3 Ways To Sell 20 Cars and Make $10,000 a Month in Commission

Does it feel, like you were putting in the time at your dealership, but not getting the results? Does it feel like you’re digging yourself out of a hole every month? Automotive sales is a great career where you can have fun and make a lot of money, but why do so many fail? They fail because they were never taught how to sell.

The Internet has eliminated just lying to people.
Successful selling requires skills that most salespeople have never been shown until now, if you’re, tired of stepping over dollars at your dealership to pick up dimes, I invite you to register for Brian Maxwell’s free webinar, how to dominate at the dealership, Brian Maxwell, trains top producing automotive Sales professionals nationwide and knows what it takes to dominate at your dealership.

In the event, you will receive closing secrets of six-figure earning automotive sales professionals fastest way to be a 20 vehicle a month producer how to earn $ 10,000 in 60 days and much more register.
Now and reserve your spot for this free, power-packed presentation, brian maxwell here and i’m glad you decided to stop, but a lot of responses and emails from different people that are selling vehicles working at dealerships that are frustrated about the time that they’re putting in get sick And tired of not making enough money, they really want to start capitalizing on the opportunity that they’ve been hearing so much about, but they just don’t know how, with all the hustle and bustle that goes on in the dealership.
The way I’ve seen in gold has been horrible.

It goes something like this.
A person gets hired the first day to fill out a stack of paperwork.
This big the next day, they’re told to go and grab some keys and study some vehicles the third day.

They turn to sit there in front of a computer and go through some modules by the fifth day, they’re thrown out there to the Wolves and forced to either sink or swim and as unfortunate as that is it’s a reality and there’s a lot of really good Men and women it worked really really hard.
Just like you got to R in this business that just want to calculi and so what I’ve done.
I’ve made it extremely easy for you.

I’ve taken 15 years of trials air, so hundreds of thousands of dollars that have been spent in the training, the conditioning, the development of system processes and methods that are being used by automotive sales people all around around the country and even in the UK that helping Them grow 15, 20, 20 ideals of one making a minimum of six seven, eight nine thousand dollars a month and if you’re looking to move into that $ 10,000 a month Club guess what inside this webinar I’m going to lay out for you everything it takes for You to actually start capitalizing that so make sure take the time right now.
Register for the training go enjoy come join me on the webinar.
I’m gon na be going through some awesome things, I’m literally laying out on a platter everything that I give and I train people on nationwide.

That’s helping them be far more successful.
Imagine how would you feel if you’re able to make twelve fifteen eighteen hundred dollars a week to take care of yourself and your family? How would you feel to be able to afford to put your kids in one of the better schools? How would it make you feel to be able to put your family in the one of the nicer neighborhoods, where you can relax a lot better at night and sleep a lot easier? How would it make you feel for your spouse or for your partner to be able to ask you for something that you’d be able to get it whenever you feel like it right? It makes you feel great, and the automotive sales profession gives us that opportunity.
We just have to learn what it takes to be able to be successful and, due to the amount of people have been asking this and Brian.

Can you please do some amount of watching videos on YouTube? I see them all over all social media, Facebook Linkedin everywhere.
Can you please put something together for us that I can use to start making more money, holding more groceries and stop having to work on these hours, and I decided that I would so in this program.
I have laid out for you, 100 % on a flight, how you can start closing more deals: touken 15 20 girls a month every month at your dealership.

I also laid out step by step how you can make $ 10,000 a month, also you’re, going to receive the step by step process to be able to automate your business within your dealership to get people calling you every day asking the buck and you can catch A personal fish and they leave for a day, but you could teach a person to fish and then leave for a lifetime.
I want to teach you a fish matter of fact.

I want to give you the fishing rod, I’m going to give you a bait.

I’m gon na take you to the water, won’t give you everything to Chum all that.
The only thing you have to do is: stick the pole down in there and catch a bite and in okay, so register for the event right now, I’m Brian Maxwell, and once you get done I’ll, see you at the end of the training, because I got to Get ready to get started all right, see you soon register right now, talk to you later, bye, .

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