3 Ways To Sell Cars Using Social Media

In theory, you would think that someone comes in to work at a dealership, customers pull up, obviously they have a warrant or a need or interested in the brain.

For us they wouldn’t be there, and you know like so many salespeople are here saying the vehicle just sells it stuff.
Let me give you a piece of advice or insight.
Should I say that these folks are owned.

These companies are extremely sparked and they’re very money.
Motivated and if the vehicles sold themselves get the paper, they fire every sales, rep line the vehicles up, let them sell themselves and keep all the money they don’t.
Why? Because it will always require you or I to be there to help educate these people to help show them that they are important and to let them know it’s.

Okay, it’s okay, to treat yourself! So that’s our responsibility, but you can only do what you know.
How to do.
You see selling is easy when it’s done right, but many just don’t feel like they have the time everybody is itching to get to the deal.

Everybody wants to get in front of somebody get in front spiking it for this money.
But if you get in front of the right person doing the wrong things, just what you don’t get the same results which in many cases are not gon na, be what you want.
Listen my dad used to tell me even the garbage can’t get steak and a broken clock is right at least twice a day.

So will you fall into a dealer tune? I have absolutely zero day that you will, but for consistency.
It requires that we learn and we acquire the skills to be efficient, effective and be productive.
It’s just like the LA traffic.

There is a way to drive business to your dealership, leveraging social media platforms that you are probably on every single day and there’s thousands of people in your area that want what you have, but just don’t know where you are it’s about putting those together.
It’s more than just slapping a picture up on a Facebook post and putting it out there thousands try it and guess what they give up on it and just end up sitting around, like everyone else, filling their thumbs waiting on the next person to come in and When you’re just waiting on somebody to come in you’re at the mercy of the elements of the weather of whatever else is going on.
But when you give a concentrated effort on you running your business within that dealership and making sure that you get as many of the right people in front of you that have need and you helping them solve that, need guess what you can better budget your month.

You can be far more consistent and you can generate far more income than you ever had, which is why I encourage you.
As a matter of fact, I invite you to join me on the upcoming webinar, okay, where I’m going to give you three ways for you to drive 15 to 20 deals into your dealership every single month strictly for you, we’re not talking about any lot of.
This is how you take Instagram.

This is how you take Facebook is how you take you to.
This is how you take all of these social media platforms, and you put them all together and you create a funnel a sales funnel that drives these eager buyers into your dealership, ready to deal with you no longer do you have to worry about whether they spoke To this person or that person, you know why, because they came in for you, if you want to learn how to drive 15 to 20 X, feels to your dealership.
If you want to learn how to make $ 10,000 much if you’re, sick and tired of walking over the dollars to pick up dimes at your store, I highly encourage you to click.

The link register for the upcoming webinar and you’ve been watching my videos and you’ve been following this movement.
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I think I know a little bit about what I’m talking about so come on in jump in register.

Join us got some awesome giveaways for you, hey, don’t hesitate, jump on in i’m brian maxwell.
I look forward to seeing you at the dealership.

Let’s go get it .

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