3 Ways To Sell More Vehicles and Earn Bigger Checks

Oh make a purchase, they go into a dealership to buy they’re excited about that vehicle.

They really are the excited about that potential furniture, but they try dealing with that lying thieving, stealing, snake-in-the-grass salesperson.
As a matter of fact, when they’re in the car or the truck or an SUV riding to the dealership, they’re plotting and playing, they say: hey, listen! When we get in there, don’t you say anything, don’t smile, don’t show any teeth at all.
We won’t spend $ 300 and that’s just it and we’re not doing anything more than a thousand dollars down, no matter what they say, no matter what they do: they’re planning their plot and they’re getting together, they’ve gone on line.

As a matter of fact, if you google how to live a longer life in the upper right hand, corner of Google you’ll see a number and it might be five million zillion 40 million.
I mean what this is is how that dictate that determines how many websites are relevant to that particular search terms.

So if you type in how to live a longer life, maybe 40 50 million potential sites come up.

If you type in how to avoid being ripped off by the car more than a hundred million to come up, which means people are more afraid of being ripped off by the vehicle, then they are concerned about living a longer life, which means that when your typical Salesperson when an individual shows up to the dealership, the first thing they do number one you’ve got a team full of salespeople spending outside store standing in a circle.
Looking at the customers, they come in like vultures staring at me, waiting on it to die, so they can attack.
So everybody standing around standings is personally Kenny.

Let’s make chops customer pulls in they jump out the vehicle.
Now, if you’ve got either one person racing towards them and they go up there to them and the first thing they want to ask them is: can I help you now, I’m gon na cover two of the silliest questions of sales per second ads number.

One is: can I help you that is a stupid question, here’s why that is think about what attea, what it means when a salesperson or an employee period says.

Can I help you? What you’re really saying is? Is it okay, if I do for you with my employer, hire me to do hey even though they’re paying me to be here? Okay, I hope you even know that’s what they want me to do.
That’s insane because when they say we said, can I help any say nope just looking get back salesperson.

Where do you go from there, you’re done and anything else that you try to do now, you’re violating me, you asked me, I told you get away from me now that you’re being too pushy, but we set it up nine out of ten salespeople I’ll, say almost Nine point five out of ten salespeople will approach.

The president say: can I open the second question that is silly is how are you doing now you, my staple? How are you doing? Oh? Is that a crazy question? Let me explain to you why, in our society? Okay, we are programmed to respond to certain situations, a certain way think about yourself when that happy-go-lucky smells for it to come, bouncing up to you.
What do you typically say when they say? Can I help you? Oh no, I’m just looking I’m good, I’m! Okay, I’m straight I’m just looking y’all do all that you’ve told a salesperson, I’m just looking, I’m good.
Knowing you were there to get something you just didn’t want to be bothered with them at that time.

But let’s just say the item doesn’t have a price on it or you don’t see your size now you’re.
Looking for anybody.
What I need, what we told the president, we didn’t need it, but now that we’re ready to buy are we going to buy mode now? We want them to come help us that’s, because people hate to be sold, but they love to buy.

They don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care first, okay! So when you approach a person and say how are you doing in sales, your objective is to ask questions that allow you to get information but take this prospect down the pathway of the process.
Okay, so you have to keep them as positive minded as possible.
As you take them through that process, so when you have some money, how you doing seeing that you have no idea what happened in their life that night what happened in their life the day before or that morning, you don’t know so when you ask money how You doing what you maybe in doing it’s happy to take a mental trip back through all the negative experiences they went through.

How many times have you approached? Somebody said I knew a case of the Mondays or case said.
Oh man say he’s.
Our man woke up this morning, stubbed my toe my car broke down.

The dog got sick, got stuck get a light, whatever it is and by the time they get it done.
You’re like I never you know because they went through all that is negative stuff.
Now, when you ask somebody a question, I have you do it and it forces them to take that mental stress backwards.

They have just taken three steps back now.
You have to work just to build them back up to a level even killed before you can proceed.
You know with everything else, and another reason why saying how you doing is a bad question is because again we are programmed to respond to certain things in certain ways, and every question you ask is designed should be to get information.

The only time you passed a clothes and question is when you know that the only logical response is yes now.
This is important of clothes in question is one where the only response is yes or no.
The reason why it is called clothes is because it minimizes the information, because the only thing needed is a yes or no answer in sales.

The only time you should ask a closed-end question is when the only logical response is what yes right.
The other type of question is, what’s called an open-ended question and that’s where you ask the question that is designed to generate feedback from them.
Okay, so when we ask people certain questions, you have to have an intent intention with the questions that you ask most salespeople.

They don’t want their process, not over 90 % of sales.
People never read a book on sales.
Those of you who read my book already have done more than over 90 people in the sales business today, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart, those of you who read that book I guarantee, if you keep up with that, you are on your Way to getting where you want to go trust me, because I’m willing to bet less than 15 % of people in this room bring, I would say less than 15 % of people even attempted to start reading.

But then we have a few small you who actually ready.
So if I had the judge off that – and I’m saying this is direct indicator, but it gives me a good idea – who’s really serious.
I’m gon na try to really short that learning curve down and get out there and make money as quick as possible, because you determine how fast are how slowly you get out there and you earn the beautiful thing about this business is there is no cap, there Are no limitations you want to make ten fifteen thousand dollars a month.

You can do it, but you must be prepared to put the effort indicator.
Remember people have $ 100,000 a year taste with a $ 10,000 year.
Work ethic, the two don’t mesh, so we got some money.

How are you doing? That’s a program respond and I’ll.
Show you how mark McEwan 30.
Would you stand up at that door right there and you and I on walk towards each other and I’m gon na walk on this side? You own that time when we get close I’d like you to ask me: how long do you don’t mean? I’m glad you asked you, don’t reality, I’m looking to lose a little bit of weight.

It’s not evolved in around 28 thought about going to Rogaine Ralph like chose against that uh.

You know, look foot my business and my companies to go more international and I got a daughter in college.
Then I got two boys like one plays football, the other ones in drama, trying to figure that one out.

But now, if you would ask somebody how you doing and they stopped – and they responded to you like that, what you think they were crazy doing that doing it, would you look at my man and try to get away from if most people stopping responding like that? Folks would think they were crazy, they would say man.
This person is weird all that didn’t say how you doing and they’re gon na stop and talking about.
But the crazy thing is: is that is a person that stops and responded like that crazy or is the person who asked the question and did not expect the response or did not want the response, crazy person right so in our society, when we say how you Doing the people we don’t give a damn about how they really do it.

As a matter of fact, we feel offended and they’re crazy if they really respond.
Think about how often do you see two people saying how you doing how you doing what exactly so when a customer comes on to the life, and you say that to them you are no different than the stranger in the grocery store.
They said it to the homeless guy on the street.

They said it to when they gave a dollar take you’re no different, and they don’t believe that that you want information with just generic type of greens.
Now when we go to people’s houses.

What’s on the floor, mat of a person topics low – why is welcome on a floor mat to help them feel what starts with a seat comfortable right? Remember their anxiety isn’t in when they’re pulling up to the dealership, they’re nervous and guess what they are looking for? A reason to disqualify you they are looking for a chink in your armor.

They are looking for you to prove them right that your sleazy feeding, lying and conniving you don’t care about helping them all you care about is making money, and if you chase the money, you’ll always be broke, it’s bigger than the money you have to give this Person the most positive experience that they possibly had you don’t have to be the most knowledgeable about the vehicles.
You don’t have to be the least expensive, but you do have to be the most customer focused period, a matter of fact being the cheapest.
You won’t make any money, there is no dealership, that’s the high price dealership, they will go out of business, they lose customers, there’s no dealership, that’s the low price dealership, all the time.

They will lose money and they will go out of business.
All I did is just operate within a very small window, give or take a couple on your books, but every consumer believes there’s just big deal waiting at the next place.
We all think that – and it is our responsibility as sales professionals as product specialists, to educate these people on what it really takes to make a smart and safe buying decision and do business with you.

It is our responsibility to educate them and to make it easy for them to do busy.
Business with us is that when I see a salesperson customer comes up, they talk to them.
Persons in a rush or one of the ignorant salespeople ignorant on me in lacking knowledge approach them I say, can I help you, how you doing person says no sales, rep says: ok! Well, I’ll, tell you what I’m gon na be over here.

If you find something you’re like come from, oh I’ll, tell you what here’s a card give me a call when you’re ready to go now.
I want you to think about that.
Somebody that pulled onto are not giving us an opportunity to earn their business to earn money that they worked.

30 40 50 hours 60 hours a week to get every week for the month and now they’re looking to invest.
It want to splurge on themselves and we’re gon na make them work to bring our mind their money back to us.
Have you forgot to come back to your mother’s, your father’s, your friends, your spouse’s, your partner’s, you know forgot to call them back now.

We love these people right.
I can get to come on my way back on time when I’m on the road – and I love her – I love her to life.
Do you really believe that stranger, that spent 10 15 20 30 minutes talking to you? Maybe in an hour and every day, hustle and bustle in life is gon na.

Remember you know if you make it easy on them to remember you, but you making sure you stay in front of them, but you’re asking the right questions and you giving them an experience that was so different and everyone else that you stand out head and shoulders Because everybody that comes in may not buy that day, some people really do have to wait to get paid.
Some people really do have to wait on the cosign, so we really do way too many tax returns, whatever the reason is okay, but when you are ready, I want to put myself in the first place position that I’m the one you call that’s what it’s about.

Yeah, it really is about that.

It really is about this, so everybody that you do is not going by right now, we’d like them to look you’re not, and I would say – and this is just one thing – 80 % of the people that show up that by all will tell you they’re not Buying anything today I have no intention of giving anything in it and they try not with something why? Because they know that that’s a good defense mechanism for a weak sales person, that’s only concerned with making commissions rather than helping me, because if somebody say well, look I’m not buying anything today, you know what excellent, let’s just make any information day.

That’s what other people that come in do this in a situation like you, they just get information so which one of the real just want some information on gee.
I didn’t take it on now.

Buying okay! Well, here’s my card, how they mean when you read: that’s crazy! Oh you know by day excellent.
Why don’t we do this? Let’s make it information all right, so we’ll be able some informational.
They didn’t leave right, you’re stealing, so you still have an opportunity to be jumping a car.

Nearly I’m so .

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