3 Ways To Sell Cars With a Dynamic Walkaround at Your Dealership

When you go out to the vehicle on the line, one make sure it’s presentable, meaning leaves on it, get them off.

If somebody left with McDonnell dragging it from the last demo, drive get it out if it’s a hot day outside what should we do? They see on let the windows down turn the AC on if it’s cold outside what should you do and he’s right? Nothing about it.
Remember we said when somebody pulls up in ignorance, it approaches bouncing around car time.
They haven’t checked anything staged accidents abundant.

Like you told me, you were interested in a truck and you said to Silverado.
So what I did is, I went got one pulled up, so you guys can take a look at it with me now.

One of the neat features that all of our customers that come in and that’s really a fall in love with this truck really like.

But it’s the fact that, on the newer models, as you can see all the refillable containers for fluids and will not have been elevated to easy, I I sight level and have moved closer to the front as a matter of fact, if you needed to check the Oil right here on this side of the vehicle you can easily reach it an accessor.
So if you or your wife or your fiance, you all handle top it off your own fluids.
To save you some money, you can easily do it that it was once upon a time before they did the remake on these.

These refillables and Sanders were much lower in that dip state was way in the back.
So if you were your wife wanted to check the oil, you have to reach all the way in risk, getting your hands dirty or cutting it up and dressed as nice.
As you are looking likely on your way to the meeting, I’m sure you want to keep oil stains off of your clothes right, worse right, so which theory modifications of the vehicle.

With everything being elevated, you can easily access that not even have to put your body on the trust, keep yourself clean and clear.
If you need any windshield, wiper fluid any brake fluids or anything else, you can see them.
You got the poor man save yourself extra.

Fifty dollars, or so also another thing about this particular truck, is it has detachable motor mounts on it.
So what that means is in the unfortunate event that you or your fiance get into a fender bender and it’s a front-end collision.
The engine will drop completely out as opposed to risking getting crunched up and maybe going into the front seat, and if you’re gon na be driving this with a family member safety is important to you right.

Okay, now another thing on this particular truck is: it has HID lights.
Okay hid projector lights, which means that they see further into the distance and water across the road.
Now, on previous made lives, you know Southern Illinois and some of these patches of Road have poor lighting.

So if you’re riding in those deers and doles like to jump out – and let’s say your fiance – is driving, it’s nighttime and she’s change the radio station and she looks up and she can’t see it but appeared our South BAM.
And the last thing you want to see happen to somebody you love is them can hurt, I’m sure if they gon na go out driving and if you wanted to come home, the way that they left right so he’s thinking, projector lights will make it to where You or her can seat a lot better.
It increases visibility and it’s further than the distance.

So if she is driving and that deer that doe is grazing and eating that grass or eaten whatever Center bro, she could see it and prepare if she needs to stop avoid or whatever the same thing for you.
Okay, another great feature talk about this truck that it has an entire pressure monitoring system.
So what that means is that any of this that your tires lose any air you’ll, get a notification on your dash it’ll, be an alert, so you’ll note a go ahead and put some learning and it’ll even tell you what the exact pressure on it is now On inside mirrors, as you can see, as you can see, they have an additional turn mirror with enemies all this does is.

It makes it a lot easier for you to have view visibility on your blind spot now before they put things like this in the mirror.
If somebody we’re going to have lying spot and you’re going to merge over to the right or to the left, you get that death rope or you get that crucial collision and, like you stated earlier, you make an investment like this.
You want to keep it looking nicer there for as long as you can right, so this just adds additional value as far as invisibility.

Another feature that comes on need is actual turning signal lights on the side mirrors, just an additional notification to let people to the right and to the left.
Node you get ready to merge over another additional safety now right here.

As you can see, the sticker gets 22 miles per gallon on the highway.

What type of mileage miles per gallon when you’re getting your previously explosion? Six men, one of the things that I hear a lot, some people as far as with the new modification and how much they’re actually saving on gas by having these particular views with the way they read modified the way the engine runs and functions and all that.
So you all will have those same safest as far as any additional features and whatnot.

There are some options that you have if you want to add some extra things there.

All right here now come on strip right here to the backwards.
Okay, now there’s a gas tank gas tank – a simple pops right over in, but as you see it does not have the twistable lid on it.

This is just for you to be able to just put the extra nozzle right in there and you don’t have to worry about it, just flap it open and take your finger and push that and feel how heavy that is all right.

So as you’re seeing it, you know, I had to worry about it, Ryan, just slap it right here going in and making you guys go faster, it’s actually fairly secure.
You also have to worry about whether you know you got it twist it on and her two three clicks and I quit pop open still now listen in there take it out, closes you’re good to go now.
I believe you told me that you were going to be using it sometimes or just moving and totem stuff around what now for any of the limbs, the lumber, the timber or any of the things we’ll be putting back here you have to use moving furniture, small Furniture refrigerators and stoves the towing capacity is XYZ thousands of pounds and so you’ll be fairly comfortable job.

That’s right and the shocks and suspension on it are very, very good.
So in the event you hit any tips or any bounces, you don’t have to worry about it.
Different super low, bouncing way up and everything flying all crazy, all right so easy to use there.

We have the passenger side here now.
As you see any events that journey told me you’re working on the family and then working on it’s a fun box, then you can see right here, yeah back seat that seats three.
So any event you all t, plus you get twin and two car seats on each I comfortably.

I still have space in between the kids.

You can let this down got cup holders or bottle holders, whichever one you prefer use it.
What, wherever your wife want? Where your fiance wants to sit in the back of the kid she can do so comfortably, because that seat is a fitting oxide on whether somebody’s hefty like me or in good shape.

Like you, there’s not here the passenger side.
But if you step on in – and I want you to see how I feel another name in the mobility control instead now at this point, I’m going around to the driver side.
So, as you saw all I wanted to do with it, I didn’t talk about anything extreme or next level, but, as you saw, I had his engagement on every single part.

Where I pointed out a feature, I got his confirmation that he agrees that this feature can be beneficial.

You should, before you leave to go to another area of the vehicle, always get that confirmation for me, and remember, is just talking about what the feature is, what life is like without it and how having it adds value to okay, so he tied in – and I Got him to start touching things with me? Well, I got the guys thing.
I said: hey push that and as you’ll see, it’s not flimsy.

If the vehicle was running, I would have had him put his hand on the engine, because these people especially know what they face.
They said let the noise is very low and the vibration is very minimal.
So, by having him touches, they feel how soft the vibration is not only as he came to do it, but I’m having him involved because too many times the salesperson is just talking.

The customer standing right here and they’re bored to death get them engaged.
Ask them the confirmation questions, get them to touch things, have them to walk around and, as you saw when we got to the sticker, don’t shy away from it.
They already went online, they take your fingers and rub it right up and down.

As you see right here on the sticker, it has all the options that comes with the vehicle and any additional options that you may be interested in the prices on there they’ll see it don’t be afraid of it.
Now you don’t have to talk about it and point specifically to it so talk about.

You saw, I talked about the gas mileage and optional features, and then we moved on.

They went online.
They know what it is.
What sales people try to avoid showing the sticker show on, because when you try to hide from it, you know what that creates anxiety.

Why is he trying to why she trying to hide that sticker? For me, oh, this must be $ 75,000, so their mind makes it bigger than what it really is.
Now, I’m sure it’s deep, because what a lot of thing was expensive, you’re the one invest in it I’ll.
Let you tell me if it works within your budget or if it’s a little bit out, not me okay, does it feel, like you were putting in the time at your dealership, but not getting the results? Does it feel like you’re digging yourself out of a hole? Every month, automotive sales is a great career where you can have fun and make a lot of money, but why do so many fail? They fail because they were never taught how to sell.

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