3 Ways to Use Social Media to Increase Leads to Your Dealership

Brian Maxwell checking me here at Lakeshore, Chrysler back out and Slidell again.

One of the things I’m want to talk about today is you ever hear sales before you yourself as a salesperson, never say, and it’s slow, no business is coming in first thing.
Let me address some of you’ve been in this business over a year and you’re sitting around complaining about how slow it is.
This video is really made for you if you’re a green pea.

You have a few excuses, but if you’ve been doing this for a while, there’s really no excuse.
Let me tell you why what today’s technology has made it so much easier for sales professionals to be able to generate business for themselves.
Just not even funny.

I mean think about it.
The dealership provides the building; they provide you with the inventory.
They even pay us to have to process all your paperwork.

What more should of business have to do to help you with yourself business? So you have the first view it and visualize it as a business, because that’s what you’re running a sales business within a business.
So the first thing you want to think about for your business is: how do you attract clientele and I’ll share? Another tip with you? People that show up on a live national average is about a twenty two percent.
Closing percentage remains of ten people show up to potentially become clients here, but when you have self generated business that closing percentage goes up as high as sixty percent so will actually be.

Who you to focus on generating your own business, now two words that I want to introduce to you you may be familiar with, but that if you’re, not you need to familiarize yourself, which is social selling.
Today’s consumers feel far more comfortable throwing business with somebody.
They have had interaction with that they’ve communicated with whether it be a message, a post.

Thank you whatever it is, the more familiar ernia customer has with you prior to coming in it increases the likelihood of you be able to close that deal.
So I’m going to share a few platforms for you, where, if you aren’t already user, you may want to think about it.
Number one is Instagram.

Instagram has millions and millions of people on there sharing everything from pictures.
The vacation sometimes just positive quotes, but people go to Instagram for information to see images.

Imagine if you took an image of one, maybe two three four, even five vehicles on a daily basis, whether it be spin vehicles that you have specials on brand new units, you just got in whatever it is, but you take pictures of them and carry on throughout The day you post up the image with a small caption saying good credit, bad credit.

No problem come see me I’m here today.
My email is my telephone number is think about Facebook.
Facebook is the largest social media site in the world with something like 2 billion people using it while other those 2 billion.

Imagine how many thousands are within your city, not just thousand within your city 1000 within your city, actually like your product but closed mouth, don’t get fed.
People have to know where you are.
You have the best product or service in the world, but if they don’t know, you exist, they’re, never gon na find you so get on Facebook.

You don’t face, but you can actually do searches for people within your city within a certain radius and another good thing about Facebook.
Is you have a thing called Facebook Ads as far as low as 10 bucks? You can create an ad or a video for yourself or for the dealership, describing what you do is a promoting a product or just promoting your services at your dealership, and you can specialize, I mean specify down to people that are within a certain income bracket within A certain zip code that are all looking for whatever product hits, your dealership and here’s how it works.
Google and Facebook work together, so any searches a person does on their phone, their tablet or a computer.

It also feeds their data into Facebook and that’s why, when you go to your Facebook page after you, just searches, something there commercials or different ads that are relevant or similar to the things you are just searching so Facebook and it’s bigger than just doing a post Up once or twice a week, cuz see people have to become to begin to know you for what you do.
Just like.
You have your family doctor.

Why? Because everybody’s been going there, they do good works for a reputation strong, the same thing.
It is for you, when it comes to someone having a transportation problem or vehicle.
You should be the ideal person whether they value your brand or not.

They should still reach out to you for the help and the third one is LinkedIn.
Now LinkedIn has a ton of professionals on there.
I called it the Facebook for professionals, but guess what all of these people drive vehicles and there’s a ton.

Hundreds of thousands of people are on there that don’t work in the automotive business that you can reach out to, but people don’t care them.
What you know it today know how much you care so start.
Building relationships through social selling, meeting up with people contacting people and submitting connections and contacts linking with people in your area and then before you just start blasting them.

What you do look at their pages, find out about them, shoot them an introductory message thanking them for their connection before you just start trying to blast them.
Remember people don’t care how much you know today know how much you care.
So the idea that business is slow – it doesn’t have to be every day of the week to somebody looking for a product that you offer every day of the week.

There’s somebody driving a vehicle off a dealership and guess what majority of people that show up? Don’t have any intentions on driving a big home that day, but a lot of them do so.
You have to begin to identify your business within a business and yeah a lot traffic should be nothing more than icing on a cake learn how to leverage the technology.
I train, and I give the word tried to the actual post messages.

I give the exact methods to every person I train on how to leverage social selling to drive business.
To yourself.
I have people picking up an extra 15 deals a month leveraging these simple steps that you can apply in your process at your dealership every day that take you very little time, but they bring you great awards, so I’m gon na be sharing their here soon.

So be on the lookout for upcoming webinar got one will be going through social selling.
How do you drive business to your dealership and close more deal, but other than that? It’s never slow.
If anything’s slow, the person that’s working is slow because there’s business always available, but you just got to know where they aren’t gon na find so again, Brian Maxwell.

I look forward to seeing you at the dealership.
Doesn’t it suck sitting at the dealership waiting around for a customer to walk in? How would you feel if you knew you could sell 20 cars and make ten thousand dollars every month? Imagine having 15 to 20 people coming in every month expecting to buy from you what, if you could find qualified buyers and drive them into the dealership.
Looking for your help buying a vehicle, there are people in your area who love your brand and are ready to buy a vehicle.

How do you make it easier for them to find you if you’d like to uncover how to get 15 to 20 buying customers into your dealership every month and start making some real money? I invite you to join Brian Maxwell, as he gives three ways to sell cars using social media prospecting for people with the potential to purchase PPP, EPS Brian Maxwell shows sales professionals nationwide how to market and make money selling cars Brian’s philosophy is simple: selling is fun When it’s done the right way register for the webinar immediately, because this will fill up fast, , .

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