger.
All my life I love to hunt I also like to take care of the wildlife as well.
Don’t use it right.

So I grew up.
I went to a few classes, Community College.
They teach it there about how to take care of the wildlife.

How to keep people away from poaching and so on and so forth, so yeah, it’s an interesting experience, expense.
It sounds like now the party’s right now that you’ve been there the entire time or that you worked at several other I’ve.

Been there my entire life.

That’s awesome man.
I know you said Michigan honey.
Look! What cool spots you’d like to go fishing! They go phosphate pits.

They go streams for salmon or trout anywhere.
Where it’s crystal clear.
What do you say that and your? How often do you get attends goldfish, three or four times a week? Maybe oh man, and what would you say is you get the most success rate with the salmon or well we’re gon na get the trap, the trap you ever you know ever catch too much where you’re not able to eat it.

All the maybe I can now are you gon na, be the only one properties here? Yes, sir.
Okay, so knows nobody else needed no significant, other a spouse or anything like this is my wife husband card.
Oh, my okay, how long you been married brother for six years now, really, congratulations man! What secret do I have from here, you got ta, know, know, know how to say: yes ma’am.

Yes, we have to his laboratory Vilas.
Oh any, more, come no! Ok! Kids! Now, as far as with this vehicle, are you gon na be using for any range or activities? I know he says personally.
Use is what type of Ranger activities I go up: a lot of steep hills, a lot of fruits and bones all the trails and so on and so forth.

So I think something that has decent suspension good tires.
That’s an air bags.
The kids will be riding in this vehicle, so your wife had the vehicle you’re gon na.

Have this one easy only to have it you guys over there will be yeah.

This will be the second one, the second part that we have so we ultimately all right.
Excellent now say that you’re gon na be using this for Ranger activities, and you know the kids will be there.

Sometimes are you looking for a car truck or SUV? I can live with the truck or an SUV.
The gas mileage.
Is there anything else in particular that you can think about that? You would say this is places a must-have for much possibly torque.

You told many things you do anytime.
Sometimes, when people get stuck out there or something people fall down, get hurt crane kind of thing.
We set it up in the back of the trucks and we lived them up like that.

Oh man, good grief, like the MacGyver’s of the outdoors.
I would make it work with what you got yeah saying: oh, I look for a light, medium or dark coat medium to dark, since it’s out the area and on a dam.
You know where you open to keep your monthly budget around then.

As far as what your current people are, there, any other features that you have in your current vehicle that you would like to see in.
I knew nothing but a decent system he’s in stereo system, good engine.
What do you currently drug? I Drive my Jeep Liberty.

Billy, what you’re the 2003 okay mr.
question man because of you know I’ve been getting some inquiries buyers, people looking for more sort of a truck type like that.
Are you interested in selling that? Because we may be interested in buying sure we can talk numbers Thanks? Okay, so what I’ll do is, while you and I are exotic it a little bit I’ll, give our praise or go check it out, and that way he can at least tell us what would it uh you know what goodbye is there? Any other particulars that you can think about that yourself, your wife, or that your kids would consider to be extremely important, um.

Definitely the kids with enough flavor variety and they then we get bigger and you guys travel, often there’s a faculty here once or twice.
He will you be using these people for any of that type of travel, yeah.

As far as entertainment options, do you have any what what are the kids? Typically, when you have to travel into as far as blue yeah yeah, a blue tooth would be nice.

So we make sure I have this right.
I believe I do you’re looking for a truck when there should be we’ll be using this for your Ranger activities and be a daily driver.

Also, you all will use it whenever uniform you go traveling you Lila Alexander, and your wife, which wisely general airbags and safety is extremely important to you.
Gas mileage, torque toy capacity, obviously, to help some little boats that that may be down going.
Keep your monthly budget.

Three: five: six bluetooth to make shots and good labor, so room for the kids to grow up a little bit over the next year.
That’s right all right other than this! Is there anything else that you know you feel like it would be? No! No! I think you pretty much covered at all.
Thanks me: okay, here’s number two I’m gon na go run and get with my manager, okay and I’m gon na share him.

All everything that you and I just discussed to Cheryl me and I’m also gon na make sure that available is available because, based on this information, I believe we have exactly which what you’re looking for and excellent options.
I just wan na make sure it’s still available before I get all into detail and we find out that somebody bought it just a little bit ago.

Okay, I mean it means I know, would you like me, coffee or water, or anything thanks, brother? Okay, look into that water I’ll, be right back and I’m gon na get to be able to get it pulled up, and that way you and I could look at it and I’m gon na get the appraisal go ahead and check out your uh.

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