3 Ways to Overcome Your Fear of Making Cold Calls

What’s going on everybody Brian Maxwell, here you may be familiar – have attended a sales training seminar mine – you may have worked at one of the thousands of dealerships that I’ve done, sales, training for and with – or maybe you just stumbled across this video on the feed – and You have no idea who I am either, which way, if you’re in sales, this video is for you, regardless of what industry is for you and what I want to talk about is recently.

I just got a phone call earlier today, actually from a dealer group that works up under the Asbury Group, umbrella 19 dealerships and they hired me to do a 90 day sales training campaign form.
Now, when I, when I do those campaigns, I immediately send out surveys to find out what’s going on where they feel like they missed an opportunity and where we want to get started.
Looking at first out of the xix store, seventeen of them sent back except prospecting, generating business and conversion rate on leads, and the reason why I’m doing this video is because that is very widespread.

Let’s face it, nobody likes prospecting.
Well, let me say: most people are terrified of prospecting and I work with dealerships that sail forward all the way up to Lamborghini vehicles that have vehicles as low as ten thousand nine thousand three hundred fifty thousand and with work with sales consultants in the business that Are green fees that have been in it for twenty five years and regardless of how long a hard short they’ve been in it most hate they dread prospecting.
As a matter of fact, forty eight percent of sales people never ever ever follow up and are the ones that do follow up.

They make two attempts to contacts when a cliff.
It takes five to twelve contacts.
You know statistically close that deal and the contact is it just a phone call.

Contact is a phone call.
It’s a text message.
It could be a Facebook message, it could be a LinkedIn message.

It could be an Instagram post, whatever it is, today’s prospecting has evolved and to many businesses, especially automotive dealerships, only focus on the traditional method of phone call phone call phone call phone call when, if your, if your sales team at your business or at your dealership, If all of them doesn’t do not have Facebook pages dealership Facebook pages, that’s not a very good thing, because I’m sure they all, if not most of them, if not all, have Facebook accounts, and so they need dealership.
Facebook pages link Facebook pages Instagram accounts specifically for the dealership.
These things cost zero dollars and guess who are on them, people that buy product people that drive vehicles? Okay.

So but let’s talk about the more traditional method which is making the phone call.

The phone call is extremely terrified for people.
Why? Because they make a phone call, the person says: hey, get a real job, click or just hangs up on them, and it clutches the ego and anything that questions the ego or hurts our confidence.

Our self perception we want to avoid it like the plate.
So I want to share with you some things that you can do to be better prepared when you’re making that call to have more confidence.

Number one sales managers, please stop just telling yourselves to make 30 follow up calls today make 3500 calls a day.

Would you want 30 follow-up calls that are just gay? I call it liberal voicemail cause it says.
If you look in the better days, no okay! Well, they made the phone call or would you rather for as many quality calls as they possibly can get out, and maybe you do put 15 on or 20 whatever it is, but preaching quality over quantity.
Now, here’s where from what I over stand from the thousands of salespeople tens of thousands people, I work with, they were never given a structure before you make a phone call to any type of prospect, and it doesn’t matter whether they’ve been in your business at your Dealership done a demo drop or not.

If they left and did not do business with you and went back into their everyday life, it is still a cold call, it’s a little bit warmer than it would be if they had never come in or never soliciting.
The information, but it’s still cold, you know so you still prepare for it as if you have never talked to these people, meaning whatever information you have on now, meaning what the product was.
They were interested in.

What was the reason for not buying what was the reason for feeling like they were interested in the first place, whatever that is okay.
Now you want to structure.
Why am i calling this person? What is it I hope to gain? Do I want to schedule an appointment with them over the phone or face-to-face? Do I want to get some information from them to help me put something together that will help them, whatever your reason is identify? What is my purpose of this call number two make sure you get yourself mentally, prepared the mental mind state that you have when you go into making these calls.

If you’re making this call Sam, I know nobody’s going to answer the phone guess what nobody’s going to answer the phone and even if they do, you have zero intentions on helping them make any buying decision, because you’ve already checked out you already not even expecting anybody To pick up the phone, so how can you possibly be prepared or you’re extremely terrified, hoping that nobody answered the phone? Because you don’t know what to say now? Studies have already shown, and we tested this with over 350 sales consultants.
We split them in we.
They didn’t even know what they were doing, but half you know had a negative mindset.

We showed them some videos of some fighting things and we talked to them about how hard it was to make phone calls and any other group.
We show them different examples of people that were successful, making phone calls and really how it’s done properly and how to structure your call, would you know, obviously, the ones that went into it with a positive attitude had far greater success rates, far greater success rate than The wins that went into it with negative attention, the same exact client base, but the ones that had a positive mental attitude succeeded better.
So what is your mindset when you’re going to make that call so once you identify what your purpose is, how was your mental check? You got to do a checkup from the neck up.

Are you calling expecting this person on the beat? Are you calling expected them? Not dividing you, if that be the case, please never make that phone call, give it to somebody else or go tell your manager, but I need some help right now, I’m in a mental funk and I’m not even expecting I’m gon na close this deal, and I Do not want to blow the money that this dealership is spending on getting leads.
You have to get your mind right.
Okay, so would there be taking deep breaths whether you want to just have a positive thought? More than anything else, these people – you haven’t, done anything person or these people, so you have no reason to be afraid, sticks and stones.

You remember hearing that no need to be afraid but make the phone call with the intention of saying I am the best person that can help them anybody else.
They talk to may rip these people off and really be trying to hurt them again.
You really want to do good, so they should be lucky.

They should be happy that I’m going as hard as I can to do what I can to help them and earn a business you got to feel like you’re doing them a favor.
You know it’s so unfortunate when I go into a dealership and I speak with a GM and I speak them to are potentially coming in to work with their team I’ll, be their secret shop, their store or have someone secret shopping or we’ve got.
We know we trained some of their salespeople over at another store or based on the numbers.

The dealership somewhere in the area are just kicking their ass.
So when our protomans – I listen, you know I’m working with your competitor and such such an you know date.
There you have a competitive advantage, but this may make sense for you to long.

We do our own in-house.
We don’t need you, we don’t need you in on each next.
You know when I’m back out there and I stop by again.

I’m writing up a deal with their replacement.
Why? Because the general manager is typically the last to know in the first to go, and it’s so unfortunate, but it’s because their team, forty eight percent of their sales people are not following up the ones that do follow up only make one to two attempts when it Takes five to twelve contacts before a person makes a buying decision and the contract isn’t just a phone call.
It’s a phone call to take message.

It’s an email.
It’s a Facebook post, it’s a LinkedIn like whatever it is.
It’s a touch.

It’s a touch and studies have shown that the more frequent you touch them and it doesn’t have to be spread out.
Managers are teaching salespeople or make follow-up calls three days later in a week later.
No MIT did a study that, when you followup with a prospect within the first hour, the closer Brook the odds of you closing goes up something like two hundred and thirty eight percent, two hundred forty seven percent, and that it goes to five hundred percent.

When you follow up with this person within 60 seconds, you may say: well how do you follow what somebody with the sixty Seconds when you’re sitting there in front of you, they say? Listen, let me get your contact number.
I’m gon na text, you some additional information that we have on this vehicle boom.
Now they text you they give you their number immediately.

Just texted me this is Brian.
Just want to make sure you got my information, something small.
Like that show speed, it shows efficiency and it doesn’t self-conscious its subconscious on the mind of the buyer um, you know an MIT, don’t got the brain and we use this.

I use this regularly, let it let you know, let it be known.
It’s just like right now.
What I’m doing with this video I’m prospecting.

Youtube is a way to prospect it.
I am coal prospecting.
Some of you have never heard of me.

Some have so I’m evolve my products, some of attending my training, some of work for companies that I work with, but you may have never heard of me before it sold me doing this business v, sharing content with you to show you my area of expertise.
I what this make no mistake.
I want my training programs in your dealership, but today, if you hide your intent from customers, they’ll see right through it.

People respect knowing what your intentions are upfront.
So when you call don’t lollygag, don’t play around, don’t try to talk about the weather in the game get straight to it.

What is your intention? How can you help me? What is my benefit? What is our next step? You got to do your Facebook post, you should be sharing images whenever you have someone that comes into your dealership and they walk out without buying shoot them a message on Facebook.

Did you have any additional questions for me? You have their names, you know what they look like look come on, send them a request, even if you don’t see them requesting them a message.
You have their email address.
Cinéma message.

Thank you for the opportunity today.
If there’s any questions you have, you can give me an email back, my telephone numbers in it.
Whatever it is, you can email, you can text, you can phone call, you can social media.

You can do a lot of different things to prospect and guess what the most important thing you have to do.
You have to learn.
You have to train, there’s a lot of really great resources out there.

As a matter of fact, um I have a webinar going right now called how to dominate at the dealership.
All you have to do is click the link included with this article and go register for it.
We got some really great information and, if you’re a dealership again, I know that everything done.

The house is great at dealerships, don’t like spending money, but you know one fact I ask for you: they’re already losing money, the money that they would invest in a company that does training a company has a track record, a company that really provides value, the money That they can use their investment at they’re already losing it, and all that money spent in advertising and getting the internet leads to getting the phone ups they’re getting the walk-ins.
Yet the conversion rates are piss-poor or they’re, paying out thousands of dollars every month in drawers and in guarantees from employees that they will never recoup that back, but will tell someone that can help them get out of that slump.
They can’t afford it.

They don’t have time for and they don’t need it and, like I say again, the last thing I want for any general matter of general sales manager as for me to come into your dealership and be writing up a campaign with your replacement, your smart, the reason Why you got to your position is because you know the importance of training and working hard, but guess what everybody ain’t you matter of fact.
You’ve seen many of people on your path to where you are, and you know that the vast majority does not do what it takes on their own, and so, if you’re expecting everybody be as motivated in as smart as you.
It’s not going to happen and if you’ve worked out hard to get to that spot, you need to work as hard just as hard.

If not more, to maintain and training is the key, and maybe you know you don’t have to work with me.
That’s fine, of course.
I would want you to to at least consider it, but I’m the best in the business you get high value for bang, for your buck, but at least consider somebody if you’re a salesperson, whether you download my products, attend my trainings or watch my webinars at least Find someone that’s in the business that knows what they’re doing that can help you get better.

That’s all I’m saying all right.
So when prospecting utilize, all your resources, even whether your own social media reform, have an intention.
What is your purpose, then? What reason are you giving them for you call it they didn’t get their approval, get their ok if you’re gon na take up their time and then move it forward and close that appointment close that deal close, that next step, whatever it is, and you’ll make more Money you’ll have a lot more fun doing it all right.

Brian Maxwell here signing out, remember, register for the webinar check out some of the other articles and videos I’ve available online go to the websites for SPO AR us um.
You know hit me on LinkedIn Facebook Instagram, all those great things other than that.
I look forward to seeing you at the top peace .

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