You all know what time it is yeah.
It’s quick brew time.
What’s going on everyone front line, arts of subprime hero today is five.

Eight twenty twenty! It’s eight days into the fifth month of the rest of your life, Wow time’s, going by fast.
Take advantage of every moment do not waste it.
My quick tip, my quick crew, for you is keep your hands busy.

It’s like the old saying idle hands.
Is the devil’s playground right so when you’re busy in your constantly doing stuff, when you schedule your day to where you have something to do all day long, you tend to make your days one go by faster, especially during times like this too.
You just tend to be finished at the end of day and feeling better about yourself, because you were productive that day and three there’s nothing better than having a plan, a plan of action for the day.

So you get three things, not gotten one.
So what? If I was to give you one too, you know it would be once again keep your hands busy, always do something stay busy and always be looking for something to do.
This is Previn arts, the subprime hero, , .

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