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Good morning branded artisan, how are you doing this morning? Hey today? We want to touch on a couple of things over a few sessions because we see it exploding, especially since the virus situation, speakers who are in front of the room, usually playing off of an audience because they can naturally see make them laugh.

All of those things have pretty much gone away for right now, so this device that we’re looking at now is the only way for people to tell their story.

If you will, content is always going to be king, but anybody thinks that they can do it.

No one says that it’s like climbing Mount Rushmore, but there’s some basics.
We must adhere to when we’re delivering some type of content to people.
Using this medium content is always going to be king, but how we do it, those basics do not go away.

I don’t care if you belong to a State Bureau of speaking.
If you belong to the National Speakers Association or maybe your friends, family members, people at work said that you’re good at this, but just wanted to remind you of just a few things when we’re talking about public speaking, there’s still some basics that have to be there.

I contact whether it’s an alive audience or whether it’s using this device that we’re using now people have a tough time of keeping their eyes on the screen, which may throw your audience off.

Because they’re wondering, if you’re looking for some information or if you’re, confused or lost your notes, so we’ll talk about those things anunciacion now, no one said they have to have a debate.
Class it’d have been great if you’ve taken that journalism and giving the way the words sound across to the audience or your punctuation of how you’re going to do.
It is also important because, since it’s live, people can’t run it back and they’re wondering right.

What’s going on, what are you trying to say? Did I hear you and you never want your people confuse no once again we’re just talking about some of the basic things if you want to survive using these new technology there’s something also that we call in the industry paralanguage your tonality, how loud soft? When do you put certain inflections into something, naturally, nonverbals body language can do a lot if you’ve ever watched, your favorite comedians or politicians there’s a way that the body language can emphasize what you’re trying to point out through your audience or maybe confuse them a little Bit and don’t forget about gestures and movement if you’re, really attentive or if you really do not care about someone’s response, people are watching.
This is the only way that they can do this.

So just some quick tips that I’m giving you now will drill down to it.
But I will say this practice: people always get on my little buddy from Hampton Roads, Virginia Allen, Iverson, who went on to become a professional basketball player and was one of the best during his era playing for the Philadelphia 76ers.
But something went viral.

We just talked about practice.
All it is is practice practice separates the average person from the person who really sees that vision, not that they’re doing anything different but they’re taking that extra time to put in the work, so they sound a lot better.
So over the next few sessions we’re going to talk about how to improve your network, but the key thing you can always sound look great, but if there is no content, if you have no story that separates you from everyone else, it’s all worthless.

Content is still the gorilla.
That’s in the room now how you deliver it that the story is important, how you’re set with the coffee mugs that bet that that can be worked out all later, but when it comes to speaking delivery, trying to get that content across to that audience.
Using this medium and trying to get paid, for it is a different story nowadays, we just see too many people on here that are probably nice people, but they just need a little bit more practice.

So if some of this makes sense to you, we’ll continue it again on the next session, once again, Brandon artisan president champion strategies, .

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