5 Behaviors To Unleashing Your Greatest Potential

We can keep this concise if you like, what are five behaviors that, if adopted in practice, get a new leash once greater potential within we know that they have to be deliberate.
You know they have to take action, but in your opinion, what our five number one is: transforming your mindset that they did a study of some 3,000 top achievers around the world.
They wanted to know what was the common denominator among them, and they discovered that 85 % of them reach their goals because of their attitude 15 % because of their aptitude.

So retraining your mind, be not conformed to this world via transformed by the renewing of your mind.
That’s number one number two giving yourself a home court advantage change your personal environment, upgrade your relationships.
There’s a new term in psychiatry called relational illness.

There’s some people that can make you sick, and so you want to look at your relationships and ask the question: what is this doing to me? Am i becoming a better person? Am i moving in the direction of my dream? I am my on course because of this relationship: people who have accountability, partners, people who have people in their lives who challenge them, who inspire them to create the next greatest version of themselves, keep their commitment to their dreams.
And so you have to look at your relationships and upgrade your relationships.
Number three have goals beyond your comfort zone.

Why? You don’t know what you can do? Sometimes you’ve got to become intelligently ignorant and so therefore practice being an assassin kill every mediocre behavior in you all of the negative thoughts, all of the negative things and choices you’ve been making Warren Buffett’s.
That hobbits are too light to be felt until they’re, too heavy to be broken.
So look at these habits that you’re engaged in the ritual that you practice it every day and decide I’m gon na.

Let that go! Let go of be dragged for.
Have the mindset that I will do this John F Kennedy in 1961 called his cabinet together and said we’re going to go to the moon? When I was a kid we used to say to illustrate something was impossible, we would say you have as much power to do that as a man going to the moon.
He looked at Wernher von Braun, he said Wernher.

What will it take for us to go to the moon? They had no money, no budget, no technology, the computers did not exist.
They’d have a clue how to do it and Warner said five words and based upon those five words, the president called a news conference.
A few days later and said we’re going to the moon in ten years, and we did it in eight.

What were those five words? He said the will to do it.
What will it take for the people that are listening, that among the 20,000, people that are losing their jobs every day, because of technology every day, because 50 % of the jobs today can be done by robots every day, 20,000 being later? What will it take for them to create their own business or advance their own career with another corporation or develop the ability to find ways to generate income to control their own personal economy? The will to do it and the fifth thing that’s necessary.
Augmentee no said it, he was a very good friend of mine.

He wrote the greatest salesman in the world.
He was a guy who loved my former wife, Gladys Knight.
I had her saying to him at the National Speakers convention the year before he died, he said persist until you succeed.

I came through a very tough time this last year, 2017.
I never stopped because of side of the pain I spoke from a wheelchair for about eight months.
I never stopped, even though they told me at the treatment clinic that cancer has had metastasized seven areas of my body in the pain that I feel in the scapula area.

As a result of that now, the smiling is guys that why you’re smiling, I said, seven is my lucky number, I’m one of seven children.
My birthday is February 17th Joshua March around the walls of Jericho, seven times named and dipped himself in the river Jordan.
Seven times our phone number is 702.

Seven is my lucky number.
That means that cancer is getting the hell beat out of it and I will persist until I succeed.
I aspire to inspire until I Xfire that’s my story and I’m sticking to thinking.

Well, you answered my next question already and just for the audience know, the question is: what is the one thing than performance do to realize greater potential than others and that you answer these persists? .

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